bironic: Neil Perry gazing out a window at night (Caroline's bloody mouth)
Aside from everyone being chained up all over the place, I don't think I realized exactly how kinky The Vampire Diaries is until I started screencapping season two for Kink Bingo. What started out as a tiny bingo for the December challenge has turned into a tiny bingo of 5 different kink pairs plus a full-on picspam just for all the throat-grabbing that goes on. I don't think there's been an episode in this season where at least one character didn't get grabbed by the neck or put in a headlock. Goodness me.

Picspam pending; I still have a few episodes left to watch in the season. Until then, here's the mini-fill: 5 icons that make a simultaneous double line bingo. I've also included larger screen shots to do the images full justice. (Even if by "full justice" I mean "middling quality screencaps from streaming Netflix.")

Kinks are: body alteration/injury + bondage (wrist/ankle restraints), bloodplay + danger, held down + authority figures, exhibitionism + mirrors and doubles, and tickling + confined/caged. The bingo card I used is here.
Characters/pairings: Caroline, Katherine/Stefan, Mason/Tyler, Tyler
Warnings: One of the icons depicts a non-sexual nonconsensual situation, and two show characters in pain.
Spoilers: For the first half of season two.

5 icons and screen grabs )

Images are free for anyone to use as they please.
bironic: cute drawing of a squid holding a heart (tentacles are for hugging)
I don't think I'm even doing this row on my [info -]kink_bingo card, but that apparently didn't deter me. Behind the cuts are 83 multifandom and original art (though not original by me) icons for my tentacles square. Includes f/f, m/m, f/m, f, m, and, of course, tentacles.

Please note that a lot of these images came without artist or source attribution. I've credited sources where I could. If you know any others, I will gladly credit them.

The first section is rated G to PG-13. The rest are rated B for breasts (no genitalia) and are NSFW.

Cute tentacles! )

Consensual tentacles! )

Body Parts & Tentacles! )

NONCON & Ambiguous Tentacles! )

RL/Erotica Tentacles! )

Icons are of course available to all, to use or modify as you please. I only ask that you don't hotlink them.

Please share this post around with anyone who might be interested in using these!


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