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Working a lot at work. Consequently, doing not a lot at home. My proposed promotion is still moving forward, although not approved yet. But I'm sad about feeling vaguely unwell so often. (No advice needed; docs have been consulted.) On the tail end of one of these periodic weeks of poor sleep, I had a gross dream about a manager in the office and had trouble looking at him yesterday. Then today my laptop died! Only I looked up the "symptoms" on my phone and fixed it via a method that indicated it was only an issue of built-up static charge, whew. We had an Arctic front sweep through last night; the same dry air made my lip split when I went to the library this afternoon.

Last weekend featured Boston fan brunch, always good, followed by fangirl movie night at [personal profile] thedeadparrot's, in this case Dune, for which [ profile] serenadestrong made a spectacular sand worm spice bread. On the downside, a friend moved away to NYC, and the whole weekend felt vaguely unreal because my ear was plugged for uninteresting reasons, so until these drops from CVS cleared it up I was half deaf and felt slightly feverish, maybe because I associate plugged-up ears with being sick.

...This is the kind of post people used to make fun of when they talked about the banality of blogging. I will stop complaining.


No, wait, I will complain about one more thing, because it is upsetting me: Last Saturday YouTube blocked the Ancillary Justice trailer in the U.S. and Canada because of the DhakaBrakha audio snippets (although it's still up on Vimeo), and then last night Vimeo took down Starships! because of the Nicki Minaj song (although it's still up on YouTube) -- no warning, just down, with an email explanation of the copyright claim.

Things I have done:
- Emailed the OTW's legal team to see if they have experience helping vidders contest copyright claims for music rather than video clips
- Emailed the Vimeo support team to gripe about the sudden takedown and to request screen shots of the comments and last known view counts
- Asked vidding friends on Twitter for advice
- Added the YouTube link for Starships! to the biggest Tumblr post that's been circulating, although who knows if people will see it
- Begun preparing points to make in the appeals

I believe the book trailer has a better shot of being reinstated because it only uses a small portion of the full song and isn't competing with the original. Starships! I'm not super hopeful about, in the same way I haven't been hopeful about previous copyright matches for vids that got denied upon initial upload, and that sucks, because vids are clearly transformative works and I wish I could articulate how video clips transform the audio (rather than vice versa), or form a gestalt with it that the song wouldn't have done alone.

Meanwhile, I requested a song for Club Vivid and it got approved, although I'm not sure I can make it in time because of the scope of one of my Fandom Trumps Hate auction vids, which I am going to post about soon because I could use your help.


Those SF/F compendia. Also Binti: Home by Nnedi Okorafor. I liked Binti a lot and was pleased to learn of the sequel, which was also good, except for how it's a CLIFFHANGER, sigh.

Next up, The Dream-quest of Vellitt Boe by Kij Johnson, because the Nebula nominees were announced and some of the novellas looked interesting.


This week I got to see a performance of Tennessee Williams' Night of the Iguana featuring Amanda Plummer and James Earl Jones! More on that later, I think. We do not often get New York-caliber dramas in Boston, so that was a treat.

Also a bunch of random movies that I will not list exhaustively but that included 13th, just as powerful as advertised; some movies my sister and I used to watch all the time as kids but that I hadn't seen since then (Annie [1982] and The Neverending Story); Cloud Atlas, which was terrible in different ways from the book (the racebending makeup was creepy and wrongsighted); and Child 44, an action film that was utterly unremarkable except for its cast: Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Charles Dance, Noomi Rapace, Vincent Cassel and Fares Fares. It took place in Stalin-era Moscow and Volsk so of course they cast Brits, a Frenchman, a Swede and a Lebanese Swede and made them speak in "Russian" accents.

Want to see Get Out and Logan. My sister will be visiting next weekend and we plan to take care of at least one of those.


Stephen Thompson at NPR released this year's Austin 100, a batch of songs by artists he recommends ahead of SXSW. I usually find a handful of vid songs in these -- among the 2016 recs I found this year's Club Vivid song, the song I used for the Chris Hadfield vid, and the song I'm going to use for the Mary Sue vampire vid -- and am looking forward to this new collection.


