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The finale doesn't really feel like an end, because I've been "out" of the show for so long. (I also missed a bunch of episodes in the middle of season eight, so there are still new episodes to watch.) But it is an end, and I know many people are anxious about the fandom dissolving, about losing their LJ/DW friends. I don't think we need to worry—because we're all still here now. Like me, a lot of you have migrated away into new fandoms and retreated into RL activities over the past few years. House fandom has been atrophying for a while. Yet we're most of us still reading one another. Why should that stop just because the show has stopped airing?

You are, as always, welcome to engage and disagree with me in comments. This time, though, be warned that I might not be able to say anything more profound in response than *shrug*!
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So, House will be finishing its run in April/May. That's several years past due (ugh, this show since season four), but it's sad nonetheless. End of a fannish era.

In any case, it's a good opportunity to share with you this thing that I've been meaning to post for a couple of years: a wish for how the series finale will go. I'm a few episodes behind right now, but I suspect that doesn't matter.

It was all a dream. Sort of. Spoilers for 'Three Stories' and mention of plot points from most seasons. )

Too bad that won't happen. OR WILL IT.


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