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It's periodic crunch time at work, so a proper post / con report will have to wait a bit longer. For now:

[community profile] vividcon was lovely. I had some good conversations with a few people I'd expected to catch up with and a few I had not; went to most of the panels; saw only a fraction of the vids screened but still came away with several favorites; stayed on an even emotional keel the whole weekend; and returned with renewed vigor for creative pursuits…

…most notably this extensive auction vid that's been in progress since the spring. After VVC I finally processed all the DVD footage I've been collecting, figured out how to get a bunch of MKV files into Adobe Premiere (tried [personal profile] absolutedestiny's FFmpeg tutorial for format conversion but gave up in favor of DirectShowSource in the more familiar Avisynth), and skimmed two seasons of American Horror Story with [personal profile] drglam's guidance. I'd been putting that off along with The Walking Dead & Z Nation because horror TV is not always my thing, but it went fine. Forging onward.

Meanwhile, I made the mistake of perusing [community profile] equinox_exchange requests on the AO3 and ended up with a vid idea that I don't have time to make, except I started making it. *facepalm* I don't even go here, as they say, but I think the concept is beautiful, and the draft is making me have an emotion. Fortunately, what at first seemed like an intimidating endeavor is coming together faster than expected.

Still, my primary focus needs to be the auction vid, and I'll be away three of the six weekends between now and Equinox go-live, so we'll see if this other vid gets done in time or if the DS9 vidlet began a tradition of posting treats three months late.
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All that and I forgot to say I've registered for [community profile] vividcon in August and Readercon in July. Readercon's guests of honor this year are Naomi Novik and Nnedi Okorafor. Looking forward to hearing about more attending authors.


My hair is straight! For a couple of days, anyway. I went for a haircut with a new, recommended curl-savvy hairdresser who said she wanted to straighten it before cutting it to ensure the cut would be even, which is the opposite of what most people have proposed before. Now it's all swoopy and flippy and when I look in the mirror I actually feel pretty.

(Cue conflicted thoughts about societal notions of beauty and what it means that I like the result of this erasure of one visible aspect of my Eastern European/Russian Jewish heritage, but I think it's just that it frames my face really well right now.)

It hasn't been straight since my friend flat-ironed it 10+ years ago for a Halloween party where I went as Snape, so it is quite a revelation. The results are making me want to do it once in a while now for fun. Er, although I don't own a blow dryer or flat iron.


We had a snow day this week. It seems like ages ago already. I had grand plans for watching some vid-related movies & TV but then we lost power for half the day so I read,* wrote and shoveled. 1,800 new words on an old Mary Sue story. I'm liking this trend.

*Lagoon by Okorafor; I would put it behind Binti and ahead of Akata Witch for enjoyment level.


I did finally finish Suicide Squad tonight, which was as mediocre and eye-rollingly misogynistic/exploitative as promised, with bonus racism and overkill special effects. Even so, I did enjoy some aspects, including Will Smith, Jay Hernandez and the human Rocket Pop that was Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. But no one warned me that Adam Beach spoiler ).


Been seeing lots of movies in the theater, and there are still many coming up that are appealing. Want to post about them properly one of these days. Like Get Out, which was so, so smart, and Logan, and the Oscar-nominated animated short films, and soon Raw, and Life, and possibly Personal Shopper...
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Happy actual 50th anniversary day!

Previous post: cast member one-on-ones

[ profile] iggyw & I went to something like 18 panels over the course of the con (Khaaaaan). Many of them we only attended portions of; the schedule had three or four tracks that tended to overlap one another either entirely or by 15-30 minutes out of 60, which I suppose was useful for some people but also made it hard to stay for an entire presentation/discussion without feeling like you were missing something equally interesting. And yet there were dead zones at other times. *shrug*

I went to most of the talks I'd wanted to go to. Some of them met or exceeded expectations while others disappointed. An overall critique is that there were way too many white dudes up on stage. I only remember one panel with a female moderator, the leader of the Black Tribbles podcast team. No coincidence that that was a great session. Oh, and one lecture was half husband and half wife. A few other panels—but too few—had women on them. Disappointing, and reflected neither the demographics of the fandom or even of the con attendees nor the people who've worked on the shows (the "Writing for Trek" panel featured zero women, for instance). Likely the Feminist Fandom, Queer Trekkers and Women of Trek panels had greater presenter diversity, but I unfortunately missed them due to what they were scheduled against. Which is itself another kind of slight by the con organizers, putting them up against the big cast panels lots of people wanted to go to.

