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[ profile] synn and I went to Universal Studios in Orlando to celebrate our twentieth friendiversary! The main purpose, besides seeing each other, was to wander around Harry Potter World.

We were dorks, albeit adventurous ones. W/pix. )

I am glad to be out of the land of $20 sandwiches and ubiquitous soundtracks, though. Whew.

Obviously this hurricane season is a nightmare and a lot of people fall somewhere between inconvenienced and in dire straits, and I'm doing what I can do help, but at the same time I was selfishly glad that our timing worked out so that we made it there and back between storms. I met some people on the flight down who were hoping to find their houses relatively undamaged and some families at the hotel who were waiting for power to be restored from Orlando and Tampa all the way down to Miami. Good luck to everyone.
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A year and a half ago, I fell for the villain in a music video on YouTube. Last night, I had a drink with him.

("Way to bury the lede," said [ profile] thisiskis when I told the story the long way around this morning. You get the highlights version.)

I took the bus to Manhattan for a 24-hour visit this weekend to see a fringe play imported from England because, as you may recall, this actor I liked, Jon Campling, was in it and it didn't sound like there would be another opportunity to see him in the U.S. in the foreseeable future.

The play itself, TRIPPIN, was better than expected. Quite funny and creative on a shoestring budget. I think the advertising doesn't do it justice. It's billed as "weekend warrior does a drug and meets some wacky characters," and it was that, with a side of privileged white male existential despair, but it was also a surprisingly cathartic journey into how a person can create or exacerbate their own deep unhappiness and try to self-medicate with substances or escapist media without getting at the root of the problem. Anxiety transforms into peace.

I'm so used to seeing embarrassing productions/TV/movies/performances for the sake of a particular actor or actress that this was a nice change of pace.

Afterwards [ profile] iggyw and I were hanging out in the empty lobby, where I was hoping for a photo op and autograph, when Jon's wife found us. We chatted until Jon appeared, and then, instead of a quick meet and greet, they totally invited us downstairs to the playhouse bar! I had been daydreaming about just such an outcome but wasn't sure I would be brave enough to ask for it. So I was on cloud nine for the next hour and a half as we talked about a bunch of different things and I got to look at his face some more. Much merriment and storytelling; I am once more thankful to extroverts for their seeming ease in keeping conversations lively among strangers. Iggy, who is less comfortable than I am about meeting performers, started out skeptical but ended up having a lovely time and agreeing that they were both super sweet.

And before we left, I did get that autograph and photo op. I had confessed my love for his villain roles starting with that abduction-themed Amber Run video, and he delighted me by feigning a kidnapping move while Iggy took our picture. <3

ignore this cut tag )

photographic evidence )

Totally worth the trip.


Thanks to [ profile] no_detective I also got to see a matinee of MENGELE, which I was more ambivalent about. It was neither as bad as it could have been nor as good. Lots of breathy, rapid-fire dialogue between "Mengele" and an avenging angel as they delved into his life and actions, with a few pauses to play video footage from the Holocaust and/or the Schindler's List movie. The performances were pretty strong, and I liked the attention paid to the conflicted attraction-repulsion some perpetrators felt for their victims, but there was nothing new or particularly insightful in its depiction of a war criminal justifying his behavior, and the structure of the play undercut any sort of catharsis.

Other weekend highlights included (1) being stopped by a fellow DS9 fan in a shop who liked my Terok Nor t-shirt and (2) food! Decent SoHo pizza with Iggy, a tea house on Bleecker I wish we could have spent more time lounging in before the play, an amazing kosher everything bagel with cream cheese around the corner from the hotel (Ess-a-Bagel, yummm), and brunch this morning with [ profile] thisiskis and [personal profile] coffeeandink. More wide-ranging fannish conversation, this time with scrambled eggs.


Back to work tomorrow. [ profile] synn and I are, uh, supposed to fly to Orlando on Thursday to go to Harry Potter World. It still appears to be possible? We'll see.
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Greetings from rural Maine, where the seafood is plentiful, the speed limit is 70 mph and the highway signs warn of possible moose in the road. Local streets include Raspberry Lane and Otter Pond Road.

