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(Warning for spoilers for "No Reason" and "Half-Wit"?)

What I was going to post about last Wednesday before the whole fandom scandal was that I'd watched "No Reason" with my mom the night before—she'd been working her way through Season One and Season Two, having really gotten into the show this season (finally)—and I found myself not hating it. Maybe it was because I was relaxed at the time, or because I've been feeling more distant from the show during the hiatus and that allowed for better perspective, or because I was watching it with someone who hadn't seen it before, or because repeated viewings had beaten the frustration out of me; but for whatever reason(s), for the first time, I was able to sit back and—well, if not enjoy, then at least appreciate the episode for what it was, rather than what it could have been or what I wanted it to be.

I noticed some new things, such as how Elias-whom-we'll-call-Moriarty's wife is the first thing you see after the scene in which he mentions her. Instead of moaning about how you can't deduce which parts are hallucination and which are reality because the show doesn't always achieve verisimilitude on a good day, I admired how they played a little with the medium they're working with, using the artificial scene cut we accept in television and suddenly twisting it into a real-within-canon cut where the character can't remember how he got to be where he is. It's cheating, because we the viewers weren't clued in that the cut was anything but a cut, and it's nothing groundbreaking as far as breaking the fourth wall on mainstream TV goes, but it's still kind of clever. I'd noticed it before, but it didn't stand out what with all the other problems towering over it on all sides.

Another new facet of the episode for me was a series of comparisons to Rodney McKay in Stargate: Atlantis—a show I hadn't watched before the last time I saw "No Reason"—particularly, to McKay in "Grace Under Pressure," when he's trapped in the jumper underwater talking to a hallucinated manifestation of a part of his mind. (There are plenty of ways in which McKay's like House, of course, but there were some things I hadn't thought about before watching this particular episode again.) McKay conjured up Carter as a sounding board because he loves her and believes she's "almost" as smart as he is; House may have chosen Moriarty because he'd proven himself worthy as an opponent by taking House completely by surprise and saying something ("Who'd want to hurt you?") that got House thinking about himself, and/or because House was subconsciously looking for a way to acknowledge the guilt he sometimes feels when he screws up people's lives in the process of saving them. Anyway, comparison. You have Carter admitting straight off that she's not real, and Moriarty calling himself a hallucination; Carter teasing McKay about how he's arguing with himself, and Moriarty remarking over fish tacos that he's really only House conversing with himself; Carter working with McKay to get him out of the jumper, and Moriarty working with House to differentiate reality from hallucination; Carter and Moriarty psychoanalyzing the men hallucinating them, which translates to McKay and House taking a serious look at themselves, and facing, challenging and ultimately accepting something about themselves they weren't willing to at the beginning; and Carter and Moriarty convincing McKay and House to trust their teams to save them when they alone couldn't save the day for a change. House saying, "This is how I think," tossing ideas around in his head, debating, considering, rejecting, deducing, intuiting, holding entire conversations in his mind in mere seconds, much as I imagine McKay's genius brain works. House scribbling equations on a wall like a mad physicist, frustrated when it "does not make sense," and saying, "Numbers don't lie." I wonder if that comforts McKay when his social skills fail him; people may be idiots, may be maddening and incomprehensible, but there is always the ease and purity of math.

So there was that, too. I still don't like the episode, but I like more about it than I did before, so I guess that's something. I just don't like having to watch an episode half a dozen times in order to stop wanting to tear my hair out in frustration.

The difficulty I've had in liking the David Shore-written and -directed "No Reason" feeds into my growing concern about whether House will ultimately satisfy me, if what I want from the series is not what its executive producers are interested in pursuing, or rather if what the executive producers want to explore is not something I'm interested in—or am not interested in anymore, if they've beaten it to death already. (See also: addict/chronic pain sufferer debate and House's circular and occasionally nonsensical existential crisis.) With the exception of his three first-season episodes (the pilot, "Three Stories" and "Babies and Bathwater"), I have not liked most of the episodes David Shore has written (e.g. "No Reason," "Meaning," "One Day, One Room," "Euphoria"). It makes me sad to think that the House series finale will disappoint because what fascinates me about the show is not in line with what they want, or what they want me to want.

Which leads to the concept of watching a show in the "right way," but I'm too tired to get started on that one right now.

