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For Remix this year, I wrote Alchemical Solution (Swish and Flick Remix).

It is a remix of a Stargate: Atlantis story called Springtide by [ profile] mayachain. In the original, which takes place after the series finale, Atlantis starts displaying green lights that direct John, Rodney, Ronon and Teyla—who have drifted a bit apart since being stranded on Earth—to an unmapped room, where they reconnect over childhood games in a hazy sleepover party.

I combined a few different remix techniques this time around. The main intention was to define and preserve the foundation of the story—semi-sentient city encourages characters to bond, with undertones of John/Rodney—while changing something in the retelling. I was for some reason really enamored of the idea to do a Harry Potter fusion and resituate these characters in another cherished semi-sentient setting: Hogwarts. The POV changed from Rodney to John. And I thought that rather than reuniting old friends, it would be interesting to explore how the castle in its various incarnations—moving staircases, portraits, ghosts, mysteriously intelligent magical creatures—encouraged these four people to become friends in the first place.

For whatever reasons, it was tough going. )

Which isn't to say there weren't plenty of fun parts. )

I managed not to reuse too much of the original story. )

All in all, I'm not sure how I feel about this story. It was not beta-read because of the timing, and it didn't get many comments during the anonymity period. The writing feels looser than I'm used to (& than I prefer); I'm not sure if that's because I usually tell a tighter story or a shorter story. How do you feel about it, if you have read it or are interested in reading it?
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Title: Alchemical Solution (Swish and Flick Remix)
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis/Harry Potter fusion
Characters: John, Rodney, Ronon, Teyla
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,733
Summary: Four students have been feeling out of place. Hogwarts gives them a nudge.
Content notes: None, I don't think.
A/N: Many, many thanks to [ profile] synn for helping me through the writing process. A few lines are taken from the show. Please forgive me for playing fast and loose with timelines and the HP universe.

Read at the AO3 or below.

'It's a Shield spell,' John explained, trying not to bounce on the balls of his feet. 'The next time Kolya tries Sectumsempra on you when the professors aren't looking, it'll bounce right off.' )

As always, comments and concrit are welcome.

Commentary on the remixing process here.
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Remix and Remix Madness are live. The collections went up last night after I'd gone to bed, so I haven't paged through many entries yet.


Of course, the first one I did read was the remix written for meeee. My lovely anonymous remixer ishafel produced Professional Jealousy (The Black Propaganda Remix), based on a McKay/Sheppard ficlet that took place shortly after "Brain Storm." Anonymous ishafel presents Sheppard's point of view with humor ("as much as John likes him he's well aware that if Rodney were replaceable he'd have been murdered a long time ago") and detail (I love that Jeannie's English-major husband Caleb won the Booker Prize), sketching out a story of all the ways in which he manages a stream of potential disruptions for the benefit of McKay and those around McKay. It quite effectively embodies Wikipedia's definition:

"The major characteristic of black propaganda is that the people are not aware that someone is trying to influence them, and do not feel that they are being pushed in a certain direction."

Probably no one in real life would want to discover they were being manipulated in such a way, but this story is not meant (I believe) to be taken in that serious kind of light. And the graphical postscript just puts a cherry on top.


Funny story: Challenge rules state that remixers can't change the pairings in the stories they're remixing, to reduce the risk of upsetting their remixee. "Professional Jealousy" is one story where I wouldn't mind seeing the pairing changed, from John/Rodney back to Rodney/Jennifer; it is the only ficlet I've written where I afterwards regretted going with a popular pairing because it was a popular pairing. I almost wrote a note about the pairing flexibility during signups. But what are the chances someone would pick this story to remix? thought I. And lo, here we are!

That is not at all intended as a criticism of the remix, nor did it detract from my enjoyment of it.


Remixes I have particularly liked so far:

The Future Is Now (The Time Traveler's Remix) (Inception, Arthur/Eames, background Mal/Cobb) - Mal is from New Marseille and when she dreams it's of Paris before the Atmo War: the Eiffel Tower a tall iron spike in the sky, the Champs-Élysées solid beneath her high heels. A cool turned-it-inside-out sort of remix.

Roses in December Smell of Blood (The Hunger Games, mostly Haymitch and Peeta) - "Here's a little game," Haymitch says. "Make a list of forty-six dead children, fast." Trauma, the failings of memory, the stirrings of recovery.


