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Does what it says in the title: These are many of the stories I've read over the last few years that have memorable shaving, waxing or other kinds of depilation scenes in them performed on male characters—face, body or private areas; characters shaving themselves, shaving their friends or romantic partners, being shaved or groomed by strangers; depilation that's sensual and arousing, or nerve-wracking, or endured, or watched or experienced with interest; shaving as preparation, as kink, as connection, as part of a cross-dressing transformation, as assistance after injury or trauma, and most of all, as a demonstration of love and trust.

For my Kink Bingo shaving/depilation square.

Links and excerpts this way )

And the usual follow-up question: Any others I'll kick myself for forgetting?
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Second square on the way to a second Bingo...

Tonight we rec stories where one character finds another's handyperson skills appealing, or where characters have sex while/after performing some kind of domestic labor or pretending to do same. Doing construction work, wearing toolbelts, fixing a leaky faucet, remodeling, sewing, painting, delivering packages. Some AU, some not. Some sweet, some hot.

With a few parenthetical recs for straight-up domestic stories, because I couldn't help it.

13 tradesman recs from SGA, House and Inception, plus 5 domestic )

And that is all for now! Any others I'll kick myself for forgetting?

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Inception (etc.) recs bingo!

Square 1: Ageplay Recs
Square 2: Food Recs
Square 3: Vehicular Recs
Square 4: Subspace/Headspace Recs
Square 5: Verbal Humiliation Recs

Once again, I found myself having to delineate what got included for this square or I'd never stop looking for fics. This time we are focusing on consensual verbal humiliation. One character verbally humiliating the other for one or both parties' sexual satisfaction. That includes consent play, because humiliation is so easily and intricately bound up in things a person wants-but-does-not-want—ashamed to want something, wanting to be told it's wrong to want it, wanting to revel in wanting it or doing it even if it's frowned on by their culture....

In fact, I had to go look up "humiliation" in the dictionary to see exactly what it encompasses. Merriam-Webster says: "to reduce to a lower position in one's own eyes or others' eyes : mortify." The synonyms it lists include: abase, chasten, cheapen, debase, degrade, demean, discredit, disgrace, dishonor, foul, humble, lower, shame, sink, smirch, take down. So, indeed, we are covering name-calling, shaming, dirty talk, kneeling, crawling, begging, uncomfortable confessions, you name it. And the character(s) get(s) off on it.

I have trouble sometimes with humiliation kink fic. Often fics assume that at least one character gets off on humiliating or being humiliated, assume that the reader can sympathize, and run with that, so you get a lot of name-calling and blushing etc. but not necessarily a lot of understanding (on this reader's part, anyway). I forget that humiliation is threaded through my noncon-fantasy Mary Sue stories and that I've written at least two dirty-talk fics and a physical exposure fic. I forget that I have a kink for humiliation directed at a character being a sexual creature or wanting sex at all.

One thing that has helped clarify what erotic humiliation means and what it can do for people is [ profile] thingswithwings's essay, The Riches of Embarrassment: Or, Why I Don't Have a Humiliation Squick. If you haven't spent much time thinking about it, or even if you have, I highly recommend it.
Humiliation kink, for me, does that wonderful thing that only kink can do: it allows me to wallow pleasurably in a feeling that, in other circumstances, would make me feel bad. It eroticizes the thing that makes me feel bad, and makes the feeling-bad feel good.


It's such a wonderful snarl, that kink, wanting to be humiliated and being ashamed of wanting to be humiliated and enjoying the shame of wanting to be humiliated and being ashamed of enjoying the shame of wanting to be humiliated, and on and on, all that beautiful recursiveness, the kink just endlessly compounding itself.
And 9 fic recs in addition to the essay. Inception, SGA, House. With excerpts. )

The end. Additions? I was talking with [ profile] deelaundry about humiliation and House, which is like the proverbial ducks and water, only I can't say that the humiliation that pervades the show and crops up in fic is appreciated by those on the receiving end. That's why her math tutor-prostitute fic is so much fun.

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I went to three car dealerships today. I earned this post.