Oh but before I go. I was listening to Shore's and Katie Jacobs' commentary on "Half-Wit" over the weekend, wherein, sadly, they once again thought they were being much more clever than they actually were, and despite having all of one to two episodes a year to talk about, were repeating things they brought up in the first season, such as pointing out that they try to have two things going on in every scene, but when the scene towards the end of the episode came up where Wilson comes in to House's office and does that little bow while saying it would be a grand idea for House to come over and have pizza once in a while, they actually said something thought-provoking: that what that scene showed was Wilson realizing that House at least wants happiness. I don't know about you guys, but I was so busy with the "awww"s and the subsequent outrage when House chose to dine with the fellows rather than his lonely, depressed and otherwise neglected friend that it didn't occur to me just how significant that conversation had been. Because it's true: Wilson knew House was miserable and had thought he wanted to be miserable, but in "Half-Wit" House proved he wanted to feel better, even if he went about it absolutely ass-backwards and ended up hurting (even if temporarily) the people who could have supported him to such an extent that he might not have needed or wanted the experimental procedure.

And that is all. Bedtime now.
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So, I'm watching "Fidelity" again for the first time in a while, and something in House and Wilson's "Your shoes say yes"/"Not gonna date a patient's daughter" conversation just struck me in light of "House vs. God."

Read on, Macduff. )
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Yep. That's why I shipped Wilson/Cameron at the start of the season.

Early S2 spoilers, not about the patients, and not all about W/C. )
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For once, I really like the ep title.

1,800+ words, somehow. And it's backwards, analysis first. Contains Buffy references! And big big spoilers. )

Oh my God, so past my bedtime.

Talk talk talk -- I'm leaving on Thursday with questionable Internet access for five days and want to get lots of House chat in before the possible cut-off.
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Yeah. So, uh... wow.

Not wow as in "House vs. God" wow or "All In" wow, but pretty impressive, especially considering how little I expected from this episode after last week's preview. There's too much to process from the meatier scenes, and a paper to finish, and a shower to be had. How about we do a three-things type post?

You know the drill; cut for spoilers. )

And about that preview for next week's season finale... Whoa. )

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Tuesdays. Could they be more awesome? New hornpipe in dance class, free burrito -- it was my 10th and the place has a deal -- RSL audio book came in to the library, and a new House. All's I'm gonna say about tonight's ep is, best Wilson face ever. And yay Chase having a part (sure, now we're given the religious reference). And yay Cuddy's gorgeous shirt. And yay House getting angry because Foreman's undermining his teaching style, and trying to snap Chase out of his funk and be a better doctor. And a few shout-outs to the fans (Cameron saying "Yeah, I'm a bitch," and Wilson's line about "I'm newly single..."). And House dropping his cane and running in his moment of panic. And hmm with the whole spoilers, not for the patient. )

For the rest, go read Sam's Three Things.

Quick rec: "House Rules" by [ profile] mer_duff. Funny fic for [ profile] hw_fest wherein House is bored, Wilson steals Risk from a cancer patient, two ducklings get roped in, and a treaty is revealed.

* * *

Someone at dance today asked me if I'm a swimmer. Apparently I have "a swimmer's figure," by which she meant not a fit physique but instead my naturally wide shoulders and narrow waist. I didn't know that was advantageous for swimming. Considering that my aquatic training experiences consist mainly of traumatic lessons in day camp when I was 5 or 6, I'm not sure if I'll ever find out.

* * *

I was just talking with [ profile] synn or [ profile] musicisbelievng or possibly both about how there are some things I really admire about House in a real-world way, including his willingness to be blunt with stupid people, and that it seems... cowardly, or lazy, or hypocritical, or something, to envy that behavior without emulating it. To a certain extent, of course. And I've found myself becoming snarkier, more sarcastic (yes, it's possible), over the past few months, especially when it comes to saying things that I really mean in a tone that suggests I don't, or making fun of people to their faces when they're being idiots. Whether that's because House is wearing off on me, because my unpredictable body chemistry is having a romp in the tetchy fields, because I've got a boost in confidence from LJ, or because the stress, my apathy about keeping my job, and/or my decreasing respect for my elders is showing more, I'm not sure. Don't get me wrong -- I'm still more like Lupin and Cameron and Wilson than is probably healthy, horribly nice and accommodating and agreeable and a pushover and passive-aggressive at times -- but my patience has been shot lately, this happy meanness is sneaking in, and heaven help me, I'm enjoying it.

