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Star Trek XI set for tentative release in 2008, with J.J. Abrams at the helm and focus to be on Kirk & Spock's "early days." Stories here and here.

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Also, when the hell am I going to learn not to read posts with the warning, "mild spoilers"? I hate spoilers and avoid those things usually -- and you would think I'd know better after the FOX website fiasco -- but I am so trusting that people know what "mild" means and I tried one this morning. Now I know something I REALLY wish I didn't about the upcoming two-part House episode. F*ck, f*ck, f*ck.

That the article also had Hugh Laurie calling Robert Sean Leonard "Eyebrows" almost makes up for it.

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OH. And this morning on the radio on the way to work, there was the usual "ad" for one of the weekend programs; they played the "Spi-der-MAN, Spi-der-man" theme, and then the host started in about how New York has been a crucial setting for comics, and he said as the one and only example, Cut, because I am more sensitive than this guy. ) So much for suspense in the upcoming movies. Thanks for nothing, comic-savvy host!

Got me wondering, though, about the expiration date for spoilers. On the House boards it seems to run at least several weeks to allow for the difference in air dates for Britons and such. In HP there's a grace period also of several weeks after the latest book comes out. At some point all becomes fair game. I guess you can't consider something a spoiler if it's for a comic that was published decades ago. But by the same token, if you know there are ginormous blockbuster Hollywood Spiderman movies coming out that have attracted an audience half of whom have never read the comics, wouldn't you think you might not want to mention something like that so offhand? He could have phrased it in an equally insider way by saying What he could have said. ) Aie.


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