Square 1: Ageplay Recs
Square 2: Food Recs
Square 3: Vehicular Recs (not wrecks)
Square 4: Subspace/Headspace Recs
Square 5: Verbal Humiliation Recs

If you'd asked me last week what I thought of "vehicular kink," I'd have gone straight to Crash. Not the racism one; the David Cronenberg one with people getting off on crashing cars and injuring themselves. Literally, that is people having orgasms because of cars, and in cars, and on cars, and while thinking about or talking about cars and other people who've died in them, etc. etc. If you did not know, James Spader + Elias Koteas (+ car) = hot.

Fic-wise, vehicular first of all made me think of characters having sex in and on cars, and on motorcycles, and in the back of cabs (vehicular + exhibitionism), and in spaceships and on planes. And certainly there are some hot-and-heavy PWPs in this vein:

Fic and art recs: 5 Inception, 5 House and 2 SGA (1 of them silly) )

So that got me thinking about characters like House, who loves his shiny Mafia convertible and his rad motorcycle (see deelaundry's post for pictorial confirmation), and John Sheppard, who loves 'jumpers and F302s and, presumably, helicopters. Cameron Mitchell, too, I'm sure, if I watched much SG-1. Wolverine and motorcycles. James Bond and... everything. Supernatural's Dean Winchester and his Impala.

And suddenly a whole class of vehicular kink opened up: characters who love one specific vehicle. )

A sidestep, and there are car-centric canons like The Fast & The Furious, which I haven't watched but gather are all about sexy cars and sexy people. And there are car-centric TV shows like Pimp My Ride and—ah! went my brain. Top Gear.

Top Gear. A British show featuring three witty men who have incomprehensible amounts of spending money hard-ons for top-of-the-line cars and arguably for one another as well. Watch any episode and you are guaranteed a sexual remark from Jeremy Clarkson about either a sports car or a co-star. Richard once declared his love for a car he named Oliver; it was actually a touching story. Besides which, the series is full of lingering, sexualized, male-gaze-type shots of cars and specific portions of cars. But instead of re-posting episodes here, how about some vids that draw out the love between hosts and cars? Yes.

3 Top Gear vid recs, embedded )

At the end of this mental wandering through some different aspects of vehicular kink, a fabulous vid came to mind that reminds us that it's not only men who love their cars and planes and bikes and broomsticks. Around the Bend by danegen, which premiered at Vividcon last summer, is an energetic celebration of women through the decades—fictional and not—and how they love their vehicles and love each other in them. Highly recommended.

Kinks, explicit or gen or anything in between. The more you think about them, the more they telescope outwards.

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Square 1: Ageplay Recs
Square 2: Food Recs
Square 3: Vehicular Recs
Square 4: Subspace/Headspace Recs
Square 5: Verbal Humiliation Recs

When I saw the "food" square in this Bingo line, I was at first stumped. I couldn't think of any stories involving the licking-off of whipped cream or chocolate sauce or the insertion of cucumbers and whatnot.* Most of the fics I've found on the Inception kink meme that feature a character having an erotic experience eating chocolate or watching someone else fellate an ice cream cone or lollipop haven't moved me.

*Wait, I just remembered [ profile] topaz_eyes's House/Wilson popsicle story, Cool Treats. Yum! Also, brr.

Anyway. But then! Then it occurred to me that there have been several sweet—pun fully intended—stories where one character is a chef or a sommelier or runs a bakery or coffee shop, and woos their beloved with or over food and drink. Or where the same happens except it is not an AU. Or where there is food and platonic love. Fandom being fandom, also there are stories where one or more characters are food and are also in love.

To cite some favorites from Inception and SGA*:

*as before, assume Arthur/Eames and John/Rodney unless otherwise noted

Food-related AUs )

Food-themed Non-AUs )

Anthropomorphized Food )

…There must be some for House, too. Wasn't there an Iron Chef AU prompt at wilson_fest once? Any fics following on House and Wilson's cooking class or House turning himself into a home chef? ETA: Yep, go to comments for 10 15 more.

