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Greetings from the other side of the country! I am in the Bay area for a little while for work and play. The work part is almost over. Tomorrow I look forward to exploring the city, where I have never been before.

Other places I had not been before: Tumblr. You can now find me at bironicwastaken.

Which of you do I know over there? Whom should I be following? My friending has been piecemeal.

So far it has gone like this: )


Just before I left, I turned in a Club Vivid vid. \o/

I choose to remain mysterious about its subject, but I will say that it involves something like 85 sources (!), that I now recognize characters from Teen Wolf when they pop up on Tumblr, that I definitely drove to the Watertown library to get a DVD of Watchmen when I should have been packing for this trip, and that the final product includes Jeff Goldblum, Shahrukh Khan, Patrick Stewart and Alyson Hannigan. Oh, and Lee Pace as two different characters.

Looking forward to showing it to you in August and to seeing what others have done.

Next, need to decide whether it's feasible to attempt a Premiere. Am short on ideas and also hesitant to jump right back into production mode when it made the last 4 to 6 weeks so busy. Right now the only viable candidate is a slow John Sheppard vid.


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