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I am having a bout of springtime ick, but let us not dwell on the phlegm. I just watched and enjoyed Pianomania (Austria, 2009), which follows a Steinway piano technician, Stefan Knupfer, in Vienna as he strives to tune and otherwise customize pianos to suit the needs of their demanding, perfectionistic, artistic, masterful players for specific performances.

Is it bad that for a while in the beginning I was thinking of Steinway!verse Arthur? He would be that demanding of his instruments (specificity above all), and he would never be wholly satisfied with the outcome. And then Ian Bostridge showed up, singing like Steinway!Eames.

But no, it was really enjoyable aside from that. Fascinating looks into the ways in which sounds from a grand piano can be altered, using both traditional and nontraditional methods. Beautiful shots of the inside of the instrument as it's tuned and played. Inviting you to debate whether the requests to make the sound "rounder" or "more like a clavichord" or "more magical" or *rubs fingers together* are the vocabularies of two masters conversing, struggling to put incredibly specific acoustic concepts into words ('If they are neurotic about the way they want the piano to sound when they play, then I am as much a neurotic when I work on it,' he said), or pretentious-sounding nonsense ('You have a knack for making complicated things sound more complicated – why don't you just say 'I loosened it up a bit to make it wobble,'' said one of the recording technicians). A glimpse into the interior life of a concert hall and a recording studio. Of course, many opportunities to listen to—or listen for—the differences in sound qualities, in personalities, in suitabilities, from instrument to instrument. And fun, too. Igudesman and Joo showed up. (Stefan is not only particular; he can be creative and silly.)

So that was, er, as I said, quite enjoyable. If my mental faculties were more together, I'd take a few minutes to compare it to Jiro Dreams of Sushi, which I saw over the weekend with friends: portraits of experts hard at work and in love with their craft, honed over many years, intended in the service of others, often pleased, yet never content.
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I was tag-surfing on the AO3 last night, like you do, and with no great expectations gave an SGA story called Harem Girl a try, because it promised noncon of the Sheppard/OFC and Sheppard/OMC variety. I confess I skimmed some parts—huh, apparently the story was 43,000 words, which would explain it—but I finished it today and overall it was quite an enjoyable fic! Lots of kinks (shaving, chastity device, corsets and cross-dressing, group fellation practice, chains, harems, sex slavery…) that eventually combined to suit my tastes quite well, distinctive OCs, hot descriptions of building sexual tension and pleasure even when Sheppard's mind is scattered from gender-bending captivity, and the ending didn't take any easy ways out. Specific recs: [ profile] deelaundry—it's full of forced feminization! [ profile] synn—it's got some Sheppard/Ronon, not Sheppard/McKay! [ profile] rubynye—sex slavery consent issues!

So that was nice. Also, out of nowhere that I can discern, last night I had an AU sort of dream in which the Inception team had gone corporate and I was Ariadne. We were gathering around a brainstorming sort of conference table in a warehouse to hash out the plans for our next job. No one looked like they did in the movie. Arthur was drunk and kept repeating some sing-song phrase. The mark's partner/boyfriend looked like Shepherd Book from Firefly; this was remarked on. Cobb was there. Eames was being flirtatious, which I/Ariadne loved, only he was also being a self-serving jerk, which I/she discovered when we were walking and he pressed a set of keys into my/her hand just before a police officer stopped us, which meant that if he'd noticed that something was wrong with the keys (they were stolen? it was something bad), I/she would have taken the heat and not Eames.

Oh—maybe because [ profile] nightdog_barks posted that pic of Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Eh, I won't look a gift sexual-tension dream in the mouth.

…That sounded better in my head.
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Okay, I'm going to try to do a row built on a foundation of Inception recs. I think not many of you are reading in that fandom, but I'll say again that one nice thing for anyone who hasn't seen the movie or didn't care for it is that -- well, it doesn't really matter. Fanon characterization often bears little resemblance to canon characterization (what there was of it, anyway), especially for the PWPs, half of them are AUs, and the rest you can generally pick up on your own.

