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Ugh, today. My building's fire alarm went off at 2:15 a.m.—the universe has been against me getting a good night's sleep since last Wednesday—and then my pants button randomly popped off a few minutes after I staggered into the office, ha. This after dreaming that deelaundry got upset about something some other fans said in person.

Hasn't been a total wash, though; I also had a dream where you could go to this aquatic arena, get fitted with SCUBA gear, and get sucked up into and shot out of a giant artificial tentacle that felt like a life-size version of those squishy plastic and gel tubes you find at some gift shops (or, er, probably also like male sex aid sleeves). It was long and detailed—the woman in charge gave me a nose clip on request, and I remember easing into breathing underwater—and, I must say, a lot of fun.

Kink Bingo

Speaking of tentacles and things to look forward to: Kink Bingo'll be starting up again in a couple of weeks, hurrah. There are some exciting new categories/squares. Last year I had fun knocking out a bingo that was all Inception recs; this year I bet I could do one that's all Karin (Mary Sue) stories. Not that a lot of people would want to read them, but whatever, I have a bunch of personally satisfying WsIP in that arena. Plus there are leftover non-Mary Sue ideas from previous rounds—still want to do the Brimstone AU with Ronon Dex for "tattoos," for example, and a Vampire Diaries breathplay picspam, and a Kill Your Darlings multi-kink vid—oh, there's a movie to pimp at the next [ profile] con_txt Small Fandom Dating Game!—and who knows what new ideas will be inspired by the 2012 card.

Relatedly, have you seen this amazing kink quilt that [personal profile] flyingthesky designed and made?? Their write-up is as funny as the quilt is impressive.

Ramp-up to the next round is going on right now. This watersports essay looks interesting.

...God, I really need to answer the rest of the comments to my noncon essay from last ramp-up.


Submissions for Vividcon's premieres show are due a week from Friday. At this point, my only shot is to finish that People of Pegasus Are Really Pissed Off vid from two years ago. It's like 90% filled in, but a) I'm not sure it's Premieres material and b) that completion percentage will drop quite a bit if I start knocking the clips out of their cut-to-the-beat pattern like I want to. I don't suppose any of you with expertise in SGA and/or Vividcon would want to offer advice on a complete draft?

The joy and confidence boost of con.txt this weekend convinced me that I do want to go to Vividcon this summer. I'd registered, but I was hesitant about following through, in part because I know the experience won't be like the last/first time I went, in 2010 (and because I wasn't sure about other summer travel). There were a dozen people I was thrilled beyond words to meet and/or hang out with who won't be going this year—thingswithwings, eruthros, anatsuno, isagel, roga, chagrined...—and it's harder when you don't have a con buddy. But. One, the schedule looks fantastic. Two, I'll have at least two vids showing, and it would be great to be there to see how they're received.

To bolster enthusiasm between cons, hopefully without burning ourselves out, chatting with cinco led to the idea of maybe organizing a vid-watching party for my birthday next month. If so, I'll be asking you for your recommendations!


Riverdance was a treat on Sunday. Beautiful weather out on the lawn at Wolf Trap at twilight, and after inhaling a sandwich—amazing how three days at a con will mess with your eating patterns and body awareness—I even managed to watch the whole thing without having to lie down. The step-versus-tap number was stunning, and the falling darkness added an extra sense of eeriness to the starscape photo behind one of the instrumental pieces. I did miss the Russian dervish, though. Overall the show lacked some power by virtue of it being my second time seeing it and at a distance as well, plus perhaps the small stage, but we'd inadvertently caught the last performance in North America after a 16-year run, so there was palpable emotion during the producer's introduction and the company's final curtain calls.

Happy summer, Northern Hemisphereans. We're hitting 100 degrees here today and tomorrow.
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Attention once again, local people: Santa Claus Leonard Nimoy is coming to town. Specifically, to a temple in Rockville, MD, in May. You, too, can try for a ticket (general admission is double chai, $36).


In other news, I got my first and hopefully only sunburn of the season on Sunday while performing in the D.C. St. Patrick's Day parade. WTF, Washington. Sunburn in mid-March? Remind me why I moved here?

But it was cool to be in a parade. And cool to be one of the people being watched, doing those nifty-looking Riverdance-type steps, rather than one of the admirers.

In other other news, Vividcon snuck up on me. Deadlines for vid submissions start in about six weeks, I think. At least, Club Vivid submissions are due May 1; those are new vids set to dance songs, and they play them at a party at the con while people drink and dance and sort of half-watch the vids. I may try to do one.... There's a song I heard on the hip-hop station that I like, and that could work for a multifandom fight-as-dance thing. What I should do are any of the four or five serious vids I meant to do last year but haven't finished. Yet the idea of throwing something together to a beat is tempting. Will it break the dam so I can finish the others? Or will it get me all tied up in knots as usual because it's too ambitious an idea in too little time?

Here, have some fic recs. Fic fixes everything.
  • The Wind on the Mountain by starlingthefool (Inception) - This one, you need to know the canon for. Really excellent story. Well-depicted platonic relationships all around, fascinating journey of discovery for Ariadne, hot Ariadne/Arthur/Eames in the first section.
  • Jailbait!Arthur and the Joys of Anal Sex by five_ht (Inception) - And this one you don't need to know canon for. Slightly underage boy convinces young man to take him to bed. Hot hot. Lovely positions and sexual awakening.
  • Slide by anonymous (SGA) - In which John offers himself to a dominant AU!Woolsey to protect his team, only it doesn't end up like that at all. BDSM. Issues of consent.
  • Love of his Fucking Life by anonymous (SGA) - Tentacles and eroticized noncon. In which the city's metal probe slides in to conduct repairs, and John writhes in a confined pod - first for one reason, and then for another.
  • ETA: Sugar Spell It Out by notfar (Glee) - A powerful story and a satisfying read. I've only seen a couple of episodes, but the character voices and tones -- especially Sue Sylvester's -- seemed pitch-perfect. Warning for underage noncon, not of the erotic variety.
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It's been one year since I graduated with my Masters. Two years since I waded neck-deep in the first semester. A little less than three years since I dragged myself together enough from Hell Job to apply.