That said: Six of the panels we attended featured cast members; will write about those separately. The rest included:


The History and Future of Star Trek novels )

Fanbros: TNG vs DS9 )

Galaxy Quests: The Humor of Star Trek and Beyond )

Thriving on Limitations: Behind the Scenes of The Wrath of Khan )

The First Convention and How It Helped Resurrect Star Trek )

The Evolution of Star Trek's Fandom )


Growing Up Trek )

Writing for Star Trek )

Meet Writer-Producers from Star Trek: Discovery )

Black Tribbles: Star Trek Into Blackness  )

ST IV table read  )

And then there was the cosplay contest, but there's only one panel left to describe and there's not much to say, so let's do that first and then get back to the awesome costumes.


Trek Talks: NASA  )

So, yes, the cosplay contest! )

Last but not least: Next post will be about the cast panels. \o/
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As I may have mentioned about fifty times, this weekend I went with [ profile] iggyw to a 50th anniversary Star Trek convention in New York! Various cast members from all the series and movies attended, plus writers, directors, tie-in novel authors and editors, the organizers of the first Trek con back in the '70s, ancillary media producers such as podcasters and bloggers, people who've reconstructed sets and props, several thousand "ordinary" fans like us, NASA employees, vendors, etc.

My first con was actually the 25th Star Trek anniversary when I was 10 years old; Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner came to Long Island to do their shtick. My mom won the tickets on a radio show and she and my dad bought me a little TNG comm badge when we got there. So coming back for the 50th felt all the more meaningful. And poignant, of course, with the loss of Nimoy. I'm forever grateful to have had the opportunity to hear him speak at length in 2011 at a temple in Maryland.

(A few people spoke about Anton Yelchin, too, from the heart. But there was no official programming to memorialize him, whereas there were at least three events in Nimoy's honor. Strange and sad.)

For me, the main reason to go to an "official"/top-down con, with all the costs and crowds and tacky commercialism, is to meet celebrities and watch them interact with one another. I am very happy with how things turned out on that front. Details below!

A future post will cover the many panels we tried out, plus the excellent cosplay, dinner with [personal profile] coffeeandink, and other miscellany. Just crunched for time this week with work stuff.

One-on-one interactions )

DS9 cast photo )

Next post: cast panels (DS9, TNG, VOY, TOS-sort-of) non-cast panels, cosplay contest, etc.
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Once upon a time [personal profile] elipie and I had separate ideas to put together a kink-themed vid show for [community profile] vividcon. Unlike me, [personal profile] elipie remembered to submit the idea when the time came. But she graciously took me on as a co-mod when I realized what had happened, and after a couple of weeks of merged lists, spreadsheets, IM sessions and gnashing of teeth, we settled on our 20 vids.

We wanted to feature vids that portray kinks and kinkiness in a positive light; tried for a variety of kinks, tones, styles, fandoms, vidders, pairing/moresome types and character demographics*; limited the list to one vid per vidder; and made sure to include at least some vids that hadn't been created for Kink Bingo, so the list wouldn't all be familiar to kink-vid fans who followed the community. [personal profile] elipie also cajoled [personal profile] anoel and [personal profile] thirdblindmouse into making premieres for the show on short notice! Definitely watch both of them; they are great. One has pain- and consent-play femslash and the other has alien sex!

*Some of these efforts panned out better than others, but I think we're both generally happy with the final list -- and hope you are too.

