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Remix: Have narrowed it down to a few stories & ideas, but when it comes to putting words in a document, everything goes pfffft.

Vidding: Want to make a thing for con.txt, due end of month. Keep sitting down to clip, then getting bored. I think I might be afraid I can't make it funny... But listen up, self, it's certainly not going to be funny if you can't even draft it.

Watching: Cosmos and Game of Thrones. Keep forgetting Community and The Vampire Diaries exist. Saw season three of Girls. Now plowing through season -- six? whatever the last one was -- of True Blood. The Eric-Willa stuff pleased me, as did the mere fact that they cast Rutger Hauer as the fairy grandfather. Still overall just a bizarre show.

Book reading: Third volume of A Song of Ice and Fire. Might catch up to the show in another couple of weeks.

Fic reading: Have been doing some! After reading the books, I understand better where all the Sansa Stark/Sandor "the Hound" Clegane comes from. Nice subtext there. So I went back to find more of those on AO3. *cough* Being me, went first for the ones with some noncon. Mostly, Joffrey is the villain. Here are some that I bookmarked:

Always Find Me Here by wildsky - Joffrey "punishes" Sansa with the Hound each month she fails to conceive an heir.

The Lioness' Game by madni - Cersei uses the Hound to give Sansa a taste of a real man, then discovers it's less like torment for them than she intended.

The Secret Room by nary - Joffrey has locked Sansa in a kink tower for three years; one day, he brings in a visitor. The end of the first chapter is not as much my cup of tea, but the rest was worth it.

Acts of Generous Cruelty by broomclosetkink - Actually, this one was kind of sweet. Needed tightening up (I skimmed), but I liked the plot of the two castoffs finding love when they were supposed to be humiliated, and what made it a keeper for me was the (quite consensual) losing-of-the-virginity scene at the end.

Now I'm reading this eight bazillion word-long AU that is on many levels a terrible story )

Some of the scenes ring true, though, like one time when Sansa accepts Clegane's invitation to tie his hands to the headboard and thus feels bold enough to rock on top of him, both still fully clothed, and when she's had enough of that he has to lock himself in the bathroom and she's still naive enough that she doesn't know or wonder why.

...Oh my God, I just looked and it's almost 500,000 words and not finished yet. Hopefully if I make it that far I won't care by the time I get to the not-end.


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