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Once upon a time [personal profile] elipie and I had separate ideas to put together a kink-themed vid show for [community profile] vividcon. Unlike me, [personal profile] elipie remembered to submit the idea when the time came. But she graciously took me on as a co-mod when I realized what had happened, and after a couple of weeks of merged lists, spreadsheets, IM sessions and gnashing of teeth, we settled on our 20 vids.

We wanted to feature vids that portray kinks and kinkiness in a positive light; tried for a variety of kinks, tones, styles, fandoms, vidders, pairing/moresome types and character demographics*; limited the list to one vid per vidder; and made sure to include at least some vids that hadn't been created for Kink Bingo, so the list wouldn't all be familiar to kink-vid fans who followed the community. [personal profile] elipie also cajoled [personal profile] anoel and [personal profile] thirdblindmouse into making premieres for the show on short notice! Definitely watch both of them; they are great. One has pain- and consent-play femslash and the other has alien sex!

*Some of these efforts panned out better than others, but I think we're both generally happy with the final list -- and hope you are too.

Playlist )

And the shortlist of runners-up. Some we had to remove because we were limited to 20 vids even if they fit within the allotted time; some were alternates.

runners-up )

Bonus vids that screened during Vividcon that it's too bad we couldn't include:

Switch Screens by lola (UnREAL) - voyeurism woo

Anything For You by Willion (Furry fandom) - such a sweet story about finding one's inner furry kink/identity

etc. etc. etc., so many other great kink vids out there, but also please make more. ♥

Thanks to everyone who pitched ideas to us in person, on DW and/or on Twitter. You helped strengthen the playlist, introduced us to new works by unfamiliar artists, and sometimes made us laugh (everyone be glad/sad we didn't put in the mechanical tentacle porn set to "Inspector Gadget").
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Title of post because The Wise Man's Fear has all the faults of The Name of the Wind plus some fun new ones, like random ableism against a character who exhibits autism-like behavior, and taking a break from the very little happening to go on a tangent that leads to a tangent that leads to another tangent that appears to be leading to yet another tangent, only the third of which so far has contributed to the protagonist's ultimate goal. Is this how people felt when reading Tristram Shandy? On the bright side… canon bisexual background character?

Actually, my best (desperate) theory is that the whole story is a metacommentary on the construction of heroism and villainy and the nature of myth, from the points of view of both the heroes and the people who stretch and retell the stories that spring up around them. There is a lot of storytelling within storytelling and discussion of myth, from Kvothe deflating his own reputation to the revelation that fairytale figures do exist and have been destroying written and oral records about themselves. Still, 3,000 pages of self-congratulation and seeming aimlessness is a long way to go to explore this theme.

Yesterday I looked at the position of my bookmark and wondered why I was making such slow progress, only to remember that I've actually read 600 pages this week; it's just that there are still 400 left.

Before these two hardcover bricks, I read the equally hefty and aptly titled Leviathan Wakes, the first book the TV series The Expanse was based on. There was one striking moment toward the end in a part of the narrative the show hasn't covered yet, but overall this was an example of the adaptation being better on multiple fronts. I did gain a deeper understanding of the Belter creole and appreciated the explanation for why Alex Kamal's Martian drawl sounds so fake. I enjoyed assessing the changes the showrunners made. Mostly, though, the book was much duller than the show, its prose clunky and obvious and its depiction of women laughable. Have this excerpt from a Goodreads review:
Here is a brief list of how women are portrayed in this book:

1) Trapped in a box.
2) Sleeping with her boss.
3) Dead.

Game of Thrones. So far so fine as it wobbles off without its training wheels.

Scattershot movies and TV episodes for book trailer vid, which is coming along well.

Allow me a moment to flail at you over the unexpected delight of Horror Express, a 1973 B-movie about a monster-alien on a train that friend M. and I saw in a diner last month. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing did their usual thing, and then Telly Savalas showed up looking like the lovechild of Yul Brynner and Tom Hardy and managed to upstage Lee & Cushing in his only two scenes. IDEK what he was doing, but it was hilarious.

