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Title: Best of Enemies [AO3]
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9)
Characters: Sisko and Dukat, plus cameos
Music: Audio excerpts from The Lego Batman Movie
Length: 1:23
Summary: Pffft. You think you're my greatest enemy?
Content notes: Hurt feelings.
Physical notes: The clips from "Waltz" have flickery firelight.
A/N: A belated [personal profile] equinox_vids treat for [personal profile] purplefringe, who requested:
if you're more a wacky-comedy-vid sort of person, I would absolutely love a vid about Sisko and his many nemeses! Gul Dukat, Kai Winn, Michael Eddington, Solok the Vulcan...who is his one true nemesis??! They all think it's them! :-D
Sorry it took so long! Needed to wait for the movie to come out on DVD so I could use the audio.

(Er, also I reserve the right to change the ending later -- I had to stick in some clips so the credits would render correctly!)

Embed + text )
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(-) My mom is having semi-elective abdominal surgery next week. If all goes as planned, I'll drive down to NY when she's discharged from the hospital to help with the initial recovery at home, which is supposed to be slow but smooth -- but things never seem to go as planned when it comes to her health. Wish us luck?

[Mutters to self: Positives, positives, focus on positives.]

(+) First Festivid submitted! Other drafts continue apace.

(+) I signed up to offer a vid through [ profile] FandomTrumpsHate. They say more than 500 fan creators are participating! Bidding will run Jan. 12-20.

(+) My officemate's departure means I now get the window side of the room. I'm all moved in, and I and my spider plants are enjoying the light.

(+) I got to do lunch, brunch, Christmas light ogling and first-night-of-Hanukkah activities with [personal profile] roga, who came to the U.S. over the holidays, and [personal profile] thedeadparrot, who hosted her. We lit a well-traveled menorah and made many potato latkes and caught up on everyone's lives. ♥

(+) Saw Moana with [ profile] windtheme. Brief faves: ) Hanging with [ profile] windtheme was lovely. I have an informal goal this year to spend more time with a few Boston-area fan people I'd like to get to know better, if the feeling is mutual.

(+) Visited [personal profile] deelaundry and family, which I used to do all the time when I lived in DC and had been missing since coming up north. A lovely respite filled with friend time, good food (that I didn't have to cook myself), movies & TV, and a bit of touristing. One highlight was seeing the restored original model of the U.S.S. Enterprise at the Air & Space Museum! They turn on the blinky lights every few hours and everything.

We also watched Rogue One, which I liked fine* and which I thought really enriched the story of A New Hope; the current season so far of Brooklyn 99, good fun; and a pair of AMAZING early '70s horror-comedies, Blood for Dracula and Flesh for Frankenstein. More details, pix, fic idea )

*Except this and that and the other thing, but now is not the time.

(-) Yuletide as usual made me crabby, #UnpopularFannishOpinion, although there is a promising Grantchester fic I'd like to try. However, the universe separately provided a second fic by that Vampire Chronicles author who made me happy the other week: In the Trials of the Heart by [ profile] monstersinthecosmos (10,500 words, rated M), Armand/Daniel, Daniel/Marius and combinations thereof.

...Sorry, stored up too many things for one post!
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Happy actual 50th anniversary day!

Previous post: cast member one-on-ones

[ profile] iggyw & I went to something like 18 panels over the course of the con (Khaaaaan). Many of them we only attended portions of; the schedule had three or four tracks that tended to overlap one another either entirely or by 15-30 minutes out of 60, which I suppose was useful for some people but also made it hard to stay for an entire presentation/discussion without feeling like you were missing something equally interesting. And yet there were dead zones at other times. *shrug*

I went to most of the talks I'd wanted to go to. Some of them met or exceeded expectations while others disappointed. An overall critique is that there were way too many white dudes up on stage. I only remember one panel with a female moderator, the leader of the Black Tribbles podcast team. No coincidence that that was a great session. Oh, and one lecture was half husband and half wife. A few other panels—but too few—had women on them. Disappointing, and reflected neither the demographics of the fandom or even of the con attendees nor the people who've worked on the shows (the "Writing for Trek" panel featured zero women, for instance). Likely the Feminist Fandom, Queer Trekkers and Women of Trek panels had greater presenter diversity, but I unfortunately missed them due to what they were scheduled against. Which is itself another kind of slight by the con organizers, putting them up against the big cast panels lots of people wanted to go to.

