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My promotion actually went through at work! I have a modified title and a tiny raise. My supervisor had coached me to brace myself for nothing, given looming budget cuts across the whole organization, so even a little bit is a nice surprise; and while it's taken three and a half years to claw back up to what I was making at my last job, I still don't regret the move. Best of all, the upgrade doesn't involve doing much more than I'm doing now.

This news was especially welcome on the heels of a weekend where I learned that revisiting season one of BtVS + reading some BtVS fics + washing my hair for the first time since the temporary straightening and discovering that it looked like the worst perm I'd ever gotten back in high school = broody, self-recriminating fugue. Fascinating how a couple of days of rekindling a yearning to be Willow and to have an intense core friend group and mentor and whatnot could send me right back to a college-era headspace like that.

But it faded with a little socializing and a return to the work week. I went to an annual St. Patrick's Day concert with a couple of coworkers. This year's theme involved wandering back and forth through time, from the 1600s to contemporary pieces, tracing some of the threads of the evolution of Celtic music, song and dance. A wonderful local-ish musician, Keith Murphy, led a reinterpretation of the shape-note song Clamanda that I'd grown to love when Ann Leckie mentioned it in a discussion of the music she'd included in Ancillary Justice.

(And my hair is fine now. It just took two showers to get back to normal.)


And now today, a vidding zine that Lim has been working on for months has gone live! It's got essays on various aspects of vidding, close readings of vids, ruminations on vidding history, vidder profiles and interviews, stories about copyright appeals, and more, from 16 international contributors.


*warning: the landing page is a still graphic, but when you click through to the article index pages you will get some animated gifs. details below

Lim asked me to write about the Mashup exhibit, so I expanded my Dreamwidth report from last year to include new stuff about, for example, wrestling with legal questions before accepting the invitation to have "Starships!" included, deciding whether to use my RL or fannish name, brief reflections one year on, and some graphics that tried to capture my general feeling of "OMG" from the months leading up to the gallery opening. The article also features write-ins from Kandy Fong, Lim and [personal profile] heresluck. You can check it out here.

I'm at a local conference this weekend and don't expect to be online much, but what I've seen so far has been fantastic -- dynamic design customized to each article, beyond the compelling subject matter -- and I'm looking forward to reading/watching the rest.

*The All Articles index has animated gifs, although the mobile version doesn't seem to. You can avoid them if you go to the About page, and the Contributors page links to the articles by author. At a glance, the Glitter and Gold essay had a flashy gif (and the History of Vidding essay had a subtler one) that the gif-sensitive might want to be warned about.

My piece was given an auto-playing background video in the "Screening Room" section, and there's a non-flashy gif in the slide show embedded in the "Sh*t Gets Real" section. Also FYI, the section headers font and a few pix are styled with deconstructed red and blue like you would see in 3D materials before you put the glasses on.
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In honor of Buffy the Vampire Slayer turning 20 -- which I still can hardly wrap my head around -- here is an unfinished Willow/Giles story I wrote 13 years ago, before I had a LiveJournal or started participating in fandom beyond quietly devouring fic.

Although I can't seem to articulate the profound impact BtVS had on me the way some of you have been able to do over the last few days, I have been thinking about how, in addition to its brilliant storytelling and dialogue and themes and rich characterizations, the show and the fanfic both depicted characters that I yearned to be (or be with) and provided ways to explore thoughts that were tumbling around in my head as I went off to college and tried to figure out whether I would ever be desirable and what I wanted in a relationship, for example. When I re-read this story, I see one angle of what I loved about Willow/Giles; an attempt, after a very different first draft, to take the usual flow of events in a different direction; and an examination of my own habit of developing crushes on teachers and professors.

Anyway, here it is if you're interested, college-age writing quirks and all. 1,500 words, rated T or something. IIRC, back in the day, [ profile] synn suggested that Giles analyzes the situation too quickly, but I never did fix that. Feel free to pretend that he pauses to make tea and gather his thoughts at some natural break in the conversation.

It's easier to love someone who is a bit of a mentor, a role model. )

And, hey, have my favorite line from the original draft, which gave the Word document its title:

Call me Ripper, he whispers in her ear.
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Looks like I'll be going back to NY next week to help my dad clear out some of his stuff from the basement. That means it's time to sell some of my own things that we set aside last time.