I bring this up because today at lunch after a string of such comments to my hapless manager and an unbelievably sheltered co-worker, my manager grinned and called me a brat (not the first time) and made a comment to my favorite co-worker, who agreed, about how I'm getting nastier. I cheerfully blamed House. On the inside, part of me was horrified at myself.

I do suspect that if I could just shake the need to be liked by everybody, find a happy medium between the Lupin side and the House side, I would be freer without feeling like a complete jerk.
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Serendipity! Someone started a thread on the [ profile] house_md community for people to post their House-related dreams, so you are all spared the detailed description of the one I mentioned on Wednesday. There are eleventy-million comments already and it's only been up a few hours. A few of them are hilarious and some others are drool-worthy.

Isn't fandom wonderful? I really do mean that.

Have spent a relaxing weekend reading House fic, listening to Death Cab for Cutie's "Soul Meets Body" and The Raconteurs' "Steady As She Goes" (fic-reading marathons just beg for small playlists on repeat, don't you think?), having a sushi/Blade Runner/Hustle evening with [ profile] synn, planting tomatoes, sawing flakeboard, sneezing (gah, allergies finally kicked in), ordering some fun stuff from the library and, and getting started on my Slayage conference paper, not that it needs to be done and polished for presentation at the end of the month or anything.

Oh yes -- and I made this icon, which I adore beyond reason. That scene in "Euphoria" Part 2 was begging for it.

The glorious thing about being increasingly obsessed with House and its fanfiction, I am finding, is that it doesn't entail the angst/depression/longing of Buffy, the Vampire Chronicles or Wolverine/Rogue (X-Men movieverse), or the all-consuming heart-tugging tragedy of the Marauders or the darkness of Snape-centric Harry Potter fic. House... just makes me feel good. Don't get me wrong, the show and its fic isn't brimming with sunshine and daisies -- hell, House is a tragedy in himself, and these characters deal with death on a daily basis --, but I enjoy the stories wholeheartedly and guilt-free. It's nice.

And gods, but there's a lot of excellent House fic out there. Maybe it's because I'm starting from people's rec lists and a few fests, but really, it's amazing how much quality work there is, or rather how high the proportion is of great fic to hit-"back"-button-after-the-first-paragraph fic. I'm collecting links to my favorite stories as I go. Soon I'll compile them into a post, but for now if you're interested, and if you don't mind that they're in no particular order and all the non-LJ ones are left out and the tags probably make no sense to anyone but me, you can look here.

Either way, I want to rec a few at the moment as stellar examples of the sort of literary experiments authors are conducting and pulling off, and the sort of constraints they're voluntarily working within. Namely:
  • "Moments" by [ profile] thewlisian_afer - Part of the [ profile] 1sentence challenge, this consists of 50 discrete sentences, each stemming from a prompt word. It's not in chronological order, everything ties together, and her writing is alternately stark and lyrical. Beautiful. Wilson/Cameron.

  • "Counting" by [ profile] stormmedicine (my lovely House het ficathon prompter) - Told backwards in segments like "Memento." Wilson/Cameron.

  • "Seconds (of Chinese food and Cameron)" by [ profile] pennycase - Part of the James Wilson Fic100 challenge, this is told in 100-word drabble segments. House/Wilson/Cameron.

  • "Ballerina" by [ profile] finding_jay - Series of interconnected drabbles that made me think of a sestina for its recombination of words and images. Cuddy/Stacy.

  • "House in haiku" by [ profile] simple__man - As you might have guessed, it's told entirely in haiku. House/Wilson.

  • I am also going to mention, though I haven't read it yet, "UBI AMOR IBI OCULUS EST (Metaphysics: The Ticket That Exploded Remix)" by [ profile] rue_de_hoquet. No ordinary remix, this was cut up by hand in the tradition of William Burroughs and re-arranged and fleshed out, turning the original work into something entirely new but composed of the same pieces. She explains in her author's notes.
'Tis all. Night!
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It is a testament to how much I love and admire this show that I didn't really enjoy "Euphoria."

