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I just wrote this whole thing about how I'm feeling bad about myself today &c &c, but I hate writing those posts almost as much as I hate reading those posts, so instead let's talk about cons.

A poll! Which actually is only a little bit about cons. )
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Thanksgiving and day-after-Thanksgiving went as well as could be expected with ten guests Thursday (as opposed to our usual zero) and six Friday. Also considering that Thursday's guests were strangers to me and six of them were aged 13 and under. Somehow, though, we still have five or ten pounds of turkey left.

Friday afternoon was, and later today will be, my own social time. Yesterday for lack of anything better to do I rooted around the shelves for some poetry books to take back to DC with me. I ended up sitting right there in a poorly insulated corner of the room reading The Bell Jar straight through. Then it was 4 p.m. It's been too long since I did something like that.

How bad is it that I'm seriously contemplating watching a movie airing tonight called A Dog Named Christmas because Bruce Greenwood is in it? It'll probably only remind me that half my crush on him is from fanfic and not what he actually looked like in Reboot.
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I think it will come as a surprise to exactly no one who visited [ profile] remixredux08 that I was the sad soul behind the 300-line mock-epic House remix, OMG so much work and I loved it.

Title: A Princeton Odyssey (Alexander Pope Is Turning In His Grave Remix)
Characters: House, Wilson, Cuddy
Summary: A night on the town, in heroic couplets.
Rating: PG
Warnings: May leave you thinking in iambic pentameter. Otherwise, none.
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 2,600 (ca. 330 lines)
Original story: Three Sheets to the Wind by [ profile] joe_pike_junior
A/N: Thanks to [ profile] synn and [ profile] moonlash_cc for cheerleading as this came together bit by bit, and to [ profile] joe_pike_junior, in whose story this one lurked.

O Muse! do sing to me of 'Ventures grand,
The great and glorious Exploits in the Land
Of Princeton, where resides our Hero true:
A Man with Razor Tongue and Eyes of Blue
Who makes Fun of the Morons, heals the Sick,
Outwits Disease with Mind and Med'cine quick,
Annoys his Friends by acting like a Dick,
Delights in fig'ring out what makes Men tick,
Lives by the Credo that Ev'ryone lies,
And swells with Pride each time a Patient cries.

And because I love talking about myself and House and writing and poetry all at once, I whipped up a DVD commentary on the writing process.

Now, off to see who's who, respond to feedback, and, er, do some legitimate work.
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It's entirely [ profile] synn's fault.

I'd been eyeing [ profile] slashfest for a week or so, and then she had to go and claim one and tell everyone else to claim one, and then I did. Except it's not one, it's three: one challenge each for Sirius/Remus, House/Wilson and Spike/William. I think the first two will be short and the third more involved. Never mind that I haven't yet finished the Wilson/Grace fic for [ profile] 1sentence and that there's no way I'm turning down participation in [ profile] hw_exchange.... *facepalm*

Moral of the story? You should all write something for [ profile] slashfest and/or [ profile] 1sentence and/or [ profile] hw_exchange so we can revel in our overachievement together.
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Ah ha ha ha, of course I can read 300 pages of Interview with the Vampire and finish the first draft of the House fic for betas and research five grad school programs and annotate two books of Byron/vampire essays and write a letter to P. and publish three websites by April 15th. *cries*

No, seriously, I've found this fantastic new community for Vampire Chronicles fans, [ profile] the_elitist_vc, arriving just in time for a group reading and discussion of the series starting with IWTV. Everyone over there seems very bright and opinionated and witty, and I'm really looking forward to the craziness that is sure to come out of this project. And because I can't say no even when it might mean the liquefaction of my brain, I'm going to try to participate. The musical has in its own flawed way rekindled my love for the first few books, and I need to re-read them anyway if I'm ever going to expand my thesis from school, so why not now?

Going to see "Threepenny Opera" tomorrow with Jess. Since Alan Cumming has the lead role, in honor of his lotion/perfume line we have dubbed the play "Cumming in a Theatre." Will post a review along with the much-delayed one for "Lestat."


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