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You guys, [ profile] sabinelagrande has created a podfic of my SGA story Upside Down and Inside Out, in which John, whose body has temporarily been turned into that of a woman for unexplained reasons, gets tied up and hung from the ceiling and brought off in three marvelous ways by Rodney (who is not temporarily in a female body) at the behest of off-screen aliens.

It is a marvelous podfic, read quickly and expressively and with audible enjoyment. Granted, that is a biased review on my part because this is the first time a story of mine has been podficced and I am beside myself with delight to hear the scene brought to life like this. Nonetheless! It is a joy to listen to, it sounds clever and peppy and tight, and the occasional infusions of Southern vowels are charming, as are the parts where Sabine-as-Sheppard tries to speak around the rope in her-his mouth. Even if the whole experience is a bit unreal since all podfics have to date been readings of stories by people who are not me. It is also fitting that Sabine chose to read this particular story for her "suspension" Bingo square, as the fic was written to fulfill a kink-saturated prompt of hers a couple years back.

I hope you will give it a listen and tell Sabine what a fun job she has done.


On the subject of cars and car shopping, I can only say this: Why on Earth do all these new models have such narrow windows and ill-placed rear-view mirrors and headrests? Is it so much to ask that a car be something you can see out of? No wonder so many people go for backup-view cameras and blind-spot sensors. This is like when I tried to get a watch in December and found that four analog models out of five lacked hour marks. Why would you want a watch that does not tell you what time it is. I am not looking for jewelry masquerading as a timepiece. I am not looking for a sporty body masquerading as a safe-to-operate vehicle. Ugh. What next, flatscreen TVs that don't actually hook up to provider services?
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I have this square on my Kink Bingo card for pegging/strap-ons, and whenever I tried to think about what I'd write for a pegging story, I'd end up reminiscing about [ profile] siriaeve's fics featuring Alex and Claire from the TV show Cupid, which are two of the sweetest, hottest gal-on-guy stories I've ever read. So I decided to record and share them, with [ profile] siriaeve's kind permission. I hope I've done them justice.

(I don't think it matters if you don't know the show; I didn't when I read these stories originally, and I still loved them. FYI that Joe Flanigan played Alex, a love interest of the main character, Claire's. Last time I checked, you could watch most of the Alex/Claire arc on YouTube.)

Note: Siria's stories followed on a similarly lovely one by [ profile] sheafrotherdon, who also graciously granted recording permission to round out the trio.

I. Gee by sheafrotherdon (Fic on LJ)
Length: 6:35
Rating: Adult
Summary: In which Alex convinces Claire to try something different.
Contains: Anal sex

jinjurly's archive | megaupload (6.1 MB, mp3)

II. Bend Over, Boyfriend by siriaeve (Fic on LJ / AO3)
Length: 11:20
Rating: Adult
Summary: In which Claire decides that turnabout is fair play.
Contains: Pegging

jinjurly's archive | megaupload (10.6 MB, mp3)

III. She's Giving Me Excitations by siriaeve (Fic on LJ / AO3)
Length: 6:28
Rating: Adult
Summary: In which Alex has a confession, and Claire follows up with something new.
Contains: Male penetration with a sex toy

jinjurly's archive | megaupload (6 MB, mp3)

Or download all three stories in a Zip file.

Enjoy! Feedback and concrit are welcome; these are the first podfics I've made. And if you like the stories, please do let siria & sheafrotherdon know.
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I visited Cambridge (MA, not UK) for a couple of days and had a nice time. The drive up Thursday evening went quickly and smoothly, the drive back not much worse; the most painful part was watching the fuel pump price climb and climb and climb when I had to top off the tank. (When I first got this car, it cost $12 to fill the tank. Last month, I was going to post about how that had tripled. Now, it's stretching for quadruple.) Gas went up 10 cents a gallon here in the 48 hours I was gone. Next time, it might be cheaper to fly than to drive. WTF, USA. WTF.

Otherwise, aside from some rain, it was lovely. I stayed with my friend S… )

S. and I rounded off the weekend with a few Trek episodes, as it is our tradition to cram as many as possible into our get-togethers. This time it was "Whom Gods Destroy" and "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" (TOS), "Parallels" and "The Pegasus" (TNG). Man, those shows were smart. Explanation, with detour into Kirk=Sheppard. )

Anyway. Nice weekend. In the car, I was serenaded by a CD of [ profile] the_oscar_cat, [ profile] jadesfire2808, [ profile] triedunture and [ profile] dodificus reading SGA, House and Torchwood podfic. Much fun, and I need to leave them all feedback.

In short (or not): I am feeling good about life right now. That could all change tomorrow, when it's back to work as usual and some things in limbo cease to be in limbo, like receiving my Birthright return date, my school housing assignment and the results of the liver biopsy I had a couple of weeks ago. But for the moment, contentment. Why, you ask?

- New music care of [ profile] isiscolo's international music minifest. [ profile] elynittria, do you know the Polish band Mordewind? There's a song by them over there that I think you'd like. And to both you and [ profile] catilinarian, if you follow the link to a collection hosted by whatistigerbalm, I think you'll both find a lot to love.

- Despite mailing in my phone rebate two days late, I got the refund.

- I went grocery shopping along with my father for a change, and now we have delicious, nutritious summery foods instead of a fridge full of beef and a counter full of bread and chips. Avocadoes, tomatoes, salmon steaks, corn, cereal, canteloupe, new potatoes, canned tuna. Mm.

- We bought and planted two and a half rows of vegetables this morning, and just in time, because it looks like rain. Cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, roma tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, basil, broccoli, string beans, cucumbers and zucchini. We're trying a new patch in a different part of the yard in the hope that the plants won't die like they did last year; our hypothesis is not enough sun. The old patch went entirely to the peas this time.

- Coming back to find French gay Kama Sutra illustrations featuring partners who look like Sheppard & McKay and an accompanying story by sheafrotherdon and siriaeve. Yum.

- I seem to have lost weight. Ironic, I suppose, because I haven't been trying, whereas I had been trying my last couple of years of college—long story, to do with distracting myself from my parents' separation—and nothing happened then. Let me tell you a funny story about body blindness. )

Annnnd it's raining now. Which reminds me that I am thirsty from gardening. Off to find some water.


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