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"My name is [personal profile] bironic. I like things in space and things with vampires," I wrote at [personal profile] st_aurafina's friending meme in January, then realized my 5 Festivids consisted of 3 set in space and 2 involving vampires, one of which was set to a Byron poem.

This year I made:

Sunny Days (Dark City)
For onewingdippedinblood. My actual assignment.

Something's Going Wrong (Waxwork)
For onewingdippedinblood. I hadn't heard of this movie before reading onewingdippedinblood's Festivids letter, but watched it, was delighted, and thought of a vid song right away. Kudos to [personal profile] mific for guessing that I made this! #onbrand

Behind Blue Eyes (2001: A Space Odyssey)
For cherryice. Because the song match was too terrible/great to pass up.

Going through space with the world (Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield)
For thirdblindmouse. Because space and science and a joyous expansion into celebrity.

She Walks in Beauty (Let the Right One In)
For quizkwatsh. I'd been wanting to make this one for a while and wish it had gone over better; I wonder if it's because people don't know the source or if the vid itself is not compelling.

More notes on each vid at the posts linked above.

As for those vid-related remarks I couldn't share at the time... )

Also, it turns out [personal profile] elipie is the one who made "To The Edge" for me! Check it out, with vidder's notes. I know the subject matter will not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's a very good vid, at once cerebral and visceral, and it didn't get a lot of love and it deserves more. ♥
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I have solved the problem of effort by not actually writing out why I like these vids; will do so in comments to the vids themselves, and to the dozen+ others I enjoyed. Also, I will not say whether any vids by me are on this list.

ETA: Now with vidders' names added.

First, shoutout to To the Edge, which was made for ME by [personal profile] elipie for the French erotic thriller Stranger By the Lake. \o/ My thoughts are at the post.


escape the day by [personal profile] leanwellback (for quizkwatsh) - 10 Cloverfield Lane
Human by [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl (for kiki_miserychic) - The Keeping Room
Voodoo In My Blood by [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl (for evewithanapple) - The Witch

English Summer Rain by [personal profile] violace (for theletterelle) - How I Live Now

Little Man by [personal profile] odessie (for Little Heaven) - How To Dad
Gone, Gone, Gone by [personal profile] fiercynn (for niyalune) - One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Battle Cry by [personal profile] thingswithwings (for himundergreen) - Luke Cage

A Better Son/Daughter by [personal profile] eruthros (for cupidsbow) - RPF - Carrie Fisher and Gary - vidder's notes

May Fortune Favor the Foolish by [personal profile] actiaslunaris (for larissabernstein) - Galaxy Quest
Two Against One by [personal profile] seekingferret (for skygiants) - Blazing Saddles

Get Loud by [personal profile] heresluck (for Anoel) - Ghostbusters (2016)

You're So Beautiful by [personal profile] anoel (for eruthros) - The Get Down

Tanz aus der Reihe by [personal profile] violace (for bingeling) - Ku'damm 56

500 Miles by [personal profile] elipie (for such heights) - Pokémon GO

Notable especially for editing technique:
Wriggle by [personal profile] thuviaptarth (for Anoel) - UnREAL
Brooklyn Gamma by [personal profile] bingeling (for Scribe) - Killjoys

One thing I like about [community profile] festivids is the opportunity for exposure to unfamiliar movies, TV shows, graphic novels etc. So it makes me sad when people talk about skimming the masterlist for fandoms they're familiar with and then stopping there. Yes, a few of the vids will feel inaccessible, and some will be spoilery, but lots more are made to be enticing and/or to provide all the context a viewer needs.

Preaching to the choir here, maybe.
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Once upon a time [personal profile] elipie and I had separate ideas to put together a kink-themed vid show for [community profile] vividcon. Unlike me, [personal profile] elipie remembered to submit the idea when the time came. But she graciously took me on as a co-mod when I realized what had happened, and after a couple of weeks of merged lists, spreadsheets, IM sessions and gnashing of teeth, we settled on our 20 vids.