That said: Six of the panels we attended featured cast members; will write about those separately. The rest included:


The History and Future of Star Trek novels )

Fanbros: TNG vs DS9 )

Galaxy Quests: The Humor of Star Trek and Beyond )

Thriving on Limitations: Behind the Scenes of The Wrath of Khan )

The First Convention and How It Helped Resurrect Star Trek )

The Evolution of Star Trek's Fandom )


Growing Up Trek )

Writing for Star Trek )

Meet Writer-Producers from Star Trek: Discovery )

Black Tribbles: Star Trek Into Blackness  )

ST IV table read  )

And then there was the cosplay contest, but there's only one panel left to describe and there's not much to say, so let's do that first and then get back to the awesome costumes.


Trek Talks: NASA  )

So, yes, the cosplay contest! )

Last but not least: Next post will be about the cast panels. \o/
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As I may have mentioned about fifty times, this weekend I went with [ profile] iggyw to a 50th anniversary Star Trek convention in New York! Various cast members from all the series and movies attended, plus writers, directors, tie-in novel authors and editors, the organizers of the first Trek con back in the '70s, ancillary media producers such as podcasters and bloggers, people who've reconstructed sets and props, several thousand "ordinary" fans like us, NASA employees, vendors, etc.

My first con was actually the 25th Star Trek anniversary when I was 10 years old; Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner came to Long Island to do their shtick. My mom won the tickets on a radio show and she and my dad bought me a little TNG comm badge when we got there. So coming back for the 50th felt all the more meaningful. And poignant, of course, with the loss of Nimoy. I'm forever grateful to have had the opportunity to hear him speak at length in 2011 at a temple in Maryland.

(A few people spoke about Anton Yelchin, too, from the heart. But there was no official programming to memorialize him, whereas there were at least three events in Nimoy's honor. Strange and sad.)

For me, the main reason to go to an "official"/top-down con, with all the costs and crowds and tacky commercialism, is to meet celebrities and watch them interact with one another. I am very happy with how things turned out on that front. Details below!

A future post will cover the many panels we tried out, plus the excellent cosplay, dinner with [personal profile] coffeeandink, and other miscellany. Just crunched for time this week with work stuff.

One-on-one interactions )

DS9 cast photo )

Next post: cast panels (DS9, TNG, VOY, TOS-sort-of) non-cast panels, cosplay contest, etc.


Aug. 30th, 2016 09:12 pm
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Title applies to:

1) The conclusion of His Dark Materials. I might have tossed The Amber Spyglass across the floor in distaste if [personal profile] par_avion hadn't warned me at Vividcon about a thing that was going to happen. Then again, by the end of the series we'd grown so distanced from the main characters that the plot direction might not have affected me deeply anyway. As it was, it... ended, and that was that.

2) Kidney stone situation. I've been pain-free for a week now, but didn't see a stone come out, so either it got ground to sand and I missed it, or it's lying in wait. Doc says to finish the remaining 2 1/2 weeks of Flomax and then maybe safe to believe I'm in the clear. TMI. Meanwhile, back to normal activities.


Doing: Being (temporarily? permanently?) recovered means that I can still go to the Mission: New York Star Trek convention this weekend with iggy. Am getting especially excited about seeing all the DS9 cast members who will be there -- René Auberjonois, Armin Shimerman, Nana Visitor, Terry Farrell, Michael Dorn, Cirroc Lofton -- only two of whom I've met before (René a couple of times at Broadway theaters and Dorn once at a con). There will be panels with cast reunions and organizers of the first Trek convention and show/novel writers and queer fans and fans of color and scientists/engineers who were inspired by the series, a table read of ST IV: The Voyage Home, props and sets and a cosplay contest, etc. =/\=

I printed recent-ish head shots of the three DS9 cast members who won't be there, with the plan of bringing them to the group photo I signed up for. Now every time I pass my desk, Alexander Siddig is there smiling at me.