Five years ago this month that I started posting on LiveJournal.

Time passes strange.


Dance class is awesome. Turns out there are a few levels of experience even within the intermediate level that get broken out into groups with teaching assistants, and I'm not the least experienced or out of practice of the bunch. We've learned three steps in two weeks. Clack-clack-clack stomp stomp go the hard shoes, and I am happy.

Less awesome was how my legs freaked out a couple of days after the first class so that I limped until Sunday. Some comfort in that the other newbies were in pain for a while, too, but still. The tenderness and limited range of motion were enough to have me worried about muscle tears and soft tissue injuries, but apparently I just have "very tight" calves and Achilles tendons. Surprise! A physical manifestation of an uptight personality. See also: my dental hygienist's comment a couple of years ago: "She clenches."

Long story medium, I have obtained stretching advice and a handful of potential friends.

One thing that will never stop being hilarious about joining Irish dance schools is the introductions. "Hi, I'm Kate." "Kate." "Kate." "Caitlin." "Kathleen." "Kathy." "Cassie." "Casey." And a couple of Megans.


Now that I'm dancing again, maybe I'll finish that story about the SGA team having to dance offworld.

Now that I've scheduled a routine follow-up scan, maybe I'll finish that other story about House and Wilson being kinky in the MRI room.

Now that Halloween is coming up for the fourth time since the first draft, maybe I'll finish that other story about the creepy stuff going on in the PPTH morgue.

Or maybe the tentacle meme fill, or the alien abduction fantasy, or the John-likes-femdom vid.

Or maybe none of those. I've misplaced my finishing power.


I signed up for [ profile] intoabar because I like crossovers and rare pairings. Only instead of my pending assignment, it's making me want to write a story where Woolsey (SGA), Foreman (House), Barney (How I Met Your Mother), Arthur (Inception) and Garak (DS9) meet at Quark's and bond over tailoring.

The phenomenon that is Inception fandom, and my thoughts on same: A post for another day.
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Dude. Framing stuff is expensive. I mean, I knew it was expensive, I just didn't know that a 60% discount amounts to around what I thought it would cost full-price.

Dear self: This is why you've been doing extracurricular jobs. Stop freaking out.

I also just signed up for an Irish dance class. It's been three years since I last did it (other than last night, when I put the shoes back on and tried to remember, like, the basic steps of a hornpipe) and I have forgotten most of what I ever knew, but the instructor still recommended intermediate level. I really hope it's not embarrassing. I hate not being great at things, hate being lost and confused and behind. But I'm looking forward to learning again, and getting off my computer-addicted butt, and maybe meeting some new people.

It'll mean having to watch House on Tuesdays, but even I know that's a bad reason not to sign up for something.

And tomorrow I am on mandatory telework, so I do not have to get dressed! At least until it's time for Yom Kippur services. Or time to walk down the hall to do laundry.

Hm. It may be tough tomorrow to refrain from adding to one of the three WsIP on my list while working from home. Speaking of which: Here are some stories I have enjoyed lately.

I wish House were the kind of fandom that embraced a kink meme.

In conclusion: (Zooey & Joseph's bank robbery dance)
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I've been swinging between highs and lows this week as winter session sputtered to life and I've made myself go back to work so my thesis doesn't kick my you-know-what in the next couple of months (which it will anyway). I haven't wanted to post during the lows—er, except Monday, when the misery wanted company—and I've been doing work during the highs, which made for rather a dull week in this LJ. But in the last day I've given in to the weekend, and:

- Saw the SGA series finale,
- Watched 11/12ths of True Blood,
- Trekked out in the cold to the Boston Celtic Music Festival closing concert,
- Had some delicious frozen yogurt (not the familiar kind that's almost like ice cream, but a semisweet kind that tastes like a container of vanilla yogurt has been frozen), and
- May have been chatted up by a mathematician on the bus ride home, which honestly never happens to me, so I'm not sure. The being chatted up, I mean, not the fact that it was a mathematician. He gave me his email address at the end, in any case.

Also, the leading edge of the promised snowstorm has arrived, and tomorrow morning there will be pancakes.

The music at the concert was foot-tappin' good, and the dancing energizing. They organized it as a tour of Celtic regions, including Scottish Highlands, Irish, Cape Breton and Appalachian solo and group performances. A troupe of students from my dance teacher's advanced class performed their own choreographed number that stole the first act. Inspiring stuff.

True Blood continues terrible, but it's addicting nonetheless, and good to watch all in one go. It's not episodic but instead like watching a very long movie. A movie that is basically the vampire/Mary Sue story I wrote when I was 13, only the characters who're telepathic and unable-to-be-telepathied are reversed. And there's more South. And serial killing. I've never read or seen Twilight, but I suspect True Blood is Twilight for a slightly older set. Parts of the score are nice, though, with a cello and guitar. And there's this one senior vampire, Eric, of the tall blond and Nordic sort—who's the only attractive one on the show other than a temporary character and Anna Paquin, who's been ruined by blonde hair and an on-again off-again Southern accent and a space between her front teeth, no offense to blondes or Southerners or people with spaces between their front teeth—and so when I'm done I might go off in search of Eric/Sookie or Sookie/Bill with Eric watching or Eric/Bill with Sookie watching. Mm, vampire noncon. Or riffs on Sookie and Bill's first time.

Since the show has left me thinking with a Lousiana lilt: How're y'all?


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