Here is his second and most wonderful appearance. Maybe you have to watch a scene or two before to fully appreciate the WTFness, because until that point, we were in a normal monster movie—and then there was a Queens-accented Russian general, vodka gargling, and whipping.

"Everybody's under arrest!"


The aforementioned book trailer. It is going to be finished by June 10 for a Vividcon deadline, come hell or high water. *determined face*

After a fun start followed by some fumbling, the Auction vid for [personal profile] jetpack_monkey is back on track; looks like it won't be a scramble at the last minute to polish things up for the June 17 deadline.

Did I mention Boris Karloff? Boris Karloff, people. You know you're excited.


Have been working with [personal profile] elipie on the playlist for our kink-themed vid show for Vividcon. We're at the point now of contacting vidders, which is fun, but the fun is dampened by having to ask people to encode their files in a specific way for VVC. Maybe not a problem for some, but a headache for others, especially for people whose vids are older, who haven't made many vids and/or who are outside our part of vidding fandom. I'm trying to make things as painless as possible and look forward to a day when conversions aren't necessary.

Want to write more and vid more but either no time or no oomph. May was work, work, focused on work, so much work to do at work, trying to keep things confined to work hours, then movies and TV and sleep the rest of the time. June should be better. It's starting to feel like summer. Friend L. and I went kayaking on the Charles River on Saturday, and I swam last night at the local Y. Water is nice.


Nada, but would like to get back to a couple of Inkheart stories in progress and maybe a Mary Sue thing. Have a half-formed dream of taking a few days off in June or July and bringing the laptop somewhere retreat-y.
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In a fortuitous turn of events*, I am co-modding with [personal profile] elipie a kinky vids show for Vividcon this year and would love your input on what to include. We have a good list so far but it would be great to have more candidates that are:

- lesser-known
- older
- from YouTube or Tumblr
- about people of varying demographics

And especially vids that broaden the definition of what we think of as kink.

All fandoms and tones welcome. Assume that if a vid was ever posted to [community profile] kink_bingo or if it was listed in [personal profile] thingswithwings's Kinky vids I have known (2009), we know of it. And we're pretty settled on which of thingswithwings' many kinky vids we'd like to use, so no worries on that account. :)

Thanks in advance! Any recs you have will help us put together the strongest/most delightful playlist we can, without doing a "Greatest Hits of The Kink Vids Everyone at VVC Already Knows" show.

*I'd been planning one last fall and began to collect ideas but then forgot to submit it when VVC put out its call for proposals - but then this week I learned that elipie submitted the same idea and got approved and very kindly was willing to take me on board! \o/
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Title: Feels So Electric
Fandoms: Hahaha. Multi. See complete list below.
Music: "Electric" by the DNC feat. Miss Amani
Length: 4:10
Summary: "Pure electricity. In my pants."
Content notes: A lot of flickering lights. Some quickish zooms and pans, if motion effects on still images bother you. A few clips depict nonconsensual zapping.
Dedication: For Club Vivid 2015 & Kink Bingo. Also on AO3.

Acknowledgements )

Embed, download, lyrics )

Or: What happens when you want to make a vid of the movie Powder and then find a song that invites you to add a few more sources...

Comments and concrit are always welcome as I try to improve my vidding.

ETA: This vid screened at WisCon 40 ("The Safeword Is..." vid show)!

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Been reading through the AO3 tags for JARVIS/Tony, JARVIS/Pepper, JARVIS/Tony/Pepper, etc., and quite enjoying myself. Here are some favorites. In them JARVIS is variously a voice, in control of an Iron Man suit, in Tony's head, in an android body or in a human body. And then, sex.

Is Kink Bingo still a thing? This would be yet another fill for the mechanical/technological square.

Most of these are happy PWPs, but, as always, mind the authors' warnings.

11 JARVIS/other )

2 Vision/other )
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(Okay, whatever, I made it and here it is. Forgive me if I promote it again later; not sure many people will see it this weekend.)

I saw this 15-minute film and found it really moving. With luck, the vidlet conveys some of those feelings.

