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I previewed some pix on Twitter, but posting about Friday's visit to the opening of the Vancouver Art Gallery's giant multimedia exhibition on 20th-21st century mashups felt daunting until I realized I don't actually have to write an essay on that history and the place of vidding within it, nor an analysis of the objects the curators chose for inclusion and the way they organized the collection. Because I am interested in and have thoughts about those things, but don't currently have the wherewithal to explicate.

Suffice to say that it was satisfying to see the curators acknowledge fan vidding as a notable form of remixing with artistic merit worthy of being placed alongside household names like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Brian Eno. Fanfiction and especially the annual Remix Redux would have had a home as well. Starting on the fourth floor and working down provided a more or less chronological tour through the many ways people have appropriated existing media materials and subverted, built on or otherwise transformed them into something new and wonderful. I nodded at familiar examples of fan practice's cousins (e.g. Jamaican dub, William S. Burroughs' cut-ups, T.S. Eliot's dense intertextuality, Quentin Tarantino's metacommentary on film history) and ancestors (e.g. Victorian photo collage, by women, fittingly*) and learned a lot about other fascinating members of the family tree both close and distant. I was particularly entranced by a sound poem written and recited by Kurt Schwitters presented alongside a song version composed by Brian Eno, Kurt's Rejoinder. Little change through time of the kinds of critique, censorship, copyright battles and celebration their -- our -- works have engendered.

*I'd been worried about how male-centric the exhibit would be, based on the promo materials and early exhibit descriptions, so I was glad to see that it pays homage to the critical contributions of women from the very beginning. The introductory curator's card on the top floor begins with Georges Braque and Picasso, but then in the second paragraph, there are the women collage-makers. Cuttin' up ur magazines, shakin' up ur art. "These collages were often enclosed in personal albums, made more for the amusement of small social circles than for wider public exhibition and appreciation" -- sound familiar? While gender wasn't balanced overall, many women were nevertheless featured on each floor. [ETA: More on that from] Heavy on Western work, though.

And now I will switch over to glee at seeing Starships! and six other vids by five other vidders on the walls of the museum! My original announcement here if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Also a more recent one from [personal profile] heresluck.

About the opening reception, how people interacted with the vids, and some pictures & video clips! )

More about the rest of the trip at some point. So much good fish, two excellent plays, contagious vowels, and a lot of beautiful First Nations art.


Feb. 6th, 2015 09:58 pm
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Well, hey. I just watched a movie that made me want to make a vidlet about it. And contrary to the few other times that has happened, I immediately figured out what music to use. \o/ Mayhap I will make it tomorrow; it is not complicated. Although this weekend is probably not the best time to post it, given that most vid viewers are likely still making their way through the Festivids masterlist.

Recs pending, btw. I have compiled about a dozen. Still have about 30 vids left to watch.

Commuting has been horrendous for the last week and a half because of the snowbanks/ice/low temperatures/narrow lanes/traffic/broken public transit system. It's sucked about two extra hours out of every day. :( That has left less time and brain for doing things like watching vids, and posting about this mediocre book we're reading for book club (A Discovery of Witches) or my expectations for the 50 Shades of Grey movie, and properly responding to thingswithwings' post about accumulating "I don't like X, but" comments until you feel like you are bleeding out from all the pinpricks.

I did go out to another MeetUp event, though. Successfully conversed with strangers about SF/F, check; got 12 out of 20 on a Star Trek quiz; and then played my first game of Slash with about 10 people. They weren't much for positing narratives -- just "pair someone with [character]," for the most part -- but there was great breadth of source knowledge in the group, and it was generally fun. My favorite pairing was Monolith (2001: A Space Odyssey)/VGER (Star Trek: The Motion Picture). I wasn't great at it -- in 20 rounds, I only won once, and I didn't even know the female character from Street Fighter (?) I'd paired Trinity from The Matrix with -- but that didn't matter. I'm looking forward to trying it again with LJ/DW fannish types. Oh, the stories that can be spun.
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Super brief and not really spoilery thoughts on the new season of Doctor Who so far:

Read more... )


Interesting conversations that have happened recently and may still be going on:

On capitalization in fic titles, over at [personal profile] roga's

What about doing a Vidding Bingo, by [personal profile] thirdblindmouse
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I had a great weekend at [ profile] con_txt. It was so nice to see friends again, and to make some new acquaintances.