And may I just conclude by saying it was amusing to go to to track down some of these.

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"Corticocortical" and "axo-axonic"? Really?


I tried out a meeting of the sci fi club last night. It was very like my experience with the sci fi club at Imperial College London*: jargon, nicknames and in-jokes are so thick you barely understand what's going on; the jokes that you do get are laugh-worthy; natives are friendly but make little to no effort to clue you in; some of the older grads and postdocs have been couples for a while; people talk coding and physics; the library** makes you wish you didn't have schoolwork to do; there's promise of viewing Dr. Who/Firefly/etc; and after the meeting, you go out for Chinese food. There's a special brand of insanity nonconformity I'm having trouble putting my finger on. It seems to be a universal culture, even when individual cells don't communicate with one another, and with regional variation of terminology and obsessions.*** Alas, for it is not quite my culture (though maybe with time I will adapt). For one thing, this club is vehemently anti-vampire porn. Heh. No, I am too, in the Laurell K. Hamilton sense, but at the same time I didn't feel comfortable enough in the face of mass passion to defend the subsubgenre that is good. No SGA fans, either. In fact, their motto as declared on a sign outside their headquarters is, "We're not fans, we just read the stuff."

* (Hopefully without the accidental boyfriend this time)
** MIT has "the world's largest open-shelf collection of science fiction"
*** E.g.: bananas, chickens, a gigantic wrench, something called Spehn, and a set of Gor (?) books that are chained on their shelf so they don't escape and make other books worse.

One tangent during the meeting is totally worth repeating. Someone made a joke about the presidential elections, and one girl and one guy piped up with spur-of-the-moment campaign mottoes as if various sci fi/fantasy characters were running for office. Ah—I reproduce it for you here from the transcribed meeting minutes:

Motion to commend the current U.S. election as being a choice between science fiction and fantasy passes 17-0-10 plus Spehn.

"President Zod: Kneel for Change."

"President Cthulhu: Why Vote for the Lesser Evil?"

"Vote Spock: He's the Only Logical Choice."

ETA: I just remembered something else funny -- people referencing a summary of different scientific fields that went something like: "If it moves, it's biology. If it burps and stinks, it's chemistry. If it doesn't work, it's physics. If no one knows why, it's engineering. If it works in theory, it's mathematics."

Things got better at dinner, when people spoke in mostly understandable terms and I was able to ask who they are and what they do. I'll be trying this again whenever the other thousand things that only happen on Friday nights don't tempt me more, and we'll see how it goes.

Oh, and another bit of geekiness: one guy had a PDA thing at dinner for keeping a tally of what we wanted to order (they taught me the special finger signs for half or full orders per person as we went around the table for each dish; you have the option of going Communist [split a bunch of dishes in the middle] or Capitalist [get your own dish]), and later for splitting the bill.


Speaking of vampire porn: [ profile] daasgrrl won the snail race and came up with a glorious sequel to my comment!fic No Pain. It is called "No Mercy," it has just about everything you'd want from a House/Wilson fic and vampire erotica, and you should go read it here.

Another awesome thing I keep forgetting to mention: [ profile] jadesfire2808 did an analysis of my two SGA sestinas for [ profile] dvd_commentary. Like any good critic, she points out things that work and things that don't (some I'd been aware of, some I hadn't), things they illuminate about the characters, and ways the poems compare and contrast with each other. It is supremely cool, and it's given me some things to think about for my writing in the future.
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1. SGA 5.3, "Broken Ties"

So, correct me if I'm wrong, but... )

The rest is over at roga's. Also ref: sheafrotherdon, friendshipper, usomitai.

2. Yay!

- McKay/Sheppard hotness by [ profile] perspi. Hot, urgent, stream-of-consciousness encounter on a humming alien world, and did I mention hot? (now unlocked)

- Lawn Guy by [ profile] deelaundry. House, Wilson, a diner, an anecdote, and a full dose of dialogue-only banter.

