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Remix and Remix Madness are live. The collections went up last night after I'd gone to bed, so I haven't paged through many entries yet.


Of course, the first one I did read was the remix written for meeee. My lovely anonymous remixer ishafel produced Professional Jealousy (The Black Propaganda Remix), based on a McKay/Sheppard ficlet that took place shortly after "Brain Storm." Anonymous ishafel presents Sheppard's point of view with humor ("as much as John likes him he's well aware that if Rodney were replaceable he'd have been murdered a long time ago") and detail (I love that Jeannie's English-major husband Caleb won the Booker Prize), sketching out a story of all the ways in which he manages a stream of potential disruptions for the benefit of McKay and those around McKay. It quite effectively embodies Wikipedia's definition:

"The major characteristic of black propaganda is that the people are not aware that someone is trying to influence them, and do not feel that they are being pushed in a certain direction."

Probably no one in real life would want to discover they were being manipulated in such a way, but this story is not meant (I believe) to be taken in that serious kind of light. And the graphical postscript just puts a cherry on top.


Funny story: Challenge rules state that remixers can't change the pairings in the stories they're remixing, to reduce the risk of upsetting their remixee. "Professional Jealousy" is one story where I wouldn't mind seeing the pairing changed, from John/Rodney back to Rodney/Jennifer; it is the only ficlet I've written where I afterwards regretted going with a popular pairing because it was a popular pairing. I almost wrote a note about the pairing flexibility during signups. But what are the chances someone would pick this story to remix? thought I. And lo, here we are!

That is not at all intended as a criticism of the remix, nor did it detract from my enjoyment of it.


Remixes I have particularly liked so far:

The Future Is Now (The Time Traveler's Remix) (Inception, Arthur/Eames, background Mal/Cobb) - Mal is from New Marseille and when she dreams it's of Paris before the Atmo War: the Eiffel Tower a tall iron spike in the sky, the Champs-Élysées solid beneath her high heels. A cool turned-it-inside-out sort of remix.

Roses in December Smell of Blood (The Hunger Games, mostly Haymitch and Peeta) - "Here's a little game," Haymitch says. "Make a list of forty-six dead children, fast." Trauma, the failings of memory, the stirrings of recovery.


The remix I wrote turned out more or less as I'd envisioned, and the recipient seemed to like it, which are the two things that matter most. It's not great, but hopefully it's not bad. I had a good time trying some less familiar-to-me remix techniques. We'll see if anyone else cares. :)
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You know that thing where an author/vidder/commenter/fan of some stripe suddenly "pops" into a person who's done a bunch of stuff you hadn't connected under a single identity before? (It's not just me, right? When a name emerges from the background noise?)

It happened again this week. Does anyone remember when I recced the anonymous SGA Kink Meme fill where Keller gets all conflicted at Sheppard being on her exam table again and again needing ass-related treatment? Or the one with the literal healing cock and all the ensuing ethical quandaries? Or the one where Sheppard has a medical kink he tries to hide from McKay? Or the one where Sheppard finds himself in an alternate Atlantis where Woolsey's a dom and Sheppard learns he really likes submitting to him? Or the one where he has to go undercover as Sam's slave and struggles with not showing how much he likes it? Or the one where Sheppard gets molested by mechanical tentacles while working in a pod in Atlantis?

Ya, so, turns out those are all by [ profile] trophic, the same person who did Harem Girl (also recced here last year). Discovered a couple of evenings ago when I clicked the author name after enjoying a BDSM AU fic in which it's Biro whom sub!Sheppard connects with. Thank you, AO3 indices and the practice of un-anon-ing yourself. Newly articulated fave! ...Possibly old news to others.
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I was tag-surfing on the AO3 last night, like you do, and with no great expectations gave an SGA story called Harem Girl a try, because it promised noncon of the Sheppard/OFC and Sheppard/OMC variety. I confess I skimmed some parts—huh, apparently the story was 43,000 words, which would explain it—but I finished it today and overall it was quite an enjoyable fic! Lots of kinks (shaving, chastity device, corsets and cross-dressing, group fellation practice, chains, harems, sex slavery…) that eventually combined to suit my tastes quite well, distinctive OCs, hot descriptions of building sexual tension and pleasure even when Sheppard's mind is scattered from gender-bending captivity, and the ending didn't take any easy ways out. Specific recs: [ profile] deelaundry—it's full of forced feminization! [ profile] synn—it's got some Sheppard/Ronon, not Sheppard/McKay! [ profile] rubynye—sex slavery consent issues!