The remix I wrote turned out more or less as I'd envisioned, and the recipient seemed to like it, which are the two things that matter most. It's not great, but hopefully it's not bad. I had a good time trying some less familiar-to-me remix techniques. We'll see if anyone else cares. :)
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Five years ago (eesh), I dropped out of Remix because I felt what I'd written so far was too close to the original story and also because I didn't know how to end it. [personal profile] bell, who volunteered to beta at the time and who is smart, intuited that part of the problem lay in my not knowing what point I wanted to make about young women who develop crushes on their teachers.

It was a Hermione/Remus story. I read the draft yesterday for the first time since 2009 and found a lot to like in it, prose- and emotions-wise. But once more, I am drawing a blank on how to rescue it.

In the meantime, it's given me a hankerin' for Hermione/Remus stories. Or Hermione/Remus/Sirius. Trouble is, hardly any of them are on the AO3 because of their age. What's still around from mid-2000s HP fandom? What was that overwhelming archive with the mauve background, Adult Fanfiction dot net or something? Whoo, memory lane. I was so into Snape/Hermione back then, plus of course Remus/Sirius.

Long story long: Any recs to satisfy this little pang of nostalgia? Any rating would be fine.
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Oh, hey, Remix is happening. Just signed up! It's been a few years since I participated, and more than a year since I posted a story at all; I'm hoping this will get the ficcy juices flowing. Kept my offers to three fandoms to make things less stressful, especially since I expect to be working on a vid of some kind around the same time. We'll see how it goes with new mods.

Other than that, things here are as usual, except for the wild turkey I saw pecking at the sidewalk a block from Harvard Square this morning. In the voice of Michael Palin, beautiful plumage. Two other passersby were filming it with their phones.

Been exercising almost every day and cooking to take better care of myself, which of course doesn't leave as much room for fannish activity, but still, there has been time this week to start reading A Game of Thrones. About 300 400 pages in now. It's not as overwrought as I'd feared; the mental effort goes to keeping track of all the names -- I can't imagine how much harder that would be without having first seen the show to have faces to pin them to -- rather than ignoring purple prose.

Also I printed this out and hung it up in a simple frame in the kitchen yesterday for laughs whenever I wash dishes.

Oh, and a childhood friend and I are going to see Eddie Izzard live in May!

On a break now between making chicken paprikash and roasted vegetable soup for the week and going to a former classmate's for a dinner party. She and her husband have one of the most beautiful houses I've ever seen, and one of the two best of anyone around my age, yet they just decided to move. I suppose I can't complain, since they'll be a few minutes closer to me. Tonight's challenge was going to be figuring out whether to leave too early to watch Cosmos here or stay too late to watch Cosmos there, but lo, it appears the episodes do appear on after the fact.
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Maybe it was Mother's Day, maybe it wasn't interesting - but yesterday I posted my secret Remix pinch hit, Soft Swap (Sink Your Fangs Into It Remix) -- House/Wilson/McKay/Sheppard, with vampires -- and a little commentary.

Now to claim my Remix Madness fic:

Title: Forty Years and Eight Pounds (The Skin Hunger Variations)
Fandom: SGA
Characters: John, with John/Teyla friendship, Ronon, Rodney, Torren, Lorne, Patrick Sheppard, Dave Sheppard, Nancy Sheppard
Rating: PG-13 for themes and a couple of swears
Word Count: 2,419
Summary: John finds what he's been waiting for when Teyla places it on his chest, warm and heavy and smelling of milk. Or: Six people John never told, and four he didn't need to tell.
Contains: Oblique reference to the death of a parent. Brief, non-explicit torture scene stolen from that Firefly episode. Brief homophobic language. Spoilers for "Doppelganger" and "Search and Rescue."
A/N: Remix Madness fic based on [ profile] perspi's wonderful Unconditional Touch, in which John is asexual and touch-starved. If you like this, please comment on her story. Everything here grew out of what she wrote. ETA: Ack, I cannot believe I neglected to thank [ profile] synn for beta/audiencing. Thank you!

Originally posted to the AO3. Read it there or below.

He never learns how not to want it. )

x-posted to sga_noticeboard and sga_beya
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I didn't sign up for Remix this year. But apparently I was still on the pinch hit list from two years ago, and when [ profile] deelaundry's name came up, I claimed it.

