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I want to am going to make a vidlet! It is from Powder, a movie I've been afraid to admit in fandom-public to liking. Just need to find a better song.

While researching music, came up with a fun idea for a multisource vid. Yay for being enthused about a vid idea. Doing research and gathering clips will take some time, though.

My college/Star Trek friend S. is leaving town on two weeks' notice. For good reasons, but still sad to lose him.

We hung out last night and watched the DS9 ep "The Quickening"; it seemed (in)appropriate, given current events. Now, this is the same friend who, during "Past Tense," spun a tale with me about how Sisko was pimping out Bashir in exchange for clothes and rations, and who is of course fully on board with Garak/Bashir. Last night he decided someone should write a slash story where Sloan continues to creep on Bashir by cut for inappropriateness involving stuffed animals ).

On Friday, before S. does his final packing, we'll get to see Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun, Brunt, Re-Animator, etc.) in a one-man show about Edgar Allan Poe. It got good reviews, so I'm looking forward to that.

Have you ever encountered the modern dance company Pilobolus? Saw them perform last night and they were spectacular.

details, with bonus male stripper bondage )

Such a fun evening.
bironic: Neil Perry gazing out a window at night (RSL neil window)
I was feeling kinda crappy about my Festivids and life in general, and stressed out about some work stuff, but it's tapering. Let us not dwell.


Last night I was hanging out with my college friend S., the Trekkie, whom I sometimes remember is the kind of non-fannish friend one can make slashy subtext jokes with. So we spent most of "Past Tense" parts 1 and 2 fleshing out (heh) an alternate reading where Sisko was pimping out Bashir for clothes and building access and to calm people down and stuff in the Sanctuary district. It all started because the guys on the front stoop of the building with roof access were totally eyeing him up when they said maybe there was something they'd be interested in trading even though Sisko and Bashir didn't have any valuables. S. started pointing out all these audio recuts that could be done to tell the story. Good times.


Speaking of Trek hilarity: It is HIGH TIME I told you properly about this TOS rewatch [ profile] ignazwisdom and I have been doing long-distance since she invited me to join a few episodes into season one... a year ago? A while ago. This is her second time through, and it's my I don't know how many times through because it depends on the particular episode; some I've seen like once a year for decades, others I haven't watched since I was about six. A few I have no recollection of whatsoever.

Not too long ago I was afraid to do a rewatch on account of my brain not being able to reconcile innocent childhood memories with stuff like slash & kink goggles )

Anyway, so iggy has been posting snort-worthy episode recaps and reblogging a ton of fan art and photographs at her (so very NSFW) tumblr. Confession: I give a little fist pump anytime she quotes something I've said about an ep. If you, like me, prefer to only browse the recaps, there's a tag for that. If you're interested in specific episodes, there's a masterlist.

The latest post at this moment is "The Deadly Years", and up soon is "The Trouble with Tribbles." These were special because they were the first ones we were able to watch together in person! Last weekend, when I had an iggy for a houseguest. The rest of the time we've been watching on our own and exchanging emails. Some past favorite recaps:Before we finish the season, there will be three episodes in which Kirk and Spock are shirtless, caged and/or collared. Based on the fact that my sister and I were able to discuss and/or joke about the Kirk-Spock vs. Kirk/Spock readings of "Amok Time" while watching that ep at Thanksgiving, I think I have indeed reached a point where I will be able to enjoy these without some part of my brain retreating to a corner going "la la la, I can't hear you."

(There are of course numerous ways episode viewing and appreciation have changed unrelated to sexual matters) )
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First post about the book
Second post about the book

Through page 514/the "end"

I was wrong before about Ana making a choice. The tennis match—or, more appropriately, the ping pong match—continues for 200+ pages in which I still can't pin down Christian, figure out what Ana wants or guess how successful their attempt at a BDSM relationship will be. The second is more forgivable because Ana is also struggling to figure out what she wants, but seriously, waffle for a couple of chapters instead of more than half the book. Then we could have had an actual conclusion after 500 pages instead of cliffhanging things over to the sequel. Or we could even have closed with a triumphant/scary/exhilarating moment for Ana in which she decides to take the plunge, and then all the resultant BDSM festivities take place in book two, along with whatever fixing she thinks she needs to do to make Christian "normal" and un-manpainy.

Instead, we get spoiler for the end ). Sigh.

Right, so BTW Christian Grey has manpain. This is a man in need. His fear is naked and obvious, but he's lost . . . somewhere in his darkness. His eyes are wide and bleak and tortured. I can soothe him, join him briefly in the darkness and bring him into the light. It seems his predilections for sadism and control stem from an emotionally and physically abusive childhood. Fine, that's fine, of course abuse can lead to fucked-up-edness in adulthood, but for an erotica novel that's theoretically introducing a lot of people to BDSM arrangements it's unfortunate that the book seems to be arguing that liking kink is a cause-traceable pathology that needs to be cured.

It's also unfortunate that Ana doesn't understand the difference between hesitance, preference and having a trigger. )

Oh, and on page 413, Ana finally Googles Christian. Starting with Google Images.

Two LOLs )

All right, but criticism aside for a sec, sometimes Ana has a clear opinion and Christian says something smart about d/s dynamics. )

However, it's impossible to judge whether this is really how Christian will treat Ana when the book can't make up its mind about his stalker-controller tendencies or Ana's responses to same. )

As for the sex... )

Summary Thoughts

This book was not good in the following areas: prose; pacing; coherent characterization; relationship building; conflation of day-to-day controlling behavior with a penchant for sexual dominance; strong insinuation that liking kinky sex means you are abnormal and broken; inner goddess writing tic; overblown sex scenes; OH and ETA the random racism, like, "Oh, there is an African-American young woman over there at my potential internship reception desk and she seems like someone I could be friendly with" -- not "friends with" -- "let me describe her hair." To quote Bella and Ana, "ugh." /ETA I think that it did a fair job of depicting the nature of kink negotiation and some of the appeal of BDSM play. At least, it didn't do nearly as terrible a job as I was braced for. And while Ana and Christian were giving me whiplash as they tried to get something off the ground, the book succeeded in making me think hard about the nature of dom/sub lifestyle relationships (this reader is more familiar with dom/sub scenes), at what point enough trust has been established between partners to go further safely, and whether I personally would ever feel comfortable giving blanket consent. Even if those might not have been challenges issued by the author but rather consequences of the aforementioned inconsistency.

TBD whether the second book merits a complete read...

Thanks much to those of you who've been following along these last few days and who have not made fun of me for giving the book a shot. Now to respond to comments!

ETA: oh holy GOD I am not going to make it through the second book. Page 1 squicked me the hell out and by page 15 I've already snorted out loud, shut my eyes in pain, and boggled at the density of repeated phrases from the first book.

ETA 2: Notes on the sequel.
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Forgive the jargon jollies in the subject line; I woke up two and a half hours early this morning and couldn't fall back asleep. This occurred after dreaming that DeForest Kelley, Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner were doing semi-graphic things (while fully clothed, at least). )

I don't know. It made sense at the time? Certainly the dozen or so of us spectators who were gathered around the table were marveling that this was allowed on television and delighting in the dialogue. Wish I could remember it.

That meant I spent a good portion of the morning with "Last Friday Night" stuck in my head, after this vid. Not sure if that's better than last night, which involved Kansas in August. Welcome to the inside of my head.


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