- Alternating Current by [ profile] nightdog_barks. Rodney McKay awoke one morning to find that he'd been transformed into a part of Atlantis. (now unlocked)

- The Shallow End by [ profile] euclase. A strange and beautiful moment between House and Wilson at an empty swimming pool.

- "The Pretty Peculiar Pegasus Pesach" audiofic by [ profile] jadesfire2808. Just a perfect rendition of [ profile] roga's story.

- Guilt by [ profile] usomitai. Wilson/Crandall ficlet.

- cartooooon by euclase

- Betrapped by [ profile] mer_duff

3. Fun with Fonts

A million thanks to [ profile] synn for this link. Computer fonts incarnate! Meta and camp and aphasia! Video here: Font Conference.
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I wrote 4,000 words of story over the long weekend and felt good about it, even though I haven't been able to get back to it yet and it needs some rehauling.

I usually put off reading fic while I'm writing it, because if I didn't I would (a) lose faith in my own abilities, (b) start unconsciously mimicking other people's styles and phrasing, (c) get into passive rather than creative mode, and (d) not be able to stop reading anyway. The result was that I had a nice pile of things to read Tuesday and yesterday, and some of them were really good.

Some SGA recs - all slash except for the first one and sort of the fourth one, and a must-read for TNG fans: )

Oh oh! This awesomeness (actually entitled "Hold") by [ profile] foreverdirt - a Rodney/John double sestina that is tightly constructed, hot as hell, and contains some beautiful phrasing. I was so incredibly thrilled to find out that she was partly inspired by An Unanticipated Side Effect of Dosing Oneself with Wraith Enzyme.... It sounds / like madness, letting himself feel / like this over a man who would burn / his life away on a dime. It's not. ...She hasn't crossposted anywhere; I hope she doesn't mind me reccing it here.


I swear I'm still a House fan. See, here's a rec: Paresthesia and Pain by the always excellent [ profile] mer_duff (post-finale, House/Wilson friendship, pain as metaphor). It's just that I've been bookmarking rather than reading since the season finale.


I also swear that I can and will talk about more than fandom/fanfic (but not that I can start sentences with words other than "I"). I want to have discussions about things like the difficulty of writing PWPs, and just how much stupider a person becomes as a function of how long it's been since they left school (and by "a person," of course I mean "me"), and how hot Stephen Colbert was while summarizing the shortfalls of string theory before guest Brian Greene, and whether the career path I've selected for myself is the right one, and whether my Saturday would be better spent relaxing on the couch or going into the city to see Alan Alda play Richard Feynman followed by a session with feminist astrophysicist Vera Rubin, and. . . but tonight does not seem to be the right moment for it. *yawn*

I blame an overtaxed brain; I worked for 9 hours straight on a new project at work today after spending the last three-odd years learning absolutely nothing, and then got through a cassette and a half of Hawking's The Universe in a Nutshell audio book in the car. (No, he does not narrate it.) Picking up unfamiliar physics aurally, while navigating traffic? Not so much my strength.

I think I will go read about how Thoughts of death make us eat more cookies.

ETA: This is news? "The authors believe people with low self-esteem use consuming as a way of subconsciously escaping self-awareness, which is heightened by thoughts of dying." I've been consciously escaping painful awareness of mortality through (fiction) consumption for as long as I can remember.
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Lots of stuff is going on, and lots of that stuff is in limbo right now, so I'm stealing a few minutes to write down some of the fics and both of the vids I've enjoyed over the past couple of weeks. I hope they bring a little joy to some of you.


- Très cool 30-second SGA opening credits done in the style of House by skroberts. Spot-on visual effects and choice of images for each of the actors.

- The Glass by thingswithwings. Meta-vid exploring cycles of homoerotic subtext in cult TV shows and movies over the last few decades.


16 stories and authors, including gen, John/Rodney, girl!John/girl!Rodney, Sheppard/Jackson, John/Rodney/Carson, Kolya/Rodney and Kolya/John noncon, Rodney/Teyla, John/Todd, Sheppard/Lorne, House/Wilson and Wilson/Amber. )

Also, question: Where is the Larrin fic? I think I've read one—maybe two—Larrin fics shortly after "Travelers" aired, and one of them may have been fake-Larrin/Rodney and John acting out Rodney's fantasy, but there have to be more. Right?