The result was Soft Swap (Sink Your Fangs Into It Remix) (AO3 link), based on Dee's fic Out of the Blue (AO3 link), a House/Stargate Atlantis crossover featuring House/Wilson/McKay/Sheppard in various combinations.

I figured it wouldn't be much of a mystery that I was to blame... )
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Remix reveals are up, so I can confess I wrote:

Title: Soft Swap (Sink Your Fangs Into It Remix)
Original Story: Out of the Blue by [ profile] deelaundry (LJ / AO3)
Fandom: House/SGA
Pairings: House/Wilson, McKay/Sheppard, Wilson/Sheppard, House/Wilson/McKay/Sheppard
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 5,700
Summary: "What's the Guinness record for number of vampire-human simultaneous orgasms?"
Contains: Vampire sex (biting), dom/sub dynamics, swinging (partner swap), consensual voyeurism, exhibitionism, involuntary outing, anal play/dildo, handcuffs, mild bondage. One established relationship and one not.
Spoilers: None. For the record, I don't think you have to know both shows to read this, either.
A/N: Thanks to [ profile] synn for beta support. Credit to Anne Rice novels for the amulet and to [ profile] nakedwesley for shots of Joe Flanigan wearing a sexy necklace.

Originally posted to the Archive of Our Own. Read it there or below.

'Oh,' McKay breathed, subsiding. 'That's. Yes.' )

Comments and concrit are always welcome.

Remix thoughts and mini-DVD commentary

x-posted to mckay_sheppard, bottom_john, sga_noticeboard, stargate_xing, house_wilson, housefic and crossoverfic. Sorry if you just got flooded with posts.
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Whee, someone remixed a story of mine! They took Five Times the Inception Team Tried to Extract Information from the Atlantis Crew, which depicted five attempted dream thefts, and wrote Four Times The Inception Team Were Hired To Extract Information From The Atlantis Team (The Good Son Remix), which shows the behind-the-scenes machinations/politicking of Patrick and Dave Sheppard trying to protect their company and find out exactly what it is that John is doing in the Air Force. I had imagined that the extractions were five tries by the same team hired by one group who had no specific ties to Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, etc. but wanted classified information about Atlantis; I like this more personal twist on the underlying motivation. The remix is sprinkled with neat little "of course!" moments -- like, of course the Sheppards would be aware of Saito. The remixer says they didn't have time to write the fifth segment (the other side of Woolsey's extraction), but it's still nifty. I recommend checking it out! And encouraging them to write more. :)

I did manage to write a Madness fic myself, and I am very happy with how it turned out. The second half in particular. It's far from perfect—the first half is sort of one long cliché wrapped up in nice phrasing—but it's been a while since I've written something that I've liked as much.


Went to the hairdresser on Saturday and lopped off six or eight inches. People have been doing double-takes all day when they walk past my office. And then exclaiming over the change and asking me if I like it before they express an opinion. Is that the new thing to do when someone gets a haircut?

(Anyway, I do like it. It's been curling tighter since being set free and is taking on a nicer shape than it did the first day.)


Jonathan Coulton concert on Friday! I only know two of his songs (see fx Skullcrusher Mountain), but it promises to be an entertaining evening. Hopefully my four friends who couldn't get tickets to the now-sold-out show will be able to snag some at the door on the day of.


It's nice to think about how I now know enough people in the area that I can reference four friends and not mean everybody.


Too many fics to read, not enough time.
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Sunday: I fail at Remix.
Monday: Wait! Story!
Tuesday: Story story!
Wednesday: Story? *trickles to halt*
Thursday: …No, I fail at Remix.

I just dropped out. Tonight is the last night I have to work on this story, and I'm stuck. Have been stuck since Tuesday. The best thing to do would involve a rehaul, and I don't have the time. The doable thing to do would be to write a crappy ending and be done with it, but when the rest of the story isn't even that different from what it's remixing, there isn't much of a point if the end doesn't change. So I emailed the mods. My remixee deserves better.

I feel really crappy right now about this. I don't like dropping out of things. I love Remix especially. Also, there's a lot on the page so far. And someone put in a great deal of effort today to beta the WIP (which did help clarify my thoughts). But. Stuck is stuck. And when I'm in this state of mind I'm not going to get anything done anyway.


Because posting with nothing but bad feelings is unpleasant for all involved, let's think of some things that are okay.

- They tested the fire alarms and smoke detectors in my apartment building last week. To warn people, they posted signs in the elevators. And how did they phrase it? "Don't be alarmed" if the alarms go off between 9 and 5. Sad thing is, they clearly did not mean to be punny.

