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1. I'm going to vid the Twilight movies. Without irony. So there.

2. Staying away from Twitter/Tumblr until we've seen Star Trek: Beyond on Saturday. However, I did just pop onto Twitter to relay an anecdote about how the young man who sold me the movie tickets this evening was wearing a Starfleet uniform (red, TNG style, three pips), complete with shiny insignia. On my way out he said to his dinner-eating, non-nerd-appearing fellow employee that he was a first officer, to which the fellow employee replied without blinking, "No way. They'd stick you down in stellar cartography."

3. Monday I was treated to a hangout with [personal profile] ignaz as she boomeranged through town for a work thing. We caught up a bit and saw Ghostbusters, which was fine. I hadn't expected to love it as much as many friends seem to, and that turned out to be accurate, but it was enjoyable on multiple levels, from Kate McKinnon's owning of the part to the game of Spot the Boston Location to the feminist metacommentary. Primarily, I hope their taking of our money -- which, btw, $14 for a non-3D/non-IMAX showing on a weekday?! -- convinces some thick-skulled Hollywood exec that non-romance-driven movies with quirky women of various races and body types and with unspecified sexualities have a market.

Among the highlights of the evening was running into [personal profile] marginaliana and her +1 at the theater!

4. I also had a really nice time at a birthday party the other week talking with [ profile] marginaliana, [ profile] verymilkytea and [ profile] windtheme and getting to know them better.

[ profile] verymilkytea helpfully demonstrated how Pokémon Go works; it was brand-new at the time. A coworker subsequently snapped some photos of me posing with two or three invisible Pokémon in my office. I don't play the game, but what I like about it is how its particular implementation of augmented reality makes it feel like ghost hunting or those science fiction stories where someone is slightly out of phase from normal: the idea that there's something there that you can't detect unless you have a special piece of technology that picks up some signature beyond our human senses. It's fun to pretend we're living in a reality where there's a Pokémon over your shoulder right now and you just need a smartphone camera to "see" it.

5. Busy period at work: late evenings, no lunch breaks, full and shifting meeting schedules. Still, it's better than the last few weeks, when I felt nonspecifically draggy-terrible and couldn't sleep deeply or think straight. I've got an appointment with a new doctor tomorrow with the hope of actually figuring out what's been going on in the last couple of years. TMI maybe.

Bonus 6. Bowl of falafel salad. Mm.
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1. I don't care what anyone says; Luke Skywalker was hot.

2. Three words for you: multifandom [ profile] kink_bingo.

3. Saw House. Don't know what to say about it yet. May rewatch some or all of the season first.

4. At a lunch meeting in the Bronx today -- hooray for field trips -- I tried a Snapple lemonade with my hot corned beef sandwich* and discovered that the aftertaste is like the smell in a public restroom. It is entirely possible that Snapple uses the same chemicals found in commercial toilet cleansers.

* because if you're going to be in NYC, you may as well do it right

5. This smart blog article about female sci fi fans links to a NYT article that provides yet more stupidity on the persistent belief that women don't like science fiction and the actions networks have taken to de-emphasize the traditional sci fi aspects of their shows (or ads for their shows) and play up romance and fantasy elements to attract a greater female viewership when they don't seem to realize they already have a substantial female viewership and don't understand what much of that viewership wants.

Look at the Sci Fi Channel's faulty logic, quoted in the Times:
"There were a lot of misperceptions that Sci Fi was for men, that it was for young men and that it was for geeky young men," said Bonnie Hammer, the president of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, which oversees Sci Fi. "We had to broaden the channel to change the misconceptions of the genre."
Ugh. (Found via this brief poll about female sci fi fans linked at fanthropology.)

6. It's raining. It makes me want to start drafting one of the Bingo stories (TENTACLES!) instead of doing my work.
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I am all applicantated—sent off the whole stack of papers from the post office yesterday after picking up the last evaluation form on lunch break from my old internship boss at the eleventh hour, and now it's in the mail and I don't have to think about it anymore until the acceptance and rejection letters are sent out in April. There was no real sense of satisfaction in getting it done, though, just a vague relief that it's over; it could have been much better if I'd had the discipline to start it earlier and work on it more often, and I wasted a lot of time along the way, so I can't help but blame myself if I don't get in, but at the same time I'm proud to have put together what I did (or put it together at all), considering the mental state my job has reduced me to. And I keep reminding myself that I'm applying to a school, not a job, so the admissions committee should be looking for potential, not perfection.

Between that and the trailing-off of craziness at work now that the Big Project is complete (except for revisions and additional modules I've been told to consult on, which will never be finished), I have that strange feeling you get after finishing something you've been dealing with for so long that you can't shake the sense that you need to be doing something important when actually you're able to relax. With luck, the need to be doing something will translate to renewed participation on LJ including the delayed Memoryfest, among other things. And I'd really, really, really like to be able to write again.

I am reading actual books, so that's something: Asimov's The Positronic Man (the story that inspired the movie Bicentennial Man) on cassette tape on the way to and from work, and Naomi Novik's Temeraire series on [ profile] krisdia's recommendation, which is utterly charming. Watched A.I. last weekend—creepy and weird, not what I was expecting at all, but interesting—and The Illustrated Man is on tap for tonight. I've always loved sci fi, but the recent desire to read and watch the android stories can be blamed on Leah's gorgeous, adorable SGA AI AU stories, Male Enhancement (The Soul and Company Store Remix) and its prequel, Muscle and Blood and Skin and Bones.

Since my dad sort of broke up with his not-girlfriend (a long medium-length and boring story) a week ago, he had an extra ticket to see a local production of Oliver! last night and nobody to go with, so I recorded SGA and went along, despite expecting three hours of pain. It turned out to be a very good production, and I didn't remember most of the songs from the only other time I'd seen it (I was…13?) and hadn't caught most of the subtext before, so it was like seeing half of it for the first time too. Who Will Buy? is such a sweet song; it's one of the only musical numbers I have an mp3 of. I also amused myself by imagining a Wilson/House dysfunctional UST fanvid set to As Long As He Needs Me (lyrics), and a team bonding or Sheppard worship vid set to I'd Do Anything (lyrics). Come on, tell me they wouldn't be cute.

So I watched the episode, "Spoils of War," just now and I don't have much to say about it beyond what [ profile] sheafrotherdon covered, ETA: and what [ profile] thingswithwings said in the latter half of her post ETAA: and what [ profile] fiercelydreamed said in hers, other than these four really quick things: )

ETA: post-ep fic: The Other Queen by sheafrotherdon

I miss House. Has anyone read any good House fics lately? Or written? I haven't been keeping up very well.
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Having left the TV on the Sci Fi Channel after the end of the Dr. Who finale, I caught the beginning of Stargate: SG-1 and ended up watching an entire episode for the first time. It was hilarious -- the 200th episode, apparently, and all meta, all the time, both for SG-1 and for TV/fandom in general. The premise was spoilers? ) Yeah. TV writers aren't stupid.

Huh. I was feeling kind of sucky before, but that did the trick.

Oh, and Dr. Who almost made me cry. That was surprising. It's hard not to tear up when someone onscreen is bawling believably.


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