Square 1: Ageplay Recs
Square 2: Food Recs
Square 3: Vehicular Recs
Square 4: Subspace/Headspace Recs
Square 5: Verbal Humiliation Recs

Ageplay Recs

One thing Inception fandom does really well is ageplay fics, including some roleplay as well as AUs where one character is younger than the other. There are a lot of them, and a lot of them are sizzlin'. Here are 30 of my favorites, categorized and blurbed for your browsing pleasure. Assume Arthur/Eames unless told otherwise. (For the uninitiated: Arthur/Eames is to Inception fandom what Sheppard/McKay is—was?—to SGA, which is even more than what House/Wilson is to House fandom, because House/Wilson at least has competition from House/Cuddy.)

Note: Many of these involve a character who is under the legal age of consent. However, they are all consensual in the sense that both parties enjoy the goings-on. Except for one, which is noted.

ETA: Now with two more stories and a completed WIP.

Age difference (AU) )

Both young (AU); or where one is in high school and the other in college )

Roleplay (canon-based) )

And one for the road: toomuchplor's Steinway!verse music conservatory AU is brilliant and heart-tugging and long and wonderful and filled with sexual tension and well-paced and many other adjectives. Arthur and Eames are both college-aged, but I wouldn't rec it because of that – I'd rec it for being an absolutely lovely and of course enviously well-written story with a series of sequels that are alternately funny and sexy and sad. So go read it if you haven't already.

Main story: Ach, des Knaben Augen

My Bingo card
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1. My Jurassic Park vid showed at [ profile] vidukon this weekend, and at least three people liked it. :) Neat-o.

2. Speaking of Sheppard, which we were yesterday:

2a) Excellent SGA kink meme fill that transforms the "magical healing cock" cliché into a thinky and sexy story in which Sheppard has to deal with consent and privacy issues when his semen acquires actual therapeutic power. It features John/Jennifer with a lovely sprinkling of dom/sub dynamics; plus many other John couplings and a hefty dubcon warning. As I was writing in my comment that I loved the way Sheppard's bisexuality and submissiveness were simply part of the story instead of being treated with a huge amount of fanfare or angst, and ditto for the sexual preferences of two officers, just nicely done, understated, effective, it occurred to me that the author could be [ profile] bluflamingo, as that's something I tend to like in her fics, and she has also handled consent issues well in the past. But who knows.

2a.1) I've already recommended the other sexy John/Jennifer story with even more medical kink and dom/sub dynamics and less dubcon, where John keeps showing up with things up his ass and eventually Jennifer puts them there, right? Right.

2b) I had this dream last night where I'd kidnapped Sheppard and had his wrists tied with an elastic hair band and was trying to get him to wear this mismatched pair of shoes, and actually it was all very heartwarming, but that is about all that will translate without becoming boring, so here, have some more recs.

3. Meanwhile, in the fandom I'm still not talking about, there was hot Eames/17-year-old!Arthur in Vegas. And another Eames/just-underage!Arthur fic, Making Partner. Both of these work just as well if you don't know the movie.

And I could assume that if you're interested in this ~mysterious unnamed fandom~ that you're reading helenish's stuff, but just in case, she did an amnesia fic in which forgetting allows the couple to remember and/or realize some things about their relationship; and a pair of older stories I'd missed one of, wherein Arthur (in one story; Eames in the other) had to pretend to be Eames' (ditto) boyfriend to avoid arousing the ire of serious criminals; and also today I finally read through her ongoing snippet series and found several parts to be quite sexy, either because there was sex (Arthur/OFC called Liesl) or because there was angst about not having sex when both of them (Arthur/Eames, that is) actually wanted to. Nice to be literate once again in a fandom helenish is writing in.

4. Yes, that ended on a preposition. The current essay in DF Wallace's book is about grammar snobbery and is both fun and interesting, even if he lambastes descriptivism. Today at work there was a prime example of his point that norms-based prescriptivism can never die because we'd be left with ambiguous sentences like the one in a summary I was reading: "[Woman's name] has a son who is 8 years old and has a part-time job in a hospital as a surgical technician."