On the drive up I was thinking about a summer exactly 20 years ago, when my family took a vacation in Acadia and Bar Harbor. I had read Stephen King's The Stand that spring and delighted in seeing signs for Ogunquit, which had featured in the book. But more so, my memory of that trip is of being lost in my imagination as I wrote part of my first really long fanfic, for the Vampire Chronicles, back before I joined any online communities (or at that time, web rings and mailing lists), when our newfangled laptop computer weighed about 10 pounds and I could curl up in the back seat of the minivan and spin any scenarios I wanted. I had written stories and fragments for years by that point, but I'll never forget the rush of liberation I felt for the first time that summer when, in writing a vignette for the Vampire Chronicles, I realized I could write whatever I wanted. That anything I wanted to happen in the story could happen, however sensual/explicit or personal or "weird" or "wrong"; it was that simple. It didn't matter how it might be perceived by others, because I didn't have to show it to others.

This week I'm taking an After Effects course for work, which I expect will also boost my vidding skills. I had visions of attempting to dabble in some fic writing in the evenings, given those geographic echoes, but life had other plans. This post comes to you from one of the campus computer labs because when I got here my laptop decided it didn't want to boot up anymore. TBD whether the school's IT team is willing and able to assist or if I'll need to make my best attempt after returning home. I did back it up about a month ago, but I'd like to at least recover the newer files, if not rescue the whole machine. (It's not my vidding machine, which is a desktop computer, if you're wondering.)

This is extra fun because it comes on the heels of another equipment failure: My apartment refrigerator quit last week. Thank goodness for friends and neighbors who were willing to host my most valuable frozen and fridge items -- at one point my meat and fish were upstairs, my cheese and yogurt across town, and my lunch ingredients at work in the next city over, heh -- and for a responsive landlady who, despite dealing with a health issue at the same time, managed to have a replacement installed within a week. Fingers crossed that I don't return home to a kitchen lake in which swim my defrosted chicken thighs.

Meanwhile, education + excellent food that I didn't have to cook + adult students from across the country + walks through the nearby coastal towns = a good start to the sort-of vacation. Yesterday we saw a groundhog/woodchuck clambering up the wooden steps to someone's deck at dusk and visited a statue of Andre the seal. I went for a swim at the local Y and discovered that despite being in the middle of nowhere, it puts my regular Y to shame. Eight 25-yard lanes instead of three 20-yarders! Actual windows! Water that tastes like water and not chlorine (which is really chlorine bound to everyone's contaminants)! Friendly lifeguards! And the workshop lodgings are country-inn lovely.

Off to dinner in a bit. Hope to check in again soon.
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I previewed some pix on Twitter, but posting about Friday's visit to the opening of the Vancouver Art Gallery's giant multimedia exhibition on 20th-21st century mashups felt daunting until I realized I don't actually have to write an essay on that history and the place of vidding within it, nor an analysis of the objects the curators chose for inclusion and the way they organized the collection. Because I am interested in and have thoughts about those things, but don't currently have the wherewithal to explicate.

Suffice to say that it was satisfying to see the curators acknowledge fan vidding as a notable form of remixing with artistic merit worthy of being placed alongside household names like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Brian Eno. Fanfiction and especially the annual Remix Redux would have had a home as well. Starting on the fourth floor and working down provided a more or less chronological tour through the many ways people have appropriated existing media materials and subverted, built on or otherwise transformed them into something new and wonderful. I nodded at familiar examples of fan practice's cousins (e.g. Jamaican dub, William S. Burroughs' cut-ups, T.S. Eliot's dense intertextuality, Quentin Tarantino's metacommentary on film history) and ancestors (e.g. Victorian photo collage, by women, fittingly*) and learned a lot about other fascinating members of the family tree both close and distant. I was particularly entranced by a sound poem written and recited by Kurt Schwitters presented alongside a song version composed by Brian Eno, Kurt's Rejoinder. Little change through time of the kinds of critique, censorship, copyright battles and celebration their -- our -- works have engendered.

