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+ I wrote some stuff today! 2,650 words of stuff, even.

- Said stuff was not the article I have to write for work nor anything for alpheratz's birthday nor a fill for Kink Bingo's adorable mini-fanwork fest.

+/- Have been watching Vampire Diaries season two instead of crossing anything off my weekend to-do list. Still a surprisingly smart show, for a CW drama. Characters grasp what is going on most of the time without needing three episodes and a speech, and plots move along at an impressive pace so that what would be cliffhangers on other shows instead happen half- or three-quarters of the way through an episode.

+ Also read a couple of good fics: Promises by [ profile] bluflamingo (SGA/SG-1 Big Bang from a while back, sequel to a previous Big Bang, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, domestic/kidfic) and You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want by [ profile] toomuchplor (Inception, Arthur/Eames, hot and interesting).

'Twas a week full of parties for your typically minimally social correspondent.
+ First, over Thanksgiving, there was the long-anticipated NYC "brunch crew" fannish potluck, complete with screenings of X-Men: First Class and The Eagle, neither of which I had seen, and the latter of which the attendees helpfully and hilariously narrated for me while fast-forwarding to the "good" parts (I must report that the narration was far better than the script), as well as a chance to catch up a little bit with [ profile] scribblinlenore and [ profile] pun, in addition to the previously mentioned peoples whom I miss a lot. I have to say, though, that for the first time since I moved away, the longing was tempered by having a few good groups of friends here now in D.C.

+/- Some of those friends having been present for [ profile] alpheratz's birthday, which featured among other things a delicious chocolate raspberry cake and roasted sweet potatoes and beets and oh yes, good company, but also unfortunately a big fluffy cat that tried to kill my respiratory system. All better now.

+/- And then last night, there was a multi-occasion party at a friends' apartment, at which I met a young woman named Chaya (pronounced like Sheppard's Chaya, not the Hebrew name) and a guy who had been in a band with Bear McCreary, whom I believe some of you adore for his work on the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack? Anyway, my crush also made an appearance, and since I haven't worked up the guts yet to actually ask him out I can only report that the outlook appears to be dimming. Or maybe that is vice versa.

+ The surprise delight of Thanksgiving weekend was getting to meet up with [ profile] ignazwisdom for a little while. We overlapped in Boston and then hadn't seen each other in… wow, maybe two years.

- There may or may not be a mouse that occasionally inhabits the wall behind my kitchenette and comes out for a visit. I have heard rustling/chewing on two nights in the last month but have not yet seen the critter. Traps and answers forthcoming.

+ Playing Scrabble Slam with [ profile] deelaundry yesterday and watching her kids be cute, as usual.

+ Dinner! Which is about to be consumed.

Et vous, flist?
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As previously mentioned, [ profile] deelaundry and I drove up to NYC this weekend to see Robert Sean Leonard in the play Born Yesterday and do a bit of sightseeing/friend- and family-visiting while we were there.

Saturday at the MoMA and comics store. )

Meeting RSL! )

About the play itself. )

To summarize, I agree with Charles Isherwood:

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1. Speaking of celebrities, Robert Sean Leonard is finally returning to Broadway, and I will be going to see him in May with [ profile] deelaundry, [ profile] no_detective and [ profile] pun (and possibly [ profile] krisdia?). Hurrah! It's been a while. If any of you are interested in joining, lemme know and I'll screen the thread or we can email.

2. Who is going to write the story where Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Ronon Dex's younger brother?

...Crap, there was a third thing, but it's gone now.
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Back when I did the photo meme, [ profile] roga asked for a photo of my favorite place in the city. It took me a while to figure out what that would be: the view of the skyline from the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway). Unfortunately, since I'm always driving, and alone, it's not too smart to snap a photo. Well, on Saturday I finally had the chance as my mother and sister and I took the scenic route on the way back from Pennsylvania—and as a bonus, my sister's camera takes video, so here are two shaky clips:  )

Then the camera battery died, so that's all you get.

For a laugh, here's a sign at the corner gas station we stopped at that morning:

Only in America.


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