Title: Awakenings
Fandom: "Machine Love," from Robot Stories by Greg Pak
Pairing: Archie/Lydia
Music: "Dr. Sayer" by Randy Newman, performed by Philip Aaberg (edited)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1:55
Summary: Two androids fall in love.
Content notes: Workplace sexual harassment/assault.
Vidder's notes: Unbeta'd. Let's also call this a Kink Bingo square for mechanical/technological.

Embed behind the cut )


Jun. 17th, 2014 08:49 pm
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1. One year in, [ profile] ignazwisdom's and my Star Trek TOS rewatch continues apace, with great nostalgia and humor. We recently started season three. Here is iggy's latest writeup, on Elaan of Troyius. Episode recap tag / Full tumblr. All NSFW on account of URL and icon, heh.

2. Famous on the internet? Well, not quite, but thanks to a friend, the pudding cups and Jell-O shots from that Kink Bingo birthday party a couple of summers ago make a cameo appearance in the latest issue of Transformative Works and Cultures, special issue on materiality and object-oriented fandom, article "Beyond souvenirs: Making fannish items by hand" by Dana Sterling Bode. Neat. Just wish there were a link to the full post. Looks like that's not journal standard, though.

3. I encountered this summary of Five Times the Inception Team Tried to Extract Information from the Atlantis Crew today on pinboard and found it amusing. Y/N?

--march 2011 by LLD_ONMEME

4. My lower calves (?) are so tight after three days in conference chairs, two flights and next to no exercise that it actually hurt to walk today. Whoops.

5. Non-spoilery nitpick re: this week's Penny Dreadful )
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No canon knowledge required for you to enjoy this vid!

Title: I Like the Way You Move
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick trilogy (Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick, Riddick)
Pairings: Riddick/everyone
Music: by Body Rockers (edited)
Length: 2:35
Summary: What's more gorgeous: Riddick held fast, or Riddick set free?
Content notes: Violence, action movie gore, bondage, issues of consent
Physical notes: Flickering/strobe lights in a few clips
A/N: Made for Kink Bingo. Mainly to suit "held down" on my card, but these movies are a bingo in themselves; in addition to bondage the vid contains gags, blindfolds, pain, body modification, power play, humiliation, consent play, guns and blades, shaving, suspension and wet/messy/dirty. Possibly more.

Embed, download link, lyrics )

Now if I could only make a Festivid I like nearly as much as this one... D:

ETA: This vid was shown at Muskrat Jamboree 2015!

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This is the vidlet I meant to make earlier in the week. It's an offshoot of a larger project that I expect will have quite a different tone. Let's call this one an experiment.

Title: Death and the Maiden
Fandoms: Meet Joe Black (1998), Death Takes a Holiday (1934), The Green Table (Joffrey Ballet/1981)
Music: Chopin's Nocturne in B flat minor, Op. 9 no. 1, performed by Vladimir Ashkenazy (edited)
Length: 1:20
Summary: Three embodiments of Death, seducing and seduced.
Content/physical warnings: No physical warnings, I think. Content-wise, possible to read portions as suicidal ideation. One moment (:36) has overtones of assault.
Notes: For the "danger" square on my Kink Bingo card.

Embed and links )

Comments and concrit are always welcome.

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Like you do when you're not sure how to fill a Kink Bingo square in a way that's true to a character or explores something about yourself, I was talking over ideas for leather/latex/rubber with [ profile] deelaundry, who suggested a quick-n-dirty (so to speak) picspam. Still wasn't convinced, but in poking around Google Images it became clear in that gestalt sort of way that I totally have a thing for lithe young ladies in catsuits. Kate Beckinsale in Underworld, Olivia Wilde in Tron, Uma Thurman as Emma Peel, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Rihanna in everything—hoo, yes.

And so: Let us collect examples all in one place, shall we?

50+ pictures behind the cut )
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So I have this "mechanical/technological" square on my Kink Bingo card, and it's actually kind of exciting because it means I can talk to you about one of the first kinks I ever knew I had, way back when I was about four years old, before I even knew what to do with the idea of a kink—before I even fully understood sexual arousal.