In non-ficly news, this is just cool: previews of a 3-D tour of human anatomy based on thousands of photographs of work done by a dedicated dissector in the 60s. Plus, the article quotes a doctor named Robert Chase.
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Happy Passover to those celebrating! Happy weekend to those who are not.

Brisket and vegetables are ready; eggs are a-boilin'; the salad is made; potatoes will be grated for latkes later (my father takes any excuse to make them); sister is out picking up tofu for whatever she's making; we've got a fresh batch of matzoh ball soup simmering on the stove, and it smells delicious. Mmm.

Between cooking tasks and other errands, I've been ducking in and out of [ profile] remixredux08 since the stories went live yesterday evening. There's some great stuff over there. There's just a lot of it! It'll be a challenge to get through the fandoms I know before the author reveal next weekend. (If you're headed over there for the first time: it's easiest to navigate the comm by tag.)

[ profile] roga compiled a multifandom Passover fic list (Harry Potter, House, Lost, SGA, Sports Night and more) last week, which anyone who's interested should go check out—and add to, if you know of any she hasn't mentioned.

One fic that didn't make the list because it was just posted is The Pretty Peculiar Pegasus Pesach, in which everyone on Atlantis is Jewish and they have a big seder in the mess hall and it is funny and family-licious and draws a chilling parallel to the Egyptian pharaohs.

And now I should go do something productive. Catch you later...
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Dreamt last night that I was in a high school English class and we were doing a fic exchange as an in-class assignment... )

So what did I do this morning? Sign up for a ficathon. *headdesk*

I really am worried that I'm not going to be able to write fiction for a very long time -- not because I'm short on time now, but because I'm rusty, and every time I sit down, as has happened most days since the summer, I can imagine what I want on a story-level (A happens, and then B, and there should be X and Y emotions), but the details, the dialogue, the narration, the actual line-by-line story, will not come. I stare at the screen. This frightens me.

Haven't decided yet whether to post a memory today and take tomorrow off (200 comments in two days! Aah!), or skip today and post again tomorrow.


- Got a confirmation email that my application was received and complete. Now must wait until April 1 for the verdict.


- [ profile] roga is planning a multifandom Purim ficlet/art exchange that sounds like fun. A celebration of Jewish characters, the promise of treats, and the booing of evil viziers -- what's not to like?


- Total Recall (1990, dir. Paul Verhoeven): I didn't know until a few years ago that this was based on Philip K. Dick's short story, "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale," which I'd read a while back in one of the sci fi short story collections my grandmother let me steal from her attic, and this week I finally got around to renting it. All I remember about the short story was... )

Hm. Should go do some work now.
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Or as [ profile] roga charmingly put it, Ch/H/a/nn/n/u/k/kk/a/h, because who knows what the "correct" transliteration is?

Our house smells of potatoes and oil, I'm full of eggy/oniony/potato-y latkes and applesauce, the candles are ready for lighting, and there are presents waiting on the dining room table. It's warm inside, and dark and windy outside.

You've all probably read these, but here are some lovely Hanukkah fics from years past (since I haven't seen any yet this year....):I was hoping to write one to add to the list, but, uh, that didn't happen. Just Spin from last year.

Please -- share your favorite Hanukkah fics in the comments!
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I think this came from having seen these pictures before bed last night (that's two links, and they are spoilery in the sense that they're from SGA episodes that haven't aired yet). You know. You know I have a thing for characters in outfits other than their uniforms/usual clothes. And for sport jacket/jeans combos. And for aliens passing as Earthlings.

SGA dream, featuring a McShep kiss )

And that, I think, was it. Mmm, that kiss was nice.