So that was nice. Also, out of nowhere that I can discern, last night I had an AU sort of dream in which the Inception team had gone corporate and I was Ariadne. We were gathering around a brainstorming sort of conference table in a warehouse to hash out the plans for our next job. No one looked like they did in the movie. Arthur was drunk and kept repeating some sing-song phrase. The mark's partner/boyfriend looked like Shepherd Book from Firefly; this was remarked on. Cobb was there. Eames was being flirtatious, which I/Ariadne loved, only he was also being a self-serving jerk, which I/she discovered when we were walking and he pressed a set of keys into my/her hand just before a police officer stopped us, which meant that if he'd noticed that something was wrong with the keys (they were stolen? it was something bad), I/she would have taken the heat and not Eames.

Oh—maybe because [ profile] nightdog_barks posted that pic of Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Eh, I won't look a gift sexual-tension dream in the mouth.

…That sounded better in my head.
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Buzz is rising on this new Jason Isaacs show, "Awake"; see for example & trailer Dunno yet how enjoyable it will be, but so far all I can think about is this SGA story from several years back: Rosemary, for Remembrance by [ profile] mhalachaiswords. To be honest, I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone else bring it up. Even mentioning these together is a bit spoilery for the fic's plot, but I do recommend it if you haven't read it before—or, hey, go read it again! I did today.

Quote from the fic that the TV trailer echoes but that also spoils the fic's conceit. Not that the journey and ending aren't also enjoyable in themselves. )

Other good things I have re-read lately include:

Cause = Time by greyson (Inception, Arthur/Ariadne/Eames college/high school AU)—still hot as all get-out, and wow, how much do I identify with some of the beginning lately ("I've never asked anyone out before. I feel like 'hot older foreign exchange student' is aiming kind of high to start out with.").

How Not to Fly by toomuchplor (SGA, John/Rodney, domestic)—one of those good, long, depressing but uplifting (no, really, both) stories that focuses on everyday matters of life and death and priorities and sacrifices and rocky relationships and child-rearing.

Also enjoyed for the first time Antimony by jibrailis (Inception, Arthur/Eames) in a casual sort of way—nice post-movie portrait of how things might go if dreamshare were legalized and went corporate, and there was backstory/ongoing recovery as well as the dream jobs to mix in with the relationship plot. You could tell where the characters would end up and I'm not sure these characterizations are my characterizations (granted, "canon characterization" is still pretty much a joke when it comes to Inception), but overall an enjoyable read spread throughout a couple of workdays.
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+ I wrote some stuff today! 2,650 words of stuff, even.

- Said stuff was not the article I have to write for work nor anything for alpheratz's birthday nor a fill for Kink Bingo's adorable mini-fanwork fest.

+/- Have been watching Vampire Diaries season two instead of crossing anything off my weekend to-do list. Still a surprisingly smart show, for a CW drama. Characters grasp what is going on most of the time without needing three episodes and a speech, and plots move along at an impressive pace so that what would be cliffhangers on other shows instead happen half- or three-quarters of the way through an episode.

+ Also read a couple of good fics: Promises by [ profile] bluflamingo (SGA/SG-1 Big Bang from a while back, sequel to a previous Big Bang, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, domestic/kidfic) and You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want by [ profile] toomuchplor (Inception, Arthur/Eames, hot and interesting).

'Twas a week full of parties for your typically minimally social correspondent.
+ First, over Thanksgiving, there was the long-anticipated NYC "brunch crew" fannish potluck, complete with screenings of X-Men: First Class and The Eagle, neither of which I had seen, and the latter of which the attendees helpfully and hilariously narrated for me while fast-forwarding to the "good" parts (I must report that the narration was far better than the script), as well as a chance to catch up a little bit with [ profile] scribblinlenore and [ profile] pun, in addition to the previously mentioned peoples whom I miss a lot. I have to say, though, that for the first time since I moved away, the longing was tempered by having a few good groups of friends here now in D.C.

+/- Some of those friends having been present for [ profile] alpheratz's birthday, which featured among other things a delicious chocolate raspberry cake and roasted sweet potatoes and beets and oh yes, good company, but also unfortunately a big fluffy cat that tried to kill my respiratory system. All better now.

