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Season's greetings from someecards (with a slight modification):

(if that's crashing anyone's f-list, let me know and I'll stick it behind a cut.)

I've had a nice weekend home, overall, even though things mostly did not go as planned. Despite missing the two appointments on Friday and having no car in a place where you really want to have a car, thanks to my mom and very generous sister's chauffeuring efforts, I got to see my friend J. and [ profile] moonlash_cc yesterday and today, respectively, and along with them, the pilot of True Blood, scenes from The L Word, an episode of Leverage, and highlights from the series finale of Boston Legal, which I hadn't watched in a couple of years. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END OF BOSTON LEGAL.

Friday night my mom and her bf picked me up and we went to see my sister's musician's show nearby. It was short, but he played some of my favorite songs of his. Also, afterwards, I heard a song called "Full Moon" by The Black Ghosts, which I've been listening to on repeat ever since. I'm ashamed to say it's from the Twilight soundtrack.

Details about that night, and the bf's family emergency. )

Still, it was nice being at her place all day Saturday, cooking and catching up and opening a stack of unexpected presents when my sister joined us. It's been a long time since Chanukah included a stack of presents; lately when I've had something to ask for it's been biggish, like a winter coat or help on airfare. What fun -- there were Poe and Bronte compendia and a hedgehog veggie brush and chocolate and polka dot socks and a pair of gray waffle-fabric pajama pants and the adorablest wall decorations in addition to the only thing I'd asked for, a hand-held immersion blender purée thing for soups. I'm in the midst of figuring out how to get it all back up to Boston when I only brought a backpack. (Gosh, my problems are so significant.)

Heading back tomorrow and will get to see my college friend R. who's in town from across the pond before [ profile] synn gets in on Wednesday for a glorious whole week together.
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I was thinking yesterday about two House-related things:

1. This came after reading a fic in which Wilson narrates that "House had been an exceptional athlete in his time." (I've unfortunately forgotten which story it was, which is a hazard of reading a dozen a day.) We haven't seen much of House's implied former athleticism since "Paternity" when he mimed throwing a lacrosse ball with all his blue-eyed tweed-hat-clad pathos. I was delighted, therefore, when mild spoiler for last night's ep. )

2. This is doubtless of less interest to most of you, but I'm going to say it anyway: I realized that I'd never dreamt about House even though I've had several with Wilson and two now with Chase/Jesse Spencer (for no discernible reason). I was ambivalently thrilled to have had not one but two dreams last night featuring House himself -- "ambivalently" only because the second woke me up at 4:45 a.m. and that was it for the night. He did something interesting in it that's got me tempted to consider his interaction with Cameron in yesterday's ep at a new angle.

The other thing I've decided is that we are going to have a scene on the show where House -- and if we're really lucky Wilson will be with him -- is bowling. I'm waiting, writers....

Okay, on to the juicy stuff. You knew the big spoiler cut had to come at some point. )

When drafting this post last night while LJ was down, I wrote: "I wasn't impressed overall, especially not if this is supposed to be a 'Three Stories'-type knock-your-socks-off Special Episode." Yet there is a very long post here that suggests there was more going on than it seemed at first. Hm.

A few exchanges from "Boston Legal" that require sharing. Spoilers only in the loosest sense of 'transcribing two humorous bits of dialogue that have nothing to do with the plot.' )

Note to self: Add to things these shows have in common: Both Alan/Denny and House/Wilson share an office balcony and (only occasionally for the latter) have wind-down episode codas. Denny and House keep guns in their offices. There are an implausible number of cases Alan Shore and House don't lose, which really kills the suspense. The same actor plays Mark and Alan's politicking opposing counsel.
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F*cking FOX website, that is the LAST time I look at your "House" page before watching the show. You managed to spoil the entire episode with your two-line "teaser," and I will have my revenge! Just you wait.

Sigh. And now: Continuing evidence that 'House' and 'Boston Legal' have more in common than back-to-back airing slots, other than being the MOST OBVIOUSLY SLASHY SHOWS EVER. )

Other thoughts:
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Wow, I sure picked the right two series to watch. spoilers for 'House' & 'Boston Legal.' )

This morning at work was awful, but between dance class and this, everything's all right. Three cheers for the healing power of good television.

Now if FOX would only show more than one House episode every three weeks, we'd be in business.
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Alan and Denny mambo-ing in Denny's office for several minutes. Is all I have to say about "Boston Legal" tonight.

