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Gosh, it's weird not posting every night.

News, let's see. The journal and its related projects are alive and kicking again, and with the renewed vigor comes a surge of confidence and energy in other areas of life as well. Have been more productive at work, finally called in to secure my custom season subscription to the ballet (David Hallberg-heavy, naturally; leads in Cinderella and Romeo & Juliet), am making long-put-off appointments, etc. New glasses -- the better to see Thomas Kretschmann with. I haven't had a new prescription in years, and this pair is smaller than my last, so I'm still trying to get used to warped walls and floors.

Really, no takers on accents or obsession? I thought at least Part II would get some conversation going. Funny how difficult it is to predict what will elicit a response and what will fall flat.


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