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Once upon a time, I was struck by the desire to write a Riddick story in the style of those early-2000s X-Men movie fanfics where Wolverine and Rogue were imprisoned in Stryker's complex and forced to have sex for his research program. (Ex: The Cell by jjblazer.) I ended up making up a character because it didn't feel right to cast Jack as the person thrown into Riddick's cell. The words poured out, and I was well pleased with the result, but I was too embarrassed to share it, so it has been sitting on my hard drive for almost three years.

Tonight we are watching the third (& worst) Riddick movie at fangirl movie night. For whatever reason, this feels like the right time: I am finally taking the plunge and posting the fic, in all its flawed, iddy glory.

*hits "post" and hides face*

Title: Captive Breeding Program (Furyan Bloodstock Remix)
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick series
Pairing: Riddick/OFC
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 4,250
Summary: "Get as far away from me as you can before I do exactly what they warned you about," he growls.
Content notes: Nonconsensual sex. Murder, attempted murder, strangulation. Aliens make them do it. Abhorrent medical ethics, including forced impregnation and gestation. Aphrodisiacs. Dubious plot points.
A/N: Written in January 2014, two days after posting I Like the Way You Move. Riddick's voice was influenced by stories such as The Things We Leave Behind by Ratatosk. Enjoy?

The next one they toss in is young. )
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(Because it's finally winter outside, and because this post contains... well.)

I don't tend to make New Year's resolutions. When I do try to change a behavior, I don't wait for January. But I've been thinking about whether there's anything internal I'd like to work on this year, and one thing is to continue to learn how to be nice to myself, and another is to think more seriously about, & then be more proactive about, dating. Which is why I was re-reading some Captain Awkward posts this afternoon about dealing with feelings of unattractiveness while dating (example). Because while I have gained a lot of confidence in the last 10 to 15 years that my hobbies and tastes are OK, largely thanks to fandom, and while I'd like to think I have developed pretty good social skills despite being a natural introvert, I do have a lifelong deep-set conviction that I am not good-looking, not helped by some health-related body changes in recent years, and people say there is nothing like entering an urban dating pool full of strangers to undermine your self-confidence in any and all areas, including the above.

Anyway, that is all still academic at this point. What I wanted to say is that the posts include people's anecdotes about eventually finding well-matched partners due to being one's authentic -- in many of these cases, geeky -- self in online profiles and/or in person. A practice I fully subscribe to. And then this very evening on the bus ride home, a young woman in a nearby seat wearing a knit Pikachu hat leaned over and excused herself and asked what I was reading because every time she'd glanced over it looked more interesting. (It was Saga vol. 4.) We had a little conversation about it, she mentioned that the wait between issues wouldn't be a problem considering the wait she is dealing with for The Winds of Winter (next Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones book) and some other stuff I wasn't familiar with, and then we went back to riding the bus. It was like an object lesson in how merely doing something you like in public can attract someone's attention, in this case in a good way and not a creepy way, to back up the Captain Awkward post. Same as last year when a dude I think of as Big-Headphones Guy saw me working my way through the Song of Ice and Fire series and asked me a couple of times on our way off the bus how I was liking them.

(I actually later learned Big-Headphones Guy's name because he sometimes orders breakfast at the same counter-service place I go to when I am not able to pack mine. But that is not important here.)

Number one, both of these are examples of how to talk to someone on public transit about what they're reading without being annoying or creepy. Number two, they were just nice encounters that served as reminders that pop culture is my favorite conversation topic with unfamiliar people, when in the mood to converse with unfamiliar people or when forced to at a party or whatever. (Not that that prevented me from being all flustered and nervous when replying.) Number three, they bolster the argument that displaying something you like could be enough to make an unexpected connection with someone. (Once again, assuming you are in the mood.) Which is nice. Even though I also understand that dating partners generally do not fall from the sky and so some effort is required to find interesting ones. Fortune favors the prepared mind, and whatnot. There was a good post about that somewhere but I don't think it was Captain Awkward.

Like I said: Rambling. :)

tl;dr someone asked about Saga on the bus today and I think she's going to try it out. Payin' it forward.