I can trace the genesis, or the epiphany—because I'm not sure you can say whether the media created a taste in me or awakened a nascent preference; I suspect the latter—to three cartoon scenes: two from the Care Bears and one from My Little Pony. Googling revealed that they all aired in 1986. I would have been three to four years old, then, or maybe five if I saw them in reruns. A fourth scene that I remembered once I started thinking about this post, from Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers, aired in 1989.

What the scenes have in common are conveyor belts and mechanical hands. Various of them also include bondage, washing/cleaning, sort-of-ageplay, medical play and noncon. For the sake of this square, we will focus on the conveyor belts and the hands. (I definitely did when I was a kid.) Warnings for anything listed above that might be triggery.

These are a few of my childhood kinks... (with video clips) )

In conclusion

So yes, I had a huge thing for conveyor belts and mechanical hands by the time I was school-aged. When I had my first fictional crush, on Dr. McCoy, the coolest thing I could imagine was being put through a Sickbay machine on a conveyor belt. I definitely had at least one conveyor belt-like dream with a series of log flumes, where flowing water replaced the belt itself. Weird? Maybe. But here we are in fandom, during Kink Bingo season, and it's okay to talk about this stuff. <3
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It's difficult to figure out whether this picspam/writeup belongs more in the "dressup" or "historical roleplay" category for my Kink Bingo card, because there's such an overlap in this case. Probably going with "dressup" after all to make a particular line.

All right, so we've covered how the characters on The Vampire Diaries love dressing up in evening wear and outfits from past decades and Halloween costumes and uniforms for school events, etc.; how they ogle one another in their unusual clothes, how we similarly enjoy looking at them, how they admire themselves in their mirrors, and how we get to glimpse them in the act of choosing and putting on clothes/accessories.

Now we turn to a related but distinct kind of dressup on the show: flashbacks to the supernatural characters in earlier eras. The Originals in their Viking-esque village or in the Middle Ages. Stefan and Damon in antebellum Virginia or the well-tailored 1910s. Katerina/Katherine weaving through it all. There is a fetish here for the historical settings and costumes, although this time it's more clearly on the part of the show creators for the benefit of (themselves and) the actors and the viewers, rather than a demonstration of what the characters themselves enjoy. In a way it's not quite historical roleplay, because the characters are the same, just younger; but in another way it is, because the actors are playing their characters in different settings. Different mannerisms, different locations, slightly different ways of talking. And of course, most marvelously of all, different clothes.

Because it's a lot of fun to switch between pairs like these: )

The multiple styles of dress are beautiful in themselves and call attention to (or heighten the enjoyment of) one another through the contrast. My favorite might be the long, flowing fashions of the Katarina/Elijah/Klaus love triangle. Reminds me of Edmund Blair Leighton paintings. I mean, even though the dudes' hair is usually ridiculous.

And now, the picspam.

Historical dress-up, from 40 to 1,000 years ago )

The end. Hope you enjoyed! I know I do whenever we are treated to scenes like this on the show.
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In addition to having a kink for throat grabs, The Vampire Diaries loves to play dress-up. The main characters hang out and go to school (ha—less so with each passing year; don't ask me how the group who survived to season four not only graduated but managed to include the valedictorian) wearing your typical contemporary teen-TV fashionable street clothes, like so: )

But they also spend a remarkable amount of time going to fancy parties and themed school dances. Which means we get to enjoy seeing them in ball gowns and tuxes, fun retro outfits, Halloween costumes, and more. And often we get to glimpse them in the process of getting dressed, whether it's going through their closets or doing their hair and makeup. The frequency of characters looking at themselves in the mirror is a subject for another day...

The second manifestation of dress-up on this show is the frequent flashing back to tens, hundreds, or thousands of years earlier in the vampire characters' lives. For Kink Bingo, I feel those are more appropriately classified as historical roleplay. Stay tuned for that picspam soon!