*I'd been worried about how male-centric the exhibit would be, based on the promo materials and early exhibit descriptions, so I was glad to see that it pays homage to the critical contributions of women from the very beginning. The introductory curator's card on the top floor begins with Georges Braque and Picasso, but then in the second paragraph, there are the women collage-makers. Cuttin' up ur magazines, shakin' up ur art. "These collages were often enclosed in personal albums, made more for the amusement of small social circles than for wider public exhibition and appreciation" -- sound familiar? While gender wasn't balanced overall, many women were nevertheless featured on each floor. [ETA: More on that from] Heavy on Western work, though.

And now I will switch over to glee at seeing Starships! and six other vids by five other vidders on the walls of the museum! My original announcement here if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Also a more recent one from [personal profile] heresluck.

About the opening reception, how people interacted with the vids, and some pictures & video clips! )

More about the rest of the trip at some point. So much good fish, two excellent plays, contagious vowels, and a lot of beautiful First Nations art.
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Had a lovely time in San Francisco.

I stayed with my college friend R., which was a treat. Also got to have dinner one night with old friend G. & his fiancée, and another night with the most excellent [ profile] laurashapiro.

Four days was barely enough time to get a sense of the layout and a taste of the neighborhoods, so it served as sort of the sampler tour. Highlights for me were: )

I caught a cold on the way home, so basically all I've done since then is watch a lot of TV and movies and spend a few days at the office.

On Saturday I decided to make it fun by setting up mini-marathon themes, like "Australia" (more of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries season two, Tracks, Rabbit-Proof Fence). Other times, random pairings turned up unexpected similarities. Like how Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Turbo both featured a sudden and hilarious Auto-Tune song. Or how Talk of Angels and the second Bridget Jones' Diary turned out to have f-->f-->m love triangles.

Hm, what else did I watch? 12 Mile Road with Tom Selleck, which was like The Horse Whisperer lite; Touching the Void, which was pretty good; and Her, which I'd give maybe a B? I can't decide whether the ways in which it broke formula and tried to have insightful commentary on gender, relationships and societal attachment to technology outweighed the parts that were same old, same old. Interested in seeing Ex Machina at some point.

Caught up on Game of Thrones and John Oliver; watched some Ace of Cakes reruns; tried to watch the season premiere of Penny Dreadful but got bored.

Plan is to see Clouds of Sils Maria tonight with childhood friend and Avengers: Age of Ultron tomorrow with fan peeps. Kristen Stewart is my main draw for the former, and Hugo Weaving and Thomas Kretschmann for the latter, although I am given to understand that Weaving will be in the mask and TK has only a small part? Alas. We'll see.
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Does anyone have advice/recommendations on places to stay (or not stay) in San Francisco? Neighborhoods or specific locations welcome. ETA: Fangirl to the rescue!

I've been approved to attend a thing in San Jose in April and want to extend the trip a couple of days on one side or the other to jot up to San Francisco, where I've never been but have been told I'd love. My supervisor needs me to book the flight soon, and I'd rather know on which dates hotels are more affordable, which means knowing where to look (safe for young woman traveling alone, etc.). I was also hoping to hear back from two friends in the city in case they're only available on certain days, but no word yet.

Haven't even had a chance to start research on places I might like to see, beyond a few basics (bridge, redwoods, LOL they offer tours of the armory) and a couple of film locations (Star Trek IV, Interview with the Vampire building). Suggestions also welcome on sites to visit. I don't care about "tourist must-sees" but rather stuff that is historically/culturally/scientifically interesting, pretty, related to a personal interest...

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have. <3
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Things to do today:
- Add to Remix (current word count: 400)
- See Only Lovers Left Alive
- Do rainy day chores
- Tell you about SUMMER VACATION

a.k.a. There is going to be one. At laaaast. I haven't taken a vacation beyond long weekends visiting friends/family since 2008: the summer I quit my job and went to grad school; the week I met [ profile] roga and [ profile] kassrachel abroad and [ profile] deelaundry when I got back.

Fittingly, Dee and I are taking this trip together. Well, the first half, anyway. We are going to London for about six days in mid-July, and then I am going on to Munich for another six days to visit my friend A., who moved there from D.C. with her husband and new baby the same week I moved to Boston.