We wanted to feature vids that portray kinks and kinkiness in a positive light; tried for a variety of kinks, tones, styles, fandoms, vidders, pairing/moresome types and character demographics*; limited the list to one vid per vidder; and made sure to include at least some vids that hadn't been created for Kink Bingo, so the list wouldn't all be familiar to kink-vid fans who followed the community. [personal profile] elipie also cajoled [personal profile] anoel and [personal profile] thirdblindmouse into making premieres for the show on short notice! Definitely watch both of them; they are great. One has pain- and consent-play femslash and the other has alien sex!

*Some of these efforts panned out better than others, but I think we're both generally happy with the final list -- and hope you are too.

Playlist )

And the shortlist of runners-up. Some we had to remove because we were limited to 20 vids even if they fit within the allotted time; some were alternates.

runners-up )

Bonus vids that screened during Vividcon that it's too bad we couldn't include:

Switch Screens by lola (UnREAL) - voyeurism woo

Anything For You by Willion (Furry fandom) - such a sweet story about finding one's inner furry kink/identity

etc. etc. etc., so many other great kink vids out there, but also please make more. ♥

Thanks to everyone who pitched ideas to us in person, on DW and/or on Twitter. You helped strengthen the playlist, introduced us to new works by unfamiliar artists, and sometimes made us laugh (everyone be glad/sad we didn't put in the mechanical tentacle porn set to "Inspector Gadget").
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A good weekend.

I saw some fantastic vids, danced with a T-rex at Club Vivid, met a baby, shared in a Shabbat dinner, hugged and was hugged, and caught up with several vidding friends and got to know others better. There was one rough patch, but with a little initiative and the company of friends & acquaintances, it soon passed.

My first time co-modding a vid show proved to be a positive experience thanks to the best partner, [personal profile] elipie, and the 20 or so people who came to see it despite it being scheduled right after lunch and opposite a Star Trek panel. We will post have posted the kinky playlist.

My three new vids went over well:

"Starships!" closed out Club Vivid before the traditional finale of "Can't Stop the Rock," and I can't articulate how it felt to witness a room full of fans singing along and dancing as it played, hands up to touch the sky.

Vid recs, show/panel notes and social stuff )

Other con reports: kass, seekingferret, anoel ...

State of Vidding from Morgan Dawn
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Thanks to [personal profile] heresluck and [personal profile] corbae, it looks like [personal profile] jetpack_monkey and I have found a song for our Auction vid, hurrah. At least, we both think it's a good fit and now we will see if it works when the editing begins. Am psyched. I had a lot of fun watching the movie we're using, and will be subjecting* my mom to a rewatch when she visits this weekend.

*Not really; she said it sounds great.


Finished The Dispossessed and got really into it in the second half or last third as Shevek became more humanized and humorous (especially with kids and animals! cute!), more aware of the ways Annaresti culture was deviating from its founder's ideals, and better able to articulate the problems on Urras and their (un)solvability, and as he struggled to break through with his grand unified physics theory and get it into the right hands when no one's hands seemed right.

Flipped through Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll, an overstuffed, unself-aware mess that nevertheless had a few things to recommend about it. Content warnings galore.

Now wrapping up Deathless by Catherynne Valente and not sure yet what to make of it. Certainly makes me wish I knew more about Russian fairy tales and folklore. And that readers weren't so distanced from the main character after the first section. Some truly striking images, though. A bit like Uprooted with hints of Gaiman's Endless, among other things, but very much its own entity.


Grenade by [personal profile] fiercynn and [personal profile] scribe, which I beta-ed and have been remiss in not recommending. Full-hearted multifandom vid about self-sacrificing sidekicks who don't get the love they deserve. Rory Williams! Sam Gamgee! Sam Wilson! Many more!

Phase Changes (BtVS, 18,000 words, explicit) - a Giles/Xander/Willow fic that is locked to AO3 readers and so I assume I shouldn't name the author here. A diamond in the rough unearthed during an id tag search in the archives. Giles gets hit with a freeze ray; Xander and Willow, who are a couple, stay with him to keep him warm; things progress as you'd expect; and then the author truly won my heart when Willow has an issue with reaching orgasm and Giles gives them a sex ed lesson. Things don't end easily, either, as the next morning they debate whom, if anyone, to tell, and Buffy struggles with what's developed. Nicely written. Choosing to ignore the Wesley/angel and Spike/demon consciences the author gives Giles in the second half, like the hula-dancing "subconscious" from 50 Shades, which I remember reading somewhere was a holdover thing from anime fandom?

