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9 vids in 9 fandoms )

1.5 fics in 2 fandoms )

1 meta )

4 Mary Sue stories in 4 fandoms )

Favorite media & fannish events of the year )

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Quick-and-dirty fanwork goals for 2017:

- Round out the vids in progress for a proud total of 5 Festivids
- Do the "Fandom Trumps Hate" auction and probably the VVC auction again
- Try out the new [community profile] equinox_exchange (spaaaaace)
- Write more, especially Mary Sue stuff; continue rediscovering and expressing the evolving id
- Finish Jinni/Dustfinger fic
- Get back to Inkheart OT4 fic?
- Take concrete steps toward repurposing existing stories for pro erotica publications
- Meet with new "behavioral therapist" to get at the roots of procrastination, mood stuff, negative self-talk, etc. – I suspect this will help with fannish activities in addition to RL
- See also: Make judicious use of the ColdTurkey program
- Hope there is practical and mental space to do these things while grappling with next year's sociopolitical environment
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Quiet few days. Nothing much productive. I'll update this list if anything happens before Jan. 1 besides Yuletide reveals, but with a houseguest coming midweek, not likely.

Hey, this is the 10th year of roundups! Neat.

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Happy New Year's Eve day. I'm at my dad's place in NY, having been at my mom's place in Elsewhere NY this morning and [ profile] synn's in NC yesterday. Tomorrow, back home to MA. Whew. Looking forward to that. While I've enjoyed the visits, especially with [ profile] synn, it's been 11 days since I've been alone for more than a few minutes. Hey, at least I made it 8 days before opening the laptop and giving it a metaphorical hug.

And now for the annual fanworks roundup:

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I think this year I did make peace with the lower fannish output that accompanies having a more creative job. And I began to get back in touch with what I want these days in a story. Going back to worlds I've loved in the past, including the Vampire Chronicles and Harry Potter series, helped with that, as did shrugging off, imagined though it may have been, community criticism over Mary Sue narratives. What I want is still different from what I wanted a few years ago, and it's still not entirely clear to me what it's becoming, but it's a real relief to have found that there is still something to want -- that there is still wanting -- and that there are places in fandom, either individual or communal, where it can be found. If that makes sense.

To 2015 and whatever fannish loves it holds in store.
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2 fics in 1 fandom )

8 vids in 7 fandoms )

3 picspams in many fandoms )

  • 18 minutes of vids + unfinished stuff (a couple of minutes of Festivid and a little over a minute of Riddick vid)
  • 4,000 words of fic + 9,000 words of unposted Karin/Makor stuff
  • Well, 11,200 more words of meta if you count the Fifty Shades and Twilight reaction posts, childhood cartoon kink thing and the more substantive of the responses to the questions meme
  • 6 gen, 2 het, 3 slash, 3 mixed
Not a super impressive total compared to past years, especially fic-wise, but then again, this year I got a new job, moved states and changed my prescription, so let's assume those were factors. I've also been finding that my creative writing has slowed because I don't know what stories I want anymore. (And I've been writing a lot more for work, which probably scratches the itch.) I do miss it. We'll see if 2014 brings any epiphanies.

2013 brief media review - TV, movies, plays, landmarks )

Happy New Year's Eve, my friends. ♥
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When the universe implodes tomorrow, I hope you don't get sucked into the screaming maw without knowing that despite averaging only 6 posts per month in 2012, I have, as always, loved hanging out online (and in some cases at cons/in person) with you. <3 Also, let it be known that I made these things this year.

2012: the year of Starships, con.txt, Vividcon, all of Battlestar Galactica, the end of House, kinky birthday party snacks, great variety in fannish output, and an absolutely baffling YouTube video response to Masters of War that was just barely coherent enough to make me wonder if it was real (be sure to read the whole commentary; with random [ profile] toft_froggy insult, wth).

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Fic – SGA, Beauty and the Beast, House )

Meta – House, SGA, DS9, con.txt, Vividcon )

Vids – 10 vids in 9+ fandoms )

Art/Graphics – Vampire Diaries, Cruising, House, original )

Misc. – kinky snacks in multiple fandoms/nonfandom )

Fics: 2 (+2 amnesty)
Meta: 6
Vids: 9 (The 28 Days Later vid counted for last year)
Art/Picspams: 5
Crafts: 6

Word count: 8,100 fic + 22,940 meta = 31,040
Minutes: 23:21
Fandoms: 13 main (+1 million for Starships)

That's one more piece of writing and 3,500 more words than last year; two more vids and nine more minutes; way more art and crafts; and about the same number of fandoms, not counting Starships.

Gen: 8
Slash: 6
Het: 2
Mixed/other: 3

Not a bad distribution.

Fanwork Resolutions )

Happy almost-end of the world December to you!
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2011: The year Remix Redux and Kink Bingo fired up the creative engine again. Thank goodness for that. It would be wonderful if 2012 continued the momentum.

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Fic/Poetry – SGA, House, House/SGA )

Meta/Essay – Multi, BtVS, DS9 OCs )

Mary Sue – DS9, Vampire Chronicles )

Vids – Jurassic Park, Secret Garden, Peanuts, Robot Chicken, SGA, DS9, Multi, Mystery Festivid )

Recs – Inception, House, SGA, Top Gear, Multi )

Graphics – The Vampire Diaries )


Fics/essays: 9 (+1 amnesty)
Word count: 27,524 (+1,800 amnesty, +9,200 Mary Sue WsIP)
Vids: 7 (not counting the 2 Festivids that were technically finished in 2010)
Minutes vidded: 14.5 (ditto)
Icons: 5
Fandoms: 15 (!)

