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It's too big a subject for tonight, but here goes anyway. 'Downfall.' )

There was something else I wanted to bring up specifically, but it's slipped my mind. There were interviews and an hour-long making-of feature on the DVD in which the actors and actresses discussed the difficulties of accepting their roles, getting into their "characters"' heads and portraying as human ("menschen") people who have been reduced to monsters or religious and political fanatics over the years, as well as their perceived responsibilities in making a film like this. Very interesting stuff.

Oh yes -- it was a line from the book. There are several passages here and there that stand out, sometimes because of a turn of phrase or a joke that reminds you that these were actual people with senses of humor and brains, but one especially in the beginning that I wanted to type here for you.

"...he stood up and kissed Eva Braun on the lips. 'It was the first and only time we ever saw him do that,' [one secretary] remembers. 'EB was radiant. Hitler's eyes were moist and weepy.' The silent valet, Corporal Schweibel, poured tea. Hitler passed the crumpets. There was no more talk of suicide."

Hitler passed the crumpets.

Just a man, having tea. It's so ... absurd. I don't know what else to say. It's far past time for bed.


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