+/- And then last night, there was a multi-occasion party at a friends' apartment, at which I met a young woman named Chaya (pronounced like Sheppard's Chaya, not the Hebrew name) and a guy who had been in a band with Bear McCreary, whom I believe some of you adore for his work on the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack? Anyway, my crush also made an appearance, and since I haven't worked up the guts yet to actually ask him out I can only report that the outlook appears to be dimming. Or maybe that is vice versa.

+ The surprise delight of Thanksgiving weekend was getting to meet up with [ profile] ignazwisdom for a little while. We overlapped in Boston and then hadn't seen each other in… wow, maybe two years.

- There may or may not be a mouse that occasionally inhabits the wall behind my kitchenette and comes out for a visit. I have heard rustling/chewing on two nights in the last month but have not yet seen the critter. Traps and answers forthcoming.

+ Playing Scrabble Slam with [ profile] deelaundry yesterday and watching her kids be cute, as usual.

+ Dinner! Which is about to be consumed.

Et vous, flist?
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Carl Zimmer did a nice overview piece on slime molds in yesterday's Science Times—Can Answers to Evolution Be Found in Slime?—which made me go back and reread Auburn's wonderfully creepy SGA sci fi fic The Taste of Apples:
"Right now, it's acting like a symbiont, but it's not, it's an opportunist. When the colonies in your bodies are mature," Carson said in a rush, "we think it will digest the host material—"

"You mean us," Rodney interrupted flatly.

"—to provide itself with raw material to produce its fruiting body. That will be the phase that generates the worst danger of contagion, since it's the spores that spread the organism."
While we're on the topic of NYT articles and fandom, yesterday Natalie Angier did an interesting piece on pathological altruism that recalls some of Wilson's behavior, especially the giving of self to the point of harm for the sake of helping others because of a driving sense of hollowness; although I'd bet he doesn't pursue the sort of extremely aggressive treatment described in the lede against patients' wishes, that being more House's style (on the journey to a diagnosis, at least, not to cure what's already known).

Also, squid sex.

Also, for people interested in the RL U.S. homosocial continuum, an article called Allowing Teenage Boys to Love Their Friends, which touches on the angst young straight men can experience when they feel they can't be close to their male friends anymore and may not recognize what's going on or why.


Earlier, I had a heart-sinking moment when I read that David Hallberg is leaving the American Ballet Theatre for the Bolshoi. Not that my visits to NY in the last couple of years have included enough time to go to ABT performances, but it's always been in the back of my mind that I could see it (& him) again if I wanted. But! Further reading revealed that he is going part-time with both companies. Whew.
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Does what it says in the title: These are many of the stories I've read over the last few years that have memorable shaving, waxing or other kinds of depilation scenes in them performed on male characters—face, body or private areas; characters shaving themselves, shaving their friends or romantic partners, being shaved or groomed by strangers; depilation that's sensual and arousing, or nerve-wracking, or endured, or watched or experienced with interest; shaving as preparation, as kink, as connection, as part of a cross-dressing transformation, as assistance after injury or trauma, and most of all, as a demonstration of love and trust.

For my Kink Bingo shaving/depilation square.

Links and excerpts this way )

And the usual follow-up question: Any others I'll kick myself for forgetting?
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Second square on the way to a second Bingo...

Tonight we rec stories where one character finds another's handyperson skills appealing, or where characters have sex while/after performing some kind of domestic labor or pretending to do same. Doing construction work, wearing toolbelts, fixing a leaky faucet, remodeling, sewing, painting, delivering packages. Some AU, some not. Some sweet, some hot.

With a few parenthetical recs for straight-up domestic stories, because I couldn't help it.

13 tradesman recs from SGA, House and Inception, plus 5 domestic )

And that is all for now! Any others I'll kick myself for forgetting?

my Bingo card
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Inception (etc.) recs bingo!

Square 1: Ageplay Recs
Square 2: Food Recs
Square 3: Vehicular Recs
Square 4: Subspace/Headspace Recs
Square 5: Verbal Humiliation Recs

Once again, I found myself having to delineate what got included for this square or I'd never stop looking for fics. This time we are focusing on consensual verbal humiliation. One character verbally humiliating the other for one or both parties' sexual satisfaction. That includes consent play, because humiliation is so easily and intricately bound up in things a person wants-but-does-not-want—ashamed to want something, wanting to be told it's wrong to want it, wanting to revel in wanting it or doing it even if it's frowned on by their culture....