Reading: Currently between books. Plowed through the Captive Prince trilogy while ill and it was just the right story for that headspace. Tried Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings last night/today but got bored, and that ginormous, 1,000-page hardcover is not worth lugging around for a boring narrative. Was not surprised to discover a blurb from Patrick Rothfuss on the back. Fortunately, NK Jemison's The Fifth Season is winging its way over to the library.

Writing: A thing for work, but daydreaming about ficlets and Yuletide treats. His Dark Materials gave me another Dustfinger (Inkheart) idea, in addition to the three fics already posted and the two WsIP. It went like this at brunch on Sunday:

me: It's perfect: Dustfinger has a marten; Lyra has a marten. I just want the martens to sniff each other.
[personal profile] unfinishedidea: *cracks up*
me: What?
[personal profile] unfinishedidea: You do you.

I will do me, thank you. :) Here, have a Lyra/Iorek fic I found on the AO3: Native and Non-Native Fauna of the North by gishmi1ish. It's distractingly formatted and a bit rushed, but pushes some xeno buttons nonetheless.

Vidding: Thinking about Festivids nominations. I watched Queen Margot again last week and continue to yearn for a vid for it. If it still doesn't get matched this year, I may have to do it myself.
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Two days after returning home from [community profile] vividcon, I was woken in the middle of the night by the pain of what I soon realized was a kidney stone: my second in ~8 years, and worse than the first. \o/ One trip to urgent care, one ultrasound, many phone calls, three pharmacy visits, five kinds of drugs and one week later, I'm waiting this out at home, in and out of discomfort. Grateful for sick leave and compassionate colleagues/supervisors.

New learnings: Toradol is made of unicorns and rainbows. But it can only be taken for five days, so my sister is here from NY for ~24 hours to babysit while I attempt a prescribed narcotic; having never taken one before besides codeine (which does nothing for me), I'm not sure what to expect today. The packet of warnings includes fun phrases like "VERY BAD THINGS CAN HAPPEN." Points for plain language at the height of the opioid crisis.

Anyway, that's my life right now. I've been responding to vid- & con-post comments and tweets in batches when I feel up to it, because when the pain hits, I'm not good for anything, but when it ebbs, I feel fine. Watching TV and movies, or listening (Olympics until they ended, DS9, The Big Short, Lilo & Stitch, Save the Last Dance, Queen Margot); finished The Amber Spyglass and am now reading the second Captive Prince e-book; napping; drinking so very much water; pondering the mysteries of this new platform people seem to be into, imzy. Hoping against hope that this is over with by the end of next week, when I'm supposed to join [ profile] iggyw at a Star Trek con in NYC, in no small part because I don't want to have to eat the cost of the nonrefundable tickets.

P.S. My family sent a care package that included a bag of kidney beans and a Rolling Stones CD -- get it? -- plus an octopus- or squid-shaped pillow for hugging, and some other things. Friend C. and coworker brought soup. Support system = comforting.
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Oh, one more thing I wish had been true about Star Trek: Beyond:

spoiler )
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My birthday is in a couple of days, so after a small group of us went to see Star Trek: Beyond yesterday, we came back to my apartment for a Star Trek-themed party. Wish I could have invited more friends, but things are limited by the size of my apartment, and the timing conflicted with Boston Fangirl Brunch anyway. Instead, please consider yourselves part of the extended virtual celebration.