That's about the same number of fics/essays as in 2010 but 1.5 times as many words; almost twice as many vids but only 1 minute more of footage. Many, many more fandoms than in any other year I've been on LJ, though.

Gen: 8
Slash: 2
Het: 6
Mixed/Other: 6

Overall goal for 2012 beyond what's outlined in the specific categories is… to keep producing stuff. It sounds simple, but sometimes it's really not. The rush of joy and pride from finishing something, and from getting substantive comments on it, is like nothing else. Yet getting there can be torture, gloom, despair, self-loathing, &c &c.

There: 2012: Here's to less self-loathing.
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I hereby declare that the end of the year will not occur until the end of the weekend. That way I can use the days off to finish this vid and maybe a story, and still have them count in the year they were started.

Anyway, here's the year's fannish productivity in review.

Since I mostly wrote for Porn Battle and SGA Kink Meme prompts, there was one burst of stories in January/early February and another in July. In addition to the usual suspects, I tried writing in some different fandoms. I made some covers for two people's House Big Bang stories. On the vidding side, my computer went all kablooey, twice, so I lost several months of vidding time and then had to rebuild three vids-in-progress; but I did get the machine temporarily patched up and then this month got a shiny new one. In the end, I didn't produce an astounding amount... but there was also the maid of honor thing and the freelancing after work thing and the family health thing and the WTF is wrong with me thing.

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Fic in 2010: SGA, SGA/House, SGA/DS9, True Blood/X-Men, SGA/American Idol, SGA/Inception )

Vids )

Art )

Podfic )


Fics: 10
Words (not counting Amnesty): 18,874 (half as much as last year)
WsIP word count: 4,500

Full vids: 4
Minutes: 13.5 (5 more than last year)
VsIP minutes: ~13

Graphics: 3 covers, 1 icon collection, 1 manip

Podfics: 3
Minutes: ~24

Het: 9
Slash: 2
Femslash: 2
Multi: 3
Gen: 6
Other: 1

Goals for 2011:
  • Figure out what the hell happened to my ability to produce creative work
  • Finish Lightfoot, Dylan, Oliver and femdom vids
  • Finish dance WIP
  • Have a vid shown at a con

The end.

Looking forward to other people's roundups; have already bookmarked a few. I missed a lot of stories this year.
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Despite school in the first half and new jobs in the second, 2009 was a good year for fannish creativity. I wrote 50% more stories and three times as many words as last year. I started vidding, and made a House vid that lived up to what I'd envisioned years ago. I uploaded a batch of stories to the Archive of Our Own, participated in my first [ profile] mcsmooch, tried out anthropomorfic and some new kinks, and took the plunge and posted a few of my (formerly) private Mary Sue vignettes. I got peripherally involved in kink politics, one result of which was to, with a few exceptions, begin using "contains" in headers instead of "warning." I once again did best with 'fests that offered deadlines and prompt selections.

I also seem to have written almost no gen this year. Although I can think of a few reasons this happened, it is not cool. Need to finish some works in progress on that front.
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And now, without further ado, the final roundup, with mini-DVD commentaries, in chronological order by fandom:


House )

House/SGA crossovers )


Anthropomorphic )

DS9 OCs )


House, SGA, The Professional )

  • Fics: 18
  • Word Count: 36,365 (plus WsIP)
  • Vids: 4
  • Minutes: 8.5 (plus WsIP)
  • Slash: 9
  • Het: 8
  • Gen: 3
  • Threesome/moresome: 2
  • Mixed/Other: 5
  • Meta-type: 2
  • Poems: 1
  • Fandoms: 5

Goals for 2010:
  • Work to reincorporate some of the careful styling and attention to story and characterization that I had when I first started posting stories. I haven't written anything as crafted as "Dissonance" or as meaningful to the characters as "A Helping Hand" or "Untouchable" in a while.

  • Finish writing WsIP: dancing (in progress for 1 year), MRI (2 years), secret House crossover (3 years)

  • Vids to make/finish: Team Oliver!, Pegasus Dylan, John/Ronon silly dance song, McShep (?) Auden

  • Work with [ profile] synn on a design for my subdomain now that there are enough stories to warrant breaking up the index page
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I was restless last night, so I redesigned the website; or rather, gave it something like a design at last:

And then figured it was time for this year's fic roundup, such as it is. Nothing like December to make a person feel inadequate, between Yuletide (people are literate in so many fandoms!) and roundups (people wrote so many stories!)… Heh.

2008 fic list: )

Total: 7 stories/poems in two fandoms; 9,100 words. (Three more fics but 17,000 fewer words than last year.) Plus 5,000 words of WsIP. We'll see if some of those words end up being posted by the end of the week.

I didn't have any resolutions last year, which is probably a good thing, because they would all have failed. Next year I think I would like to:

  • Finish the tentacle story.

  • Continue to not anguish over not writing much.

  • Post more gen and het, when I do write, because people seem to identify me as a slasher, and I'm not only that. This year, I wrote three slash, three gen, and a het plus slash-UST.
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Feels silly to do this for so few stories, but here goes:

2007 fic list: )

Total: 7 stories/poems in three fandoms; 26,400 words. (Half the number of fics and 300 more words than last year.) Plus 16,400 words' worth of WsIP.
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I was going to be nonconformist in my conformity and post a year-in-review in April, one year after my first House fic, but so many of you who joined the fandom mid-year are posting now that I feel silly holding off.

A quick note first to say I've borrowed [ profile] nightdog_barks's "favorite line" category and added two more: one for noting what I did in the story that I hadn't tried before, and another for "favorite bit of feedback" that I hope doesn't seem too much like gloating; for me, feedback is one of the most enjoyable parts of posting fanfiction on LiveJournal, and I wanted to point out some of the comments that have stayed with me.

Nine months of fic. )


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