I was concerned about the programming because I haven't been feeling enthused about any particular canon on the docket in a communal-fannish way lately, and because mass squee can be scary; but there turned out to be plenty of meta panels and entertaining moderators to make the experience enjoyable.

I also appreciate how, while con.txt is a slash con by definition, those of us who do not exclusively enjoy slash are welcomed and able to have discussions about a variety of sexual identities and relationship types in fandom (and life), plus gen topics.

In case you are interested, I jotted down some notes. Nothing fancy or thorough. has panel descriptions and mod names.

Werewolf Torts and Undead Annuities )

Small Fandom Dating Game )

Fannish Pictionary )

Vid Show )

Monetizing Fandom )

Inverting Tropes )

D/s in Fandom )

Not My Fandom's OTP )

Awesome Robots )

Checking in on the Fannish Diaspora )

Small Fandom and Between-Fandom Support Group )

Dubcon F***ing: How Does It Work )

Rule 34 in a Magical Universe )

Bi-invisibility )

Also attended a panel about tagging and another about AUs.

Note to self: Action items:

- DS9 essential episodes list for [ profile] corbae (post likely to follow)
- Riddick recs list for [ profile] monkey_pie (ditto)
- Read [ profile] bmouse's Garak/Bashir collection
- Check out stuff from Small Fandom Dating Game
- Figure out naming issue and start a new Twitter to keep in touch with fan friends?
- Grin and bear it open a Tumblr account???
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Part one
Part two

Okay, we are going chronologically-ish through the rest. This doc is up to page 11 in Word; I don't have the energy to organize it in any more nuanced way!

The Rule of Names )

Gender and Sexuality Across Cultures )

Size Doesn't Matter (except when it does) [reading and writing long fic] )

Writing Trans Characters )

Personality Typing and Character Analysis for Better Fanworks (Greg House is an INTP) )

Subtext Is Not the Only Text )

Femslash Fandom Faire )

My Kink's OK, Your Kink's OK Revisited )

Shifting Genre Lines in the Sand )

Fandom and the Law )

There were a few other panels I would have liked to have gone to, if they hadn't conflicted with something else—Hunger Games, Going Pro, On Beyond Pairings, and Doctor Who: Moff's Long Game. Looking forward to other write-ups on these. I see duskpeterson has already done one on the Pro panel.

What else haven't I mentioned. Well, I tried to say something in each session I went to, which was unusual. It helped to know a lot of the people. Starting to read other people's reports about skipping programming and hanging out with people makes me wonder once again if my con experience will ever evolve into attending fewer panels and engaging in less structured socializing/room parties, maybe as topics become less new and appealing. It's not like the panels have a monopoly on intellectual dialogue (I must remind myself). I dunno; I've always been more of a lecture person.

Whatever: That was my weekend at con.txt in a nutshell. A... really big nutshell. Whew! As Mark Twain might have said, I would have written you a shorter post, but I didn't have the time.

Ongoing list of links to other people's write-ups )
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(Part one is here)

Okay, apparently I'm not done talking about names, because I neglected to mention down-from-NY hannahrorlove yesterday as well as some other locals I don't usually get to see, like sharkie/wolfshark, plus new and/or vaguely recalled faces or usernames who have now solidified into full-fledged people in my brain—tell me I'm not the only one this happens to—like hurry_sundown, ciaan, lizweisharr, stultiloquentia, v_angelique and cesy.

The meeting of people began at check-in Thursday night with a button-making crafts table and the popular find-a-fan Bingo icebreaker game, where you look for attendees who match your squares. Examples included "not a slasher," "has contributed to Fanlore," "proudly wearing purple" and, awkwardly, "bottle blond(e)." I was able to help people out with their "has written tentacle porn" or "multifandom vidder" or "is a published writer" squares. There were more tentacle people at this con than you might expect! Sometimes someone had filled out the square before me! Throughout the weekend there were also sucker-studded tee shirts, stuffed cephalopods, and springy, tubular table decorations that were appropriated (not even by me) to hang Iron Man dolls etc. in compromising positions.

Thursday evening was also the point at which it became clear that [ profile] con_txt would reflect the general sentiment in online fandom right now re: OMG AVENGERS YAY, when half the group split off to go see it again at the movie theater a few blocks from the con hotel. There were three or four other group outings to see it, along with some room parties. Clearly I should have put up an invitation to go see Prometheus—still haven't gone—but when you want to go to the con programming and don't like staying up late, it's hard to find the time!

