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Ugh. My ability to write has been missing since July. I thought it had come back last night, when I finally wrested the first half of this from my brain, but it went away again. So, here -- have half a story I've been wanting to write for a while, in the hope that posting it will nudge me closer to revival. The first 700 words are actual story draft and then the end is in summary form.

'So,' Rodney agreed, and clapped his hands. 'I've been working with objects of increasing circumference, and I think I'm ready to do this. How wide are you around?' )

...Maybe it's a pacing problem. Because the summary at the end there amuses me more than most of the story itself.
bironic: Neil Perry gazing out a window at night (lazarus blah)
Sunday: I fail at Remix.
Monday: Wait! Story!
Tuesday: Story story!
Wednesday: Story? *trickles to halt*
Thursday: …No, I fail at Remix.

I just dropped out. Tonight is the last night I have to work on this story, and I'm stuck. Have been stuck since Tuesday. The best thing to do would involve a rehaul, and I don't have the time. The doable thing to do would be to write a crappy ending and be done with it, but when the rest of the story isn't even that different from what it's remixing, there isn't much of a point if the end doesn't change. So I emailed the mods. My remixee deserves better.

I feel really crappy right now about this. I don't like dropping out of things. I love Remix especially. Also, there's a lot on the page so far. And someone put in a great deal of effort today to beta the WIP (which did help clarify my thoughts). But. Stuck is stuck. And when I'm in this state of mind I'm not going to get anything done anyway.


Because posting with nothing but bad feelings is unpleasant for all involved, let's think of some things that are okay.

- They tested the fire alarms and smoke detectors in my apartment building last week. To warn people, they posted signs in the elevators. And how did they phrase it? "Don't be alarmed" if the alarms go off between 9 and 5. Sad thing is, they clearly did not mean to be punny.

- [ profile] deelaundry and her family are incredibly generous people. I want you all to know this. They are being so good to me while I'm down here this summer, I can't even tell you. Even if she makes me watch snippets of things like Tango & Cash and Street Kings. (Marc Alaimo was in T&C for about ten seconds, though. That and the incredible cheesiness of Sylvester Stallone's one-liners made it worthwhile.)

- I created some really geeky Facebook gifts at (and for) work today. Have never used that application, can't even access Facebook in the office, but as someone said to me on the phone last week, I know just enough to be dangerous.

- Ben & Jerry's apparently makes a flavor called Mission to Marzipan, which has soft almond cookie bits and a swirl of super-sweet marzipan syrup in sweet cream or cake batter ice cream (is there a difference?). [ profile] daasgrrl would not approve, but I tried some today and it's sort of amazing.

- The weather was gorgeous today. Mostly sunny, warm, not humid. Practically unheard of around here. I'm sure it'll swelter right up for the weekend.

…No, still feeling crappy. Guess I'll go eat some worms wash the dishes so my mom doesn't walk in to the welcoming smell of what might be mold tomorrow.


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