18. Elementary School )
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Let me summarize tonight's Boston Legal for you.

cut )
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Conversation just now with my cubicle neighbor:

J: So this friend of mine found a stray cat the other day and fed it. And it kept coming back. Long story short, my friend has a new cat.
Me: Funny.
J: You would totally love this guy, too. He was a high school and culinary school dropout but he's read more books than anyone I know. His apartment's got books everywhere. Guess what he named his cat.
Me: Something literary?
J: Yeah. It's some obscure poet. Or maybe not a poet. Someone obscure.
Me [thinking of possible obscure maybe-not-poets]: Um, dunno. What?
J: Lord Byron.
Half the office: Turns around.
Me: Lord Byron is one of the most famous poets ever.
J: Oh. Cool.

* * *

Operation: Resensitize chugs along.

I listened to BBC World News on WNYE on the way to work again today, and was struck as always by how much more aware the rest of the world is about -- well, the rest of the world, and how intelligent and incisive the interviews and commentary are, and how much time the program allows for measured discussion of the issues on hand. And I mean "measured" in two senses: balanced, usually with one voice in support of and another against a topic, such as last week's talk about the benefits and detriments of supplying food aid directly to starving nations as opposed to sending money, or this morning's conversation about the announcement that the Nobel Peace Prize has gone to an agency that may or may not be setting the stage for a nuclear disaster; and calm, with an articulate anchor (do they call them anchors in England?) or reporter taking his or her time to explain the situation, its context, its history and possible consequences. I swear a person will learn more "macro news," and understand it better, from an hour of BBC World than from 24 hours of CNN or CBS News. I wonder how NPR's or PRI's straight-news programs compare.

In a wholly different kind of news, an interesting photo graced the Yahoo! home page in the Buzz Log box this morning. The photo. )

...which is doubly remarkable because the related searches didn't mention homosexuality, only the stars themselves -- and it got me wondering whether there are closet slashers working behind the scenes. Surely anyone who knows stuff about either actor has seen this shot before (it's dated 2003 from WireImage), but I hadn't, and found it especially intriguing after having read an essay off [ profile] metafandom last week by [ profile] thevixenne and [ profile] rotpunkt on why women enjoy slash, focusing on the Viggo Mortensen/Sean Bean pairing and citing the former's penchant for kissing his male co-stars on the lips and posing with them in suggestive positions. For those of you who are curious: "You're asking for it, Mortensen..."

(Oddly enough, girlyboy Bloom was in my dream last night, which again involved Lestat [I don't understand it either]; this time we went to see the real show -- row A 101, but shortly into the performance we realized the seats were in the second orchestra section, not the first -- and the cast included Mr. Bloom and an actor named Paul A---* who could have stood in for Robert Sean Leonard in any of his Pert Plus-and-glasses roles. The entire audience cheered when one of the [male] vampires started kissing another [male] vampire. Also the few rows to our left were kept empty for the actors & actresses to use when they weren't onstage, and various members of the audience kept coming over to talk to them. That's as close to Orlando Bloom as I ever need to be.

*I recognized his name at the time, as well as when I woke up, and couldn't place him, and discovered when I looked him up that he's not an actor but one of our clients. This is what things have come to.)

Saw my mother and her S.O. last night. No boat this time: We played a few games of pool in their poor decrepit Moose Club (soon to be fixed up, he promises), during which I found out exactly how much I've forgotten since taking that billiards P.E. class in college and playing at Jillian's every few weeks, but redeemed myself when Wheel of Fortune came on the bar TV.

The S.O. is growing on me. Maybe he was drunk and depressed the first few times I met him -- well, no question about the drunk --

     "A last word, Mr. Darnay: you think I am drunk?"
     "I think you have been drinking, Mr. Carton."
     "Think? You know I have been drinking."
     "Since I must say so, I know it."

-- which made him rather boring, hence my sister's ready adoption of the nickname Captain Cardboard -- or maybe I've gotten used to his different brand of sarcasm, or maybe we just needed time to warm to each other, but these last few months he's been funny and quietly generous and eager to offer help and advice where possible, which makes it hard to continue disliking him. He still makes fun of me for things like not always wanting to drink when we go out, though, which I find more annoying than endearing.

This week's Media In Review:

In closing, it's nice to have a television in the kitchen here so I can sneak bits of DS9 during lunch when everyone else isn't watching Jerry Springer or Mad About You. Am still such a dork.


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