Anyhow, let us talk about some meta panels. Wow, we are not going in chronological order at all.

Old Fandoms Never Die )

Bring Back that Loving Feeling )

Age Disparities in Slash Relationships )

The Phylogeny of Speculative Erotica )

More (and mostly shorter) meta panel recaps to come later. Now we will talk about the vid show!

Vid show! )

Break time. Last post forthcoming within the next couple of days.

ETA: Part three now posted.
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Okay, we're going to have to do this in parts because it is taking too long to write and it would be too long to digest anyway.

[ profile] con_txt! Happened this weekend, as it does every two years in D.C.; this was my second time. There were many enjoyable panels, a party, a vid show, and meals with friends and new acquaintances. The local crew was there (cinco, alpheratz, v_greyson, ellen_fremedon, coyotegestalt, recrudescence, deelaundry, holli, kinetikatrue), and corbae, who I forget is not actually local, and linaerys came down from NY, which was great even though I didn't get to see her much. Most dearly missed from my personal experience was synn, who's on a long business trip across the sea. And kassrachel, but that is tempered somewhat by the likelihood of seeing her at Vividcon in August.

And that is enough about names. Let us talk panels.

First, I must say that Small Fandom Speed Dating won my heart on Friday as anticipated—and from the sound of it, also the hearts of many others who attended; it's been requested to become a permanent part of the con programming. ellen_fremedon and sanj set it up to run like The Dating Game... )

Most of the panels I went to over the three days of programming were meta or pan-fandom, but I did attend one show-specific panel and two impromptu single-fandom/single-actor "DIY" discussions. So let us cover those now.

Community 201: Queer (Meta) Narratives in the Contemporary Sitcom - contains general spoilers through S3 )

Tom Hardy party )

Star Trek DIY panel )

Whew. Next post, we will do some of the meta panels, and probably the vid show! For now, I need a nap to head out to see Riverdance tonight. Thank goodness for telework tomorrow.

ETA: Part two now posted.
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There's a "danger" square in this Kink Bingo line. One of my ideas was to do a vid for Claire Forlani's character in Meet Joe Black, as she found herself drawn to a man who turned out to be Death. I had a song picked out that would have worked well. (No, it wasn't "Don't Fear the Reaper.") But the more I thought about it, the less I liked it for this square. The character wasn't in love with Death and all the danger he represented; she thought he was a guy she met in a coffee shop, and when she finally realized who he really was, she drew back, disturbed, refusing to believe the truth. The [community profile] kink_wiki explicitly states that characters don't have to be attracted to the danger in order to fulfill the requirements, but I started to lean toward a different fandom where that was actually the case: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Specifically, Buffy herself.

(Yes, Faith is, too. Maybe more intensely so. She can have her own essay sometime.)

I started to edit a vid today about Buffy set to the same song in lieu of Meet Joe Black. The theme turned out to be more "yay, suicide" and/or "Buffy's life really sucks" than "yay, danger," though, so instead we're going to talk.

To put it simply: Buffy is drawn to dangerous situations and dangerous people. (~1,000 words. Some themes of suicide. A few series spoilers.) )

…Still going to work on that vid.

Written for my Kink Bingo "danger" square.
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First, some weather pictures for roga et al: )

* * *

Okay, so! [ profile] con_txt. A really well-run con with great people, slash-oriented but omni-friendly (though there wasn't much kink talk, unless I was hanging out in all the wrong places). And you, by which I mean me, can't beat the location.

[ profile] synn arrived Thursday evening and we chilled in general exhaustion at my apartment. We watched the True Blood season premiere only to realize, too late, that nothing actually happened in it, except for that one scene people have been talking about. Oh well.

Friday, the con began with volunteer security duty and an icebreaker bingo game where you had to find con-goers who filled squares like "first fandom was Trek" and "prefers OT3 to OTP" (also "has written tentacle porn"—surprisingly not hard). Cons make me eerily, happily social, so within a couple of hours I had a blackout—if only [info -]kink_bingo were that easy—and earned some raffle tickets for it. The raffle table included a John/Rodney manip poster and a signed photo of Joe Flanigan; I put one ticket in the poster cup and the rest of my bingo tickets and the $5 more I bought and the $5 [ profile] synn bought for me into the autograph cup. [ profile] love_keller won that, the lucky duck, but I did get the poster. Which, heh, ended up being uncontested.

