Feb. 6th, 2015 09:58 pm
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Well, hey. I just watched a movie that made me want to make a vidlet about it. And contrary to the few other times that has happened, I immediately figured out what music to use. \o/ Mayhap I will make it tomorrow; it is not complicated. Although this weekend is probably not the best time to post it, given that most vid viewers are likely still making their way through the Festivids masterlist.

Recs pending, btw. I have compiled about a dozen. Still have about 30 vids left to watch.

Commuting has been horrendous for the last week and a half because of the snowbanks/ice/low temperatures/narrow lanes/traffic/broken public transit system. It's sucked about two extra hours out of every day. :( That has left less time and brain for doing things like watching vids, and posting about this mediocre book we're reading for book club (A Discovery of Witches) or my expectations for the 50 Shades of Grey movie, and properly responding to thingswithwings' post about accumulating "I don't like X, but" comments until you feel like you are bleeding out from all the pinpricks.

I did go out to another MeetUp event, though. Successfully conversed with strangers about SF/F, check; got 12 out of 20 on a Star Trek quiz; and then played my first game of Slash with about 10 people. They weren't much for positing narratives -- just "pair someone with [character]," for the most part -- but there was great breadth of source knowledge in the group, and it was generally fun. My favorite pairing was Monolith (2001: A Space Odyssey)/VGER (Star Trek: The Motion Picture). I wasn't great at it -- in 20 rounds, I only won once, and I didn't even know the female character from Street Fighter (?) I'd paired Trinity from The Matrix with -- but that didn't matter. I'm looking forward to trying it again with LJ/DW fannish types. Oh, the stories that can be spun.
bironic: Neil Perry gazing out a window at night (RSL neil window)
Life, as usual, has its little ups and downs. But I must say today is an up. Because:

1. Finished my Festivids treat draft last night. (!) Really wasn't sure it would work out, but it's good enough that I'm willing to post it, and we'll see if I can get some friends to watch it over the next couple of days and tell me if there are ways it should be made better.

2. Walked on the treadmill at the gym on lunch break while reading, rather than while watching the Food Network with no sound, and 40 minutes passed before I knew it. That felt good.

(It's The Martian by Andy Weir -- thanks for the rec, [ profile] mific -- which has some originally-self-published quirks I wish an editor had ironed out, and so far nothing to say beyond plot, which feels weird after the Ancillaries and a Left Hand of Darkness reread, but is a light and pretty enjoyable read while I gear up for some work-related nonfiction that requires concentration.)

3. Found and joined a SF/F MeetUp group over the weekend with the goal of meeting more people, and discovered that not only do they have a monthly book club in a convenient location, but they were meeting this week, and the book was Ancillary Justice! Fate, as the Radchaai would say. I just got back and am very happy with how it went.

Being a dork, I made a little checklist of what I wanted to get out of it and what would qualify it as a success. All boxes ended up ticked:

- Actually go to the event
- Hear something you hadn't thought about regarding the book
- Participate/contribute an insight
- Meet at least one new person
- Do not give up on it if it doesn't go perfectly

The level of conversation was good, the mix of 'jump in' and 'raise your hand'/'be called on by a moderator' was fair, people had recommendations for similar works, there were about equal numbers of men and women, and, hopefully this doesn't make me sound terrible, but it wasn't all a bunch of weirdos. There's nothing wrong with being a weirdo, it's just that I've joined many a sci fi club in the past that wasn't a good match for me. One sometimes wants compatible weirdos in life, which makes them not seem like weirdos to you, right? Anyway, I will definitely be trying out more events from this group. There is Star Trek trivia in a few weeks and someone said the book club will be doing The Martian.

(There were a few cuties, too. Heh. A related goal of joining more social groups, as recently discussed. & One of the women reminded me of [ profile] corbae, which made me like her immediately. ♥)

Okay, now to calm down in order to go to sleep.


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