(Click for bigger)


Klingon Bloodwine
Cherry juice with pulped fruit

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Cold.
Orange-Earl Grey iced tea


Scotty's Lemon Chicken
She cannae handle much more flavor

Ferengi Spore Pie
Mushroom-swiss quiche

Terran Salad
Mixed greens with vinaigrette


Cellular Peptide Cake
With mint frosting

We played a couple of card-based games, including Slash, which was fun. In the background we put on some TOS episodes, "The Trouble with Tribbles" and "The Gamesters of Triskelion" -- one iconic, one kinky/hilarious -- and then the Deep Space Nine revisit, "Trials and Tribble-ations." Also I found the scene from the TNG ep "Phantasms" where Data dreams that Troi has been turned into a cake (TW: strong noncon overtones), because that was the inspiration for the cake I made for the party.

trek cake 600.jpg

(Click for bigger)

I'd been looking for an excuse to make more recipes out of the Star Trek Cookbook for a while. This made me happy. Even if it involved turning on the oven on two 95-degree days! The trials of a summer birthday.
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General reaction )

Brief thoughts on the good and the bad; includes spoilers )

Okay, that ended up not being so brief. What did you think, if you've seen the movie? Being offline Thu-Sat means I probably missed the initial burst of reactions on Twitter.

ETA: And one more thing.
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1. I'm going to vid the Twilight movies. Without irony. So there.

2. Staying away from Twitter/Tumblr until we've seen Star Trek: Beyond on Saturday. However, I did just pop onto Twitter to relay an anecdote about how the young man who sold me the movie tickets this evening was wearing a Starfleet uniform (red, TNG style, three pips), complete with shiny insignia. On my way out he said to his dinner-eating, non-nerd-appearing fellow employee that he was a first officer, to which the fellow employee replied without blinking, "No way. They'd stick you down in stellar cartography."

3. Monday I was treated to a hangout with [personal profile] ignaz as she boomeranged through town for a work thing. We caught up a bit and saw Ghostbusters, which was fine. I hadn't expected to love it as much as many friends seem to, and that turned out to be accurate, but it was enjoyable on multiple levels, from Kate McKinnon's owning of the part to the game of Spot the Boston Location to the feminist metacommentary. Primarily, I hope their taking of our money -- which, btw, $14 for a non-3D/non-IMAX showing on a weekday?! -- convinces some thick-skulled Hollywood exec that non-romance-driven movies with quirky women of various races and body types and with unspecified sexualities have a market.

Among the highlights of the evening was running into [personal profile] marginaliana and her +1 at the theater!

4. I also had a really nice time at a birthday party the other week talking with [ profile] marginaliana, [ profile] verymilkytea and [ profile] windtheme and getting to know them better.

[ profile] verymilkytea helpfully demonstrated how Pokémon Go works; it was brand-new at the time. A coworker subsequently snapped some photos of me posing with two or three invisible Pokémon in my office. I don't play the game, but what I like about it is how its particular implementation of augmented reality makes it feel like ghost hunting or those science fiction stories where someone is slightly out of phase from normal: the idea that there's something there that you can't detect unless you have a special piece of technology that picks up some signature beyond our human senses. It's fun to pretend we're living in a reality where there's a Pokémon over your shoulder right now and you just need a smartphone camera to "see" it.

5. Busy period at work: late evenings, no lunch breaks, full and shifting meeting schedules. Still, it's better than the last few weeks, when I felt nonspecifically draggy-terrible and couldn't sleep deeply or think straight. I've got an appointment with a new doctor tomorrow with the hope of actually figuring out what's been going on in the last couple of years. TMI maybe.

Bonus 6. Bowl of falafel salad. Mm.
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My last major summer work project should be done a week from now, and that will be nice for enjoying leisure activities again. Like mulling over [community profile] festivids fandoms. And reading books.

Actually, I have to read Uprooted before Monday because it came in at the library and you only get 7 days for new books that are in demand. After that, I’d like to try some of Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin novels and find out whether they are as lulling as the good fanfic. And am so looking forward to the release of Ancillary Mercy in October, preceded by a reread of the first two in the series. Sometime during the fall, will get around to The Chronicles of Prydain for book club. Did any of you read it when you were younger?

Not taking work home will also mean more time for moving around. Elle n’est pas très athlétique, mais elle essaie.