Pic: Yay, one of my walls is no longer plain white. )

Then [ profile] synn broke the raffle by putting one ticket each into a bunch of cups and having her name drawn like five times until the con comm said she couldn't have any more gay erotica or duck memorabilia.

Also, there were panels! Which included: Love the characters, hate the show; rare pairs; slash and the dream of actually gay characters; SGA: DNR?; procrastination... )

…Why do these things always end up being thousands of words long?

Anyway, last but not least is Saturday night's vid show! )

And then the con was over and [ profile] synn and I ran out of time to do stuff and people had to fly home and I had to go back to work. Alas!

The end.
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I have friends who don't know each other who are entrenched on either side of a major fandom wank right now, and it is a very weird place to be. Not that it is about me at all, or the individuals involved*, but I find myself wondering at the social politics of it more than the actual issue at stake. Namely: How do you take a side? (Why) must you take a side? Are you responsible, as a friend and community member, to thoroughly verse yourself in the recent history of the wank and the posts it has spawned? Should you disregard all personal relations (if that's even possible) to attempt at least that much objectivity before approaching the situation?

*Except it is, because things have turned personal, as they tend to.

On the one hand, I have been on the receiving end of very articulate wank by respected LJ community members before, and I know it is not a fun place to be; that in the face of such reaction, one might become tangled in one's own defenses; and so my sympathies go to the people who are trying to deal with this right now, regardless of whether they are in the right -- if there is a right. On the other hand, from what little I've seen of the arguments, the opposition seems justified, and I suspect that if I didn't know the people they are criticizing, didn't know that they are good and decent and intelligent, I might more easily disagree with or dismiss or even insult them (though not publicly, I would hope) as others are doing.

And so I wonder: How can you side with the opposition when many of them personally attack others of your friends? How can you defend those under attack when you suspect that you agree with the people who disagree with them? Do you find a middle ground in which you defend your friends as people while potentially (since again, I'm not well-versed in the details here) disagreeing with their position? Do you stay the hell away from it all?

Or do you make a thinly veiled post about it and avoid the issue entirely?

ETA: I'm not looking for advice, really. But if you have been in a situation like this before, in any capacity, I'd be interested to hear how you dealt with it and how it turned out.

ETA 2: The argument seems to have just been resolved, although I'm sure it will take days for the ripples to fade. So while the questions aren't presently applicable anymore, they're still a good theoretical exercise, and sadly, will probably be useful when another situation like this arises in the future.

ETA 3: This isn't a House fandom issue -- you're not missing something!


Steering clear of wank is my usual modus operandi. It's taken a while to decide to post even this. It's doubtless related to my innate desire for mediation, my frustration with argument and debate, and frankly, my distaste for social politics in general. (The "who's mad at whom" game is childish and irrelevant, the thinking goes... at least, when you don't know the people involved.) On top of which, there's no way to win an online argument when it descends into wank, and there's certainly no way to achieve resolution when things reach these proportions. There are just bad feelings all around.

Anyway. Comments are screened.
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Hey, folks. Sorry for prolonged radio silence, both on the posting and the replying-to-comments fronts. Haven't been feeling quite myself lately; not so good for the creativity or the sociability.

First, a very happy and very belated birthday to [ profile] lysa1 and [ profile] noydb666. Lysa, I miss your wonderful sarcasm and wish you didn't live half a dozen time zones away. Here's to another year of your deliciously naughty fic and beautiful art. Noydb, you've got some fascinating insights and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. Many happy returns to both of you.

Quick update on life: Thanksgiving weekend was nice, if too short -- got to meet some new people and see old friends, cooked and tidied a lot, attended a concert (Ryan Star), saw a play (Little Dog Laughed) and rented a movie (Amores Perros -- unofficial Oscar nominee for Highest Number of Dead or Dying Dogs on Film Ever). And brooded, but that's not much fun to talk about. I hope those of you who celebrated had a nice holiday and those of you who didn't celebrate had a nice not-holiday.

Watched Goblet of Fire Wednesday night and noticed for the first time that Voldemort's tongue is forked. Guess I was always too distracted during the part where he's pressing his thumb to Harry's scar and imitating his cries to see the double tip when his tongue slides out. Very cool.

