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"So I thought, 'What would she really want for her birthday?' and somehow the image of Sheppard handcuffed to a pole over his head came to mind." ~ [personal profile] deelaundry

"You and your sexy tentacles! ::shakes fist::" ~ [personal profile] sabinelagrande

"Well, f*ck spoons. I ALWAYS need a bironic!" ~ [personal profile] no_detective

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a song of ice and fire, alan rickman, alexander siddig, alexander skarsgard, alexi murdoch, ancient egypt, androids, angel, anglophilia, anne rice, anthropomorphic personifications of death, arkelopes, armand, arthur/eames, artificial intelligences, aubrey/maturin apparently, badminton, ballet, being a closet fangirl, beth orton, bitextuality, books, boston legal, brimstone, buffy the vampire slayer, buying too many books, byron, byronic heroes, cardassians, crossovers, david bowie, david hallberg, deep space nine, dom/brian/mia, dr. james wilson, dustfinger, eleven/amy(/rory), equal opportunity 'shipping, erotic noncon, fandom, fanfiction, fionavar tapestry, firefly, folk music, foreign films, game of thrones, garak/bashir, gary oldman, geeking out, halloween, harry potter, holocaust literature, homoerotic subtext, house, house m.d., house/wilson, hugo weaving, hurt/comfort clich├ęs, ian mckellen, introversion, irish step dancing, james spader, jason isaacs, jean reno, jeff goldblum, john sheppard, john sheppard kneeling, jonathan lethem, julian bashir, kink, kink bingo, longinus, lord byron, luc besson, marius/armand, mary sues, mckay/sheppard, miss fisher's murder mysteries, movies, natalie portman, neal/peter/elizabeth, neil degrasse tyson, neil gaiman, nerds, not being embarrassed by mary sues, odo, paul bettany, philippe besson, phryne/jack, platonic intimacy, poetry, pop culture studies, proving snape isn't evil, rachmaninoff, radek zelenka, random medical trivia, reading, relating everything to fiction, remus lupin, remus/sirius, rene auberjonois, richard shindell, riddick, roar, robert sean leonard, robots, rodney mckay, romanticism, saga, sansa/sandor, sci fi, science, sebastian roche, severus snape, sexual tension, sexy villains, short-lived tv shows, siddig el fadil, slash, snape/hermione, solving y.a. media problems with threesomes, spaaaaaaace, star trek, stargate, stargate: atlantis, stuff with bondage in it, subtlety, sydney carton, tennyson, tentacles, the homosocial continuum, the marauders, the professional, the vision, thomas kretschmann, threesomes, true blood, twelve/clara, vampires, vidding, vids, vin diesel, vincent perez, vision/wanda, willow/giles, willow/spike, wolverine/rogue, writing, writing letters by hand
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