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"Oh. Maybe I'm more depressed than I thought": A periodic discovery by bironic.

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I'm taking two days off later this week. Going to see my 95ish-year-old grandparents. My dad relocated them last month from FL to NY for care management purposes and there hasn't been a chance to visit until now, with everything that needed to get done at the office. I am told there is a Family Night happening at their new nursing home; will probably be cute.

Planning on taking more days off here and there, not for travel but for relaxing and working on artistic projects. Want to finish Jinni/Dustfinger story instead of staring at it and adding three sentences per day. Want to work on book trailer. And want to make a good to-be-determined vid for [personal profile] jetpack_monkey, who won me in the Vividcon Auction. \o/

Finding out I will be vidding for Nate was a bright spot this weekend. As was, in a more fleeting way, a random dream about Garak/O'Brien (??). TV-wise, the two episodes of S2 of Grantchester that've aired so far on PBS have been so, so lovely. Difficult subject matter and characters who are struggling, but the show is made with such compassion and high quality that I find it relaxing to sink into. The Sidney/Geordie subtext doesn't hurt, either.

After not having read a proper book in a while, started rereading The Dispossessed today, since we'll be discussing it at the next book club. The last time I tried, years ago, I trailed off ~20 pages short of the end and had lost interest much sooner. Have higher hopes for this attempt.
bironic: Neil Perry gazing out a window at night (Default)
- You suck at this
- You've lost the ability to focus
- It's been a long time since you wrote fic that you intended to post
- The allergy meds you're taking every night make you cloudy-brained
- There's a tension between the style of the book and the style of your own writing
- The canon characters are underdeveloped and inconsistent
- You're best when writing dialogue, but one of these two characters has no voice
- Dustfinger rides the knife edge of sounding like a creep, which you don't want him to

There. That sounds better than "why are you failing at this, you stupid lump who calls herself a writer."

...Seriously, though. It shouldn't take four hours to write 100 words.


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