My brain also pinged on the foreshadowing of Arthur's "That's my boy!" at the World Cup, after Crouch et al fire their collective "Stupefy!" at the trio. Man, that line still wrenches the proverbial guts at the end. Relatedly: [ profile] kabale, you may be pleased to know that there's a little post-Patronus you-voice in my head that comments on the painful irony when the band strikes up at Harry's reappearance.

Hey, yeah -- remember when I used to post about fandoms other than House? Here's a little something to make up for it. Sort of a disjointed and hastily-written musing on heroes, solitude, teamwork, facing enemies and hitting rock bottom that I want to try to get down before any more Tritter episodes air.

Cut for discussion of *previously-aired* House episodes *only*, with references to BtVS, Angel, Harry Potter and Star Trek. )
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I am annoyed at The New Yorker's review of "V for Vendetta" today, not because it pans something I'd hoped would be fun and pretty -- that's the reviewer's perogative, and he has several good arguments, one or two of which have already made me rethink my approach to the movie --, but because David Denby makes some derisive comments about pop culture that were entirely unnecessary in order for him to criticize the film. This is the most irritating declaration, from the top of the second paragraph:
Pop cannibalizes and regurgitates everything, including history, and in normal circumstances only a literal-minded prig would treat graphic novelists or big-screen fantasists as if they had any responsibility to truth.
I'm still too steamed to put down a coherent response here. Feel free to offer yours.
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By the way, you can now see the Western-slash montage from the Oscars at

[ profile] metafandom and [ profile] daily_snitch also pointed to a discussion on the possibly impending mainstreaming of slash over at emmagrant01's journal.
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Last week was one of those that drags until all you're looking forward to is a chance to sleep and have an entire uninterrupted day at your disposal. Then came Friday, and the sheer indolent pleasure of spending the night in bed reading a book fresh from Amazon cover-to-cover and then going to sleep was a total cure. It'd been far too long since I'd read a book in one sitting, and this one surpassed expectations. God, I love literature. Would say more but I've sent [ profile] catilinarian my copy and don't want to spoil things.

My paper proposal has been accepted to the Slayage conference on the Whedonverses, so I'll be down at Gordon College in Georgia for Memorial Day weekend. The letter I got last night said mine was one of 150 presentations chosen (!), with another 150 attendees expected from five countries. Diversity has nothing on Accio, but there will be about twice as many people and a higher chance that some of them live around here.

Dashed off a letter to the editor of Newsday on Saturday after one of their big movie reviewers took a potshot at fans. The first sentence of the review was: "Like devotees of 'Star Wars,' or Harry Potter novels or new Xboxes, avid readers of C.S. Lewis' children's classics will be so excited that the object of their obsession has hit the screen at last that the quality of the product will be rendered moot." (Full text available for a little while here.) A few months ago this might have elicited an ill-defined sense of rage or resentment, but reading all these defense-of-fandom articles helped me articulate the reasons behind those emotions and equipped me with a nice set of linguistic tools for the note. They haven't printed it but at least someone read it. I'm just getting tired of being made fun of or brushed off for being "a fan" of something.

Anyhow, with all this going on, plus updating the journal bibliography and working on an essay on homosexual overtones in a Deep Space Nine episode for a fan club newsletter, I've felt pretty accomplished lately. I should probably be worried that my self-worth is measured in word count.

The A&E Goblet of Fire special re-ran (again) last night. I'd had the Lord of the Rings marathon on in the background while I worked on that ST essay but clicked back for Ralph Fiennes' little monologue and found it just as sexy as last time. I'd neglected to note the part where, talking about Voldemort testing his new body, as he shifts his shoulders he also bounces in his chair, maybe 10 times, gently, probably by bouncing his knee below-camera. He's going to be at Lincoln Center tonight for a double-bill film screening and Q&A. Another reason to consider moving to the city.

The long-lost [ profile] synn and I watched a winner called "Latter Days" Saturday night in which a superficial, promiscuous young California gay man falls for a Mormon missionary-in-training from Idaho who moves into his apartment complex and turns out to be suppressing his own heretical homosexuality. One learns to slow down and care, one risks losing everything he's known to be true to himself, self-denial and misunderstandings abound, blah blah, but unexpected offbeat humor and a generous helping of angst carried it through. With a surfeit of tasteful male nudity for those so inclined. Recommended.


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