Playlist )

And the shortlist of runners-up. Some we had to remove because we were limited to 20 vids even if they fit within the allotted time; some were alternates.

runners-up )

Bonus vids that screened during Vividcon that it's too bad we couldn't include:

Switch Screens by lola (UnREAL) - voyeurism woo

Anything For You by Willion (Furry fandom) - such a sweet story about finding one's inner furry kink/identity

etc. etc. etc., so many other great kink vids out there, but also please make more. ♥

Thanks to everyone who pitched ideas to us in person, on DW and/or on Twitter. You helped strengthen the playlist, introduced us to new works by unfamiliar artists, and sometimes made us laugh (everyone be glad/sad we didn't put in the mechanical tentacle porn set to "Inspector Gadget").
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A good weekend.

I saw some fantastic vids, danced with a T-rex at Club Vivid, met a baby, shared in a Shabbat dinner, hugged and was hugged, and caught up with several vidding friends and got to know others better. There was one rough patch, but with a little initiative and the company of friends & acquaintances, it soon passed.

My first time co-modding a vid show proved to be a positive experience thanks to the best partner, [personal profile] elipie, and the 20 or so people who came to see it despite it being scheduled right after lunch and opposite a Star Trek panel. We will post have posted the kinky playlist.

My three new vids went over well:

"Starships!" closed out Club Vivid before the traditional finale of "Can't Stop the Rock," and I can't articulate how it felt to witness a room full of fans singing along and dancing as it played, hands up to touch the sky.

Vid recs, show/panel notes and social stuff )

Other con reports: kass, seekingferret, anoel ...

State of Vidding from Morgan Dawn
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One of the local Little Free Libraries had a copy of The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman and that finally motivated me to start reading His Dark Materials after all these years. People were super into them around the time we were going to Harry Potter aca-cons and of course there've been a million fannish AUs but I never got around to trying the series, other than going to see that forgettable film adaptation.

After an uncertain start, I got really into it, especially the human-dæmon relationships. I hadn't realized how into it until I found myself choking up at the descriptions of spoilery ). Also I hadn't realized how explicitly Pullman described what happens between dæmons when their humans get frisky together. Many years late to this party.

I bought the other two books yesterday and will read them in & around the new Harry Potter one that I pre-ordered but haven't picked up yet.

Obv. there are things to enjoy and things to critique and thinky stuff about Pullman's reaction to C.S. Lewis and the Church but we are not here for in-depth analysis right now. Work is rough these days as we undergo managerial transitions and as a result my entertainment has swung toward pleasure and comfort. See also: I've taken a break from vid-research movies and just rewatched the Twilight series. Well, that's sort of for vid research too, but a different project, and I wasn't taking notes. And I rewatched the beginning of the terrible-but-I-don't-care TV show Roar from 1997, because my heart.

Was sad to miss con.txt this weekend and all the friends who go with it. At least there's only a week and a half 'til Vividcon. Hang in there, self: Hugs and vids and conversation and mini-vacation are nigh.
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Continued from here (personal experience at the con)

In chronological order:

SF in the Classical Tradition, incl. Catherynne M. Valente )

The Life and Times of Mary Sue )

Why Women Become Protagonists, incl. Rosemary Kirstein )

Cozy Dystopias )

Robots as Proxies )

End of the World and After )

Bad Influences II, incl. Kelly Link )

200 Years of Frankenstein )

Sorting Taxonomies, incl. Kate Nepveu & Peter Straub  )

And that's it! Overall a good way to have spent the weekend. Would go back, but would do more work ahead of time re: which panelists would be better or worse to hear and which authors do good readings. Heard I'd missed a good time with Max Gladstone this year. I also learned I'll probably be happier avoiding panels on topics that fandom discusses in depth, because they're likely to feel superficial and frustrating.
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[personal profile] stultiloquentia clued me in to Readercon, an SF/F book-focused con that takes place locally: this year in Quincy. For my own mental health, I decided at the last minute to take a day off work and give it a try. Then it took more than a week to summon enough energy and semi-articulateness to write a post. Sorry about that.


- Meeting Rosemary Kirstein, author of the ongoing Steerswoman series! She spoke on a panel about how to motivate female protagonists besides trauma. No blockbuster notes from that session, but I went up afterwards along with a few other attendees to say how much I liked her books. She was nice. She mentioned how difficult it's been to pick up the next draft after her health scares etc., and agreed with a laugh that it's hard to sign an e-book since the series is largely out of print. Also I learned that it's Kir-stine, not Kir-steen.