To the Victor, the Spoil by Annakovsky (Hunger Games, 13,000 words, explicit) - Katniss/Haymitch, Katniss/some other people, Capital corruption, Finnick and state-coerced sex, bleak and beautiful.


Forthcoming Mom visit + Passover = tidying up, planning activities & choosing Haggadah materials. Looking forward to hosting a couple of friends for the seder and using these beautiful glass seder and matzah plates I acquired in Tel Aviv while visiting [personal profile] roga years ago. Looking forward to pulling out of this slump, too.
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My memories of this round will be:
  • Impressive vids of atypical source material (comics, paintings, theatrical performances, social movements)
  • Lots of space-centric vids -- at least 14
  • Being happier with the vid I received than with the vids I made
There are some I haven't watched for spoiler reasons (Pride, Push, Gone Girl), and some I didn't get far into for purely subjective reasons like music choice and cut/transition style. But in general here are my top 20.

Vid recs behind the cut )
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Festivids is live, and I'm sure there are lots of fabulous vids in the collection, but it almost doesn't matter, because my wonderful amazing like-minded anonymous Festividder [personal profile] franzeska made me the vid I was most hoping for of all my requests, and life is beautiful.

It is for the 1992 movie A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia, in which Alexander Siddig (Prince Faisal of Syria & Iraq) and Ralph Fiennes (T.E. Lawrence) engage in intricate post-WWI politics while sharing gorgeous smoldering gazes.

(You barely need the "sub" in subtext, seriously. Look, even Wikipedia acknowledges: "The film goes further than its predecessor in showing the effects of revisionist historians. It demonstrates contemporary concerns about British and international politics and ethnic conflict. It also explores further Lawrence's enigmatic personality and suggests more openly his alleged homosexuality.")

Go go go: They Are Afraid of Us Together

And how perfect is that title, when Lawrence & Faisal are a powerful team who also threaten British/Western/white hegemony by crossing racial boundaries? How perfect and beautiful is the Persian love song -- poem, really -- [personal profile] franzeska selected?

Aaaah, it just makes me so happy. Look at those two. Look at Lawrence looking at Faisal in those film reels. Look at them so utterly in love with each other and tearing themselves to pieces over their choices and the bigotry of & backstabbing by those around them. Look at those eyes and those hands and that intensity.

I haven't seen the movie in more than 10 years. Need to track down a copy and rewatch, in order to better appreciate the nuances of the story here.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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I laughed, I cried, I marveled at people's skills. Or: favorite new & new-to-me vids of those I saw at the con. I only went to two of the ten non-plenary vid shows, so there will surely be more to rec from the streams/DVDs. Stay tuned.

*denotes super-favorites

25 recs + commentary )

Will add the rest of the links as they become available. Will also follow up with recs from the vid shows I haven't yet seen, including a good chunk of Club Vivid.

See also: half a dozen recs in yesterday's con report.

Meanwhile, a full list of what showed at VVC can be found at
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I had a great time at Vividcon this weekend. It was my third time going, over a span of six years, and each one has felt more comfortable than the last. I learn more about the history of vidding and vidders and pick up more skills and get to know more people, or get to know people better.

This year's new experience was encountering again and again people's love for Starships. It just fills my heart with joy that it makes people so happy, and it's surreal (but also a thrill) to, for example, hear it mentioned as an annual Club Vivid favorite, or to learn that it was included in a suite of vids that helped convince a college to archive older fanvids. Although I have not yet learned how to react to effusive compliments, eep.

Social-type highlights of the con: cosplay, Shabbat, conversation, and more )

Panels )

And with that, I am out of brain. Choosing to blame all the adjectives and "to be" constructions in this post on the fact that I haven't had a full night's sleep in a week! Vid recs to follow at some point here.

ETA: Other people's con reports: giandujakiss, kass, sheafrotherdon, jetpack_monkey, ghost-lingering on the fandom-specific panels


Jun. 27th, 2015 08:45 am
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1. Current events: NOT terrible. Well done, America!