Coworker One: Doogie Howser?
Coworker Two: He'd better go full-time or he'll never make surgeon when he's 10.

5. Aimee Mann concert tomorrow with [ profile] cincodemaygirl and [ profile] gblvr, hooray. Tidbit of the day: I would have used an Aimee Mann song for Festivids had my assignment been different.
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Okay, now that this fic is finished, I can rec it to you with a thousand exclamation marks: Arthur/Eames pediatrician kink meme fill, for the prompt: Arthur is seventeen, and still sees a pediatrician. A handsome, British, pediatrician. Who maybe gets a little too handsy sometimes…

I don't even know how to express how much this is like the perfect medical kink story to me. It's the closest I've ever seen a kink fantasy of this type come to reality in what happens and how the characters behave. There's the stethoscope and the exam table paper and the hands palpating and the clinical-but-maybe-sexual frisson to it all, and just. I won't give away what happens, but the story is unutterably hot, and I'm so glad it doesn't cop out at the end into a dream or a "surprise, we were roleplaying" scenario. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it if you have a strong embarrassment squick or if you can't tolerate doctor/patient or student/teacher or those kinds of semi-abuse of power dynamics even when the young person is initiating and/or very much into things, and there are medical and office inaccuracies for the sake of the kink, but otherwise, ten thumbs up. If you're concerned about not knowing Inception, this is an AU and there's an age change, so basically it reads like original characters.

ETA: Ha, it's by [ profile] recrudescence! Had been wondering if it was by someone I knew, but the style didn't seem to suit. Anyway, edited all-in-one story here.

Now, if only the gymnast WIP—a masterful example of how to build sexual tension—would be updated…


Speaking of Inception—which I am not—Netflix recommended a movie called The Reckoning, which I was ambivalent about until someone posted a gif of Tom Hardy dressed as a startlingly attractive woman that came from it. That tipped the scales, and I rented it. It turned out to be an excellent movie all around... )


About a vid, a premiere, dance and badminton. )

Alexander Skarsgard (Eric on True Blood) showed up out of nowhere in a dream the other night. I was on some bleachers in a gym. He came up and sat in front of me and I put my arms around his neck, platonic and happy, and showed him off as a celebrity friend-acquaintance to my mom. He had the same build as in reality: tall as hell, all sleek and Nordic and solid through the shoulders.

There was this other, vivid dream where I was having sex/foreplay with my friend's significant other, where we were working off a written list of activities that said friend had approved.

Subject for another post: It seems I have a biological clock, and it is ticking a libido rhythm.
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1. Oh, man, Pete Postlethwaite died. I didn't even know he was sick.

2. Uh, so what does it mean when your fortune cookie fortune says: You can depend on the trust of the collective? My apartment has transformed into an Orwell story. Or a Borg ship.

3. Speaking of things in my kitchen that have funny words: I noticed the other day that the can of cooking spray says "Serving size: about 1/3 sec."

4. I dunno. I have Thoughts on stuff -- like comparing the unreliable narrators/inability for the audience to gauge "reality" in Inception and Black Swan and working through what I didn't like about them vs. what I just am not understanding -- but lack the energy to write them up. Fic recs, too, but I can't dump a bunch of links here without also telling you why I liked them and therefore why you might like them. Maybe over the weekend.

5. On the bright side, two finished festivids and a good old-fashioned Mary Sue-in-progress.

6. I apologized to someone at the office this morning, unprompted, because I'd been pretty short with her the last few months for reasons unknown. Felt good. Something to set the tone for the year, perhaps, since I fell off the "be more polite and give of your time" wagon after Rosh Hashanah.

7. [ profile] musicisbelievng got me Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon for Hanukkah. It is fabulous. Girls and dinosaurs, boys and EZ Bake Ovens, a prince who wants his own glass slippers, a princess who wishes the frog will turn into another princess.