In fact, I had to go look up "humiliation" in the dictionary to see exactly what it encompasses. Merriam-Webster says: "to reduce to a lower position in one's own eyes or others' eyes : mortify." The synonyms it lists include: abase, chasten, cheapen, debase, degrade, demean, discredit, disgrace, dishonor, foul, humble, lower, shame, sink, smirch, take down. So, indeed, we are covering name-calling, shaming, dirty talk, kneeling, crawling, begging, uncomfortable confessions, you name it. And the character(s) get(s) off on it.

I have trouble sometimes with humiliation kink fic. Often fics assume that at least one character gets off on humiliating or being humiliated, assume that the reader can sympathize, and run with that, so you get a lot of name-calling and blushing etc. but not necessarily a lot of understanding (on this reader's part, anyway). I forget that humiliation is threaded through my noncon-fantasy Mary Sue stories and that I've written at least two dirty-talk fics and a physical exposure fic. I forget that I have a kink for humiliation directed at a character being a sexual creature or wanting sex at all.

One thing that has helped clarify what erotic humiliation means and what it can do for people is [ profile] thingswithwings's essay, The Riches of Embarrassment: Or, Why I Don't Have a Humiliation Squick. If you haven't spent much time thinking about it, or even if you have, I highly recommend it.
Humiliation kink, for me, does that wonderful thing that only kink can do: it allows me to wallow pleasurably in a feeling that, in other circumstances, would make me feel bad. It eroticizes the thing that makes me feel bad, and makes the feeling-bad feel good.


It's such a wonderful snarl, that kink, wanting to be humiliated and being ashamed of wanting to be humiliated and enjoying the shame of wanting to be humiliated and being ashamed of enjoying the shame of wanting to be humiliated, and on and on, all that beautiful recursiveness, the kink just endlessly compounding itself.
And 9 fic recs in addition to the essay. Inception, SGA, House. With excerpts. )

The end. Additions? I was talking with [ profile] deelaundry about humiliation and House, which is like the proverbial ducks and water, only I can't say that the humiliation that pervades the show and crops up in fic is appreciated by those on the receiving end. That's why her math tutor-prostitute fic is so much fun.

My Bingo card
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Square 1: Ageplay Recs
Square 2: Food Recs
Square 3: Vehicular Recs
Square 4: Subspace/Headspace Recs
Square 5: Verbal Humiliation Recs

I'm going with a straightforward interpretation on this one: Stories that do well at depicting characters sliding into a place in their heads where they can just be during sex, where it is about flow and not about thought, where they exist to please their dominant partners or simply float in pleasure and contentment. Subspace, if the term doesn't make you laugh because you think of the Star Trek word for faster-than-light communication first. Or stories that depict the difficulty of falling into subspace, or discuss subspace directly. Or stories where a character has slipped into a different headspace than their own natural one during a sexual situation. And by "a character" mostly I mean Eames, who can forge himself into different bodies—which often gets extrapolated in fic to include different minds—in dreams. But I also mean roleplay.

Story links, commentary, excerpts: 8-14 Inception and 2-3 SGA, depending on how you count them )

Hope you find some of these interesting. Any other recs?

My Bingo card
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I went to three car dealerships today. I earned this post.

Square 1: Ageplay Recs
Square 2: Food Recs
Square 3: Vehicular Recs (not wrecks)
Square 4: Subspace/Headspace Recs
Square 5: Verbal Humiliation Recs

If you'd asked me last week what I thought of "vehicular kink," I'd have gone straight to Crash. Not the racism one; the David Cronenberg one with people getting off on crashing cars and injuring themselves. Literally, that is people having orgasms because of cars, and in cars, and on cars, and while thinking about or talking about cars and other people who've died in them, etc. etc. If you did not know, James Spader + Elias Koteas (+ car) = hot.

Fic-wise, vehicular first of all made me think of characters having sex in and on cars, and on motorcycles, and in the back of cabs (vehicular + exhibitionism), and in spaceships and on planes. And certainly there are some hot-and-heavy PWPs in this vein:

Fic and art recs: 5 Inception, 5 House and 2 SGA (1 of them silly) )

So that got me thinking about characters like House, who loves his shiny Mafia convertible and his rad motorcycle (see deelaundry's post for pictorial confirmation), and John Sheppard, who loves 'jumpers and F302s and, presumably, helicopters. Cameron Mitchell, too, I'm sure, if I watched much SG-1. Wolverine and motorcycles. James Bond and... everything. Supernatural's Dean Winchester and his Impala.