2. I posted two small fics this week for the book/movie Inkheart. The first has a little primer intro, since I assume few of you know the source:
Last Song Before Morning, Dustfinger/Resa, 2,200 words

Break, Blow, Burn (And Make Me New), Dustfinger/Farid, 1,500 words
Not counting one remix, those are the first stories I've posted since January 2013.

3. I know it's a small and not very active fandom, and that even with advertising on Tumblr/Twitter/DW/LJ/AO3/, it'll take some time for people who are in it to wander over and find them. So I understand why the stories have only gotten a handful of hits so far. But I admit I'm sad that they have no comments. I thought at least a few friends would give them a try and share their thoughts, good or bad. I guess my insecurity is higher than usual because the voice of these fics, in an attempt to match that of the books, is different from what I'm used to.

And I feel weird even talking about it here because it sounds like I'm trying to guilt people into reading them.

In addition to which, it made me realize that I'm guilty of the same thing. Several friends have posted stories recently in fandoms I'm not familiar with, and I didn't give them a try. Which is something I can make more of an effort to rectify.

4. Vid rec: Wasteland by [personal profile] amnisias (Grantchester, Sidney, Sidney/community, Sidney/Geordie). Lovely lovely lovely look at living with internal and external conflicts and traumas, and, as [personal profile] no_detective put it, finding grace in everyday life. It's striking how "wasteland" seems to contradict the greenery of Grantchester and the simple joys shown in the opening clips before the story cracks open. How the narrative slides down into addiction and murder and war and loneliness, then pulls back up to laughter and human connection.

I had the pleasure of helping beta this vid and now it is a great joy to point you all to it.

5. Should be a nice weekend ahead with a mix of solitude/chores and socializing. One-man Star Wars show this afternoon. :) Then probably visiting my dad in NY next weekend for the holiday.
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Happy Passover, Passover celebrators. As I eat scrambled egg over matzoh, I encourage you to (re)watch [ profile] jetpack_monkey's vid Moves Like Yahweh for a dose of plague-filled, irreverent joy.

Happy National Poetry Month, poetry lovers. I am taking this occasion to -- incredibly belatedly -- rec a podfic (podpoem) [ profile] susan_voight recorded of my SGA sestina, An Unanticipated Side Effect of Dosing Oneself with Wraith Enzyme to Deliver an Important Message. Susan did a regular version that is quite easy to understand, as well as a super-fast version (my personal favorite of the two) that mimics the way McKay's mind was racing. I'd always wanted to hear the poem read aloud like this, and am so happy these exist in the world. Give them a listen if you're interested, and be sure to leave Susan some feedback!

State of me: Long and boring story short, I had some unexpected issues for a couple of weeks but now things seem to be back to normal, i.e. I can get things done and string two sentences together and not vibrate out of my skin with anxiety. It's April; the snow is almost all melted, and we had a thunderstorm at something like 5 o'clock this morning.

On the docket for the day:

- Matinee of Furious 7 with friends and friends-of-friends
- Do overdue beta of friend's vid
- Rip the last of the DVDs for Club Vivid vid, and lay down more clips
- Laundry
- Group watch of Into the Woods
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Here are the rest of my favorites from this year's [ profile] festivids masterlist. The ones I find myself watching again and again are marked with a ♥.

Due to an uncharacteristic bout of textual self-restraint, I did not elaborate on why these are particular favorites. My comments on the original vid posts pretty much encompass everything. But feel free to ask, if you are interested!

ETA Feb. 14: Now with vidder names.

30-40 recs, including half a dozen super-favorites )

My vid(s) may or may not be included in the above list. *steepled villain fingers*
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[ profile] festivids is live. The snow is once more falling thickly. Life could be worse.


This year I received a vid for a source I was particularly hoping for, the movie Take Shelter: Things That Scare Me by [ profile] cherryice. Thank you, Cherry!

