May. 17th, 2015

bironic: Neil Perry gazing out a window at night (RSL neil window)
Not wanting to pay more dollars to see Avengers again, I decided to have a little Other Movies Featuring Paul Bettany fest.

So far:

The Reckoning )

Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World + fic recs )

Inkheart + fic recs )

Priest )

Still to go: Wimbledon (rewatch), A Beautiful Mind, Legion, A Knight's Tale, Mortdecaiā€¦ Thank you, county library system.


Something about all this has caught the obsessive part of my brain, and I've been preoccupied for days with thoughts and images of his various roles, including returning repeatedly to certain animated gifs. This couldn't have come at a worse time; I'm in the midst of two packed weeks at work and don't have brain space to waste on this. But that's probably exactly why it's happening now. Maybe it's even coming at the time I most need it.


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