Posts and emails, mostly. Did I mention that over Presidents' weekend I added some pages to some very old Mary Sue fics? It felt good to get words out and to extend those stories a little, even with the inevitable self-criticism over things like "Why did it take you all day to write two pages?" and "Why are you still thinking about teenage fantasies?"

Off to [ profile] disgruntledowl's for dinner/movie. I made brownies. Before that, I made some mashed cauliflower. The apartment smells very confused.

Hope you are having good weekends.
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Fretting: I got some disheartening but not unexpected test results today re: health. Dealing with it properly will involve behavior changes and possibly-temporary pills. I am trying to approach it with a "you can do it" attitude, but it's hard. Dietary advice, for example, is all over the map. I guess we'll see what the nutritionist says at my next appointment.

I also have to figure out what to do about my knee, which has gotten unsteady, probably because I overtaxed it with high-impact activities; and now the issue has traveled up to tighten my hip, which has given me problems before. Perhaps I can find a physical therapist/massage therapist to dig in her elbow. Just, grr. I keep thinking I'm too young to be dealing with these kinds of issues left and right, but here we are, so I guess not. Maybe I'll focus on how the hip helps me empathize with Breq.

Also have been ruminating on how I'm not performing as well in my professional field as I am in fandom, and whether that's a problem, and why ego has to get mixed up in everything. That's a topic for another post.

Going: To DC this weekend for a friend's wedding, and I think it will be just wonderful. Seeing a slew of fan friends and celebrating happiness.

Watching: Whatever season of the Great British Bake-Off/Baking Show they've put up on Netflix. As people have said, it's charming and much more supportive than your typical reality competition. More attention to the craft as well. It's something nice and light to look forward to each evening. And a welcome break from Gilmore Girls. GG is enjoyable but after four seasons in a month it's time to mix things up more.

Vidding: Have four or five back-up ideas for Festivids sources. Do I start to make one before getting an assignment? It seems like something fun to do, but it doesn't seem right to work on an assignment or a treat without first knowing what the recipient is hoping for.

Reading: Finished Step Aside, Pops!, which was fine. I liked "I had fun once and it was awful". Am about 4/5 of the way through Master and Commander; it's funnier but also choppier than expected. Dunno what's next. I sort of petered out on Prydain.
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Was supposed to hang out with friends this morning but it was a rough week and I finally managed to sleep in, and it turns out I don't feel well, so that didn't work out. It is maybe a mini return of this intermittent mystery illness that started over the summer, which is unfortunate timing as I just saw a doctor about it yesterday and told him it hadn't been back since Columbus Day. Sigh. They are still sending me for a test on Friday so I guess we'll see.

Meanwhile I tried to work on my main Festivid and discovered we are at the stage of the process where I become convinced it will take psychotherapy to get me through the draft. :/

Fittingly, therefore, after giving up on staring at Premiere, I have spent the afternoon/evening watching episodes of that TV show In Treatment that was on HBO a while back, with Gabriel Byrne. Never saw any until now. Specifically, I'm watching the thread involving Sophie, played by a very young Mia Wasikowska. She's so great. It's like a less sophisticated David Mamet play. I would watch the two of them talk in a room all day.

...I have been watching the two of them talk in a room all day.

It's raining. But the show is good. And I'm about two-thirds of the way through rereading The Queen of the Damned, and while it's of course not as magical as it was in the early years, there are still many moments to love, or to remember loving.

And, to be honest, still a lot of ♥Marius♥-type feelings. I don't think I'd realized how much of my fondness for Marius came from what was written right there on the page in TVL and QotD. Lestat (and therefore likely Anne Rice) had a now-quite-obvious crush on him. Plus it's been a joy to reexperience personal favorite moments: his boot heel hooked on the rung of the stool at the vampire bar; the description of him crushed by the ice; him being all bitter and grumpy about what happened with Akasha's awakening and the elders' aloofness, then getting worried that his impudence will prevent him from being able to reunite with Armand, and melting when he finally gets to see him. (Seriously, won't someone write and/or point me to the story where Armand reads TVL and learns that Marius is still alive?) Looking forward to a remembered moment toward the end of the book where he lounges against a door jamb in a red turtleneck. I may have imprinted on Spock as Hanok Henoch.