Am entering an unexpectedly stressful few weeks, between application essay-writing, an upcoming in-person interview for the program I'm applying to (which involves taking two days off work in December to go up to Boston, compounding the stress), and a huge, critical project given to me yesterday by the company president, infamous for his endless revisions and flip-flopping. It's months' worth of work, and it has to be done in two weeks, by me, without anyone to offload my regular work onto, which is already one-and-a-half to two people's jobs. In short: Aaaah. He's dangling a promotion carrot in front of me for the new year if this gets done on time, and although I've been hearing this for years now and am not at all confident that anything will actually happen, I do really want the position, which I haven't been able to get thus far because for me to get a promotion, they have to change the way we sell some of our products and then expand the (fairly small) company in order to hire people for me to manage. But I would so like to shed this copy-and-paste, customer service website part of my job and be responsible instead for content library management, custom writing, and the oversight of a pair of copywriter-minions. I just wish earning that right didn't involve my boss suggesting that the way to complete this massive amount of work is taking it home over the holiday weekend and staying late every day.


That icon is a picture of a pin my grandma gave to me when we visited last month. The tail consists of tiny painted wooden sticks, like tongue depressors or those spoons you use to eat the vanilla-and-chocolate ice cream in those plastic cups with peel-off tops. Its misaligned googly eyes remind me a little of RSL's.

I'd have liked to have written a team gen Thanksgiving story for the occasion, where they scrape together the Pegasus equivalent of a turkey dinner in the mess hall, and/or Sheppard and McKay put one together for Ronon and Teyla in someone's quarters, even though McKay doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving (he's in full support of holidays that involve lots of food). They bicker about what the holiday means and get tripped up in an effort to stay politically correct as they explain things to Ronon and Teyla (trying not to compare the "primitive" Indians who saved the Pilgrims' hides before being persecuted to the Pegasus natives working with the SGA expedition?), who share some of their own customs in turn, and overall they're stuffed and happy and sleepy, lounging together in that room as the sun sets. So, hey, let's pretend I just wrote it.

You've all read the House gen Thanksgiving story where everyone crashes House's apartment, yes? The Unwilling Host/Thanksgiving at House's by [ profile] jmtorres.


Holiday card invite is still open.


Well. Off I go. No House review tonight; my friend A. is in town for the weekend and asked me to watch with her at her house, where she is stranded with no car, which means I'll get home late and will have to watch it again later this week to see it properly anyway. Hopefully will be able to do one tomorrow.
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In the spirit of focusing on the good rather than the bad, here is a meme from [ profile] thewlisian_afer. It's a little late in LJ-time, but it's taken this long to come up with ten things.

Ten things that have recently made me happy:

1. LJ fangirl brunch yesterday, with special guests from the West Coast. Great company and great weather, the sky that deep October blue made all the more vibrant by the changing leaves.

2. Seeing my friend Ellen (lately of Bardolatry fame) last Saturday while her acting troupe was in town. We had dim sum in Chinatown.* The food was cheap and plentiful, if not spectacularly tasty, and it was great to see her again; it had been two years, since [ profile] synn and I went to see her in Arcadia in Boston.

*That sounds sophisticated, doesn't it? I might also have said: After meeting up at Grand Central, we debated who knew the least about Manhattan, tried to pick a neighborhood and/or type of cuisine, took the express 6 train downtown without realizing that it goes straight to Brooklyn Bridge, hopped back one stop after waiting several minutes for the train to leave the station, and wandered around by Canal Street with Ellen's contact lens fusing to her cornea until we found a place that looked good.

3. A spate of good fanfic. Of what I read this past week, I'd recommend:

green to red by elicia8 (House/Wilson, moody, seasonal, chock full of similes) and levity; or how James Wilson got his lunch back by phinnia (House/Wilson friendship, humor, pudding). I'm looking forward to more now that Wilson_Fest has opened for posting.


