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Am experiencing that unfortunate blogging state where you don't post for a while and then there are too many things to talk about, so you don't talk about any of them, repeat until something gives. Let us try to overcome the blockage through the magic of a "five things" format:

1. I am reading the Twilight series. No, really. )

2. I watched seasons one and two of Girls. )

3. synn and I accidentally made The Challah That Ate Pennsylvania. )

4. Went to an excellent Sigur Ros concert. )

5. Five things, five things, hm. Starships and Home showed at Muskrat Jamboree and apparently were well received, yay. Many thanks to those of you who texted or emailed or dropped comments to report on how the vidshow went. Starships'll be showing at VidUKon soon, which is also awesome. Meanwhile, someone is doing a really cool project that involves one of my vids; I got to see a draft today, and it's going to be exciting to talk about when it's out in the world.

Looking forward to the time, ever closer, when my brain decides to be productively creative again. Mayhap it will involve one of the "gift basket" mini cards at Kink Bingo. Or not, since work is busy and my mom will be visiting next week.

Either way, for now, it's National Poetry Month once again, which means it's... time to read more poetry. Reading poetry means reading slowly, means appreciating the aesthetics of language, the exquisite ways artists find of expressing the simplest, most ordinary experiences, or of articulating what had seemed to be ineffable. Means slowing down the brain. Taking time. Thinking. So different from the skimming and attention dividing that tends to dominate my days. I didn't used to be like that, when I was a teenager. (Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny in the metaphorical sense that my personal [d]evolution from measured, thoughtful and introspective to fragmented, rushed, digital- and social network-immersed reflects our culture's shift over the past couple of decades?) Poetry Months—and Septembers, when I remember the beginnings of school years—always make me wonder whether and how you can restore yourself.
bironic: Neil Perry gazing out a window at night (RSL neil window)

There are too many projects listed on this sticky note, and thus I’m completely unable to start any of them.  But some are important and some are exciting and some have been put off for months.  Aack.

The run-down, in no particular order:

  • Complete third-round edits for Accio proceedings. (this weekend)
  • Finish preparing Sebastian Roche site for launch. (at my leisure)
  • Paper proposal for Patronus 2006. (Dec. 31)
  • Paper proposal for Lumos 2006. (Jan. 15)
  • Various tasks for the journal (recruitment, annotated bibliography, style guide, &c). (ASAP)
  • Excerpt and revise sections of thesis for submission to Watcher Jr., the unfortunately-titled grad/undergrad offshoot of Slayage. (Oct./Nov.)
  • Presentation proposal for next spring’s Slayage conference on the Whedonverse. (Oct. 31)
  • And, as of this evening, Panel proposal on fanfiction/journal for the Southwest Texas/PCA conference in February. (Nov. 15)

This doesn’t take into account the list of to-do’s, which includes such savory items as: 

  • Write a long letter to a college friend who’s about to disown me for lack of communication (and I mean that).
  • Reply to about five substantial emails.
  • Reëstablish contact with favorite cousin and two teachers.
  • Make a bigger dent in what was supposed to be this month’s - no, make that last month's - List of Books I Can’t Believe I Got Through School Without Reading (currently: Innocents Abroad; next up: Wuthering Heights).
  • Make the annual slew of doctor’s appointments.
  • Help father finish painting the porch and re-attach the gutter.
  • Continue two projects from work I’ve taken home, again. Am reconsidering the brilliance of this idea after an enlightening conversation I had with a co-worker in the parking lot yesterday.
  • Sit down and make a decision about my future.


While all of this happens (or not), I have embarked on a journey toward resensitization with a questionable likelihood of success.   Me, me, me. Complain, complain, complain. )

Heh.  This is exactly the sort of thing I once swore never to put on a blog if I ever started one.


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