The trouble remains that these few books make you want more, and then you read later books and... they're not what you wanted. Like, with The Vampire Armand (er, excepting Certain Scenes) and Blood and Gold, it's as if she shouldn't have expanded the stories. As if she's best, or you're best able to lose your heart, when she gives a character or a relationship just enough enticing attention and then moves on. And then there's hardly any fanfic to be found, whether because of the Geocities takedown or the cease & desist letters over the years or my not knowing where the right archives are, or all of those things. So no easy "more" to be had. Hence the desire to write, I suppose. For so long as it lasted.

How're you??
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Poor life choice of the evening: skipping dance class in favor of sitting on the couch and watching a movie (Inside Job—well done, as expected, though I'm curious what my economist friend thinks of it), because I am weary, even though it is the kind of ennui/lethargy that would benefit from physical activity. Also having a scoop of ice cream while doing so. Once again, stimulating the intellect at the expense of the body. Though one must be careful of reading too much symbolism into simple actions in one's life, as Cary Tennis wrote that one time.

Life is not bad. The weather has been beautiful, sunny and 70s with low humidity for more than a week. I saw friends over the weekend and went to a movie with a guy I like. In a few days I will visit Boston to reunite with classmates and meet a fan friend for the first time. Tomorrow there will be a New Life Experience in the form of attending a diagnostic physical therapy session because my back has been not right for months. I have been reading books again: Writer, M.D. last week, which was interesting in that it included short fiction by doctors in addition to the typical essays, and Abraham Verghese's My Own Country now, which is consistently engaging. Both better than last month's effort, Richard Selzer's Mortal Lessons, which is too overwrought for my taste despite recommendations from more than one person over the years; I couldn't take it after a few chapters. One day I may try some of his later writing to see if his style gets updated.

So. Just need to de-funk the mood and reengage in some creative project or another and all will be well again.

As a reward for reading through that, have a funny little AV Club article. They had me at the subhead. (They lost me at the last line and a half. But the rest was enjoyable.)


Oct. 29th, 2010 06:01 pm
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Dear friends: Some stuff is going on right now, and the good/neutral things are only most of the time balancing out the bad thing. Therefore I am taking license today to complain, even if about far less significant matters.

Unpopular fannish opinions, edition the first

Inception )

House )


*grump the second*

Things I wish I never had to read again:

  • "amber liquid"
  • "feet planted"/"feet flat on the mattress"
  • "bemused" when you mean "amused"
  • "woah"
  • "yea" for "yeah"
  • silicon vs. silicone
  • vice vs. vise
  • …Crap, I had a whole list of these but I seem to have misplaced it.

Anyway. Feel free to grump with me or offer happy things. I'll be computer-bound most of the weekend. Except tonight, when I am going to see The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, because I need deserve a movie after this week.
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Back from a long weekend with the grandparents, and off in two days for New York. This is the most exciting news in my life right now. Blah, blah, self-flagellation, but [info -]kink_bingo is starting and [info -]synn will be visiting soon. Also I finally learned how to do DW and IJ user codes. And I enjoyed perfect in a sickening sort of way by perdiccas (Zach Quinto/Chris Pine, intense consent play) and Imaginary Boys by busaikko (John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, trans topics) last night/today.

Have you ever played a game at a bridal shower that you enjoyed? I am planning ("planning") one for this weekend and hear they are mostly lame. ETA: Rumors of lameness have been somewhat exaggerated. I think a few of the ideas that turned up on Google will do. But you are still very much welcome to make suggestions....
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Thanks a lot, every insurance company I can find in this county, for refusing me two months of health coverage to fill a gap between school and work in case I get hit by a car or stricken with swine flu, all because I had a kidney stone and a scan for what turned out to be a benign growth two and a half years ago.