And suddenly a whole class of vehicular kink opened up: characters who love one specific vehicle. )

A sidestep, and there are car-centric canons like The Fast & The Furious, which I haven't watched but gather are all about sexy cars and sexy people. And there are car-centric TV shows like Pimp My Ride and—ah! went my brain. Top Gear.

Top Gear. A British show featuring three witty men who have incomprehensible amounts of spending money hard-ons for top-of-the-line cars and arguably for one another as well. Watch any episode and you are guaranteed a sexual remark from Jeremy Clarkson about either a sports car or a co-star. Richard once declared his love for a car he named Oliver; it was actually a touching story. Besides which, the series is full of lingering, sexualized, male-gaze-type shots of cars and specific portions of cars. But instead of re-posting episodes here, how about some vids that draw out the love between hosts and cars? Yes.

3 Top Gear vid recs, embedded )

At the end of this mental wandering through some different aspects of vehicular kink, a fabulous vid came to mind that reminds us that it's not only men who love their cars and planes and bikes and broomsticks. Around the Bend by danegen, which premiered at Vividcon last summer, is an energetic celebration of women through the decades—fictional and not—and how they love their vehicles and love each other in them. Highly recommended.

Kinks, explicit or gen or anything in between. The more you think about them, the more they telescope outwards.

My Bingo card
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Square 1: Ageplay Recs
Square 2: Food Recs
Square 3: Vehicular Recs
Square 4: Subspace/Headspace Recs
Square 5: Verbal Humiliation Recs

When I saw the "food" square in this Bingo line, I was at first stumped. I couldn't think of any stories involving the licking-off of whipped cream or chocolate sauce or the insertion of cucumbers and whatnot.* Most of the fics I've found on the Inception kink meme that feature a character having an erotic experience eating chocolate or watching someone else fellate an ice cream cone or lollipop haven't moved me.

*Wait, I just remembered [ profile] topaz_eyes's House/Wilson popsicle story, Cool Treats. Yum! Also, brr.

Anyway. But then! Then it occurred to me that there have been several sweet—pun fully intended—stories where one character is a chef or a sommelier or runs a bakery or coffee shop, and woos their beloved with or over food and drink. Or where the same happens except it is not an AU. Or where there is food and platonic love. Fandom being fandom, also there are stories where one or more characters are food and are also in love.

To cite some favorites from Inception and SGA*:

*as before, assume Arthur/Eames and John/Rodney unless otherwise noted

Food-related AUs )

Food-themed Non-AUs )

Anthropomorphized Food )

…There must be some for House, too. Wasn't there an Iron Chef AU prompt at wilson_fest once? Any fics following on House and Wilson's cooking class or House turning himself into a home chef? ETA: Yep, go to comments for 10 15 more.

And may I just conclude by saying it was amusing to go to to track down some of these.

My Bingo card
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Where did my Monday go? Oh, right, it disappeared into 5,300 words of consent play essay. Whoops.

It went up on [community profile] kink_bingo this morning here as part of the ramp-up to the next round (which starts tomorrow, plug plug) and has already generated some wonderfully thought-provoking comments that I need to try to respond to intelligently.

For my own OCD archiving needs and for the sake of anyone who might not like reading or commenting on Dreamwidth, the essay is reposted in its entirety below. Hope you like it. *insert noncon joke here*

* * *

Force Me, Please: On Noncon and Noncon Play in Fanfic

This is an essay about nonconsensual sex (noncon) and noncon roleplay in fanfic, why I love them, why they may work for other people, and how approximately one zillion kinks complement them. With 45 recs sprinkled throughout.

A bit about where I'm coming from )

What this essay will not cover )

On the difference between fantasy and reality; ethical dilemmas; freedom of kink )

Making distinctions: noncon vs. play, and all the shades of gray )

Ruminations on why this kink is attractive )

Great tastes that taste great together )

And in conclusion… )

* * *

Thank you again to those of you who chimed in when I asked under f-lock for thoughts on why consent play works. If you'd like to be credited for anything, just let me know and I'll amend.