First question: Do any of you live in or near these places, for possible meeting-up purposes? Other than the usual suspects (*cough* [ profile] catilinarian & M.).


I've lived a bit in London and have gone back several times, although that was a while ago now. Dee has never visited. So our itinerary is going to be interesting. :) So far our loose list includes things like the London Eye and tickets to Richard III (set to star Martin Freeman), for Dee's Sherlock BBC fan purposes; a couple of markets and museums; and a sprinkling of off-the-beaten-path stuff I haven't seen before, like perhaps the UCL zoology collection (Jar of Moles!). Plus, of course, a lot of walking through various neighborhoods and passing-by of landmarks. And keeping an eye out for what festivals and performances might be going on that week. Further suggestions welcome.

Second question: Do any of you have favorite places to eat in the city?


I've never been to Germany. Researching Munich seemed intimidating, but the Wikipedia article actually helped a lot to start; now I've got a Google Map plotting lots of museums and famous buildings to check out. Third question: Opinions on what's over- or under-hyped there? Priorities for me are Dachau memorial, Viktualienmarkt, Deutsches Museum, Egyptian Museum, Pinakothek der Moderne, and the loop of sights around Marienplatz. Probably Olympiapark. My friend A. thinks we might be able to take a day trip to the Alps or Salzburg, too, but I'm not sure how much to bank on with the one-year-old and everything.

Fourth question: Any tips for picking up some traveler's German? Albeit with the understanding that (a) Bavaria is its own entity and (b) it sounds like most people there have good English. I can puzzle out written German about as well as any native English speaker with an affinity for languages, but listening comprehension and speaking are another matter.


Taking more than two days off work, having the opportunity to go to Europe for the first time in six years (when after college by living with my dad I used to be able to save up enough to go almost every summer for cons and whatnot), the combination of nostalgia for London and excitement about visiting somewhere new, and sharing the time with friends are all lighting up my life right now. As time passes since booking the flights and hotel, those things are more successfully outweighing the cost of traveling in peak tourist season, eek. I am also watching out for the usual "we must pack all our days as fully as possible!" instinct and working instead to just be chill about the whole endeavor.

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One excellent weekend at Vividcon, another out on the Delmarva peninsula with my visiting mom (hadn't seen her in 13 months, whoops), and now it's back to work work work.

+ Thanks to [ profile] rubynye for the heads up—Teresa Nielsen Hayden recced Thirteen Ways of Looking at Rodney (AO3 version) alongside many other interesting-looking literary and/or crossover-type fics in a blog post over at Making Light. !! So cool. A couple of commenters also mentioned that Starships! is linked over there; I finally found it on the sidebar under the "Jim's Diffraction" links. Alexis Lothian did a whole awesome post on the vid, too. Basically: Eeeeee!

+/- I do feel like I should add a note over in the vid intro about how it wasn't intended to represent a history of spaceship media or anything, being entirely English-language and Western-centric, no anime, etc. No one has called me out on it but a few people have made celebratory remarks about how "everything" is in there and, you know, really it isn't at all. That's the major thing I'd have fixed if I'd had more time.

+ Despite lingering Vividcon-acquired germs and about 450 miles of driving, we quite enjoyed our three(ish) days out on the shore, browsing in non-chain stores in various coastal towns such as St. Michaels and Lewes, waving to the wild ponies in Chincoteague/Assateague, taking pictures of ourselves in cardboard-cutout space suits at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility visitor center, eating lots of seafood and other delicious fresh foodstuffs, playing Skeeball and dropping into ridiculous tourist shops on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk, and even making it to the beach a couple of times between drizzles. The hotel we stayed in the second night had a glowing sink and ice bucket.

+ In one store, we found and acquired a Star Trek-themed crossword puzzle book. It's hard even for we two Trekkies and crossword aficionados (Puzzle 1, clue 1 across: "I.K.S ___-H'a, Klingon ship in 'The Chase' [TNG]"), but it's great fun nonetheless.