Snapshots From A Divorce by Lenore (John/OFC, John/OMC, heartbreaking look at a man who doesn't quite know and won't let himself have what he wants, **recommended even to people who don't know SGA**), All These Places We Have Met by toft-froggy (haunting, angst, parallel universes, with Rodney/John friendship), the transvestite!John series also by toft-froggy (John/Rodney, long, hot, treatment of transvestitism not just as a kink but as a shameful, repressed part of one's life), Faith and Mountains by friendshipper (Teyla, spoiler for a S3 episode), Long Road Home also by friendshipper (Texas border patrol AU, long, John/Teyla/Rodney friendship), So Very Wrong (but so very good) by telesilla (short & hot post-"Doppelganger" semi-con slash), and the latest batch of Nantucket AU snippets from dogeared, sheafrotherdon, aesc and siriaeve (Fall/Fine/Contour, Sweater Weather/Off-Season, wonderfully melancholic and sensual).


sheafrotherdon's and siriaeve's trio of soveryhot Cupid fics -- here, here and here. Three words: girl!anal and pegging. I didn't know anything about Cupid, and it didn't matter. Now it seems someone has uploaded all of Joe Flanigan's appearances on Cupid to YouTube in four parts, so you can see Alex and Claire in action for context. (Hey! It's canon that Alex can't keep up with Claire's sex drive.)
4. Postcards from traveling friends.

5. Recipes from a weekly cooking class I'm taking with my dad. The class itself is rushed and disorganized, since we make three new recipes in two and a half hours with seven people operating off one table/one line of gas stoves/one set of questionably functioning ovens/one food processor/two puréers/etc. and our chef-teacher doesn't always have a handle on what needs to be done when, but we now know how to make a delicious carrot ginger soup (with orange juice) and spicy chickpea burgers, among other things.

6. TV shows. Along with House and SGA, there's Chuck on Mondays (good, light fun, with nerds, wit, slashy tangoing, and Adam Baldwin gagged & tied to a bed) and Odyssey 5 reruns on Fridays. I have O5 on DVD, but there's something fun about watching it "live" on TV, except for the commercials. One day I'll write a conclusion for my sister (the series got cancelled right after a conspiracy cliffhanger) and some Kurt/Neil slash (Sebastian Roché/Christopher "Jake 2.0" Gorham) for myself.

7. Going to see Kate Hewlett's play, Humans Anonymous, next month.

8. Going to an Ours concert this week with my sister. Think U2 doing alt rock.

9. New music, also care of my sister: I really liked some tracks off albums by Angie Aparo, Matt Good and Elefant. *makes note to upload them*

10. Cleaning out my closet and going shopping three weekends ago. (I don't know, I'm out of happy things.) Got rid of stuff that didn't look good and then went out to try to find some better things to wear to work this fall/winter. Shopping and I do not always get along, but a little optimism and a little help from makeover TV shows makes for a more pleasant and arguably successful experience.

The end.
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Guys! [ profile] daasgrrl wrote me a super-hot and porny House/Wilson sestina! With bondage! And a toy! And power play! And great characterization, but that goes without saying.

Go -- read -- proclaim its awesomeness!
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Posting started today at the bad!fic fest comm [ profile] betteronvicodin, and the first story up is already brilliant:

DDX, With Feeling by [ profile] dominus_trinus

Go check this out right now. It's an episode set to the songs of BtVS's "Once More, With Feeling" (which I know has been done once before, but this is really, really good), with great lyrics and meter and one-liners and characterization and in-jokes and everything. The fellows have a theory! Wilson and House do the Xander/Anya marriage song-and-dance! Wilson worries about his enabling! House has a duet with his pain! Nobody cares about Dawn minions running lab tests all night! Truly, a must-read if you like House, BtVS, RSL or musicals. You don't have to know the melodies to appreciate the fic, though it would certainly enrich your appreciation of what the author did here.

If you're somehow still not convinced, here is an excerpt from "I'll Never Tell":
WILSON (gestures to indicate HOUSE):
This is the guy that I do not ask why
I still hang around,
Even when he grins with glee as he runs me
Into the ground.
All these years, they just show
His vitriol won’t make me go.
There are just things that—no.
I’ll never tell.

HOUSE (mirrors WILSON’S gesture):
He is my friend to the end, will attend
To my every need. He’ll pay my bail when in jail
Will not fail my hungers to feed.
He’s loyal, he’s a wit,
We’re both screwed up but still we fit.
It’s just that he’s a bit—
Well. I’ll never tell.