- Meeting Kelly Link (author of Get in Trouble: Stories, among others)! She took part in a big, fun panel about "bad influences"—more on that in the next post—and agreed to sign books for two of us afterwards. Hilariously/embarrassingly, a combination of weeks-long brain struggles and being in passive panel-listening mode meant that I totally blanked when she asked me a few questions, like whether I write, what sources I've written fanfiction for and what town in Texas my friend lives in who recommended the book. *facepalm* At least her signing the other guy's book gave me the moments needed to recall a few books and TV shows I've written fic for lately; then we talked for a minute about The Vampire Diaries and how that introduced her to online fandom. She wore deep blue lipstick.

- Joining [personal profile] stultiloquentia on Saturday for lunch she arranged with people who turned out to be [personal profile] kate_nepveu, who runs Con or Bust, and [personal profile] yhlee, founder of [community profile] festivids, whose book Ninefox Gambit just came out. (I haven't read it yet but have it on order at the library.) I'd learned from the #readercon hashtag that [personal profile] yhlee was coming and I'd hoped to meet him, so lunch was serendipitous. And they knew my vids (!!!). An unexpected moment of LJ/DW/AO3-style fannish connection at a con focused on pro SF/F authors and editors and publishers. We talked SGA, metatagging, vidding, panel moderation, math and English education, storytelling in different media, recs for a project stulti's working on... They were both a delight to meet, if briefly. ♥ our people ♥

- Panel about robot narratives as slave uprisings, with bonus etymology + awesome Seder reference. Details to follow.

- Seeing Catherynne M. (Cat) Valente on a panel after our book club read Deathless. It seems Samuel R. Delaney was also a Readercon guest, but I missed him. :( :( Also Junot Diaz, obviously, but he's local and so I've been adjacent to him on many occasions, heh.


- Personal: I'd thought that, if anything, being around so much enjoyment and analysis of science fiction and fantasy texts would boost my motivation to get back to my own writing. Instead, I felt something closer to despair at the whole endeavor of publishing. So many authors and books I'd never heard of, current and past, even in my favorite genre; so many people struggling for their work to be recognized, or who've published numerous books to little effect… I asked myself, as I do every so often: What's the point? What are the chances of conceiving a compelling story, and telling it so well, that it rises above the voluminous mediocrity and makes a lasting mark? Is there a point to writing a book if it doesn't? Did I just go to a bad combination of panels for thinking about these questions? Does Readercon attract mostly a certain level of author that made this stand out to me? Is part of my brain simply trying to talk me out of attempting a novel one day because not trying is better than failing? When did I stop believing that I could produce something extraordinary?

(And yet, the satisfaction of producing a fic or a vid or a creative product for my job is often enough in itself, which suggests that it would be the same for a book, and I get all "eeee" inside when a single stranger compliments something I've made, especially if I trust their judgment. It's all very confusing.)

- Cultural: As a first-time attendee who didn't do her homework, I had no connection to the communities of panelists or attendees and only afterwards began to learn about other people's histories with the con (fx, I'd forgotten that Readercon was the one with the notorious harassment case), about what was going on around me, behind the scenes and in panels I didn't attend. I only witnessed a few of the instances of racism, sexism and lack of discussion on intersectionality that other attendees wrote about at length. I'd accepted that the con was book-focused, only to learn that others were expressing their frustrations with its reluctance to embrace other SF/F media and with some panelists' literary snobbery.

Further reading:

- The aforementioned mental health/biochemical stuff meant I missed Sunday's programming—panels on magic in space, blue collar SF and short story anatomy—the latter two of which seem to have been notable. Sad face.

Next post: Panel notes
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I laughed, I cried, I marveled at people's skills. Or: favorite new & new-to-me vids of those I saw at the con. I only went to two of the ten non-plenary vid shows, so there will surely be more to rec from the streams/DVDs. Stay tuned.