+/- Looked like I was going to have three weeks of evenings and weekends in which to do whatever I wanted, but then I went and acquired a volunteer job putting together a fast-turnaround newsletter. Sigh. (Those of you who knew me in grad school might remember a particular research foundation I worked with; it's for them, because I want to maintain the relationship.) So that'll be the next little while. It's cool, though. I like being "in the know" on breaking news. :)

+ Wrote 1,900 words of Mary Sue fic yesterday (the beginning of the Karin/Makor saga). *coughatwork* It's been a while.

Happy weekend to you all.
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It's been a full month, I can certainly say that. Went to Florida, North Carolina and Georgia on separate trips, saw an excellent play, finished a couple of fics, read some books. Went to work. Squeezed in some social dates while I was home. Caught the earthquake but avoided the hurricane. (My family in NY didn't; one half still doesn't have power, while the other half almost lost their boat in storm surge high tide.)

Now I am back for the foreseeable future and committed to finishing at least one more line for Kink Bingo before the deadline hits and RL responsibilities kick back in. I wrote a fic for "held down" that ended up being more choking/breathplay or sex work, so that's on pause. The DS9 vid is back on the table, though, metaphorically speaking, and if it doesn't work, you're going to get a 50-image picspam, because I really like the fit for its square.

Re: books, I already talked about the Zelazny compilation, and may I also recommend a collection of New Yorker essays by Berton Roueché from the 1940s and '50s, called The Medical Detectives? I picked it up at Borders' fire sale and it's wonderful. They are diagnostic and epidemiological mystery stories… ) Fellow House fans might enjoy specific essays like "The Orange Man." I wonder how many essays in the rest of the book served as source material for cases on the show. ETA: Yep: the very next essay, "The Dead Mosquitoes," which I'd bet inspired the episode "Poison."

Re: play (Uncle Vanya at the Kennedy Center), Hugo Weaving was delightful, Richard Roxburgh as Vanya almost as much so, the dissonance between humor and everyday despair came together well at the end, and for the rest I'll direct you to [ profile] alpheratz's review.

Also, a traditional Greek cabaret group called the Sophia Bilides Trio was playing the Millennium Stage as we walked to the theater, and it was glorious. Witness an example, only she had finger cymbals rather than a hammer dulcimer last week.

Re: this weekend's trip, there was a spa, which was a wonderful indulgence (massage! Jacuzzi! wine! buffet!), and also there was sushi and a lot of TV. I always end up watching shows at this friend's place that I've never or hardly ever attempted. This time it was episodes of The Closer, Necessary Roughness, Top Gear (U.S.), How the Earth Was Made, Leverage, Eureka, one or two others I'm already forgetting, and a couple of NCISes for old time's sake. They watch a lot of TV. Lately I've only been watching True Blood and catching up on House.

And then when I got back, the Vividcon DVDs were waiting along with a box of birthday goodies from [ profile] synn. Hurrah.
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Spent a lovely long weekend out in Shenandoah National Park with my mom, who is now well enough to do things like hike 1 mile up a terrifying Appalachian mountain peak for a 360-degree view, thanks so much for the total lack of warning about the sheer drops and rock climbs, Mr. Park Ranger. We had a good time other than the accidental terror: took a couple of hikes through meadows and along wooded streams, drove the 100-mile park from top to bottom, sampled blackberry festival treats (BBQ sauce, salad dressing, ice cream, breakfast syrup), heard a mediocre but enthusiastic dulcimer player, saw a clogging troupe performance and played some Scrabble in the exhausted evenings.

Wildlife sightings included:

  • 22 deer
  • 1 coyote
  • 1 groundhog or possibly woodchuck
  • 1 bright blue flash of reptile of indeterminate origin
  • 1 barred owl
  • 1 (heard) woodpecker
  • 2 curled-up maybe-centipedes
  • 6 chipmunks
  • Many butterflies, including monarchs
  • Many ravens and hawks
  • 4 baby chickadees in a nest
  • 1 bluebird and 1 yellow bird (sorry, not a bird expert)
  • 2 dead beavers, 1 dead raccoon and 1 dead skunk (road outside park)
  • 1 Chihuahua with a motorcycle helmet and goggles
  • Countless gnats, bees, ants, flies and spiders and 1 green stick bug
  • 0 bears (unless you count the 50+ stuffed, ceramic, photographed and refrigerator magnetized versions in the gift shops and the life-sized doll in one lodge)

14 pictures of the aforementioned: hike of death, waterfall, Chihuahua, sunset, giant mushroom, etc. )

All in all, a good weekend. You?
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Just back from a hike and waterfall wade at Chimney Rock with [ profile] synn. (Excellent mascot at the café where we lunched on fried green tomatoes and BBQ pulled pork.) Now going to marathon some TV.