This is especially irritating coming as it does a day after Obama's speech about the ideal healthcare environment in this country. It may have wanted some substance to back up its ideals, but the moral motivations can't be faulted. Also, he's an excellent speaker.


Working a lot this week. Tired. A bit demoralized. Have more to do tonight. Dreading an interview tomorrow at which I'm almost certain I'm going to be offered a job. Dreading because I don't know if I want it and I haven't been able to figure it out since this became a possibility more than a month ago. Am probably going to take it anyway, and then deal with whether it's a good fit or not -- and telling my current supervisor, who is expecting me to be around for another several months yet.

But: [ profile] synn is coming tomorrow for the weekend. There may be a Tim Gunn event in person next weekend. And tonight is the premiere of The Vampire Diaries, which looks just as terrible as every other TV show that utterly misses what makes vampires compelling, but I was obsessed with L.J. Smith for about a month in high school, several years after I knew better, and it'll be really cool to see those characters in whatever mutated hypersexed teenage incarnation on screen.

("I'm going to eat you, Salvatore.")
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Fics this week seem to have gone over well. I was surprised and pleased by reactions to the Amber/Wilson because Wilson felt so ill-defined to me as I was writing and it focused on the kink rather than on them, but characterization of him and her and them seems to have still come through. And the SGA anthropomorficlet got laughs.

I can make a Bingo if I finish this WIP. But it's stuck. Needs to get unstuck by Monday. And I'm gone tomorrow, Sunday and possibly part of Monday.


Feeling kind of sick. I don't know if it's an oncoming cold, the weather -- tropical depression coasting by, storms predicted tonight -- stress, or the lingering cleanser fumes in this apartment, but my sinuses and jaw and the lymph nodes in my neck are all swollen and/or stiff. Making me sleepy and blah. So, blah.


[ profile] synn is coming to visit after Labor Day. Only for two days and a few hours, but we'll make the most of them.


Flying up to NY tomorrow and driving back to DC on Sunday morning; long story short, fetching some things for this half-empty apartment. Wishing I had scheduled the flight for next weekend, the long weekend, so I could see my old coworker-friend and the fangirls while I'm there. I miss them. I miss the eggs Benedict and mimosa brunches, the plays and slash parties, the conversations with [ profile] no_detective that always push my thinking to new places, even the crazy talk about mpreg and pundits.

I'm missing a lot of things lately. It looks like I'm going to be down here for at least another few months, which is not exactly what I wanted, and I only know my coworkers and the Laundrys. (One classmate was here for the summer but she's gone now.) I miss interacting with a group of friends at school. I miss [ profile] catilinarian, and I miss [ profile] maddy_harrigan, who I still can't believe is getting married ♥. Even when I sign online, I miss my LJ friends. Comments and conversations have been way down lately on non-fic stuff from the people I think of as the core of my friends-list. People are drifting away, to new fandoms or to their own offline lives or just to one another. It's my own fault for waiting so long to post about things that they turn into lists that don't have any depth to them, and for not having commented much on everyone else's journals for the better part of a year. But I still miss you.


Weekend trips to Boston (graduation) and Texas (work thing) locked in for October. I'm looking forward to Texas; hopefully I'll get to see my favorite cousin in the world, who lives about an hour from where we're going. Boston, on the other hand, probably will be bittersweet. If I have a job I like by then, then it'll be better.

I've got the travel bug back. Didn't go anywhere in August, not even a subway ride into DC, with job searching and angst taking up most of my free time. Not that that's entirely solved yet, but I want to go somewhere. Next weekend I have three days and no plans. (See above re: wishing I'd done NY then.) Ha - I don't suppose anyone wants a visitor?