Questions, comments, recommendations, requests to go into more depth, all welcome as always. I'd love to keep the conversation all together at the original post, but feel free to comment wherever you're more comfortable.
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Wow. It's the end of an era.


Last night's Jonathan Coulton show was good. He did some fan favorites (Skullcrusher Mountain,* zombies, Mandelbrot Set) and a few that I didn't know (Creepy Doll, one about a giant squid, one about a sad vampire with vitamin D deficiency, a heartbreaking one about the dog from Russia who went up in Sputnik II) and some new material. Plus an electronic mashup of "Mr. Fancy Pants" that layered the Super Mario Brothers theme over Beyoncé. *Someone had sewn together a half-monkey half-pony monster to please him. It neigh-screamed.

Still, I actually -- [ profile] kassrachel, hide your eyes -- enjoyed the opening band/comedy duo more, Paul and Storm. Highly recommend their Nun Fight and a few of their parody imitations that you can stream if you scroll down on the link above: "If James Taylor Were on Fire," "If Bob Dylan Were Hiding at the Bottom of a Well" and "If Aaron Neville Were Waiting for a Parking Spot at the Mall, But Someone Else Snagged It" (which was better live but is still funny on the site).

All in a venue full of nerds. Including a table of fangirls and a few more friends of mine I got to finally introduce to one another.


Happy preemptive Mother's Day, all of you who will be observing tomorrow. I have made a last-minute decision to go visit my own, so I will be gone in an hour or so and back on Monday. Don't know when Madness author reveals are scheduled, but I left my mini-DVD commentary on my work computer so you'll get it Monday regardless. Heh.


And, if I may take a moment to rec a Remix, try Dear John (WIP Remix) - a post-"The Hive" enzyme-jacked Rodney writes and edits and rewrites and re-edits a letter to John trying to express just how angry scared in love angry he is about John's tendency to risk his life to save the ones he loves. Did I mention it's done as scans of handwritten and marked-up copy on coffee-stained sheets of paper and that it's full of copyediting marks? With SF references?
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Happy almost-Passover! And happy almost-almost-Easter, and happy spring break to those of you on U.S. academic calendars. To the rest I wish a happy Monday, if that is possible.

I am celebrating by writing self-indulgent porn at 10 a.m. There is a chicken for roasting later, matzo balls in a jar ready to be be-souped, gefilte fish longing to be laid out on lettuce, a sweet potato aching for baking. Okay, that rhyme was terrible. I'm sorry, National Poetry Month.


Okay, no, not /weird. You know what is weird? How a holiday that is in part about how the fleeing slaves had no time for their bread to rise has become an occasion to spend hours and hours preparing food that we can eat so long as it doesn't have yeast or flour in it.

In which we switch topics to fandom

You know what some people would find weird but I thought was pretty great? This SGA kink meme fill of a bestiality prompt, which is about how Sheppard bonds with a sentient creature when they're both captive in a prison cell, and which is less bestiality in the classical sense (copulation with an animal) than it is about connecting with an intelligent beast-looking creature with a different language and behavior. Sort of like Chewbacca? Not to say that it isn't dirty-wrong-hot too, complete with drugs and dubcon and multiple orgasms and non-beast noncon. Looks like the author created an LJ just to post it; I wonder if it's a known author in fandom who was conflicted about being associated with it. But seriously, thumbs up.

In which we pause to consider the juxtaposition of the above segments


In which we accept the odd contradictions that comprise my life and continue on as usual

I'd also like to rec an Inception fill that once again features underage!Arthur and 20-something!Eames, but I think I will save it for a short while in the hope that my Kink Bingo card has an ageplay square on it so I can compile these AU recs along with a handful of SGA stories that take the trope to really interesting places.

Movies I have seen lately that are good but may not get the write-ups they deserve so I may as well just list them:

Okay, going away now before something even stranger comes out of my keyboard.
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1. My Jurassic Park vid showed at [ profile] vidukon this weekend, and at least three people liked it. :) Neat-o.

2. Speaking of Sheppard, which we were yesterday:

2a) Excellent SGA kink meme fill that transforms the "magical healing cock" cliché into a thinky and sexy story in which Sheppard has to deal with consent and privacy issues when his semen acquires actual therapeutic power. It features John/Jennifer with a lovely sprinkling of dom/sub dynamics; plus many other John couplings and a hefty dubcon warning. As I was writing in my comment that I loved the way Sheppard's bisexuality and submissiveness were simply part of the story instead of being treated with a huge amount of fanfare or angst, and ditto for the sexual preferences of two officers, just nicely done, understated, effective, it occurred to me that the author could be [ profile] bluflamingo, as that's something I tend to like in her fics, and she has also handled consent issues well in the past. But who knows.