*denotes super-favorites

25 recs + commentary )

Will add the rest of the links as they become available. Will also follow up with recs from the vid shows I haven't yet seen, including a good chunk of Club Vivid.

See also: half a dozen recs in yesterday's con report.

Meanwhile, a full list of what showed at VVC can be found at
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I had a great time at Vividcon this weekend. It was my third time going, over a span of six years, and each one has felt more comfortable than the last. I learn more about the history of vidding and vidders and pick up more skills and get to know more people, or get to know people better.

This year's new experience was encountering again and again people's love for Starships. It just fills my heart with joy that it makes people so happy, and it's surreal (but also a thrill) to, for example, hear it mentioned as an annual Club Vivid favorite, or to learn that it was included in a suite of vids that helped convince a college to archive older fanvids. Although I have not yet learned how to react to effusive compliments, eep.

Social-type highlights of the con: cosplay, Shabbat, conversation, and more )

Panels )

And with that, I am out of brain. Choosing to blame all the adjectives and "to be" constructions in this post on the fact that I haven't had a full night's sleep in a week! Vid recs to follow at some point here.

ETA: Other people's con reports: giandujakiss, kass, sheafrotherdon, jetpack_monkey, ghost-lingering on the fandom-specific panels
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Definitely glad I submitted the bulk of my desired [ profile] festivids sources on opening day, before I left for NY; I didn't have a chance to get back online until after nominations closed. Now perusing the submissions and disputes list. Link in case you want to as well and haven't already been doing so!

Chronicles of Riddick and Fast & Furious series caught my eye but got ousted for being too popular. 'S okay. There are many other intriguing options. Jury's still out on whether I will be brave this year and check off boxes for things I would enjoy living with for a few months regardless of whether I have a particular backup idea for them. Or whether there will be time or oomph in the next couple of weeks for watching some movies on the list that I'd been meaning to see, in case that means a couple more I can volunteer for.

It's been ten months since I made a vid.


I registered for [ profile] muskratjamboree in March. I think that was my first fan-run con that wasn't for a specific fandom, in 2009, followed by con.txt in 2010/2012/2014, since I'd moved from Cambridge to D.C. Now we're back again. It'll be interesting to see how MJ goes this time. I remember encountering a lot of squee. Many of us have had conversations comparing and contrasting the two cons. Well; even if the fandoms or tone don't end up suiting me personally, there's the vid show, and the opportunity to learn more about who lives locally.

And most of all, seeing fan friends. Any of you planning to go?

If I don't have any ideas or time to make something new besides Festivids, I'm thinking of submitting I Like the Way You Move for consideration. After remastering the 3rd movie footage and either swapping the final clip or making a cover image with the Special Features shot of Vin Diesel in chains giving a grin and a thumbs-up. It's not exclusively slash, but (a) if memory serves, MJ's vid subject requirements are less stringent than con.txt's, and (b) it's still gazing appreciatively at a dude, so.
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I had a great weekend at [ profile] con_txt. It was so nice to see friends again, and to make some new acquaintances.

I was concerned about the programming because I haven't been feeling enthused about any particular canon on the docket in a communal-fannish way lately, and because mass squee can be scary; but there turned out to be plenty of meta panels and entertaining moderators to make the experience enjoyable.

I also appreciate how, while con.txt is a slash con by definition, those of us who do not exclusively enjoy slash are welcomed and able to have discussions about a variety of sexual identities and relationship types in fandom (and life), plus gen topics.

In case you are interested, I jotted down some notes. Nothing fancy or thorough. has panel descriptions and mod names.

Werewolf Torts and Undead Annuities )

Small Fandom Dating Game )

Fannish Pictionary )

Vid Show )

Monetizing Fandom )

Inverting Tropes )

D/s in Fandom )

Not My Fandom's OTP )

Awesome Robots )

Checking in on the Fannish Diaspora )

Small Fandom and Between-Fandom Support Group )

Dubcon F***ing: How Does It Work )

Rule 34 in a Magical Universe )

Bi-invisibility )

Also attended a panel about tagging and another about AUs.

