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Where did my Monday go? Oh, right, it disappeared into 5,300 words of consent play essay. Whoops.

It went up on [community profile] kink_bingo this morning here as part of the ramp-up to the next round (which starts tomorrow, plug plug) and has already generated some wonderfully thought-provoking comments that I need to try to respond to intelligently.

For my own OCD archiving needs and for the sake of anyone who might not like reading or commenting on Dreamwidth, the essay is reposted in its entirety below. Hope you like it. *insert noncon joke here*

* * *

Force Me, Please: On Noncon and Noncon Play in Fanfic

This is an essay about nonconsensual sex (noncon) and noncon roleplay in fanfic, why I love them, why they may work for other people, and how approximately one zillion kinks complement them. With 45 recs sprinkled throughout.

A bit about where I'm coming from )

What this essay will not cover )

On the difference between fantasy and reality; ethical dilemmas; freedom of kink )

Making distinctions: noncon vs. play, and all the shades of gray )

Ruminations on why this kink is attractive )

Great tastes that taste great together )

And in conclusion… )

* * *

Thank you again to those of you who chimed in when I asked under f-lock for thoughts on why consent play works. If you'd like to be credited for anything, just let me know and I'll amend.

Questions, comments, recommendations, requests to go into more depth, all welcome as always. I'd love to keep the conversation all together at the original post, but feel free to comment wherever you're more comfortable.
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Back from a long weekend with the grandparents, and off in two days for New York. This is the most exciting news in my life right now. Blah, blah, self-flagellation, but [info -]kink_bingo is starting and [info -]synn will be visiting soon. Also I finally learned how to do DW and IJ user codes. And I enjoyed perfect in a sickening sort of way by perdiccas (Zach Quinto/Chris Pine, intense consent play) and Imaginary Boys by busaikko (John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, trans topics) last night/today.

Have you ever played a game at a bridal shower that you enjoyed? I am planning ("planning") one for this weekend and hear they are mostly lame. ETA: Rumors of lameness have been somewhat exaggerated. I think a few of the ideas that turned up on Google will do. But you are still very much welcome to make suggestions....
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For various dull reasons, I am for the first time watching an American Idol season premiere. It is just as embarrassing and commercial-mainstream as I expected in its judgments, but some of the nice stories are nice. Anyway -- I just wanted to say to anyone else who watched that that grumpy guy in glasses was totally Dr. Kavanagh, yes? I mean, not in looks, but in attitude and in the reactions he elicited.

So then I went to the webz to read the obvious SGA/AI fusion where Rodney is Simon and various other staff are the rest of the judges -- I dunno, Zelenka can be on the panel, and Teyla, and maybe Ronon? -- and John's the next American Idol, but the story doesn't seem to exist. Am I wrong? Should this be taken to [ profile] sgastoryfinders?

Also, rec of joy for Fascinating/Indeed, a super-cute SG-1/ST Reboot crossover (gen). This deliberate bad!fic snippet (Reboot, Kirk/Spock) made me laugh too.
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Apologies to anyone I may have put off by replying with flat/terse comments or not replying at all lately. I have been feeling crappy about myself these last few days, for no sufficient reason, other than Changes Are Coming And I Angst. Also the power went out for an hour in the middle of the night when I'd finally had a chance to get some decent sleep. But rather than get self-loathing all over you, here is a random collection of good things:

+ My little SGA tentacles vidlet won an Arbitrary Mod Prize at kink_bingo! I love how the mods are totally transparent about the subjectivity of that half of the awards process, and am pleased as punch to have pleased them. With tentacles.

+ I also earned a travel fellowship to the conference I'm going to next month, which is super cool since the flight and hotel etc. will now not come out of my paycheck.

+ Haircut this weekend. 's been five years since I last did something interesting. Hopefully this curly-hair place will know what to do with me. Also the National Book Festival, and an evening with the Laundrys.

+ Girl!Spock/Kirk (Reboot, as you may surmise by the fact that I've read it) virgin fic.

+ Enjoying the half-dozen episodes of Dexter I've caught since [ profile] synn was here. He has some good, dry one-liners, and his sister is gorgeous. And there's Darla. What a crossover that would be, Darla and Dexter. Also, the opening credits look like the ones for True Blood, the style and the grotesque-within-the-quotidian theme. Anyway, with that and DS9 DVDs, it's been nice to watch shows that hold my interest the whole way through and don't have any commercials. She says, while the Vampire Diaries trails off into WalMart and diet ads.

+ Meme is still open.
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Today I felt so tired I couldn't see straight, let alone get any substantive work done. When I asked if my supervisor would mind if I worked (such as it was) through lunch and left an hour early, she said go home whenever, and don't set my alarm tomorrow morning if I don't want to. At my last job, it didn't matter how much overtime we worked; we were expected to be in the office from 9 to 6, and never mind that you have the flu or there's a blizzard or the air conditioning is broken and it's 90 degrees inside or they're tarring the roof right above you or painting the neighboring office and people are taking breaks outside from the fumes.

In other words, another reason I really like this job. Too bad that by virtue of technically being an internship, it's not going to last. The reason I felt so tired in the first place is I haven't slept well for about a week, which I'm attributing to birthday angst followed by job angst. Need to find a place to take me in in just under a month, and a place to live near wherever that is. Or, if that plan doesn't work, find an apartment near here and look in the area. Have put out the metaphorical feelers; we'll see. Prospects are uncertain in this economic climate, and I do not do well with uncertainty. And then there's the Groucho Marx syndrome to deal with of losing respect for companies who would have me as an employee, especially if they're the ones who seek me out and not the other way 'round.

Have also landed what might be a regular freelance writing gig (nonfiction). I've done freelance writing before, but usually only one job at a time. So that will be nice if it works out. I have problems with letting go of money, particularly when -- for some strange reason -- future employment is not guaranteed, but earnings outside of a salaried job go right into the spendable file, guilt-free. Which means I can do things like fly to see [ profile] synn and my grandparents and not mooch off the [ profile] deelaundry domicile more than I already have.


Before I duck back into the hunt, here are some stories and vids that have brought me joy recently: )

Anyone read any good House fic lately? I am out of touch.


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