I wanted to ask all of you first if you're interested in any of the items below, since they're fannish or fannish-adjacent.

Haven't had time to price everything out, so if something looks appealing to you, want to just make an offer? I will also ask you to cover the shipping, and promise to use the least expensive option when I go to the post office. Also if you love something but are strapped for $, drop me a line.

To borrow a note from thingswithwings, who's having her own sale: unfortunately the US mail service is awful, and even a small package being sent internationally (even to Canada!) is at least $20. So I'm happy to ship anywhere, but be aware that you'd be paying a lot for shipping if you don't live in the U.S.

All right, on to the inventory. For books, assume paperback unless otherwise noted:

Star Trek books )

SF/F )

Fannish books )

Arthurian )

Greek/Roman )

Poetry & Lit )

Misc. books )

Fannish toys/games/objects )

Arts & crafts supplies )

Also a ton of '80s and early '90s board games and stuff (Topple, Headache, Pizza Party, MTV Remote Control, etc.), although my sister may want to try our luck on eBay.

Probably forgot stuff, too. Will check back in when I remember.

Feel free to point friends here if you like. It would be really nice to clear these things out and know they're going to good homes. (Which the unclaimed items also will when we donate them.)


Drop a comment or PM or email if you'd like anything. I'm pretty sure PayPal will work, or we can chat about alternatives. I'll be most easily able to take stuff to the post office next week, but if you're interested or maybe-interested and that's too soon, let me know and I'll set it aside or take it back down to DC with me.
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There's a "danger" square in this Kink Bingo line. One of my ideas was to do a vid for Claire Forlani's character in Meet Joe Black, as she found herself drawn to a man who turned out to be Death. I had a song picked out that would have worked well. (No, it wasn't "Don't Fear the Reaper.") But the more I thought about it, the less I liked it for this square. The character wasn't in love with Death and all the danger he represented; she thought he was a guy she met in a coffee shop, and when she finally realized who he really was, she drew back, disturbed, refusing to believe the truth. The [community profile] kink_wiki explicitly states that characters don't have to be attracted to the danger in order to fulfill the requirements, but I started to lean toward a different fandom where that was actually the case: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Specifically, Buffy herself.

(Yes, Faith is, too. Maybe more intensely so. She can have her own essay sometime.)

I started to edit a vid today about Buffy set to the same song in lieu of Meet Joe Black. The theme turned out to be more "yay, suicide" and/or "Buffy's life really sucks" than "yay, danger," though, so instead we're going to talk.

To put it simply: Buffy is drawn to dangerous situations and dangerous people. (~1,000 words. Some themes of suicide. A few series spoilers.) )

…Still going to work on that vid.

Written for my Kink Bingo "danger" square.
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Deep Space Nine historical roleplay vid went up yesterday, if you didn't see. And then I made this! One more square to go in this line.

Title: Let's Get Messy
Fandom: Multi (BtVS, Roar, Sex and Lucia, SGA, True Blood)
Music: "Messy" by B. Noza feat. Pitbull, Casely and Red Rat (edited)
Length: 45 sec.
Rating/content notes: R for butts and mud-covered boobs, sexual situations, and a blink-and-you'll miss it nipple. Some of the Bill/Sookie clips look like non-con.
A/N: A medley of some favorite sensual/sexual scenes with mud, clay and soil. For my Kink Bingo "wet/messy/dirty" square.

Links, embed and lyrics )

Comments and concrit are always welcome. This was definitely an experiment in editing style.

x-posted to vidding
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1. Last call for Chanukah cards, if I don't have you already.

2. I had the sweetest little dream last night about snuggling up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt while watching Inception at the movies, and he was cold so I had an arm around his shoulders and draped an extra blanket over his lap. After a discussion about Arthur/Saito, he slid his hand up to my neck and leaned in and said, "I'm trying to decide whether to kiss you and whether you'd let me," to which I said, "I'd let you, but you can keep thinking it over if you want to," and then he kissed me and it was just very sweet. Kissing is always sweeter in dreams than it is in life. Um, or maybe it's just how long it's been.