8. I know this is a long shot, but would anyone else local be interested in this Smithsonian seminar on existentialism?

9. Two days back into the work week, and I would like nothing more than a long massage (not helped by reading things like So this is the new year or Happy Endings - *warning*, the latter is not yet complete) and/or a resort vacation and/or for male prostitutes to be legal, safe, affordable and available. Never mind that the one professional massage I've ever had didn't thrill me or that I've never actually been to a resort and would likely be bored. Okay, replace "resort" with "cruise." Point is: extended period of relaxation, comma, it is needed. Or perhaps the point is: ways to manage 9-to-5 working life so as not to have a tiny nervous breakdown over insignificant business matters, even if due to their very insignificance, comma, they are sorely needed.
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1. Last call for Chanukah cards, if I don't have you already.

2. I had the sweetest little dream last night about snuggling up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt while watching Inception at the movies, and he was cold so I had an arm around his shoulders and draped an extra blanket over his lap. After a discussion about Arthur/Saito, he slid his hand up to my neck and leaned in and said, "I'm trying to decide whether to kiss you and whether you'd let me," to which I said, "I'd let you, but you can keep thinking it over if you want to," and then he kissed me and it was just very sweet. Kissing is always sweeter in dreams than it is in life. Um, or maybe it's just how long it's been.

3. Ha, baby Kal Penn is in "Beer Bad"! With long flippy hair.

3a. I watched a few eps of season 4 (BtVS) last night while attempting turkey digestion. It was really comforting to see all these characters I loved again -- Giles grumpy in the morning with his t-shirt and tattoo, Willow arguing for culturally sensitive slayage, Tara when she was new, Anya still learning human etiquette, Xander and his new syphilis. Adam, with enough face to be handsome. Riley, who, like House's Stacy, transmuted from annoying to vaguely interesting the second time around. Remembering all the lines I'd once known by heart. "Suffused with joy and comfort" is the phrase I'm looking for.

4. Thanksgiving. I'm home in New York, inasmuch as my dad's house is home these days. We, my sister and I, had a Thanksgiving here yesterday with her friends and one at my mom's on Thursday. It's been a good holiday, if a tenuous one because of some family health issues. Regardless, I wanted to come by and tell you all that despite how infrequently I've been posting lately, and even though we are not all sharing love for the same fandoms these days, I am really thankful to have you as flisters. Just: ♥


Oct. 29th, 2010 06:01 pm
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Dear friends: Some stuff is going on right now, and the good/neutral things are only most of the time balancing out the bad thing. Therefore I am taking license today to complain, even if about far less significant matters.

Unpopular fannish opinions, edition the first

Inception )

House )


*grump the second*

Things I wish I never had to read again:

  • "amber liquid"
  • "feet planted"/"feet flat on the mattress"
  • "bemused" when you mean "amused"
  • "woah"
  • "yea" for "yeah"
  • silicon vs. silicone
  • vice vs. vise
  • …Crap, I had a whole list of these but I seem to have misplaced it.

Anyway. Feel free to grump with me or offer happy things. I'll be computer-bound most of the weekend. Except tonight, when I am going to see The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, because I need deserve a movie after this week.
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…Well, this came out of nowhere.

Title: Five Times the Inception Team Tried to Extract Information from the Atlantis Crew
Fandoms: Stargate: Atlantis/Inception crossover
Characters: Ensemble (gen) and an OC, with some Ariadne/Woolsey and brief Woolsey/Arthur
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,475
Contains: Canon-typical violence. Manipulation. A little world-building of my own, and possibly some world-mangling too. Takes place after the SGA finale. I don't think there are any spoilers for either source.
A/N: Semi-flashfic. Thanks to [ profile] catilinarian for comments; remaining mistakes are mine. #5 especially is dedicated to [ profile] sabinelagrande, who needed something happy-making before she left for Dragon*Con. This is late, but maybe it will still help.

If you haven't seen Inception, all you really need to know is the premise of the movie ).

'The light,' Teyla murmurs. 'The light is wrong.' )


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