The vid, like the film, is deeply unsettling... )


I also received a teeny tiny microvid as part of the incredible effort that [personal profile] ghost_lingering put into making Silent Fandoms. Dozens and dozens of minivids + a meta tribute to Festivids itself )


I have conflicting feelings about how the vids I submitted are doing, and the limits of my own capabilities, and aesthetics and trends and stuff. Holding those thoughts for later, if at all. Aside from that, the viewing experience has been good so far. Vid quality is pretty consistent. I've made it through less than a third of the collection 99 vids and am holding recs for now. Meantime, I will leave you with some choice quotes from a Festivids-watching get-together last night at [ profile] laura47's. Another way to play "guess the vid."

[ profile] laura47: That's the best way to be bisexual.
[personal profile] scribe: Be Batman?

[ profile] meretricula: That was actually pretty sweet.
[ profile] shati: I thought his hand would get sliced off at the end.

[ profile] meretricula: The one with the kind of blank-stare face is the protagonist.
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1. [ profile] muskratjamboree is taking suggestions for the vid show. This will be the last MJ and therefore the last MJ vid show, alas. If you are going to MJ and you like vids, consider nominating something to balance out all the One Direction and Teen Wolf recs? Heh. I am scared all over again about Wall Of Squee at the con. Guessing I'll be favoring the meta panel track over the fandom-specific one.

2. [ profile] thedeadparrot made a Legend of Zelda vid that is really lovely and compelling and a little spooky IMO in a good way, but hardly anyone has watched it. Which is sad. You should watch it. If it had been part of Festivids, I think it would have received a lot of positive feedback. For what it's worth, I don't know much about Legend of Zelda and it didn't matter.


Dec. 14th, 2014 02:31 pm
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Thank @#&%!, this vid draft is going to work. Third time's the charm, et cetera.

Last night [personal profile] unfinishedidea introduced a couple of us to this awesome video mashup series called Filmography. Tone shifts! The technology sequence in 2012! This woman stitches together meta trailers from hundreds of the year's top movies. Well, stitched. No sooner did we watch 2010-2013 than we learned she isn't planning to make any more. :(

ETA: Although there is this, by Pteryx, which incorporates TV as well.

I also learned -- or relearned? -- about DJ Earworm. It was an educational evening.

Okay, back to work. Happy Sunday.
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I had a great weekend at [ profile] con_txt. It was so nice to see friends again, and to make some new acquaintances.

I was concerned about the programming because I haven't been feeling enthused about any particular canon on the docket in a communal-fannish way lately, and because mass squee can be scary; but there turned out to be plenty of meta panels and entertaining moderators to make the experience enjoyable.

I also appreciate how, while con.txt is a slash con by definition, those of us who do not exclusively enjoy slash are welcomed and able to have discussions about a variety of sexual identities and relationship types in fandom (and life), plus gen topics.

In case you are interested, I jotted down some notes. Nothing fancy or thorough. has panel descriptions and mod names.

Werewolf Torts and Undead Annuities )

Small Fandom Dating Game )

Fannish Pictionary )

Vid Show )

Monetizing Fandom )

Inverting Tropes )

D/s in Fandom )

Not My Fandom's OTP )

Awesome Robots )

Checking in on the Fannish Diaspora )

Small Fandom and Between-Fandom Support Group )

Dubcon F***ing: How Does It Work )

Rule 34 in a Magical Universe )

Bi-invisibility )

Also attended a panel about tagging and another about AUs.

Note to self: Action items:

- DS9 essential episodes list for [ profile] corbae (post likely to follow)
- Riddick recs list for [ profile] monkey_pie (ditto)
- Read [ profile] bmouse's Garak/Bashir collection
- Check out stuff from Small Fandom Dating Game
- Figure out naming issue and start a new Twitter to keep in touch with fan friends?
- Grin and bear it open a Tumblr account???
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OMG, the amount of angst that has gone into putting together a [ profile] festivids recs post. I am embarrassed to admit! But apparently not so embarrassed that I won't tell you about it.

I don't know what the problem is. No, yes, I do -- made-up pressure to rec all the "good" ones like a guide, like a test proving I understand what makes a good vid. This is not a guide. It is a pointer to my favorites. (Even that feels like too definitive a statement. There may be vids in this post that I won't like as much later. There may be vids in the masterlist that will grow on me if/when given more attention.) Also the sheer number of vids means there are more good ones, which means it's harder to decide where to stop here. Also also, I think there's this worry I'll discover after reveals that I didn't include something by my favorite vidders, like that would invalidate whom I think I like or something.