Let me explain. I don't mean to imply that people who did like it aren't good fans. I don't mean that it was not compelling television. What I do mean is, I was disappointed by how much the writers/producers could have done -- and have proved before that they can do -- but didn't. There were several fascinating plot and character lines they could have pursued, and in greater depth than usual because of the extra hour, but instead they delivered two weak episodes instead of one strong one. The whole thing left me with that same tugging dissatisfaction as "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie." Which a lot of people seem to have loved also. *shrug*

Details. Do I have to warn you there are spoilers? )

Final verdict: Tightened into one hour, these would have made a top-tier episode. Stretched out into two, though, they were B- to C-grade at best, as compared with "All In" and "House vs. God"'s A's.
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I was thinking yesterday about two House-related things:

1. This came after reading a fic in which Wilson narrates that "House had been an exceptional athlete in his time." (I've unfortunately forgotten which story it was, which is a hazard of reading a dozen a day.) We haven't seen much of House's implied former athleticism since "Paternity" when he mimed throwing a lacrosse ball with all his blue-eyed tweed-hat-clad pathos. I was delighted, therefore, when mild spoiler for last night's ep. )

2. This is doubtless of less interest to most of you, but I'm going to say it anyway: I realized that I'd never dreamt about House even though I've had several with Wilson and two now with Chase/Jesse Spencer (for no discernible reason). I was ambivalently thrilled to have had not one but two dreams last night featuring House himself -- "ambivalently" only because the second woke me up at 4:45 a.m. and that was it for the night. He did something interesting in it that's got me tempted to consider his interaction with Cameron in yesterday's ep at a new angle.

The other thing I've decided is that we are going to have a scene on the show where House -- and if we're really lucky Wilson will be with him -- is bowling. I'm waiting, writers....

Okay, on to the juicy stuff. You knew the big spoiler cut had to come at some point. )

When drafting this post last night while LJ was down, I wrote: "I wasn't impressed overall, especially not if this is supposed to be a 'Three Stories'-type knock-your-socks-off Special Episode." Yet there is a very long post here that suggests there was more going on than it seemed at first. Hm.

A few exchanges from "Boston Legal" that require sharing. Spoilers only in the loosest sense of 'transcribing two humorous bits of dialogue that have nothing to do with the plot.' )

Note to self: Add to things these shows have in common: Both Alan/Denny and House/Wilson share an office balcony and (only occasionally for the latter) have wind-down episode codas. Denny and House keep guns in their offices. There are an implausible number of cases Alan Shore and House don't lose, which really kills the suspense. The same actor plays Mark and Alan's politicking opposing counsel.
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Wilson should totally have been in the title of this episode. Thar be spoilers, arr. )
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Hohhhhhh... That was *exactly* what I needed.

For whatever reason, I needed House tonight like the titular character needs Vicodin. Is it possible to develop a physical addiction to a show? All day I was irritable and antsy, and when it came on, it settled me right down like a fix. I feel entirely better now. Weird, huh?

Spoilers galore. )

I am trying to think of my favorite line. Gosh, there were so many, as always, and teh pretty was so darn distracting. But it might be ?Foreman's incredulous sorta spoiler. ) Best out-of-context quote is hands-down Wilson's "I nailed his ass!"

In sum: At first blush, one of the show's best.
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Tonight's subject line brought to you by my sister, who dropped in halfway through House.

I have absolutely nothing intelligent to say about tonight's episode -- only squeeing that will be mirrored across the Internet by tomorrow morning. ) And Wilson in a dark suit, mm. Breathe.

Oh and also spoilers for the patient arc. )
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F*cking FOX website, that is the LAST time I look at your "House" page before watching the show. You managed to spoil the entire episode with your two-line "teaser," and I will have my revenge! Just you wait.

Sigh. And now: Continuing evidence that 'House' and 'Boston Legal' have more in common than back-to-back airing slots, other than being the MOST OBVIOUSLY SLASHY SHOWS EVER. )

Other thoughts:
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Wow, I sure picked the right two series to watch. spoilers for 'House' & 'Boston Legal.' )

This morning at work was awful, but between dance class and this, everything's all right. Three cheers for the healing power of good television.

Now if FOX would only show more than one House episode every three weeks, we'd be in business.
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There you have it, kids: canonical proof that Wilson is God. )

...None of you even watch "House," do you? At least not on U.S. schedule. Guess I'll shut up now.
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After cruising a few LJ communities and reading some of those fandom articles, I've had a little essay brewing in the back of my head about whether and how certain television shows, such as 'Boston Legal' and 'House' (okay, because those are the only two shows I watch), are airing comments intended as direct responses to fan discussion, specifically that of slashers. I just have to share tonight's clincher.

Cut for 'House' spoilers. )


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