- [ profile] deelaundry and her family are incredibly generous people. I want you all to know this. They are being so good to me while I'm down here this summer, I can't even tell you. Even if she makes me watch snippets of things like Tango & Cash and Street Kings. (Marc Alaimo was in T&C for about ten seconds, though. That and the incredible cheesiness of Sylvester Stallone's one-liners made it worthwhile.)

- I created some really geeky Facebook gifts at (and for) work today. Have never used that application, can't even access Facebook in the office, but as someone said to me on the phone last week, I know just enough to be dangerous.

- Ben & Jerry's apparently makes a flavor called Mission to Marzipan, which has soft almond cookie bits and a swirl of super-sweet marzipan syrup in sweet cream or cake batter ice cream (is there a difference?). [ profile] daasgrrl would not approve, but I tried some today and it's sort of amazing.

- The weather was gorgeous today. Mostly sunny, warm, not humid. Practically unheard of around here. I'm sure it'll swelter right up for the weekend.

…No, still feeling crappy. Guess I'll go eat some worms wash the dishes so my mom doesn't walk in to the welcoming smell of what might be mold tomorrow.
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Of the suck:

- I hadn't read the U Penn CFP list the whole time I was in school. I finally checked it yesterday (they changed their format! at last!) and found one soliciting book chapters under a theme that would have been perfect for some work I did in undergrad and at a couple of conferences and that I've been wanting to try to publish... only the deadline for proposals was in May. It would have been right when I was finishing my thesis. Sad face.

- You know how sometimes you have an emotion and your body produces the chemicals to physically experience it, but then sometimes your body produces the chemicals when you have no reason to feel a particular way? I've felt jittery and anxious and haven't been able to sleep well for two nights now despite being dead tired, and I can't figure out why. I feel fine. There's nothing to worry about.

- Also, my face is peeling, so on top of the sunburn that looks like a bad tanning salon job, I now look like I've got dried toothpaste all over me. I know you all wanted to know this.

Not of the suck:

- The people who put out the above-mentioned CFP replied to the "disappointed I missed the opportunity, but good luck" email I sent them with recommendations on other venues to try. That was nice of them.

- I don't have to drop out of Remix. Last night I finally managed to write something, after ditching Ideas 1 and 2 and fighting with Idea 3. I'm back to Idea 2, and for whatever reason, it's working now. Now if I can just finish it and convince some poor beta to give me immediate feedback...


- My mom is visiting this weekend, I'm going semi-camping with some of my classmates and faculty next weekend, and the weekend after that, my dad and his girlfriend are coming down for my birthday. I wasn't ready for visitors last month, but now I'm looking forward to them.

Two ellipses in one post. Hm.
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I think it will come as a surprise to exactly no one who visited [ profile] remixredux08 that I was the sad soul behind the 300-line mock-epic House remix, OMG so much work and I loved it.

Title: A Princeton Odyssey (Alexander Pope Is Turning In His Grave Remix)
Characters: House, Wilson, Cuddy
Summary: A night on the town, in heroic couplets.
Rating: PG
Warnings: May leave you thinking in iambic pentameter. Otherwise, none.
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 2,600 (ca. 330 lines)
Original story: Three Sheets to the Wind by [ profile] joe_pike_junior
A/N: Thanks to [ profile] synn and [ profile] moonlash_cc for cheerleading as this came together bit by bit, and to [ profile] joe_pike_junior, in whose story this one lurked.

O Muse! do sing to me of 'Ventures grand,
The great and glorious Exploits in the Land
Of Princeton, where resides our Hero true:
A Man with Razor Tongue and Eyes of Blue
Who makes Fun of the Morons, heals the Sick,
Outwits Disease with Mind and Med'cine quick,
Annoys his Friends by acting like a Dick,
Delights in fig'ring out what makes Men tick,
Lives by the Credo that Ev'ryone lies,
And swells with Pride each time a Patient cries.

And because I love talking about myself and House and writing and poetry all at once, I whipped up a DVD commentary on the writing process.

Now, off to see who's who, respond to feedback, and, er, do some legitimate work.
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Happy Passover to those celebrating! Happy weekend to those who are not.