Note to self: Action items:

- DS9 essential episodes list for [ profile] corbae (post likely to follow)
- Riddick recs list for [ profile] monkey_pie (ditto)
- Read [ profile] bmouse's Garak/Bashir collection
- Check out stuff from Small Fandom Dating Game
- Figure out naming issue and start a new Twitter to keep in touch with fan friends?
- Grin and bear it open a Tumblr account???
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As an early Father's Day gift, I got my dad and E. and myself tickets through work to attend Film Night at the Boston Pops with guest conductor John Williams. They drove up and we went on Friday. It was such a treat to hear live performances of, in particular, the Jurassic Park main theme, a Harry Potter medley, and the Star Wars opening credits music (first finale) and the Imperial March (first encore) by the man who wrote them and some of the musicians who recorded the original soundtracks.

A quarter of the way through, the strangest thing happened: The concert turned into Club Vivid.

A screen came down and they started showing clips from movies that related to the music being played. The first, a montage of D-Day scenes from WWII films, was as sentimental as the closing hymn being played from Saving Private Ryan, and it fell somewhere in between a slide show and a fanvid. Then they did one that was just scenes from various Olympic Games, which was actually more interesting than the music, because elite athletes are amazing.

But then -- then, in the second half of the program, they did a trio of video-music pairings that paid tribute to dance in film, and the first and third were honest to goodness fanvids that could have been shown at Vividcon to great cheer. My favorite was the first, a "multi-source vid" of tango scenes from decades of movies, ranging from Fred Astaire to The Addams Family, set to the tango music from Scent of a Woman. The third was all follies/fun dancing from musicals, like Chicago and Singin' in the Rain, although no Newsies. Both of those did their job right in not only being aligned to but also interacting with the music. (The second one was just uncut segments of the dream sequence in An American in Paris, set to music from... An American in Paris.)

Rousing applause for those. It was such a 'teachable moment'; I wished from my seat in the second balcony that there were some way to retroactively include a note in the program like "If you liked these, you'd love...." :D

Now I want the inverted version of karaoke vid show where we get live musical accompaniment! It was neat to see how Williams kept the timing right, with a digital screen in front of his music stand that displayed the vid plus a bar scrolling from left to right with every other measure.


I probably can't afford to go to Vividcon this year, but I am going to con.txt this coming weekend. Thanks, past self, for pre-registering! Looking forward to several of the meta panels (do I have to tumblr?; bi-invisibility; dubcon; supernatural creatures and the law; Small Fandom Dating Game and fannish Pictionary; vid show; support group for small fandom and between-fandom fans; etc.) and especially to seeing D.C.-area fan friends again, most of them for the first time since I moved back north 9 months ago.
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1. I wasn't planning to go to Vividcon this year because of stuff, but seeing the programming post today is making me second-guess the decision. Most appealing to me are the panels on song choice, music theory for facilitating audio editing, and making fancy credits with Aftereffects and Photoshop. Also one on how vidder motivation and intention influence outcome and can differ from audience reception. And there is this vid show:
Out of This World - Vids in spaaaaaace! A vidshow for fannish sources located in outer space, or concerned with space travel/exploration. Aliens, spaceships, and supernovas, oh my.
Spaaace. I know the vid show playlists are posted online, so it's not that so much as missing the panel discussions. People like [ profile] anoel take thorough notes, though, so there's some hope of being filled in...

2. Forecast snowstorm today was a bust ("Snowquester" --> "Noquester," quipped the Capital Weather Gang). Again. I mean, it snowed for about eight hours, but it's been above 40 for days and is heading for 50 as we speak, so nothing stuck. As opposed to everywhere west, NW and SW of here. Sigh. Thus continueth the D.C. record for consecutive days with fewer than 2 inches of accumulation.

ETA: This. This is what it's like to live in this city when the word "snow" is mentioned.

3. As a consolation while working from home, I hung those pictures mentioned yesterday. They are, against my nature, not even in straight lines! Credit again to Apartment Therapy for its resources on laying out and hanging a gallery wall. I went with the "arrange your frames on the floor, outline them on a big piece of paper and stage that on the wall, then nail through the paper" method.

wall with big piece of paper with outlines of picture frames photo 20130306_155146_zpsd36a49fb.jpg   wall with picture frames hung photo 20130306_163105_zpsa3fe8dbf.jpg

4. Now boredom looms, and on boredom's heels comes depression, so best not to go too far down that path. What will fill time now that the housing rush is subsiding?