ANYWAY. Here are the ones I've rewatched most, followed by others that clicked with or stood out for me, for whatever reason -- editing style, music choice, emotional impact, ability to understand the thesis, audiovisual quality, a touch of magic, that old mix of objective and subjective variables.

(...Normal people just open with "Festivids recs!", don't they.)

Favorites, in alphabetical order
  • Breathe Me by [ profile] kj_svala (Defiance) - If you don't know the show, this doesn't give you the whole picture of Irisa, but as far as her more vulnerable side goes, this really conveys the heart and the importance of her relationship with Nolan. The pair of hugs at ~2:20 are especially moving to me.
  • No Church in the Wild by [ profile] obsessive24 (The Tudors) - It took three or four watches and a couple of readings of the lyrics to grasp what was being done here, and it's remarkable. Power, corruption, religion, futility.
  • Paradise Circus by [ profile] chaila (Stoker) - Striking repetitions of imagery; creepy; wrong; beautiful. Convinced me I need to see the movie after all.
  • The Red Shoes by [personal profile] luminosity (The Red Shoes) - Haunting phantasmagoria melds with an increasingly intense/distraught reality. Most people are reccing the other vid for this movie, "Toxic," but the music choice there didn't work for me. I didn't much care for the movie when I saw it years ago, but this was enthralling. Five minutes pass like two.
  • Sleep No More by [ profile] isagel (Strange Days) - As previously recced. Mace, kicking ass and trying to wake up Lenny before the city and everyone they love falls apart around them.
  • Who Are You, Really? by [ profile] obsessive24 (Dredd) - How often do you say you wish a vid were longer? I don't know much about Dredd but there are countless moments of real beauty in this: the guards getting shot in their viewing room, the bullet shells piling up.
  • Wish by [ profile] sol_se (Arena) - This movie has been in my Netflix queue for a vid I plan to make, and now I'm bumping it up, because wow, was this vid dark and compelling. The song reminds me of that mind-bending Vividcon vid of The Cell a few years ago.
Also really liked, in no particular order

30ish recs )

Let's see: That's 16 for sources I've seen and 23 for those I haven't.

And now, to errands/work. [ profile] festivids-watching party later with local fanpeople! Looking forward to that.
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Masterlist is live, and there are more than 200 vids to ingest. *evil mastermind hands* So much for getting work done today.

A few links straight off:

Mine mine mine. Someone made me a vid for the underappreciated Ralph Fiennes/Angela Bassett SF Y2K movie Strange Days, Strange Times, which somehow manages to cram in pretty much everything I mentioned in my Dear Festividder letter. Action, confusion, anarchy, virtual reality, corruption, drugs, sex (consensual and non-), betrayal. Set to The Black Keys, no less.

And hey, not one but three Strange Days vids this year! Sleep No More by ? knocks it out of the park with a Janelle Monae song and great editing. From all the different facets of "walking dead," to Mace shaking Lenny back into reality physically and metaphorically, to perfect little moments like the "bling" watch/"soul" hand shake. Meanwhile, Head in the Sand by ? uses a dark, Rammstein-like song in I think Afrikaans to great effect in capturing the whirl of perverted action and the confusion of reality and VR that so many of the characters deal with.

Then I watched the two vids for Defiance, because I like that show and it was another source I'd requested. Promptly teared up at Breath Me by ? (which I think is supposed to be "Breathe Me"?), a delve into Irisa's fragile/troubled side and the importance of her father-daughter relationship with Nolan. And! Turns out I am among the several recipients of Who will save us? by ?, a vidlet set during the pilot in which the motley crew of outsiders joins together to fight a common enemy before trying to integrate into the town-family. Yay. I have never received a treat before.

Soooo many morrrre vidsssss to try.
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1. The busiest week of the month is over, and I can turn my attention to things like cooking and cleaning and my festivid. This of course means that I have lost inspiration for it. :( I need to either buckle down and see if this song will work after all, or find a new one. Somewhere.