1. The autumn gym class schedule was posted and it is disappointing. Alas. I will either try some new classes or find alternatives.

2. Such as those tennis Meetups. Although tennis thoughts are on hold on account of I can’t find my racket/racquet.

3. Badminton club also an appealing option.

4. Could try picking up Irish dance again with the hope that it doesn’t tighten up my hips like last time, but that is $.


In the meantime, my mom came to visit and we had a nice weekend in western Mass. admiring Impressionist paintings and modern glass sculptures and attending Film Night at Tanglewood with the Boston Pops, incl. live scores to Star Trek and Jaws, and violinist Gil Shaham looking like RSL. )


It’s tradition to watch at least some Star Trek whenever my mom and I get together. This time she voted for Space Seed. After that, I could only request The Chest Wrath of Khan*, especially since it’s next on the rewatch list with [profile] ignazwisdom. Still so much love and admiration for that film. Notes perhaps to follow.

*™ director Nicholas Meyer


Internet is down at home so I am posting this from work. (Shh.) Replies may be delayed depending on how daunting it seems to type on the phone keyboard.
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Couple of "meh"s:

The Martian; I don't think there are any spoilers )

Stoker; possibly spoilery )

That's all right. Plenty of other media fish in the sea.

In the meantime, DS9 reruns the last couple of evenings as I put together bookcases and hung curtains. Second half of season four. I didn't realize how many episodes were in that stretch that I didn't remember well. Like, um, where was I when mirror!Worf led around mirror!Garak in chains and a collar?? We all know the mirror universe is the kinky universe, but seriously, you'd think I'd have remembered something like that. Guess my teenage self was too busy mooning over Odo and Bashir that season.


I uploaded my Festivids treat, so that is done. I like the treat. The assignment itself is... okay. We'll see how it goes over. Now to wait a week and a half for golive. Really looking forward to finding out how many vids are in the collection this year, and discovering the gems, and delighting in whatever was made for me, and seeing what sort of feedback my own contributions might get.

Going to visit [ profile] deelaundry this weekend, hurrah, and will have a guest the following weekend, plus work is keeping me busy, so at least the wait won't seem so bad.
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1. I made a (Festi)vidlet today! That feels good. Then moved on to actual assignment and got a few short segments of clips laid down. I'm starting with the easy one(s), lest the process and/or daunting editing job scare away whatever oomph has come back. It took a few tries to remember how to even get clips from the preview window onto the timeline in Premiere.

2. Reserving judgment until the end, but to my surprise, halfway through, I am mostly enjoying the new Anne Rice book. It helps immensely that it's a sequel to The Queen of the Damned, the last good one IMO. Even though new characters and characters from the books in between are in it, like Benji and Thorne and some ghosts and Talamascans and stuff, the events concern what happened in QotD and the ancient history outlined therein. It's kinda fun. As long as the Voice doesn't turn out to be divine.

2a. This brick of a library hardcover has actually become a good conversation starter. The hairdresser griped with me about the QotD movie while he set me up under the dryer yesterday. (p.s. Annual haircut achieved! It's short and side-parted and I think I just have to keep fluffing it until it relearns how to behave.) A neighbor told me that his wife liked the first few back in the day. A couple of people at work said they preferred the Mayfair series. Etc.

3. Is it possible to approach a movie with low expectations and high hopes at the same time? That is how I felt going into Interstellar. It turned out there was no need to worry. Spoiler-free reaction ) The rest of the day, my mom and I were all *happy sigh*.

4. Then I showed her Star Trek: Into Darkness and commiserated as she whimpered at the utter destruction of all she holds dear in TOS. She did like Karl Urban's McCoy, and despite her protest at Scotty becoming the comic relief she laughed at him calling Kirk "mad bastard."

5. A story came to me out of the blue yesterday morning before I got out of bed. Aliens and size differentials and erotica and maybe entirely OCs. IDEK. We'll see if it gets written down.