3. Ha, baby Kal Penn is in "Beer Bad"! With long flippy hair.

3a. I watched a few eps of season 4 (BtVS) last night while attempting turkey digestion. It was really comforting to see all these characters I loved again -- Giles grumpy in the morning with his t-shirt and tattoo, Willow arguing for culturally sensitive slayage, Tara when she was new, Anya still learning human etiquette, Xander and his new syphilis. Adam, with enough face to be handsome. Riley, who, like House's Stacy, transmuted from annoying to vaguely interesting the second time around. Remembering all the lines I'd once known by heart. "Suffused with joy and comfort" is the phrase I'm looking for.

4. Thanksgiving. I'm home in New York, inasmuch as my dad's house is home these days. We, my sister and I, had a Thanksgiving here yesterday with her friends and one at my mom's on Thursday. It's been a good holiday, if a tenuous one because of some family health issues. Regardless, I wanted to come by and tell you all that despite how infrequently I've been posting lately, and even though we are not all sharing love for the same fandoms these days, I am really thankful to have you as flisters. Just: ♥
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Hey, folks. Sorry for prolonged radio silence, both on the posting and the replying-to-comments fronts. Haven't been feeling quite myself lately; not so good for the creativity or the sociability.

First, a very happy and very belated birthday to [ profile] lysa1 and [ profile] noydb666. Lysa, I miss your wonderful sarcasm and wish you didn't live half a dozen time zones away. Here's to another year of your deliciously naughty fic and beautiful art. Noydb, you've got some fascinating insights and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. Many happy returns to both of you.

Quick update on life: Thanksgiving weekend was nice, if too short -- got to meet some new people and see old friends, cooked and tidied a lot, attended a concert (Ryan Star), saw a play (Little Dog Laughed) and rented a movie (Amores Perros -- unofficial Oscar nominee for Highest Number of Dead or Dying Dogs on Film Ever). And brooded, but that's not much fun to talk about. I hope those of you who celebrated had a nice holiday and those of you who didn't celebrate had a nice not-holiday.

Watched Goblet of Fire Wednesday night and noticed for the first time that Voldemort's tongue is forked. Guess I was always too distracted during the part where he's pressing his thumb to Harry's scar and imitating his cries to see the double tip when his tongue slides out. Very cool.

My brain also pinged on the foreshadowing of Arthur's "That's my boy!" at the World Cup, after Crouch et al fire their collective "Stupefy!" at the trio. Man, that line still wrenches the proverbial guts at the end. Relatedly: [ profile] kabale, you may be pleased to know that there's a little post-Patronus you-voice in my head that comments on the painful irony when the band strikes up at Harry's reappearance.

Hey, yeah -- remember when I used to post about fandoms other than House? Here's a little something to make up for it. Sort of a disjointed and hastily-written musing on heroes, solitude, teamwork, facing enemies and hitting rock bottom that I want to try to get down before any more Tritter episodes air.

Cut for discussion of *previously-aired* House episodes *only*, with references to BtVS, Angel, Harry Potter and Star Trek. )
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Conference paper pared down to 10 pages for 20-minute presentation: check.

Majority of workday spent perusing episode commentary, writing a post and many many comments,* polishing the paper, and mentally preparing self for mini-vacation: check.

Packing: nearly complete.

*Some excellent "No Reason" commentary and discussion today by hawkeyecat, linaerys, firestorm717 and moonlash-cc, among many others, if you are so inclined.

Also I posted to [ profile] house_md asking whether the ducklings are at all like the Scoobies in functioning as mind/heart/spirit/hand or any sort of similar breakdown, but haven't quite gotten the response I was looking for. Ah well.

Oh yes, and Lestat is closing. Sorry, Margaret.

And so adieu, for I must pack my laptop. Cetch up with y'all in nahnty-degree Gawgia. *waves*
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For once, I really like the ep title.

1,800+ words, somehow. And it's backwards, analysis first. Contains Buffy references! And big big spoilers. )

Oh my God, so past my bedtime.

Talk talk talk -- I'm leaving on Thursday with questionable Internet access for five days and want to get lots of House chat in before the possible cut-off.


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