May have found a place to get a haircut. (Totally interesting, yeah?) I have longish curly hair that could be really nice except I don't know how to style or take care of it properly, so when it doesn't dry right or the conditioner and gel don't work or it's humid, I throw it in a ponytail and it's flat on top and I look stupid and even more like I'm still in high school. This place in DC specializes in curly hair and seems to know what it's doing, even if on Yelp -- being Yelp -- a handful of the passionate reviews are negative, people crying that they'll never set foot in this place again because it ruined their hair. I just don't think another annual trim at Supercuts will be enough this time.
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Of the suck:

- I hadn't read the U Penn CFP list the whole time I was in school. I finally checked it yesterday (they changed their format! at last!) and found one soliciting book chapters under a theme that would have been perfect for some work I did in undergrad and at a couple of conferences and that I've been wanting to try to publish... only the deadline for proposals was in May. It would have been right when I was finishing my thesis. Sad face.

- You know how sometimes you have an emotion and your body produces the chemicals to physically experience it, but then sometimes your body produces the chemicals when you have no reason to feel a particular way? I've felt jittery and anxious and haven't been able to sleep well for two nights now despite being dead tired, and I can't figure out why. I feel fine. There's nothing to worry about.

- Also, my face is peeling, so on top of the sunburn that looks like a bad tanning salon job, I now look like I've got dried toothpaste all over me. I know you all wanted to know this.

Not of the suck:

- The people who put out the above-mentioned CFP replied to the "disappointed I missed the opportunity, but good luck" email I sent them with recommendations on other venues to try. That was nice of them.

- I don't have to drop out of Remix. Last night I finally managed to write something, after ditching Ideas 1 and 2 and fighting with Idea 3. I'm back to Idea 2, and for whatever reason, it's working now. Now if I can just finish it and convince some poor beta to give me immediate feedback...


- My mom is visiting this weekend, I'm going semi-camping with some of my classmates and faculty next weekend, and the weekend after that, my dad and his girlfriend are coming down for my birthday. I wasn't ready for visitors last month, but now I'm looking forward to them.

Two ellipses in one post. Hm.
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Last night one of our professors hosted a dinner party at his house near Walden Pond. Towards the end of the night, all smiles, (and in many cases, after several glasses of wine,) he was asking a few of us where we'll be doing our internships, and my classmate G. mentioned that I'll be in the same city with her. The ensuing exchange went something like:

Me: Yeah, we'll be the D.C. twins, in the sense of not being twins at all!
G: We'll hang out together!
Me: Meaning she'll keep inviting me to go out to parties, and eventually it'll work.
G: No, no, we can just go out to dinner or something if you want. There doesn't have to be any fun involved.

After a second in which we all started laughing, she said, Oh God, I didn't mean it like that! Except she's right. Ha.


I've started like four fics in the last week and none of them are going well, because by the time I get into them I realize I can't put off my work anymore. First of all, let this be a lesson that writing a story because you don't want to work on something else is not a good idea for the story or for you. Secondly, it's finally sinking in that classes end in less than a month. I'm not ready yet. I don't want it to be over. It's making me sad, and put off my assignments, and read massive amounts of fic in the meantime, which makes me hate myself. Yeah, I know, my problems are so significant.

Happy things: I had a picnic with [ profile] ignazwisdom on Friday when the temperature rose and the sun came out. Last night was the party thing. Today I got to visit [ profile] elynittria and meet her beautiful Siamese cat—who made her opinion of me very clear in the longest, most heartfelt growls I've ever heard a cat make—and play Scrabble and watch the first few episodes of Life on Mars. I'll miss being near her and Iggy when I move. But we're talking about happy things. I might actually finish one of the aforementioned little stories, which is not RPS but is the closest I've ever come to it. Wait, that's a lie. It's the closest I've come to it that doesn't involve former professors of mine. (Names were changed to protect the innocent, etc.)
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I've taken a day off from work after losing Saturday to Remix and yesterday to a combination of having slept only half the hours I need to feel human, going to a (lovely!) fangirl housewarming party, and deciding to try the train instead of driving, which translated to almost four hours of travel instead of less than two (although I got some reading done). The thought of using every night this week just to catch up made me queasy, so I called in one of the "mental health days" my manager gave me after the marathon project in December.