I don't have any work to do for 8 days.

Yesterday there was a farmer's market with live bluegrass. We saw Inception and hummingbirds.

Life is good.
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Or rather, I have no Internet, and I must print documents for my trip tomorrow, for which I am leaving straight from work midday. (Nothing like coming home after another long workday to find that Comcast has crapped out again.) (So how am I online? Ooooh, mysterious.)

Just to say I will be MIA all weekend, a-graduatin'. See you afterwards.

(Also, whence the werewolf LJ-gift?)
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A little more than a year later, we finally finish the recap....

(Continued from here)

Days 15-20: Adventures with Roga! Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Jaffa, Jerusalem and more. )

The end!

Well, not quite. She graciously drove me to the airport in the middle of the night, and then there were the two flights home, for a total of about 13 hours in the air or about 19 hours from Ben Gurion to Warsaw to JFK. Plane ride fun included napping, reading most of Stiff, snacking, and talking with one of the girls on the flight who'd been on the trip too (there were four of us altogether).

And then I was home, recovering from jet lag, back to work, met [ profile] deelaundry at the end of the week for the first time—how times have changed!—and getting ready to annouce my departure for graduate school. And one summer later, we come to the end of the journey.

I suppose now would be the time to speak about what this trip meant to me, its good points and bad, the people I've stayed in touch with and the moments that have stuck with me for twelve months. But I think it's all embedded along the way and in the asides I've made in the last year. But certainly if anyone wants to talk about anything specific, I'm happy to.
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Had an amazing weekend. Words cannot even. A plot summary: flights all went well, got to see [ profile] ignazwisdom for a couple of hours, stayed in a beautiful house on a beautiful island with seven remarkable people, went kayaking and swimming in the ocean, hiked a bit, played badminton against good opponents, lazed about reading (I brought Stanislaw Lem's Solaris, figuring it would last all four flights, but it turned out to be a quick read, so then today I picked up a $1 copy of Lillian Hellman's memoirs and am halfway through), stargazed on the one clear night and saw the Milky Way for the first time in about fifteen years, and ate way too much excellent food. Then last night I stayed at my friend S's in Cambridge, which went swimmingly despite the fact that he forgot I was coming over because he found a bug in the code that's key to his dissertation and was in a panic; we caught up, his boyfriend cooked us a delicious dinner, and we watched a couple of Bashir-centric DS9 episodes and found in an impromptu YouTube search a clip of Casey Biggs (Damar) tied to a bed shirtless. If there's anything more to ask from a weekend, I can't think of it.

Some pictures: )

It has not escaped my notice that while I would have needed this kind of getaway desperately at my old job, this time I didn't have a driving need to relax; I was already relaxed. And I'm not dreading returning to work tomorrow.

ETA: Oh, duh, and Remix went live while I was gone, and someone remixed my SGA story "Professional Jealousy" into Professional Jealousy (The Special Delivery Remix). I am so surprised and pleased that that was the one chosen. As I said in comments, now there are at least two Tyson fics out there, mwahaha. It's a sweet retelling that strikes an excellent balance of keeping some of what was there while adding more and twisting things around, and does a great job of canon...izing what was originally pitched as a continuation of someone else's AU.
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I spent most of spring break last week down in Florida with my grandparents. My second day there, we visited a nature preserve around the corner from their house. It was like a little slice of the Everglades clinging for dear life in the middle of suburbia. (Welcome to Florida: senior community, senior community, Walgreens drug store, Publix supermarket, strip mall, senior community, wildlife preserve, doctors' offices, senior community. Sprawl, sprawl, sprawl.) We saw a lot of animals for a mile-long boardwalk loop. Probably because they have nowhere else to go.