For now, let's take a trip through some of the episodes where characters in current day dress up, and admire everyone's access to a variety of stylish clothes and their delight in same.

p.s. I don't think any of the images are spoilery except perhaps in showing that some characters are still alive. :)

1920s-1980s dances, a masquerade and a ball, Halloween, graduation and prom, Miss Mystic Falls pageant, etc. etc. )

Getting dressed )

And that is that! Hope you enjoyed.

Put together for the "dressup" square on my Kink Bingo card.

ETA: Related picspam: Historical dress-up on TVD


Jun. 19th, 2013 06:13 pm
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Things to post about:

- Reaction to Man of Steel vs. reaction to Star Trek: Into Darkness
- Thoughts on last 50 Shades book (before I forget even more of what happened)
- Health/food/activity
- Emotional resources needed for upcoming NY trip

I owe many people comments and emails and I'm really sorry about that. I will get to them.

For now:

Kink Bingo is ramping up to its next round, which means a wave of thinky kinky posts. Have you seen these in particular?

Voyeurism as identity by gala_apples—a fascinating personal story about coming to understand oneself as a voyeur more than as sexual or asexual.

Tentacle kink in quilting by jelazakazone—not sure if I recced the two quilts jelazakazone posted as part of last year's Bingo, so consider this a double rec: a set of beautiful sea creature quilts and an interesting write-up on the sensory experience of making them.

Noncon, dubcon, and fannish standards by thingswithwings, which wasn't for ramp-up but might as well have been—about some problems with the "dubcon" label for fanworks.

Have been mostly lying fallow, fic- and vid-wise, for months, but find that I am looking forward once again to this summer's Bingo round; ideas are already stirring. Feels good.


Watched season three of Game of Thrones and the second half of this season's Doctor Who, am keeping up and enjoying with Defiance, and am ready for another ridiculous installment of True Blood. Taking evening walks around the neighborhood has meant more time to listen to Pop Culture Happy Hour podcasts, which are light and fun, even when I disagree with every host about Star Trek: Into Darkness' value as a Trek property and as an action movie. Making my way slowly through Michael Ondaatje's The Skin of a Lion.

I didn't realize how intense GoT was at a rate of two episodes per night before bed until it started keeping me awake, whoops. Loved sinking into the high production quality, as always. Likewise enjoyed following the themes in each episode. Yet, in the latest example of Obvious Epiphany is Obvious, while watching, I felt the familiar itch for something to happen, already; thought again about how the whole thing is like a giant chess game, all the pieces moving and being moved and getting knocked out and setting others up for destruction, the expert players and the amateurs and the lucky ones; a whole season and everyone moves like an inch on the board; and only then did the brain go ping to the title GAME of Thrones, duh, telling you from the start that it really is all about the machinations. If you're in it for the destination instead of the journey, it's going to be tedious.

Also had a fabulous evening at the ballet a couple of weeks ago when Tropical Storm Andrea blew through. Ballet Across America: companies from Austin, North Carolina and Harlem did a performance each and they were all fantastic. One featured three or four couples in different solid colors dancing in beautiful symmetries to Rachmaninoff below a set of dimming and brightening chandeliers. The second was a gorgeous piece about recovery from the Holocaust, set to Philip Glass, part of a larger award-winning work. The last (sorry, it's really flickery) was an exuberant, athletic, celebratory fusion of urban dance and classical ballet, cheeky and fun, pirouettes and booty shakes, set to James Brown and Aretha Franklin. All received standing ovations, well deserved.
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It is a melodramatic, cliché-ridden fic where the emotions possibly pinball around from paragraph to paragraph, but whatever! I wrote a thing! A thing which I have been meaning to write since a year ago this month (I think) when I saw this episode, no less. Because someone had to write this alternate scene, by God. Never mind that it is a Porn Battle fill that is 95% not porn.

Title: In This Together
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters/Pairings: Stefan/Elena and Klaus
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,822
Summary: Aliens Klaus makes them do it. Alternate take on the gym scene in 3x5, "The Reckoning" ( First several lines of dialogue are from the ep.
Content Notes: Noncon of the sexual and mind-control variety; voyeurism.
A/N: Dashed off for Porn Battle XIV for the prompts "school, compulsion, voyeur"; originally posted here. Since I was going to write this for *cough* Porn Battle XIII and then the "hypnosis/mind control" square on my Kink Bingo card last summer, let's also call it an amnesty fill.