Back to work tomorrow. Possibly with vid song still stuck in my head.
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Happy November. We have achieved sleet! I guess that means it's okay to turn on the heat today. It's not remarkably early in the season for a (second, btw) nor'easter, but it's odd to see snow falling while the trees are still mostly leafed.

Well, we'll see if roasting this tray of vegetables takes care of some of the chill in here.

While I have had a blast doing and seeing so many different things lately -- I checked the calendar and there were 18 out-of-the-ordinary events in a month where usually there are like two, yeesh -- it's a relief to be heading into a few days of nothing but work and gym class Tue-Wed-Thu. Then my mom's coming for a visit, followed by pre-Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving busy-ness.

p.s. The Jeffrey Combs-as-Edgar Allan Poe play was enjoyable on Halloween night. More )
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Festivids assignment is great, yay. It's funny: After reading various Dear Festividder letters, I'd added one source to my initial list of offers, and that is what got matched. Also have locked down what I want to make as a treat. It's going to be hard, but I think worth an attempt.


Went to see the National Theatre Live recording of Frankenstein last night. What an absolute joy. Details )


It's going to be a Star Trekky weekend: Jeffrey Combs tonight, George Takei on Monday. \o/

Happy Halloween! Are you dressing up? Do you wish you were?
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I want to am going to make a vidlet! It is from Powder, a movie I've been afraid to admit in fandom-public to liking. Just need to find a better song.

While researching music, came up with a fun idea for a multisource vid. Yay for being enthused about a vid idea. Doing research and gathering clips will take some time, though.

My college/Star Trek friend S. is leaving town on two weeks' notice. For good reasons, but still sad to lose him.

We hung out last night and watched the DS9 ep "The Quickening"; it seemed (in)appropriate, given current events. Now, this is the same friend who, during "Past Tense," spun a tale with me about how Sisko was pimping out Bashir in exchange for clothes and rations, and who is of course fully on board with Garak/Bashir. Last night he decided someone should write a slash story where Sloan continues to creep on Bashir by cut for inappropriateness involving stuffed animals ).

On Friday, before S. does his final packing, we'll get to see Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun, Brunt, Re-Animator, etc.) in a one-man show about Edgar Allan Poe. It got good reviews, so I'm looking forward to that.

Have you ever encountered the modern dance company Pilobolus? Saw them perform last night and they were spectacular.

details, with bonus male stripper bondage )

Such a fun evening.


Jun. 17th, 2014 08:49 pm
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1. One year in, [ profile] ignazwisdom's and my Star Trek TOS rewatch continues apace, with great nostalgia and humor. We recently started season three. Here is iggy's latest writeup, on Elaan of Troyius. Episode recap tag / Full tumblr. All NSFW on account of URL and icon, heh.

2. Famous on the internet? Well, not quite, but thanks to a friend, the pudding cups and Jell-O shots from that Kink Bingo birthday party a couple of summers ago make a cameo appearance in the latest issue of Transformative Works and Cultures, special issue on materiality and object-oriented fandom, article "Beyond souvenirs: Making fannish items by hand" by Dana Sterling Bode. Neat. Just wish there were a link to the full post. Looks like that's not journal standard, though.

3. I encountered this summary of Five Times the Inception Team Tried to Extract Information from the Atlantis Crew today on pinboard and found it amusing. Y/N?

--march 2011 by LLD_ONMEME

4. My lower calves (?) are so tight after three days in conference chairs, two flights and next to no exercise that it actually hurt to walk today. Whoops.

5. Non-spoilery nitpick re: this week's Penny Dreadful )
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Doubtless a combination. Either way, yum.

First, last night, the way Spock sat on one hip and cushioned Miramanee's head on his thigh toward the end of "The Paradise Syndrome," which I was rewatching with [ profile] ignazwisdom over email.

pic )

Then, tonight, two scenes from the latest Penny Dreadful: Vanessa-related episode spoilers ) IMO those were the sexiest moments in the show to date -- perhaps the only sexy moments in the show to date, despite the previous nudity and sex -- well, excepting whatever you want to call the end of last week's ep.

