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I never wished you a happy Hanukkah. Happy belated Hanukkah! Mine was laid-back and enjoyable; potato pancakes and a Skype call with my dad & his part of the family on the first night, the giving of gelt and portable holiday-scented hand sanitizers to my coworkers.

And now, happy post-solstice, post-Christmas and post-most other December holidays as well. I spent a few relaxing days at [ profile] synn's place with her and her visiting mom and her two cats that prevented the putting-out of gifts under the tree until the last minute due to their propensity for eating all the ribbons but who were forgiven on account of being fluffy. Games (including Star Trek Catan from my mom), TV (Psych, Firefly, X-Files, Storage Wars, a whacked-out movie version of the Nutcracker Ballet), food, crafts, conversation; who could ask for anything more? A joyous Christmas morning gift exchange followed by a Skype call with my mom & her part of the family.

Many excellent things were given and received. You all need to see these in particular, courtesy of [ profile] synn:

Star Trek watercolor portraits and three other nifty things! )

Drove back safely through sleet and snow yesterday, which turned into rain early enough that I made it over to [ profile] deelaundry's after work for further celebrations. Among other things, she gave me a camel-colored cloche hat that matches my winter coat and looks super cute with the graduated bob I've had for a few months. I will have to be careful lest people mistake me for someone fashionable. :)

I did not send as many holiday cards as usual to fan friends, and some of them are likely to be late; I'm sorry. Thank you to those of you who sent cards—nightdog, rubynye, anyone else (roga ♥) whose cards might be winging their way to the mailbox.
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Hanukkah starts December 1 this year. Which means... it is time to ask who wants a holiday card!

If you have never given me your address before, or if you have moved since last season, and if you would like a nondenominational holiday card, please fill out the poll below or email me. Poll responses can only be seen by me.

[Poll #1642743]

Oh, and comments are screened in case you'd rather leave info there.
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I love browsing for holiday cards. In addition to hitting up the regular stationery shops and bookstores, I'm going through etsy right now, and ohmygoodness, there are some cute choices. For instance, here are the ones Katie Brown sends. And who doesn't want an aardvark in a stack? It's fun to imagine who might send these and why. Also: this.

On a totally unrelated note (unless we'd like to draw a connection by saying it was like an early holiday present custom-made for me), the hottest fic I've read in a while appeared this morning: Boundaries by [ profile] esteefee (Sheppard/McKay; so, so adult-rated). It's intense sex intersecting with my own kinks, but it's also the fact that it doesn't stop at a simple PWP -- it considers the repercussions of an "aliens made them do it" encounter and examines John's complicated attitude toward his own desires. Rodney makes some missteps of his own as they try to figure things out, and I'm not sure I like that John is the one giving in while Rodney hardly makes concessions, but that's perhaps less a critique of the story than of their relationship. Go; read; sizzle.


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