'All I wanted was your allegiance. Now I'm going to have to take it.' )

ETA: Follow-up fic with sexier sex: The night is dark and full of dreams
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Four months later, I finally wrote the last section of this fic. And that makes Bingo. Whew.

Title: After the Enchantment
Fandom: Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Characters/Pairings: The coat rack, Lumière/Babette the feather duster, Mrs. Potts, a dessert spoon, Belle/various
Rating: R-ish
Word Count: 3,200
Summary: Kinks six of the inhabitants of the Beast's castle might've developed.
Contains: The kinks listed below, plus perversion of a beloved childhood movie, a few historical liberties, and elaborations on characters who aren't my property.
Thank you: To [ profile] anatsuno for fixing my French in the first line, and to [ profile] synn and [ profile] deelaundry for helping brainstorm the last section.
A/N: Written for the "objectification kink" square on my Bingo card. If we were playing onion layers bingo (or doing a simultaneous double line, which would have been great if any of these other kinks had been on my card), there'd also be exposure/exhibitionism, wax play, silk/velvet/feathers/furs, sensation play, pervertibles, watersports, food, oral fixation, voyeurism and gangbang. Maybe a touch of animal play. Whee.

Laurent doesn't think of himself as a naked coat rack until the Beast starts hanging clothes on him. And then taking them off. )

Comments and concrit are always welcome.
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Happy almost Halloween! The power didn't go out in the storm, and by Jove, I am going to finish this Bingo before tomorrow's deadline.

Title: Drink Me
Sources: The Queen of the Damned, True Blood
Pairings: Akasha/Lestat, Lilith/Bill
Music: Heartbeat sound effects by Extremely20 on YouTube + source audio
Length: 1:50
Summary: The power of the blood of the First.
Warnings: Full-frontal female nudity, blood-soaked vampires, femmes fatales, implied character death. Camera pans from ~0:27-0:40. Spoilerish for the end of True Blood season 5.
Notes: For the "hypnosis/mind control" square on my Kink Bingo card. This is the first vid I've made where I laid down all the clips before constructing the audio. Neat. Hope it works for you.

Embed & download  )

Comments and concrit are always welcome as I try to improve my vidding (and audio editing!).

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In addition to the wet/messy/dirty character/actor cups, I made items for last night's birthday party to score a line bingo. This is a diagonal on my card from upper left to lower right, filling the squares for anonymity, confined/caged, tentacles, medical kink and breathplay.


Photobucket   Photobucket   Photobucket   Photobucket   Photobucket

Close-ups and step-by-step processes behind the cuts:

Anonymity )

Confined/Caged )

Free square: Tentacles )

Medical Kink )

Breathplay )

Guest contributions

Of course, I was not the only one who brought stuff to the party. Among the other amusing, clever and/or delicious offerings were:

vanilla kink from alpheratz, a plethora of kinky drinks and ageplay items from deelaundry, a gag/blindfold combo from cinco, sort-of-vehicular from v_greyson, a furry cake from synn, and more. )

And that, I believe, about covers it! It was great fun, and I'm glad to be able to share it with you.

Will post the vid list at some later point here.
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So! I held a birthday party last night with some local fan friends and declared the food theme to be Kink Bingo. It was a lot of fun to brainstorm for, prepare, share and finally eat while we watched vids. It also took quite a bit of researching and kitchen work, ha, since I ended up making about six different kinds of snacks, but it was worth it for sure.

Photobucket   Photobucket

First, I did a set of Jell-O and pudding cups for my "wet/messy/dirty" square. Inspiration came from a Pinterest pic.

Close-ups, plus step-by-step prep shots )

Okay, we will stop there for Bingo card simplicity. Coming up as soon as I wrangle the photos etc.: anonymity, medical kink, tentacles, breathplay, confined/caged, and more.

ETA: And here is part two.


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