2a.1) I've already recommended the other sexy John/Jennifer story with even more medical kink and dom/sub dynamics and less dubcon, where John keeps showing up with things up his ass and eventually Jennifer puts them there, right? Right.

2b) I had this dream last night where I'd kidnapped Sheppard and had his wrists tied with an elastic hair band and was trying to get him to wear this mismatched pair of shoes, and actually it was all very heartwarming, but that is about all that will translate without becoming boring, so here, have some more recs.

3. Meanwhile, in the fandom I'm still not talking about, there was hot Eames/17-year-old!Arthur in Vegas. And another Eames/just-underage!Arthur fic, Making Partner. Both of these work just as well if you don't know the movie.

And I could assume that if you're interested in this ~mysterious unnamed fandom~ that you're reading helenish's stuff, but just in case, she did an amnesia fic in which forgetting allows the couple to remember and/or realize some things about their relationship; and a pair of older stories I'd missed one of, wherein Arthur (in one story; Eames in the other) had to pretend to be Eames' (ditto) boyfriend to avoid arousing the ire of serious criminals; and also today I finally read through her ongoing snippet series and found several parts to be quite sexy, either because there was sex (Arthur/OFC called Liesl) or because there was angst about not having sex when both of them (Arthur/Eames, that is) actually wanted to. Nice to be literate once again in a fandom helenish is writing in.

4. Yes, that ended on a preposition. The current essay in DF Wallace's book is about grammar snobbery and is both fun and interesting, even if he lambastes descriptivism. Today at work there was a prime example of his point that norms-based prescriptivism can never die because we'd be left with ambiguous sentences like the one in a summary I was reading: "[Woman's name] has a son who is 8 years old and has a part-time job in a hospital as a surgical technician."

Coworker One: Doogie Howser?
Coworker Two: He'd better go full-time or he'll never make surgeon when he's 10.

5. Aimee Mann concert tomorrow with [ profile] cincodemaygirl and [ profile] gblvr, hooray. Tidbit of the day: I would have used an Aimee Mann song for Festivids had my assignment been different.
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Attention once again, local people: Santa Claus Leonard Nimoy is coming to town. Specifically, to a temple in Rockville, MD, in May. You, too, can try for a ticket (general admission is double chai, $36).


In other news, I got my first and hopefully only sunburn of the season on Sunday while performing in the D.C. St. Patrick's Day parade. WTF, Washington. Sunburn in mid-March? Remind me why I moved here?

But it was cool to be in a parade. And cool to be one of the people being watched, doing those nifty-looking Riverdance-type steps, rather than one of the admirers.

In other other news, Vividcon snuck up on me. Deadlines for vid submissions start in about six weeks, I think. At least, Club Vivid submissions are due May 1; those are new vids set to dance songs, and they play them at a party at the con while people drink and dance and sort of half-watch the vids. I may try to do one.... There's a song I heard on the hip-hop station that I like, and that could work for a multifandom fight-as-dance thing. What I should do are any of the four or five serious vids I meant to do last year but haven't finished. Yet the idea of throwing something together to a beat is tempting. Will it break the dam so I can finish the others? Or will it get me all tied up in knots as usual because it's too ambitious an idea in too little time?

Here, have some fic recs. Fic fixes everything.
  • The Wind on the Mountain by starlingthefool (Inception) - This one, you need to know the canon for. Really excellent story. Well-depicted platonic relationships all around, fascinating journey of discovery for Ariadne, hot Ariadne/Arthur/Eames in the first section.
  • Jailbait!Arthur and the Joys of Anal Sex by five_ht (Inception) - And this one you don't need to know canon for. Slightly underage boy convinces young man to take him to bed. Hot hot. Lovely positions and sexual awakening.
  • Slide by anonymous (SGA) - In which John offers himself to a dominant AU!Woolsey to protect his team, only it doesn't end up like that at all. BDSM. Issues of consent.
  • Love of his Fucking Life by anonymous (SGA) - Tentacles and eroticized noncon. In which the city's metal probe slides in to conduct repairs, and John writhes in a confined pod - first for one reason, and then for another.
  • ETA: Sugar Spell It Out by notfar (Glee) - A powerful story and a satisfying read. I've only seen a couple of episodes, but the character voices and tones -- especially Sue Sylvester's -- seemed pitch-perfect. Warning for underage noncon, not of the erotic variety.
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Dude. Framing stuff is expensive. I mean, I knew it was expensive, I just didn't know that a 60% discount amounts to around what I thought it would cost full-price.