See for yourself, including baaaaaby fluffy birds, posing turtles, a goofy alligator, and adult-rated snakes. )

These are my grandparents, by the way. Camera-shy. ) My grandmother's 91 or 92, and has confined herself to the wheelchair because she's afraid to use her walker, having fallen a few times and broken various bones. Now she'll need physical therapy to walk again just because she's been sitting in the thing for so long.

Anyway, it was a nice visit. A glut of food and compliments, plus slow days, nice weather, and lots of sleep. I don't get down there much, and they love having family visit. They appreciated having an extra set of hands, too; something as simple as putting together vegetables for a pot roast or setting the table let my grandfather take a much-needed break from 24/7 care of his wife. Oh, and one afternoon two of her old friends came over to gossip, and it was like a sociohistorical study combined with that episode of House where the elderly couple was ambivalent about Viagra. After being widowed twice, one of the ladies had recently found a boyfriend on J-Date, and was boasting that he had a golf cart. …Okay, maybe you had to be there.
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Our class spent the last five days in Chicago at the AAAS meeting. 'Twas pretty cool to mill around in that crowd. Also I got a squishy sticky lavender brain in a plastic container from the EurekAlert! exhibitor booth, about fifteen free pens, and two highlighters shaped like syringes.

Piccies! Dinosaurs, pizza, liquid mercury bean topography, etc. )

I was welcomed back home with:
+/- A fussy baby in the seat behind me on the plane, who smiled up at me and clutched my coat sleeve while drooling all over himself when we landed.
+ Postcard from [ profile] jadesfire2808—yay!
+ A Valentine on the Valentine's meme, which I wasn't expecting—thank you so much, anonymous, although I can tell who you are. ♥
+ [ profile] cryptictac and family still safe. *hug*
+ An Archive Of Our Own beta account.
- An email saying my paid account is about to expire. Note to self.
- A ton of work. Sigh.


Feb. 11th, 2009 04:42 pm
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Just FYI, I'll be away with no Internet (!) from tomorrow morning until late Monday. I'm not ignoring you, I'm just not there. (Wait – do I disappear if I'm not on the Internet, or does the Internet disappear because I'm not on it?)

Also, last call for anyone who lives in Chicago and wants to say hi, or anyone who has recommendations on things to see/places to eat there and didn't say so in the other post. Suggestions are welcome.
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Happy Groundhog Day! America's weirdest and most charming holiday. I wish I had time to go to this tonight.

Had a lovely time in D.C., staying with [LJ friend] and her family (so sweet!), visiting the National Institutes of Health to do what I had to do for school (so cool!), and dropping by the Holocaust Museum (so…not what normal people do for fun!). About the museum: ) I don't know. If anything, I've concluded that for me, going to museums is a less effective way to try to comprehend the Holocaust than reading memoirs or listening to survivors.


The SGA pornlet I wrote yesterday when I was supposed to be working on the stuff that I'm still putting off has so far only attracted five commenters. I wonder whether it was the timing (Superbowl), characters (het threesome) or warning (dubcon & kink).


Anyway, just to say that since classes start again tomorrow and I have, you know, a thesis to write, I will have to cut way down on reading the f-list, posting and writing fic for a few months—if I am responsible. Then again, when I panicked about schoolwork all through January I ended up writing more fics than in any other month ever, and I have chosen an elective partially because it only meets once a week, so maybe I will squeeze in some stories. But back to the responsibility thing.
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Anyone in the DC/Bethesda area want to get together the night of the 29th or possibly the early evening of the 30th?

Er. Also, anyone have any recommendations for accommodations down there? ETA: May have been taken care of by Amazing LJ Person of Amazing.

Comments are screened just in case.
bironic: Neil Perry gazing out a window at night (Default)
If a person were going to be in Chicago for the first time for, say, 6 hours and possibly a few evenings, in February, what might one do? Sears Tower? Field Museum? Pizza?

ETA: Also, if a person had basically the entirety of the English sci fi and fantasy literary canon at one's fingertips, what might one try next? Short stories and compilations are a personal favorite.


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