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Gosh, where to start.


I have been feeling generally emotionally flat, but good things have been happening, which is… good.
  • I am navigating a job shift that should entail greater employment security and significantly higher salary for the cost of a trade-off I think I am at this point willing to accept.

  • My out-of-state friend A. came to visit for Yom Kippur and we did harvest-y things and ate the best Belgian waffles and chive scrambled eggs I have ever experienced.

  • My other friend A. and her husband invited me to the Maryland Renaissance Festival this weekend. I have only been to one Ren fair, in Sherwood Forest, which was delightful and had a jousting match. This go 'round may see that jousting match and raise it meat on a stick.

  • Thought I ruined my chances with this guy I like, but it turns out maybe not. Coworker and I went to a concert last night in which both he and aforementioned friend A. played. He is so pretty, friends, and French, among other things. I want so much for him to be interested. Je veux pratiquer mon français (cela fait 10 ans que j'ai pris un cours) pour mieux parler avec lui. …I had to look up "mieux" for that. Anyway, stay tuned.


Alive and kicking, despite a lack of fic or vid posts since the end of Bingo.
  • Salon article/advice column of note: "I love gay male porn." The good: it got through the obvious stuff and the clichés fairly quickly and went on from there. The not so good: reference from the Ogas & Gaddam dream team. But that was followed by a description of slash, so.

  • Am only one week behind on House now; Project Runway continues to entertain; and I started watching and have been really enjoying the Eleven-and-Amy series of Doctor Who. I am apparently still a sucker for plots involving a young girl who meets a sci fi hero and then later in life has the chance to go on adventures with him. Even if he can be an arrogant, misogynist dick.

  • Other coworker and I went to see 50/50, the based-on-the-writer's-experience cancer movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anjelica Huston. It was entertaining. Sort of a romanticized/smoothed-over tale of what it might be like to be a middle-class West Coast 27-year-old and get a horrifying diagnosis like that. Had some real breakthrough emotional moments towards the end, right before and right after JGL's character's surgery. Also had a hilarious scene where Seth Rogen told off JGL's girlfriend. Overall solid. Not quite blunt enough to be novel, too amusing to really hit home—although the humor also served that timeless purpose of setting you up to be hit harder by the sadder content.

  • [ profile] festivids 2011 is about to start! I signed up for 9 sources that I have ideas for, and I have a 10th idea in case of treat opportunity. Am particularly jazzed about two of them. We'll see what gets matched.

  • Have gotten back into writing Mary Sue id fic this past week or so. It makes me happy.
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