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5. I have been sleeping so well the last couple of days; I am suffused with peace and tranquility good will. Last night brought a handful of interesting dreams. One of them involved the SGA crew being made to drink draughts of something like vodka because they'd investigated a gold beacon in a city like Atlantis, and after, Sheppard was nauseous, living/reliving painful memories, while everyone else had come out fine because the drink's effects were supposed to be temporary.

4. Last month's news, but oh my God, what a train wreck. Hey, did you know that a population with 55% women is equivalent to "Girlington"? NY Times fails again. One sane response here.

4a. Have this pre-Oscars Meta Awards list and Existential Olympics report to recover. Titles are funnier than the descriptions in the latter.

3. Today in a meeting, one of my colleagues in introducing me to a group of contractors said that I went to MIT and was therefore the smartest person in the room. That sort of comment makes me really uncomfortable. Because part of me says, Yeah, I might be. (Ten years ago, I would have thought, Yeah, I am.) And another part says, The school doesn't make the person; and school-smart doesn't mean everything-smart. And another part quails because I'm not always confident in myself. Ugh. I remember once, in my first year at my old job, everyone comparing what their SAT scores had been in high school, and me dreading the inevitable. After the guy who'd started the conversation pushed me to say mine, they were all whistle-y and wondering what I was doing working there and saying I must spend all day thinking about how stupid their conversations were. And what are you supposed to say to that? That in your own group of friends, you're ordinary? That kind of teasing or big-deal-making makes intelligence something to be embarrassed about, and when you try to disclaim the magical brilliance they pin upon you, you risk being accused of excessive or false humility.

2. The Plagiarist's Dirty Dozen Excuses. This came up on Slate the other day and made me think of those semi-annual fannish plagiarism scandals. The article is about a reporter, so some of the details don't apply, but the themes of deflection, self-contradiction, and calls for pity certainly sound familiar. Fandom could add an item or ten to the list. Or Bingo card.

1. If you really love me, you'll post prompts for tentacle_fest. I just left ten over there and feel embarrassed for my enthusiasm. Or prompt me here. Whichever. (Have I mentioned lately that I'm absurdly glad for fandom, because it taught me that it's okay to like what I like? Even when things turn around so that it's many people in fandom who don't share this particular taste, I've got the confidence to own it.)

0. Congratulations to [ profile] pynelyf on clearing a huge hurdle toward her doctorate! And all my love and best wishes to S. and L., who could use something nice right now.
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It's been exactly a month since I've written anything, and I have four fics due in the next six weeks that currently consist of blank Word documents. I am thinking trying something short today/tomorrow might be successful. Anyone have prompts to offer?

Disclaimer: I don't know what kind of prompts might work, and there are no guarantees that anything will be written. But I'd appreciate any help!
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I need to stop posting when I'm very, very behind on replying to comments, but. The reason I'm behind is that I'm supposed to be finishing up this [ profile] slashfest fic, and it's sometimes easier to complete a story when there's another waiting in the wings, and I have this idea that I'd really like to try, so I've come to ask for your input.

If you could drop me a comment anytime from now till next week with a group of six words. That's all. You can post multiple groups of six if you like. They can be nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs -- anything meaty, not conjunctions or prepositions or random exclamations. Words that can mean more than one thing and/or can be used as more than one part of speech would be great. I think it would be helpful if the words aren't all closely related as well. Examples drawn from my last three fics are: piano, Stacy, music, softly, gaze, touch; hand, look, twitch, nothing, lie, wife; kiss, smile, dark, hard, talking, sweat. (Feel free to repeat any of these.) I reserve the right to skip some groups and alter a few words here and there if it makes my job easier later. Just looking for some inspiration.

And I will get to those comments. Promise.


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