In three hours, I've already done 10 things on my should-have-been-weekend list. What a relief. I've worked from home a few times since the new year, but I couldn't tell you the last time I took a day off when I wasn't sick.


In fannish news, "Substitute" was nominated for an SGA Kink Award (voting is here). I was completely surprised and thrilled by the news. I don't think the little guy has a shot at winning, but as everyone says, just the fact that it was nominated is great.

I've never had a fic nominated for an award before. House was the first fandom I contributed to online, and I can't recall any contests except for possibly a House/Cameron one. BtVS and HP had many, and SGA seems to have several as well. This particular set of awards is new for 2008. They've broken down the nominees into categories; "Substitute" is listed under "That's… Actually, I like that (Best 'I didn't think I'd like this Kink until your story...')" in the slash PWP section. You can vote for the fic you like best in that category or check out all the nominees at the main site.

Some ambivalent thoughts on the process. )

Last night when I was feeling grumpy I considered talking about Remix and why I don't like when people log in with their sockpuppets and read stories ahead of time, since it keeps popping up on the f-list, but I couldn't figure out how to do it without making people angry, and anyway, enough griping for one day. The sun is out! There's fic to be written! There's soup to be made! Only two Mondays 'til House comes back!
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Dammit, I have to go to bed soon. They could have been showing the episode for 20 minutes half an hour 45 minutes already.


11:02 p.m., episode begins. AGH. *hits Record and goes to bed*
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Feeling Scrooge-like, between the lack of vacation others are enjoying and the unending stress of this project at work and application prep and the unapologetic emphasis on "Merry Christmas"es this season and the week-long (and counting) cold/sinus thing that left me with a drug-resistant headache for four days, all of which has made me unfairly resentful of people who get to relax and write and have fun and travel and go into raptures over Yuletide, I haven't been on LJ much. I'm expecting that things won't let up for another few weeks, and so I think Memoryfest may run from Jan. 15-Feb. 15 this year instead of Jan. 1-31, since its purpose is reflection and community, not anxiety. Also, I owe a bunch of people emails/comment replies (what else is new?)—sorry about that. I'm trying to get to them.

Not that it's all been bad; on Christmas Day, which I did have off, my sister and I camped out in front of the TV and watched favorite movies from our childhood, including A Simple Twist of Fate (oh, and how wonderful a fic would that make with John as McCann and Rodney as April Simon? Or vice versa? Ford could be the drugged-out brother, and...) and Little Women. Last Friday was our office holiday party, the highlight of which (besides a compulsory cornhole tournament) was an animal show in the president's office for the kiddies; some of the grownups squeezed into the room for that, including yours truly, who greatly enjoyed holding a gecko and a tree frog and a tarantula and watching a sugar glider squirrel pee on the carpet. It smelled like a zoo afterwards. I never thought I'd see the day.... And also, being sick means there's been time for SGA reruns (or SGA commentaries, when I wasn't even feeling well enough to keep my eyes open), so I watched a bunch of episodes I hadn't seen more than once, like "Epiphany," "Irresistable," "Conversion," "The Long Goodbye," "Instinct" and "The Hot Zone." Paradoxically, they're mostly better when you know how awful they're going to be. I also caught some House reruns on Fox and USA—"Daddy's Boy," "The Mistake" and half of "Hunting"—which make me remember just how much I loved this show in its first couple of seasons.

This weekend, finally, I'm feeling mostly healthy and fairly cheerful again. I managed to make it up to New Haven yesterday to see [ profile] maddy_harrigan and [ profile] catilinarian at M.'s house before they went back home to London, which was lovely. Presents and stories were exchanged, bookstores and godparents visited, tea drunk and food eaten, and family members and pets met (they have an adorable beagle and also a guinea pig, which I happily cuddled while M's sister cleaned its cage; give me rodents over cats and dogs any day). Cat got me Since You Asked by Cary Tennis, and thanks to M. I now own an Oscar Wilde action figure. Despite my decision not to buy any books, I couldn't pass up Lord Byron's Doctor by Paul West at the used bookstore; unfortunately, I thought it was scholarship about Polidori, and only this morning discovered that it's a novel. Alas. But I also bought The Future of Spacetime (because if you're going to get one book, what's the harm in a second?), and I think that will make up for the mistake.