And now, back to the work I was supposed to be doing. Let us not discuss the disappointment that was last night's Game of Thrones. The amount of stuff they're going to have to cram into next week's finale, yikes.


Feb. 19th, 2014 07:22 pm
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Dreamed last night that ZacharyQuinto!Spock and KarlUrban!McCoy started kissing after a surge of sexual tension. I think I was the latter for some of it; I remember what Quinto's mouth felt like.

I don't even know. I blame [ profile] rubynye for linking last night to the Porn Battle XV index, which listed many Reboot fills.

If we are on the topic of Trek + sexy, this shot of Spock in a gray t-shirt from "Bread and Circuses" (the latest episode [ profile] ignazwisdom has recapped on her still-NSFW Tumblr) just about defines the level of handsomeness and borderline innocent skin-baring that I enjoy in TOS.

Also Spock and McCoy.


[ profile] elipie's Festivid, Applause, inspired me to try the show Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 last week. With only 25 or 30 episodes of 20 minutes each, and, of critical importance, no laugh track, it went quickly and enjoyably. Krysten Ritter is freaking gorgeous, and her character was entertaining, in a Chaotic Evil shading toward Chaotic Neutral sort of way. Despite never having watched Dawson's Creek, James van der Beek's self-parody amused as well. I guess he's following in the footsteps of people like Wil Wheaton, William Shatner and Neil Patrick Harris to acknowledge and take ownership of his image.


Lately I've felt like writing some fic, but am at a loss for what. I don't know what sort of stories I want to hear or tell anymore, and today's popular fandoms leave me cold. (Relatedly: I look forward to the day when the AO3 has a more robust search capability.) Too bad Remix isn't for another month or two; this would be a perfect time.
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I was feeling kinda crappy about my Festivids and life in general, and stressed out about some work stuff, but it's tapering. Let us not dwell.


Last night I was hanging out with my college friend S., the Trekkie, whom I sometimes remember is the kind of non-fannish friend one can make slashy subtext jokes with. So we spent most of "Past Tense" parts 1 and 2 fleshing out (heh) an alternate reading where Sisko was pimping out Bashir for clothes and building access and to calm people down and stuff in the Sanctuary district. It all started because the guys on the front stoop of the building with roof access were totally eyeing him up when they said maybe there was something they'd be interested in trading even though Sisko and Bashir didn't have any valuables. S. started pointing out all these audio recuts that could be done to tell the story. Good times.


Speaking of Trek hilarity: It is HIGH TIME I told you properly about this TOS rewatch [ profile] ignazwisdom and I have been doing long-distance since she invited me to join a few episodes into season one... a year ago? A while ago. This is her second time through, and it's my I don't know how many times through because it depends on the particular episode; some I've seen like once a year for decades, others I haven't watched since I was about six. A few I have no recollection of whatsoever.

Not too long ago I was afraid to do a rewatch on account of my brain not being able to reconcile innocent childhood memories with stuff like slash & kink goggles )

Anyway, so iggy has been posting snort-worthy episode recaps and reblogging a ton of fan art and photographs at her (so very NSFW) tumblr. Confession: I give a little fist pump anytime she quotes something I've said about an ep. If you, like me, prefer to only browse the recaps, there's a tag for that. If you're interested in specific episodes, there's a masterlist.

The latest post at this moment is "The Deadly Years", and up soon is "The Trouble with Tribbles." These were special because they were the first ones we were able to watch together in person! Last weekend, when I had an iggy for a houseguest. The rest of the time we've been watching on our own and exchanging emails. Some past favorite recaps:Before we finish the season, there will be three episodes in which Kirk and Spock are shirtless, caged and/or collared. Based on the fact that my sister and I were able to discuss and/or joke about the Kirk-Spock vs. Kirk/Spock readings of "Amok Time" while watching that ep at Thanksgiving, I think I have indeed reached a point where I will be able to enjoy these without some part of my brain retreating to a corner going "la la la, I can't hear you."

(There are of course numerous ways episode viewing and appreciation have changed unrelated to sexual matters) )


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