2. In browsing arts markets and whatnot for Christmas-celebrating friends and family, I found this anatomy bracelet and bought it for myself. I don't tend to buy things for myself that aren't food, clothes or books, so it took some convincing, but I really like it. (I did get two used cookbooks for a few dollars that are as much technique as recipes: one on salad greens and dressings, and one on chicken.) I also now have, after being financially careful since moving up here, a TV! It is a real, grownup TV. I have never had a grownup TV; only a little portable one in college and the old CRT in my last apartment. No cable package, but no need just yet since it connects to the DVD player and Netflix. With HDMI. ~magic hands~

3. Speaking of medicine, which we were doing at the beginning of that list item. What does the spleen do? (Which led to a catch-up lesson in pop culture in the form of What does the fox say?, which made a lot more sense once I learned its origin story.)

4. Speaking of video recs. [ profile] bitter_crimson asked: fanvid recs! hmmm maybe some fun dancey vids?

Funnily enough, I haven't watched a whole lot of vids these last few months; right now I should be asking you for recs. But I have loved many a dancey vid in the past, and here are some:

The news

Aug. 26th, 2013 07:25 pm
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Life takes a turn for the exciting, on both RL and fannish fronts.

RL news - Moving to Boston!

You guys, I applied for what is basically the 9-to-5 of my dreams, and (several interviews and tests and negotiations later) they gave it to me. Then I went up to apartment hunt in the best/worst real estate season of the year there. I was so stressed out I got off the plane shaking, yet somehow I was incredibly lucky and landed my first choice. I am thrilled, even though it, like everything else in the city, is $.

Which means in less than a month I will be living in a beautiful 1 BR instead of a studio, giving the work I have been wanting to do for years a try, at a Prestigious University that I didn't expect to have a chance to be affiliated with.

Is this my life? I'm not sure this is my life. Something is bound to go wrong. Right?

(The downsides: becoming yet another person leaving my office, leaving some coworkers I like and sticking them with a lot of work; and, more important, leaving friends behind. [ profile] deelaundry, [ profile] cincodemaygirl, [ profile] alpheratz, [ profile] ellen_fremedon, [ profile] recrudescence and [ profile] v_greyson whom I've hardly been able to see, etc. etc., and of course [ profile] synn, although we have already weathered three or four interstate separations. :( :( :(

It will be nice, though, in exchange, to see more of the Boston-area fanpeople - Ny and parrot and thirdmouse and kass, maybe get in touch with [ profile] bathsweaver if she's still there, whom I barely got to know before I moved away last time - plus some grad school classmates who stuck around and also my college friend S., the fellow Trekkie I've mentioned here a few times over the years.

Whom else do I know or should I meet up there??)

Fannish news - Starships remix is live!

I have been remiss in not pointing you to [ profile] jetpack_monkey's remix of Starships, along with a source list and a side-by-side comparison that will knock your astrosocks off. He used all black and white footage, all pre-moon landing air dates, aglow with hope and joy and silliness and the sort of string-and-matchsticks special effects that hold a special place in so many of our hearts.

As if the effort he put into securing and cleaning up the footage over the better part of a year weren't enough -- seriously, be sure to read the vid notes -- he scoured it all thoroughly enough and worked the speeds well enough to achieve pretty much a shot for shot homage to Starships. Cigarette smoking, salutes, bubble helmets, launches and crashes, little flying pellets, you name it. Chess for poker. Astro Boy for WALL-E, holding up the sky. The Lost in Space robot for Data the android, embodying the way technology and the sources themselves have evolved over the decades. A flying submarine for the flying Winnebago, because ridiculousness endures though it may change shapes. Billy Mumy for Nog, the boy wonders. And the TARDIS, stretching across eras. So many brilliant choices. So many I have yet to fully appreciate because I don't know all the source material.

It's an absolute thrill to see [ profile] jetpack_monkey's vid come to fruition and receive the accolades he and it deserve. It's a humbling tribute to what I rushed to put together last year, and it absolutely stands on its own as a love letter to the sci fi shows and movies of yore.

What are you waiting for? Go watch it. (Or, you know, go watch it again.)

(I've been able to watch some other Vividcon vids and need to do a recs list. One of these days, in between packing boxes and getting paperwork settled.)


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