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Tuesdays. Could they be more awesome? New hornpipe in dance class, free burrito -- it was my 10th and the place has a deal -- RSL audio book came in to the library, and a new House. All's I'm gonna say about tonight's ep is, best Wilson face ever. And yay Chase having a part (sure, now we're given the religious reference). And yay Cuddy's gorgeous shirt. And yay House getting angry because Foreman's undermining his teaching style, and trying to snap Chase out of his funk and be a better doctor. And a few shout-outs to the fans (Cameron saying "Yeah, I'm a bitch," and Wilson's line about "I'm newly single..."). And House dropping his cane and running in his moment of panic. And hmm with the whole spoilers, not for the patient. )

For the rest, go read Sam's Three Things.

Quick rec: "House Rules" by [ profile] mer_duff. Funny fic for [ profile] hw_fest wherein House is bored, Wilson steals Risk from a cancer patient, two ducklings get roped in, and a treaty is revealed.

* * *

Someone at dance today asked me if I'm a swimmer. Apparently I have "a swimmer's figure," by which she meant not a fit physique but instead my naturally wide shoulders and narrow waist. I didn't know that was advantageous for swimming. Considering that my aquatic training experiences consist mainly of traumatic lessons in day camp when I was 5 or 6, I'm not sure if I'll ever find out.

* * *

I was just talking with [ profile] synn or [ profile] musicisbelievng or possibly both about how there are some things I really admire about House in a real-world way, including his willingness to be blunt with stupid people, and that it seems... cowardly, or lazy, or hypocritical, or something, to envy that behavior without emulating it. To a certain extent, of course. And I've found myself becoming snarkier, more sarcastic (yes, it's possible), over the past few months, especially when it comes to saying things that I really mean in a tone that suggests I don't, or making fun of people to their faces when they're being idiots. Whether that's because House is wearing off on me, because my unpredictable body chemistry is having a romp in the tetchy fields, because I've got a boost in confidence from LJ, or because the stress, my apathy about keeping my job, and/or my decreasing respect for my elders is showing more, I'm not sure. Don't get me wrong -- I'm still more like Lupin and Cameron and Wilson than is probably healthy, horribly nice and accommodating and agreeable and a pushover and passive-aggressive at times -- but my patience has been shot lately, this happy meanness is sneaking in, and heaven help me, I'm enjoying it.

I bring this up because today at lunch after a string of such comments to my hapless manager and an unbelievably sheltered co-worker, my manager grinned and called me a brat (not the first time) and made a comment to my favorite co-worker, who agreed, about how I'm getting nastier. I cheerfully blamed House. On the inside, part of me was horrified at myself.

I do suspect that if I could just shake the need to be liked by everybody, find a happy medium between the Lupin side and the House side, I would be freer without feeling like a complete jerk.


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