Brisket and vegetables are ready; eggs are a-boilin'; the salad is made; potatoes will be grated for latkes later (my father takes any excuse to make them); sister is out picking up tofu for whatever she's making; we've got a fresh batch of matzoh ball soup simmering on the stove, and it smells delicious. Mmm.

Between cooking tasks and other errands, I've been ducking in and out of [ profile] remixredux08 since the stories went live yesterday evening. There's some great stuff over there. There's just a lot of it! It'll be a challenge to get through the fandoms I know before the author reveal next weekend. (If you're headed over there for the first time: it's easiest to navigate the comm by tag.)

[ profile] roga compiled a multifandom Passover fic list (Harry Potter, House, Lost, SGA, Sports Night and more) last week, which anyone who's interested should go check out—and add to, if you know of any she hasn't mentioned.

One fic that didn't make the list because it was just posted is The Pretty Peculiar Pegasus Pesach, in which everyone on Atlantis is Jewish and they have a big seder in the mess hall and it is funny and family-licious and draws a chilling parallel to the Egyptian pharaohs.

And now I should go do something productive. Catch you later...
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Remix Redux signups are open! I tried it for the first time last year and had a wonderful experience, both in the remixing and in the being-remixed. I highly recommend it. It would be great to have more House people participate this year. *nudge nudge*

Hm. That does bring the total number of fics I have due by mid-April up to four (two House, one SGA, one TBA). Stay tuned for panicking.

Meanwhile, things are continuing to go well, if still pretty tightly packed. Last weekend my sister and I took our dad to see Young Frankenstein for his birthday, which he loved. Details... )

It's been a theater-full few months, and I'm really looking forward to what's coming up this month and in March: Patrick Stewart in Macbeth, Conor McPherson's The Seafarer (with Tritter!), and Stoppard's Rock 'n' Roll a few days before it closes.

I've got most of my application in to Birthright Israel. I ended up going with the Holocaust-themed International March of the Living trip, which takes you to Poland as well as Israel. It's going to be fantastic -- if I get a slot. It's first-applied, first-considered, so we'll see. I'm hoping they'll take into account that this is the last year I qualify.

Have been doing beta work for people who were brave and industrious enough not to have backed out of [ profile] house_bigbang. Trying to plan out fic, and taking notes for posts I may never write. Read Rock 'n' Roll. Went to a terrible astronomy lecture. Had a lovely brunch yesterday in a retro French café with [ profile] scribblinlenore, [ profile] pun and [ profile] linaerys, in which many amusing topics were covered, from baseball history and Jeter/A-Rod RPF to cars to John Simm to our various works in progress to the line, "You pimped your mom into House slash?"

Not much else going on worth noting, except perhaps that Peanut Guy and I started carpooling today. We live something like three miles from each other; it's silly not to come in together as often as possible when gas prices are still rising and we're logging about 250 miles a week just to get to work and back.

In conclusion: Remix!

How are you?
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Title: Coming Into Focus (The Director's Cut Remix)
Pairing: House/OFC, House/Wilson
Rating: R
Word Count: 3,000
Spoilers: Takes place between "No Reason" (2x24) and "Meaning" (3x01), with spoilers for "No Reason."
Summary: House is looking for meaning, but maybe it's been right there beside him the whole time.
Original story: Looking Right Past by [ profile] topaz_eyes
Notes: Section titles taken from Bruce Cockburn's "Bone in my Ear." Topaz, I owe you so much for inadvertently turning me on to his music.
Betas: Big, big thanks to [ profile] nightdog_barks for sticking with me all week and answering question after question, [ profile] daasgrrl for enthusiasm and beta on two drafts, [ profile] perspi for providing the last-minute tie-breaking vote on the ending, and [ profile] synn for encouragement as always.

( Meaning through relationships, faux-Wilson told him. )

My pinch-hit. (Probably none of you are surprised; I think this story has "me" written all over it.) From conception to completion in five evenings and lunch breaks. Never again! Heh. No, the process was fun in its craziness, and there wasn't much time for second-guessing or agonizing, which was an interesting experience. I was thrilled to have been assigned [ profile] topaz_eyes, who convinced me to join the Remix in the first place. And I'm happy with this fic, although who knows how it would have turned out—or even if I'd have chosen that story over another of Topaz's fics—if I'd had more than a week to work on it.