Before I drove up there, I poked around on YouTube for some Joe Flanigan clips. It's funny—when I was getting into SGA, Rodney was my absolute number-one guy; I didn't think JF/Sheppard was all that attractive, I'm not into the military thing, and I couldn't, or didn't care enough to, get past his strange attitude and expressions. Recently, though, my attention has been shifting over to him, both on the show and in fics/vids/picspams/etc. Is this a natural progression for people in the fandom, I wonder? Adoring Rodney, who's easy to sympathize with, and then gradually becoming interested in Sheppard, who's a harder nut to crack? And wanting to see the actor in more things as you delve into his character? Hm. I never really had the urge to see David Hewlett in his other shows or films.

Anyway, some of the clips/vids I liked (which possibly all of you into SGA have already seen, but just in case) were: Read more... )

...And then this came up. ) WHAT.

Right. On to today's to-do list, and maybe time for another post later.

Happy almost-new year to you all.
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I have friends who don't know each other who are entrenched on either side of a major fandom wank right now, and it is a very weird place to be. Not that it is about me at all, or the individuals involved*, but I find myself wondering at the social politics of it more than the actual issue at stake. Namely: How do you take a side? (Why) must you take a side? Are you responsible, as a friend and community member, to thoroughly verse yourself in the recent history of the wank and the posts it has spawned? Should you disregard all personal relations (if that's even possible) to attempt at least that much objectivity before approaching the situation?

*Except it is, because things have turned personal, as they tend to.

On the one hand, I have been on the receiving end of very articulate wank by respected LJ community members before, and I know it is not a fun place to be; that in the face of such reaction, one might become tangled in one's own defenses; and so my sympathies go to the people who are trying to deal with this right now, regardless of whether they are in the right -- if there is a right. On the other hand, from what little I've seen of the arguments, the opposition seems justified, and I suspect that if I didn't know the people they are criticizing, didn't know that they are good and decent and intelligent, I might more easily disagree with or dismiss or even insult them (though not publicly, I would hope) as others are doing.

And so I wonder: How can you side with the opposition when many of them personally attack others of your friends? How can you defend those under attack when you suspect that you agree with the people who disagree with them? Do you find a middle ground in which you defend your friends as people while potentially (since again, I'm not well-versed in the details here) disagreeing with their position? Do you stay the hell away from it all?

Or do you make a thinly veiled post about it and avoid the issue entirely?

ETA: I'm not looking for advice, really. But if you have been in a situation like this before, in any capacity, I'd be interested to hear how you dealt with it and how it turned out.

ETA 2: The argument seems to have just been resolved, although I'm sure it will take days for the ripples to fade. So while the questions aren't presently applicable anymore, they're still a good theoretical exercise, and sadly, will probably be useful when another situation like this arises in the future.

ETA 3: This isn't a House fandom issue -- you're not missing something!


Steering clear of wank is my usual modus operandi. It's taken a while to decide to post even this. It's doubtless related to my innate desire for mediation, my frustration with argument and debate, and frankly, my distaste for social politics in general. (The "who's mad at whom" game is childish and irrelevant, the thinking goes... at least, when you don't know the people involved.) On top of which, there's no way to win an online argument when it descends into wank, and there's certainly no way to achieve resolution when things reach these proportions. There are just bad feelings all around.

Anyway. Comments are screened.
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From Thursday through next Wednesday I'll be down in Asheville, North Carolina, visiting [ profile] synn, who's now living there instead of 20 minutes from my house. It's her birthday Saturday, so the trip is partly a gift for her and partly a celebration of Deathly Hallows coming out and partly a gift for me too (five days off work! preceded by a three-day week and followed up by a two-day week!), since my birthday is the day after I get back.