Also I hung up some curtains tonight with the hope that this side of the room won't be eight degrees colder than the other side anymore. It is not a big room. Must say I am not a fan of the cold-air waterfall that has been pouring down my neck on the few days this winter that it has been wintery. N.B. by "hung up" I mean "nailed to the window frame" because there are no rods yet.
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1. A coworker in all earnestness today was telling me about how she gets shoulder pain from time to time because she sleeps with her arms over her head and it stretches the tissues too far, but she can't control it, so one time she tried tying her elbows to her torso with a bathrobe sash, only she woke up in the middle of the night with her arms over her head and the sash across her throat, so then she tried tying each wrist to its corresponding leg, only she woke up because her arm was straining to pull free. Do you know how hard it was not to respond with anything involving the phrase "self-bondage."

2. At a recent get-together a group of us was talking about a possible local swinging community and the rumor that couples put pineapples on their front porches to indicate their receptiveness to partner swaps. (N.B.: This post makes my office conversations sound much more exciting than they are in reality.) This same coworker, who is a few years older than me, responded with a jovial declaration that her aunt and uncle met swinging. We said, That is an awesome story! Tell us more! And she said, Yeah, they both like swing dancing and they went out one night to the same event. And we said, …We are talking about a different kind of swinging. And she said, What other kind is there? And then her face went an interesting shade of red and she disavowed any knowledge or participation on her relatives' behalf.

3. My friend and her husband brought me a pineapple when they visited yesterday. Based on past conversation I am sure they are not aware of its potential pineappley meaning.


…See, the thing is, I got so used to adoring Sebastian when no one knew who he was and he only appeared in occasional movies and TV shows and one Geocities fan page with a purple tiled background and those gif flames that now it's sort of a shock to see the number of Google results and hear that he's on Twitter and find that many friends have heard of him because he's been on Fringe and Supernatural and whatnot these past couple of seasons, not just Roar and Odyssey 5 and the Earthsea miniseries all of which like ten people watched, or General Hospital, which even I didn't watch. Now I, who once managed the only Sebastian Roche fan page domain on the internet, have catch-up to do to see what new info is out there about him. Glory!

I just, I miss his beautiful hair.

(Wow, I sound hyper. Actually it is just the tiredness. [She said, slumped on the couch for the last six hours.] Who needs alcohol to lower inhibitions when one has insomnia-inducing hormones? Also rice pudding.)
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Okay, I changed the Robot Chicken vid from f---ing machines to mechanical/technological. There's a difference between creative interpretation and compliance to the Bingo Wiki classifications. I don't have a mech/tech square on my second card, so it'll have to be the free square.

Since I still want to do masters/doms/slaves/subs, this means I'll be doing a line that has verbal humiliation again. Speaking of having a kink for verbal humiliation in Mary Sue stories, here is a new one for the occasion.

Fandom: Original characters in the DS9 universe.
Pairings: OFC/OMC (Starfleet cadet/Cardassian soldier)
Rating: Adult
Contains: Noncon, forced prostitution, verbal humiliation, victim-shaming, begging, biting, bondage, reference to ritual suicide.
Word Count: 1,625
A/N: If you've been following my shameless Mary Sue installments, this scene happens after Makor gives up on Karin and sells her into a brothel (which hasn't been posted yet). If you haven't, all you need to know is there is a Starfleet cadet who has been abducted and sold into a Cardassian brothel.

'Humans,' he says. 'Such a proud race. Such a proud little girl. What are you so proud of? You are nothing but a slave of the basest kind.' )
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Ugh, why am I awake right now. Well, might as well post this! I made it last night as a mood-booster after (long story short) a day's effort to replace my ailing car was thwarted by two pieces of paper.

Title: Satisfaction
Fandom: Peanuts animations
Pairing: Charlie Brown and Lucy
Music: "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones (edited)
Length: 1 m 27 sec
Rating: PG for footage, PG-13 for connotation
Summary: Charlie Brown just can't get satisfaction. Luckily Snoopy is there to help.
Physical trigger warning: The picture shakes several times when Charlie Brown hits the ground.
A/N: For my Kink Bingo square "orgasm denial/control." Yes, that's right. It is not even in the row I'm doing, except now I'm going to have to do that row. "Historical roleplay" is going to be fun, too. Stay tuned. Clip at the end is from the Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show episode "Chaos in the Classroom."

