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Happy birthday, [ profile] roga! Turns out I don't know enough about American Idol to do a proper SGAI fusion for you today, but if I did, I know it would have Rodney as Simon, terror of the music business, hated and adored by the public, oft quoted in the press for his colorful verbal eviscerations that reduce hopeful contestants to tears; and when one pissed-off auditioner, who may or may not be Kavanagh but is definitely not headed for Hollywood, asks McKay what the [censored] he knows about music anyway, McKay says without missing a beat, "Oh, you mean other than being a classically trained concert pianist, the most respected judge of vocal talent in both the Canadian and American recording industries" (to which Zelenka snorts) "and having a brain so remarkable it makes Stockholm want to invent a Nobel Prize in Music to honor it?"

The rest [1,000 words, gen, comma abuse]: )

...If anyone wants to write that story or something like it or point me to an SGA/AI fic that's been done, please, by all means do!
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For various dull reasons, I am for the first time watching an American Idol season premiere. It is just as embarrassing and commercial-mainstream as I expected in its judgments, but some of the nice stories are nice. Anyway -- I just wanted to say to anyone else who watched that that grumpy guy in glasses was totally Dr. Kavanagh, yes? I mean, not in looks, but in attitude and in the reactions he elicited.

So then I went to the webz to read the obvious SGA/AI fusion where Rodney is Simon and various other staff are the rest of the judges -- I dunno, Zelenka can be on the panel, and Teyla, and maybe Ronon? -- and John's the next American Idol, but the story doesn't seem to exist. Am I wrong? Should this be taken to [ profile] sgastoryfinders?

Also, rec of joy for Fascinating/Indeed, a super-cute SG-1/ST Reboot crossover (gen). This deliberate bad!fic snippet (Reboot, Kirk/Spock) made me laugh too.


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