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Nostalgia, a fic-writing dry spell and a random encounter with a fellow Alexander Siddig fan (jeez, I still want to type "Siddig el Fadil") on someone else's LJ all converged this week and compelled me to read some Deep Space Nine slash for the first time, almost all of it Garak/Bashir. I've read DS9 fic before -- mostly Odo-centric, mostly gen -- and, heck, the first big fanfic I wrote back in the day was for that series -- but I never ventured far into other people's adult-rated stuff. I grew up with those characters (the series launched when I was about 11), and until recently it was too uncomfortable for me to imagine them with genitalia, if you know what I mean. I still can't do it with the characters in the original series or Next Gen, both of which I watched when I was very young, and possibly will never be able to. But the Cardassians have always exuded sexuality with an edge of dominance and violence that I love in villains, and in the last year or two I've become quite the explicit slash fan, so I suppose I've been primed to enjoy good stories with the DS9 characters I like.

I've always said that if I were to slash anyone on that show, it'd probably be Bashir and Garak (close seconds being Dukat/Garak and Dukat/Damar), so it's no surprise that that's where I've jumped in. [ profile] babel (*waves*) has a nice collection of G/B fics at her journal as well as a recs page that have gotten me started.

Note to self & anyone interested -- favorite fics so far: )

(Please, if anyone has recommendations of specific stories, authors or archives for good DS9 fic, particularly Garak/Bashir, point the way. I've only gone through babel's stuff, her recs page and the Garak/Bashir Fuh-Q Fest over at

There's a surprising similarity to House/Wilson in a lot of the Garak/Bashir I've read so far. Rest of paragraph cut to spare everyone but the two people who may want to read this. ) It's not that I like G/B for the moments where it reflects H/W, or vice versa; I appreciate them both independently. It's just been interesting to notice what they have in common.


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