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My Bingo card
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If your tastes run to virginity/virgin-like/innocence/reluctance, major consent issues, and/or prostitution, all of the older-male-dominating-young-female variety, then may I heartily recommend Mes Chères Études (Student Services). Hooooo yes.

(It is a movie I wish more movies were like! Actors who can act, acting a lot of soft-core sex scenes amidst a plot. It could have been harder-core, actually, but I still give it an A. I swear, one scene was out of a Mary Sue fantasy in my head. Now where is the button for "If you liked this movie, you might like..."? ETA: Oh oh, it's at the bottom of the page. Sweet.)

(Actual review, what? It's a little like the one season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl I watched, the one where she tried to have a boyfriend on the side, and a little like... something with a moral like an anvil. I did not have my critic hat on. It was engaging enough all the way through. There was a lot of sexy nudity and emotional trauma, okay? *types and deletes TMI about the sort of depravity I enjoy* *leaves you to it if this is your thing*)
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So, I just finished this? It's the first-time scene for Karin (OFC) and Makor (OMC) in the main thread of my DS9 Mary Sue noncon epic. 4,600 words, warning for graphic noncon, some struggling, some bondage, some humiliation, and a little melodrama. With bonus unexpected muscle cramp metaphor.

I know there are approximately three of you who read these things, so, for the rest of you, I'm sorry. Fannish content to reappear at some point, I swear. Watch this space.

When she's been subdued, the Cardassian in front of her steps forward, saying, 'Let me explain a few things to you.' )
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[ profile] l_eremita made me do it.

Okay, no, she had nothing to do with this other than engaging me in a conversation about Mary Sues tonight. Together with a couple of neat comments I got yesterday on the earlier stuff with the Cardassian, I am again posting old self-indulgent noncon against my better judgment. This time the connection to the Trekverse is even more tenuous, or else I'd think about tying it in to a Kink Bingo square. Anyway—WARNING for noncon/rape. OFC/OMCs, 2,000 words. Same disclaimer applies as before.

Also. Um. Dear new Vividcon friends and old non-Vividcon friends: Once in a while, I post Mary Sue noncon. Please don't judge me.

'The Federation's intentions are of no concern to us. You have acted against the Ra'ani and you will pay the consequences.' )
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Would anyone want to read more Cadet/Cardassian Mary Sue noncon? I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and am in one of those questionable moods where I think it's a good idea to share. Warning for noncon; contains 1,400 words of bondage, a toy, a forced orgasm, and no redeeming value. Also, Karin sounds suspiciously like John Sheppard at times. Not to denigrate John Sheppard.

Disclaimer/explanation is in the first post under this tag.

'Is this position perhaps more to your liking?' )
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For those who want to know, this came before what I just posted, though it takes place afterwards. I wrote it last month, and for a while I thought the whole thing would actually stay post-trauma. Obviously the line about the toy ended up spawning its own story and proved me wrong. It's also much more typical of what I write on my own in the sense that it's fragmented and doesn't conclude. Anyway, if you're interested, here's what started this branch of the Karin 'verse.

Characters/Fandom: Karin, Bashir, Odo; implied Karin/Makor (Deep Space Nine) – see author's notes here
Word Count: 3,100
Rating/Warning: PG-13 for implications and discussions of past sexual assault
Note: White space is where scenes skip. Be forewarned that the piece just falls off a cliff at the "end" as well, where I stopped writing when something else shiny caught my attention. And yes, still melodramatic and probably not at all representative of real debriefings or post-traumatic conversations. Other than that—enjoy?

'It was like I forgot everything I learned at the Academy. I didn't fight well, I didn't fight hard enough, it was like I never learned combat training at all. I panicked. I didn't want him to hurt me.' )
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I was so in the mood for filthy Cardassian fic the other night that when I exhausted the bookmarks I knew, I went and wrote some myself.

I still can't believe I'm posting this. Not sure yet whether I should \o/ or run away.

Pairing: OFC/OCC (original Cardassian character) - see author's notes
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,500
WARNING: Noncon, bondage, object insertion, double penetration, humiliation
Summary: "I have yet to acquaint myself with a person—Cardassian or human, male or female—who has not succumbed to the hjartak," he said conversationally.
A/N: Possibly for the [ profile] kink_bingo square, "f*cking machines."

More substantial author's notes. )

'It's good, isn't it,' he murmured. )


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