But the things I could tell!
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Guys! Guys guys guys! [ profile] remix_redux is going up and the two (two!) remixes of my stories are posted and GUYS, my brilliant mysterious remixer remixed one of my sestinas AS A SESTINA and it's gorgeous and go read it.

ALSO. The fic my brilliant mysterious remixer (I am assuming it's the same person) chose for his/her story proper was "Dissonance," my first House fic and the one I secretly think is my best. I posted it a year ago this past Friday, and now on its anniversary there is this gift that takes the House/Wilson that simmered under the surface (barely) of the original's Wilson/Julie and runs with it. It's—I don't even know where to start, it's so good.

Seriously, I am the luckiest remixee ever. *tears up a little*

Now off to read many many other stories, none of which I can rec here till the author reveal, lest you figure out which ones I did. I will not even tell you the fandom(s) in which I wrote. Mwahaha.

Now go check out the awesomeness!
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For my own reference and for anyone who doesn't feel like trawling through all the posts over there until everything's added to community memories, here I'll be keeping tabs of the House fics I'm recommending this month at [ profile] crack_van. Links go to the recs, which have fic-links in them.

The theme: "And now for something completely a little different."

4/1 - "No Little Charity" by perspi
4/4 - "Permutations" by daasgrrl
4/6 - "The Care and Feeding of Wilsons" by iridaceaena
4/8 - "Faking It" by onewayfreak
4/10 - "Dream On" by simple__man
4/29 - "Respite" by deelaundry
4/29 - "Takes Two (to Tango)" by usomitai
4/30 - "Might Be Part Of Something Larger" by TB
4/30 - "Letters of Transit" by Nightdog
4/30 - "Something Else" by jaryn_
4/30 - "Tremendous Brunettes" by stickfigurepeep

*ze end*
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Too much to do, so few hours to do it in... A break for some sharing.

1. Yesterday I had Return of the Jedi on in the background for the first time in a couple of years, because reading several sexy-violent works-in-progress lately got me in the mood for the scene where the Emperor zaps Luke to within an inch of his life. I made a mental note at the time to look up the actor who played the Emperor, because I was curious whether I've seen him in anything else, but of course I then completely forgot. Then last night I settled down to unwind over an episode of MI-5, and a one-episode character (an elderly chemist with a Northern English accent) who had white hair and kind of a scratchy voice reminded me enough of him that I remembered to check. So I looked Ian McDiarmid up on IMDB, and guess what? Though I hadn't in fact seen him in anything else, he actually was that guy on MI-5, which I was not expecting at all. Honestly, if I hadn't watched Star Wars right before, I never ever would have thought the chemist looked or sounded at all familiar.

2. Music share. Today's theme is Music In Languages Other Than English. The selection is unfortunately limited to my mp3 collection, because I can't at the moment rip songs from CDs or *cough* strip permissions from iTunes downloads, so we're a little heavy on the dance and low on the folk. Expect additions at some point.

Ten songs for your listening pleasure. )

3. Photo share. Because I found this ) over the weekend, and tell me it isn't one of the hottest photos you've ever seen. Warning for adult content involving male/male eroticism.

And while we're at it, check these out too (same warning applies): A cuddle and a tasteful gasp. )

And that is all. Enjoy!

ETA: That is not all. Ha -- how cool is this? Someone's been inspired to write a fic based on an icon I made. Which reminds me, I made a new icon yesterday (thanks again to [ profile] tathren and [ profile] trekkiegrrrl for help finding Minifesto) with a quote from a fun bit of House/Wilson fluff called "Things To Do Before You Die" by [ profile] thedeadparrot, which you should go read if you haven't yet. Let's see if this works:

Take if you like. Yes. And that is all.
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Kind of bleh for a large part of the middle of the episode, but enough at the beginning and end for an overall favorable verdict.

Mostly in list form tonight. )

Commentaries: Pru

Post-ep Fic: “When I See You There” by nightdog_barks, "Half-wit Ending Rewrite" by savemoony (drabble), "Halfwits" by daasgrrl


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