I decided to remix "Looking Right Past" because I loved it when [ profile] topaz_eyes posted it and wished there'd been more. Expanding the eight drabbles into a 3,000-word story—hence "Director's Cut"—was the ideal remix format for me. I didn't feel the need to go in there and mess around with everything or even to change the POV. Sometimes I did wonder what I was doing, borrowing so heavily from a great fic that had already said what I was saying much more economically, but eventually the story came together, and it had enough new material and detail and good lines and yummy-squishy House/Wilson moments that it felt satisfying.

And anyway, if there'd been lingering doubt that the story was decent and not too derivative (which, okay, there was), [ profile] topaz_eyes's fabulous, squeeful, analytical post took care of it. :D

Details about the writing process. )

There's more to say, but I'm a bit written-out—and there is commenting to be done! *makes flying-superhero "Awayyyyy" gesture*
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*Fanfare, flourish, curtains raised, sweeping bow, etc.*

At long last, after much nail-biting anticipation that I know I'm imagining but let me pretend it's true, I hereby present to you the first of my two [ profile] remix_redux stories.

Title: On Knowledge (All Ye Know on Earth, and All Ye Need to Know Remix)
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,650
Summary: Remus Lupin doesn't know a lot of things.
Original story: On Knowledge by [ profile] das_kabinett
Beta: The ever-delightful [ profile] thewlisian_afer

( Remus Lupin doesn't know a lot of things. )

A silly, fluffy little story in which Remus panics before his first date with Sirius. This was my official Remix assignment. It's a POV switch from the original, which took place inside Sirius' head, and reverses the premise ("Sirius Black knew a lot of things" vs. "Remus Lupin doesn't know a lot of things") to the same end (they know each other, and that's what matters). In addition to the first and last lines, I wanted to keep a similar light-hearted tone to the original, and also worked to incorporate many of Sirius' observations about Remus, his fears, their closeness, the italics, and the flowers into the remix. That way, while the only shared narrative segment comes at the end when Remus and Sirius finally meet to go out, the rest still feels integrated with the original story.

I think this turned out well. I think it has good energy, and I'm happy I was able to go to a somewhat darker place for a little while with the werewolf thing and the war going on. I'm pleased with the wizarding porno titles and with the first paragraph as a whole, which needed to have that tripping sort of quality, easy to read and amusing, to hook people into the rest of the story. The characterization and lead-up to Remus' decision to try the bike turned out pretty well (though—heh—a little bit of fanon John/Rodney snuck in in the part about learning to love to fly), and I think I was able to cover the same ground at Remus' doorstep as the original without just repeating it. I like it, and [ profile] das_kabinett said she loved it. So all in all, a success.
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Taking a page out of [ profile] topaz_eyes's book and writing up a little bit way too much about how MY REMIXER WINS THE INTERNET, no matter what anyone else says about his/her remixer.

I've left a couple of happy comments to the sestina, Load Cycle (The Breaking Free Remix), but Harmony (The Music Moving Remix) still knocks me breathless and needs more space in which to be squeed about celebrated.

It could be a case study in a How to Write a Remix manual. )

So, yes. That was—heh—sort of the abridged version. I haven't offered ficlets to people who guess my own remixes, because I think one is obvious and I think none of you have read the other, but I will give an e-cookie to anyone who actually read this.

Remixer-person (and I think I know who you are, if you are indeed someone from the fandom), if you're reading this, if you couldn't tell from this sad equivalent of a love letter, I am still, one week later, absolutely awestruck by "Harmony," both as a remix and as a story in its own right. Every time I come back I see something new, and marvel at the phrasing and dialogue all over again. I honestly couldn't have hoped for a remix as good as this.
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Guys! Guys guys guys! [ profile] remix_redux is going up and the two (two!) remixes of my stories are posted and GUYS, my brilliant mysterious remixer remixed one of my sestinas AS A SESTINA and it's gorgeous and go read it.

ALSO. The fic my brilliant mysterious remixer (I am assuming it's the same person) chose for his/her story proper was "Dissonance," my first House fic and the one I secretly think is my best. I posted it a year ago this past Friday, and now on its anniversary there is this gift that takes the House/Wilson that simmered under the surface (barely) of the original's Wilson/Julie and runs with it. It's—I don't even know where to start, it's so good.

Seriously, I am the luckiest remixee ever. *tears up a little*

Now off to read many many other stories, none of which I can rec here till the author reveal, lest you figure out which ones I did. I will not even tell you the fandom(s) in which I wrote. Mwahaha.

Now go check out the awesomeness!


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