In addition to seeing [ profile] synn and reading the last new HP book and exploring a new town, my biggest hope for the trip is that I'll be able to calm down from the stress of the past few weeks (months, years, but let's not get too ambitious) and write, whether that turns out to be stories or long-overdue letters. (To give you some idea of life lately, my current to-do list includes: pack, see a friend who'll be moving away while I'm gone, make two doctor's appointments, move all the furniture out of my room, install and test a wireless card, re-read Half-Blood Prince, write up Order of the Phoenix review, write to grad programs, possibly enroll in classes, continue to look for jobs, have my third-anniversary review at work without hinting that I want to get the hell out, research medical copy providers, write the two stories that are due in August, and prepare for two lovely visitors next month.) Gah, stress stress stress. And when I'm stressed, I can't think or write, and when I can't write, I don't post (I'm embarrassed to say how long it's taken just to write this crappy entry) or even comment, really, and when I don't post or comment, I don't get emails, and then my inbox gets lonely. And by my inbox I mean me. But who wants to hear about that? Nobody, that's who. Another reason I haven't posted. Yet here we are.

Um. Still reading? Have a treat. This is an MRI of my abdomen.

Well, I think it's cool.

So. How are all of you?
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I went missing the past few days because I've been sick, and not in the "hand me some tissues and a couple of Tylenol" sort of way but in the feverish, voiceless, head-explodey, "hand me another box of tissues and three kinds of drugs and oh my God, my skin hurts" sort of way. I am feeling much better today, though, if still not healthy. I now seem to be able to sit up and open both eyes with the light on and think and type for several minutes at a time, so I expect to go back to work for a few hours tomorrow, since I haven't been in since Thursday morning. Which, incidentally, makes this weekend the longest vacation I've had since July, and the only vacation I've had since New Year's, which just sort of figures.

Went to the doctor today for some tests; unfortunately, while he's marvelous and knowledgeable and will no doubt have a definitive diagnosis by Wednesday, he will probably be unable to tell me whether this was my body's twisted way of telling me I needed to take a break. Because that's what I've done for five days: absolutely nothing. The most I managed to do was watch a little TV (one day I will write about how much I love "The Return Part I" and "The Tao of Rodney," and how absolutely ludicrous a way that was for [spoiler] to [spoiler] in "Sunday," but I will say now that I watched Stargate for the first time since becoming an SGA fan and laughed at the throwaway line where a heckler at Jackson's lecture asks whether the pyramids were built by men from Atlantis) and read some fic and nap a lot, and also clutch my head while cursing the evolutionary processes that led to the development of sinuses.

So. Just as an FYI, post-House post not looking likely tomorrow.

Annnnnd... back to a dim room to listen to the baseball game.
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Another zombielicious week over.

Everyone is trying to convince me to quit my job. Cut to spare you the horrors of 250 words' worth of employment complaints. But there's an apt simile as a tasty treat for reading. )

Clearly the answer to all my problems was to sign up for the House het ficathon. *headdesk*


In one sense my job is eating the soul right out of me. (Mm, soul.) In another sense, it's just a job, and everything else is going just fine, even wonderfully. Thank goodness for art, right?

Tried "The Ninth Day" ("Der neunte Tag," 2004) tonight, since it's almost a week overdue and that's when Blockbuster makes you cough up the cash nowadays. Unfortunately, it wasn't very good. I think it was a TV movie in Germany; at least, I hope so, because that's its only excuse. Ulrich Matthes' beady black eyes and skull-face worked wonders when he played Goebbels in "Downfall," but he was impenetrable as Father Kremer, and I'm sorry, but I kept waiting for him to turn to the camera and yell "BOO!" None of the characters felt fully realized, some juicy ethical issues were glanced over while others were mentioned frequently but never satisfactorily explored, the concentration camp wasn't horrific/realistic enough (there's another post's worth of details here), and it was distracting that the film speed kept switching, from normal to slow-motion to sped-up to oddly quick as if frames were being dropped. I did like seeing how Kremer tried to adjust to normal life during his reprieve from Dachau. They could have made the whole film about that.

Well, they can't all be winners.


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