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I met [ profile] deelaundry tonight! We managed to synch up our schedules while she was in town, and I enjoyed her company for three lovely hours. There was diner food, gossip, House and RSL talk, plot bunny outlining, motivations for writing slash vs. friendship, etc. Other than nearly getting sideswiped by a gigantic SUV* and the fact that I suspect I said nothing very interesting the whole evening, it was quite a nice time. (I always** worry before meeting an LJ person: What if we don't click the same way we do online? What if it is horribly awkward?) She is a lot of fun to talk with. Plus I got to sneak out of work two hours early.

*Are there any studies out there on introverts and traffic incidents with passengers vs. no passengers as the variable? Each of the (few) times I've done something embarrassing with my car, and the only time I've ever been in an accident (fender-scratcher, mainly my fault), I've had someone in the car with me. Not that it was any of their faults, not at all—just that as an introvert, having someone else there takes up space in my brain, where when I'm alone all of that space goes to the road. Especially if the passenger is someone I'm a bit nervous about; when I had that minor accident, my passenger was a guy I had sort of a crush on. Anyway, sorry about that, Dee.

**Heh. As if it's been going on forever. Well, it has been happening more lately. It seems to be an exponential-growth sort of thing, LJ meetups: as I was saying to [ profile] kassrachel last week (gah! Just last week!), the more LJ people you meet, the more LJ people you seem to meet. Because they all want to introduce you to the people they know, she agreed. It also helps to be (a) near a major city and (b) traveling around fairly often to new places. And, I suppose, (c) brave enough to risk coming out from behind pretty icons and electronic eloquence.

Oh, hey, it's almost SGA time. Coincidentally also time to test this new "Oh, you still want to get Sci Fi? Install this useless, troublesome digital cable box so you incidentally can only record the channel you're watching, and p.s. next year we're charging you for it" device.
bironic: Neil Perry gazing out a window at night (Default)
"Introverts of the World, Unite!" -- an Atlantic Monthly interview with Jonathan Rauch, revisiting his infamous "Caring for your Introvert" article from 2003. It's from February but I only found out about it today (thanks, Steve!).


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