*eyes vidding computer*

*or possibly the TV*

*or, actual good life choice, returning to better eating/cooking patterns*
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Part one here

As mentioned, I spent the majority of the con in panels rather than in vidshows. Here are some notes. I'm still not sure how many of you long-time f-listers care about vidding or vid-watching, but hopefully you'll find something interesting in here.

Structure of a Vidshow )

WIP It Good )

Do You Vid Your Myers-Briggs? )

Vid Your Id )

Typography in Vids )

Let My Lyrics Go! )

VSL (Vidding as a Second Language) )

Shadows and Fog: Vidding Horror )

Setting the Pace )

Forever Reblog: Vid Audiences on Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, etc. )

Whew. And those were the panels. Coming up Thursdayish: Premieres, Vid Review, hopefully recs of other con vids I'll have watched by then…

p.s. I do fully intend to reply to comments on the vids etc. -- just want to get this out first before I forget or lose momentum.
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This was my second time going to Vividcon—the first was summer of 2010—although I never posted about that one because the experience was so jam-packed joyful (and because, like this year, I had to go straight back to a busy office). 2010 was a special VVC for many reasons, among which were the unusual concentration of fan friends of mine whom I hadn't had a chance to meet before then (thingswithwings, eruthros, toft, isagel, anatsuno, chagrined, livrelibre, others I'm forgetting, but holy hell what an awesome group) and of House and SGA fic writers I hadn't known were attending (frostfire17, harriet_spy, spike21, thehoyden, anoel, others I'm forgetting again), plus roga was in the country and able to attend too. That was also the first time I met heresluck and astolat and elynross and cesperanza, who accompanied me to my airport gate on the last day to chat because her flight was a little later than mine. I was still new at vidding and didn't feel confident enough to discuss technique or strike up conversations with big-name vidders beyond "I loved X" (though I was fine talking about general fannish stuff or specific fandoms with anyone), or to submit any vids as premieres.

This year's con was different on many fronts as expected, but it turned out to be perhaps even more of a satisfying experience. Not going with a buddy meant I talked with a lot of people. ) They are not scary! Well, okay, I remembered from last time that milly isn't scary. :) & of course it was great to see kassrachel again, although bittersweet because she has her own circles and we didn't intersect much.

Right, but aside from what now looks like obnoxious and/or uninteresting name-dropping, I knew enough about the craft to take useful notes and contribute (I hope) not-stupid comments and questions at panels, but still have more than enough left to learn so that the panels were all interesting. I'm getting better at remembering which vidder has done which works that I've liked. Not least, I had two vids premiere and a third play in a themed vidshow and they all did well, which has made my heart swell like the Grinch's. For the first time, vidders I deeply admire came up to me to say nice things. I don't have words yet for what that was like.

I guess it's all part of the process of becoming a member of the community.


So. Ack, from what angle do I attack this write-up?

I guess we start at the beginning. After dropping my stuff in the hotel room Thursday afternoon, I was lucky enough to catch [ profile] thirdblindmouse among the fans in the lobby, whom it was great to finally meet, and also [ profile] kerithwyn and [ profile] amnisias, who are lovely and with whom I spent a lot of time over the weekend. Finally properly met [ profile] settiai in the way where I will now actually remember her, oops. [ profile] talitha78, [ profile] serrico, [ profile] danegen, [personal profile] charloween and a few others joined for a fun dinner. Then it was time for registration—and shortly afterwards, [ profile] rhoboat's

Mystery Vid Party )

So that was a good time for the couple of hours I lasted until bed. It also set the mood for the weekend: There's nothing to be afraid of when it comes to talking to or hanging out with some of the world's best fanvidders.

