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Last day. *sniff* Suddenly I am assaulted with ideas for memories, and room for only one of them. Let’s go back to the beginning. Or one of many beginnings.

31. Pre-school, Kindergarten, possibly Elementary School

Early reading memories, and a bonus photograph. )

And... there we have it. One month; 31 top-level memories and many, many more in comments. Stay tuned--the post-mortem is coming up this weekend.
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OMG, the comment backlog. I’m all caught up on Untouchable; now to tackle your stories for Memoryfest. Guess I’ve got my work cut out for me tomorrow.

30. Elementary School

Not a story so much as a plain old memory. )
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I felt happy and otherwise emotionally sturdy enough today to look through some photo albums from when I was a baby up through about age 11. I remembered most of the pictures, but they still sparked fresh recollections. Even the smell of the plastic pages brought back memories.

27. Pre-school

My dad thinks I went to the funeral, but I don't remember it at all. )

28. Elementary School

TMI time! )

29. Middle School

Two domesticated rodent-related memories. Consider it penance for skipping a few days here.

Never turn your back on a guinea pig. )

Warning for a little bit of blooooood. )
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It hurts not to be able to read and comment and reply during the day and then to (unexpectedly) be out all evening. :( I want to talk to you. I am reduced to skimming the f-list ten minutes before bed and copying everything that looks good into a Word document for tomorrow's reading.

26. Pre-school

Curses, foiled again. )
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Horror of horrors, I have not written any classroom-related memories except that one about the spelling word mispronunciation when we were eight years old. And school has been possibly the largest shaping force in my life other than my parents. For shame!

25. High School

It's a strange thing, this combination of egotism and insecurity: to hide intelligence because of the fear of other students shunning you, yet wanting the teacher to know that you know what you know, while also desperately afraid you'll be exposed at any moment as knowing less than you seem to—simultaneously believing you're smarter than most of them and also ignorant in the larger scheme of things. )

Hey. Anyone have any requests or prompts for the remaining few memories?
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Hrrrrrrmmmmm. Wiped out. My fingers are slurring on the keys here. Thank goodness for Backspace.

In honor of the activity that sapped me energy [insert brogue here], a memory about the first time I encountered Irish dance. [ profile] elynittria, I know you’ll have something to share on this one. :)

24. High School

The night the seed was planted. )

Our instructor announced tonight that this year’s feis (dance competition) is going to be at the end of March, at my high school, like the last one. Every time something notable like this comes up, I think fondly back on that night in front of the TV and smile at the procession of events over the years that led me here.
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We went stargazing tonight at a small observatory about 60 miles east of here, almost at the end of the north fork of Long Island. After a nice 90-minute lecture on naked-eye astronomy from a local university professor, we went out into the bitter, windy cold so one of the employees could point out the easier constellations and show us some astrophotography in progress. Then we hiked up into their bigger telescope, through which we saw a wavering Saturn (too much disturbance to make out the rings clearly) and the wispy M42 nebula in Orion. The skies were so clear -- cloudless and cold, and with the hour and a half's drive from home came a striking drop in light pollution. Lovely.

Tonight's memory has only the most tangential relation to all of that. We already covered stargazing a couple of days ago. :)

21. Middle School

I didn't really know him then, but he was best friends with the boy I ended up dating, and we still keep in touch today. )

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I have read all of your lovely memories as well as your conversations about vision quality and blurry monitors -- thank you, again, for sharing and chatting and generally making life that much cheerier, informative and interesting. I hope no-one is put off when it takes me a while to reply.

And now I shall solicit more comments. More! More, I say!

17. Elementary School

As if it were another ecosystem in the same suburban town. )

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Lost our internet connection last night and this morning. Always annoying, but at least this time I didn't have a critical project to upload for work. Two memories tonight to catch up.

13. Middle School

Things haven't really changed. )

14. Elementary School

A hazard of not paying attention in class—or of only knowing a word from a book instead of conversation. )



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