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Oh, wow. That post the other day, when I tried once more to describe that weird thing that's happened on and off for 20 years? I went and dug up a diary entry I remembered making about it in high school, and there were a couple more symptoms mentioned in it that match the clinical description of simple partial temporal lobe seizures: Behind the cut if you are curious )

I'd forgotten about the stronger physical manifestations; they don't seem to happen anymore. Even though we don't have a family history of epilepsy and my parents confirm I wasn't dropped on my head as a child :), I really wonder if that's what's up! I will ask my doctor about it the next time I have an appointment (and will stop talking about it in the meantime because probably this is not super interesting to read about if it's not happening to you). Er, and hope that if this does turn out to be the explanation, it doesn't open a can of worms of tests or "preexisting conditions."

But I do want to say thanks for inspiring me to think this through and revisit those internet searches. Knowing you are there to talk to -- or to post to -- means a lot.
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I've been feeling weird these last few days. Current events? Inexplicable insomnia? Hormones? The anxiety of returning to "real life" after a 9-day break? All of the above? Who knows. I had a sort-of-nightmare the other morning and have been skirting the edge of That Feeling at bedtime, which I should write about again one of these days.

(I've done some reading since that last post and found some similarities to my experience in descriptions of the auras that can precede temporal lobe seizures, although I don't have seizures. Even if it's not the same as what's been happening to me, I did derive comfort from hearing that one of the features of the psychic/experiential components of such auras is that they're hard to describe. The only consistent trigger pattern I've been able to piece together is a combination of exhaustion and exposure to some media manifestation of raw male sexuality that elicits an attraction-repulsion response, but why the phenomenon doesn't occur every time those factors coincide remains a mystery.)

This time, it was set off by the hair of a low-budget Fabio-type guy in an, er, adult video clip. Last time, May 2016, it happened while hearing the opening lines of "I Found" by Amber Run as the long-haired actor in the music video* got out of the car and opened the front door to the house. See also: Yul Brynner in the dream sequence in Futureworld, Maman coming into the room in one particular scene in Slumdog Millionaire, Guy Pearce's face in part of [personal profile] elipie's haunting On My Way Home (Two Brothers) vid, the chorus of Linkin Park's "Castle of Glass," all the examples in the previous post…

*warning: kidnapping.

Okay, I guess I'm writing about it now and not later. :)

ETA: Hmmmmmmm, on further reading it sounds like "aura" for temporal lobe epilepsy can mean the experience preceding a complex partial seizure (loss of consciousness, twitching/lip smacking, language difficulty, etc.) OR the description of a simple partial seizure/focal seizure itself. So maybe the latter is what is going on?? How nice it would be to put a term to this.

ETA 2: Follow-up post
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Well, that was a first: choosing to miss my bus and be late for work because I was too upset to leave the house this morning.

I need to get this out so I can concentrate on my job for a few hours.

state of mind about the election results )
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First piece of mail arrived from one of you today. ♥ Thank you, and thank you to anyone else who has already or who might still join in on the postcard request to help make this year's birthday a happier one.


Was treated to an unexpected show when a group of us went to a Nats (Washington Nationals) baseball game last night. See, early in the game they always have their mascots of four U.S. presidents run a race around the field, which is ridiculous and utterly enjoyable. Sometimes they do silly variations. Last night, this happened! Abraham Lincoln: not just a vampire hunter anymore. Hee, and I was rooting for Teddy Roosevelt even before he showed up in that persona.

Here is a blog write-up for explanation if needed.
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What the hell was I thinking when I did that Five Celebrities I Wouldn't Kick Out Of Bed meme a couple years back? Siddig and Thomas are constants, sure, and I suppose Sebastian though really only when he's Longinus, but how could I have left off David Bowie and Jeremy Irons? Honestly. And Mick Jagger I would probably choose over David Hallberg. Hallberg's better at a distance, moving.

Actually, I know what I was thinking. I was trying to be brainy about it when the whole point was physical attraction.

However, the women are still all on target. Let it never be said that I don't have a raging case of narcissism type.

Brought to you by Irons having been the guest star in two Law & Order: SVU episodes last night.

(I've turned on the TV twice this week instead of zero times, after thinking about how I am paying for cable and not using it. Hockey, UFC and SVU. ...I suppose I should say NHL to keep them all acronyms.)

(It is still baffling to me that UFC does not have a huge fangirl following. It's a bunch of semi-attractive* half-naked uber-fit guys grappling with each other all over the cage walls and floor while the announcers talk about dominating and submitting. I swear, it is like watching the Angry Gay D/s Kama Sutra.

*If you're into buff and often tattooed physiques, as many people seem to be, judging from the size of Eames' fan club in Inception.)


Have seen some movies recently that I want to talk about here (namely The Celluloid Closet and The Killing Fields), but I wouldn't do the discussion justice at the moment. Stay tuned.

Houseguest pending tomorrow. Should be good. The weather's not great, but it's supposed to clear up early enough for her to see the cherry blossoms, which is why she's coming at this particular time.

Any plans for you all? Besides the slice of my flist who are rejoicing at Muskrat Jamboree?
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For reasons you may not want to know but can possibly guess, I was just looking into mermaid biology on Google, figuring that if I had a question, other people had probably already done the heavy thinking. There's some cool stuff! Like this anatomical illustration by Brazilian artist Walmor Corrêa ([ profile] nightdog_barks, you especially might enjoy the companion illustrations), this tongue-in-cheek anatomy lesson (responding to this one), and a blog post that includes a since-deleted Wikipedia article on "The Mermaid Problem."

My favorite part of that post was this bit of etymology:
A French idiom, finir en queue de poisson (to end with the tail of a fish), makes reference to this difficulty [of mating with a creature that doesn't appear to have genitalia]; it refers to a promising start that ends in disappointment. It originates from a line in Horace's Ars Poetica: Desinit in piscem mulier formosa superne (the beautiful woman ends in a fish's tail)

Another tangential find was this musculoskeletal wetsuit.

Also, a pretty sexy Little Mermaid femslash fic with inspiration from seahorse mating habits. Reminds me a little of the cloaca that frequently featured in Garak fic.


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