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I... may have a tiny crush on spoiler character? ) from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

An hour's browse on the AO3 revealed that most people are writing spoiler pairing? ), which, it seems, is comics canon. That is cool. I dig it. Ready for more.

Someone will write the story where they are having some form of first time together (which is probably spoiler character's ) first time ever) and when other character ) orgasms, all the Avengers in the building stumble/drop stuff/blink and have a sympathetic mental-or-maybe-also-physical climax too, right?


There also seems to be a not insignificant amount of spoiler pairing? ). It's interesting to me how at least two stories (one / two, and those are not exactly recs) have gone the route of comparison to another Whedon pairing of yore ). Maybe if there'd been more time for character development, as that article that's been going around argued, that part of the movie would have had a comparable emotional impact.

Uh and lastly there appears to be spoiler pairing? ), which I'm pretty sure I'm very much into, although all I've encountered so far is this fic, which isn't quite what I'd look for in that match-up. It's fun in a spoiler fandom? ) sort of way but I'd like to see a less literal interpretation of sex between them.

Someone will also write or has already written spoiler crossover? ), yes? Details )

We'll see how long this lasts. If the fic doesn't get any better, it won't take long. For now it is a bit of an entertaining diversion.


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