Dear self: This is why you've been doing extracurricular jobs. Stop freaking out.

I also just signed up for an Irish dance class. It's been three years since I last did it (other than last night, when I put the shoes back on and tried to remember, like, the basic steps of a hornpipe) and I have forgotten most of what I ever knew, but the instructor still recommended intermediate level. I really hope it's not embarrassing. I hate not being great at things, hate being lost and confused and behind. But I'm looking forward to learning again, and getting off my computer-addicted butt, and maybe meeting some new people.

It'll mean having to watch House on Tuesdays, but even I know that's a bad reason not to sign up for something.

And tomorrow I am on mandatory telework, so I do not have to get dressed! At least until it's time for Yom Kippur services. Or time to walk down the hall to do laundry.

Hm. It may be tough tomorrow to refrain from adding to one of the three WsIP on my list while working from home. Speaking of which: Here are some stories I have enjoyed lately.

I wish House were the kind of fandom that embraced a kink meme.

In conclusion: (Zooey & Joseph's bank robbery dance)
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[ profile] thingswithwings wrote a story for meeeee! It is the Kink Bingo Arbitrary Mod Prize she and [ profile] eruthros bestowed last round and it is called Germination and you should go read it.

To describe it one way: At first blush, to me, it's about the hesitance and awkwardness and ultimately the freedom and satisfaction of exploring new kinks in a relationship, and about overturning expectations of how a woman might feel empowered by something that others call monstrous.

To describe it another way: It has tentacle roleplay and functional Jennifer/Rodney and wonderful morbid humor and emotionally!hopeless!John and a running gag about animal transformation and sestina-like recurrence of the phrase "hive ship" and also pegging!

Or, to put it a third way: It is like a mix-remix of my "Seed" vid that won the mod prize and my beloved Rodney/Katie story that helped complete the bingo. In "A Week in the Life," Katie wanted Rodney to dominate her; in "Germination," Rodney wants Jennifer to dominate him. In the "Seed" vid, icky scary tentacles became erotic; in the fic, Jennifer's horrible transformation becomes a source of desire. Nifty!

It makes me happy. Even more so, as I'm not in Remix this year and haven't had anything creative to offer in a while.
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Well, that's interesting. It's not a big leap to restricting access to sites that offer fan-produced work.

In less worrisome news, turns out my weekend was spent in gorgeous fog on the bay in southern Jersey instead of nowheresville northern Jersey:

There's a bridge back there, lost in the mist. (click for bigger)

Alas that now I'm back in D.C., it's 90 degrees. And barely April. It is -- *checks* -- 79 degrees in my apartment. Time to get out of this town.

You may have seen that House Big Bang went live. I made some art for it: two covers and a pinch hit. The first one is what I worked on the most, and turned out, I think, the best.

Misc.: Saw and greatly enjoyed Naissance des Pieuvres (Water Lilies). The comment thread by Ediane at AfterEllen's review is the closest I've found to my own thoughts. Bizarrely, neither NY Times nor Variety discussed queerness in their reviews, when the movie is about a girl who falls in love/obsession with another girl, who may or may not be attracted to her in return.

Lastly, have a rec: spike21 and harriet_spy's From the entrance to the exit, it's farther than it looks -- SGA, post-series, very NC-17, and hit so many of my soul-deep kinks in the first half to two-thirds that there was this thrill running through me I haven't felt in a long time, reading. It's John/Todd/Teyla, too, and has pretty much everything you could hope for in that grouping. IMO. I'm not sure what to make of the ending yet, and there's an iffy bit in the beginning equating alienness with monstrousness, but the story is absolutely worth checking out.

p.s. Even in the company of 7 non-fannish people and making no attempt to turn conversation or channels in that direction, some subjects and programs are apparently unavoidable, such as SGU, the Merlin episode with the slash dragon, Top Gear, and my friend's brother's discussion of the attractiveness and sexual preferences of Anderson Cooper.


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