Breakfast the next morning, the con welcome, and then two vid shows:

History of Vidding: Club Vivid )

Let's Put on a Show )

Saturday night [personal profile] were_duck, [ profile] heyiya and I checked out the Weird Science vidshow DVD. It was okay. Most interesting to me personally was that kiki_miserychic set a vid to the beautiful Symphony of Science autotune mashup We Are All Connected. I confess I still prefer looking at Richard Feynman and Neil deGrasse Tyson than at the SGU characters. I also liked bradcpu's House vid Vertigo, which I must have seen back in the day but didn't remember.

I'm really looking forward to watching the Let My Lyrics Go! and Vids That Go Bump in the Night playlists.

More to come. For now, some vids and then sleeeeep.

ETA: Part two here (panels).
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I was extremely lucky to catch an earlier flight home tonight, thanks to leaving the con a little sooner than planned in order to share the shuttle ride with [ profile] thirdblindmouse. That meant I could actually grab a shower and will get to bed on time (zzzz)—and have a few minutes to throw some first-pass Vividcon favorites at you.

18 recs in different categories )

And that's not counting all the themed vid shows I missed—I mostly attended panels, but have the playlists and DVDs to check out in the days/weeks to come—or the ones that will grow on me.

I had such an awesome time this weekend and am absolutely thrilled by the comments on my two premieres. Will tell you about the best parts of the con soon. ♥

For now, to bed.
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Greetings from [ profile] vividcon!

I (barely) made an earlier flight, hooray, which meant landing two+ hours early; promptly found some fans waiting for the hotel shuttle at O'Hare and talked to them (instead of side-eyeing them like I did with a group last time that turned out to include [ profile] milly and [ profile] hollywoodgrrl, oops); and have been successfully social since then, with the traditional walk to the supermarket for weekend supplies followed by dinner at the Outback Steakhouse attached to the hotel. Registration hasn't started yet so no one has badges and therefore I could not tell you who half these people are because my immediate memory for names is terrible, but I did run into [ profile] settiai and happily have now met and hung out with [ profile] thirdblindmouse! I have to tell you, I was nervous all day (week) (months since registering) about not having a con buddy and just hanging awkwardly around the edges, but things are going well so far and that is great. Especially since two of us after dinner decided it was time for "an introvert retreat" before registration and that is a perfectly okay thing to say.

The cloud cover right now is fascinating. Not that you can really tell because the uploaded version is pixelated, but in the middle is a shadowy Chicago skyline. ETA: And even cooler right now; the city is half shrouded in a thunderstorm. Wish my camera weren't terrible so I could show you.

Starting tomorrow: lots of vid panels. And vid shows, obviously, but I am particularly looking forward to the panels. Excellent.
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Ugh, today. My building's fire alarm went off at 2:15 a.m.—the universe has been against me getting a good night's sleep since last Wednesday—and then my pants button randomly popped off a few minutes after I staggered into the office, ha. This after dreaming that deelaundry got upset about something some other fans said in person.

Hasn't been a total wash, though; I also had a dream where you could go to this aquatic arena, get fitted with SCUBA gear, and get sucked up into and shot out of a giant artificial tentacle that felt like a life-size version of those squishy plastic and gel tubes you find at some gift shops (or, er, probably also like male sex aid sleeves). It was long and detailed—the woman in charge gave me a nose clip on request, and I remember easing into breathing underwater—and, I must say, a lot of fun.

Kink Bingo

Speaking of tentacles and things to look forward to: Kink Bingo'll be starting up again in a couple of weeks, hurrah. There are some exciting new categories/squares. Last year I had fun knocking out a bingo that was all Inception recs; this year I bet I could do one that's all Karin (Mary Sue) stories. Not that a lot of people would want to read them, but whatever, I have a bunch of personally satisfying WsIP in that arena. Plus there are leftover non-Mary Sue ideas from previous rounds—still want to do the Brimstone AU with Ronon Dex for "tattoos," for example, and a Vampire Diaries breathplay picspam, and a Kill Your Darlings multi-kink vid—oh, there's a movie to pimp at the next [ profile] con_txt Small Fandom Dating Game!—and who knows what new ideas will be inspired by the 2012 card.

Relatedly, have you seen this amazing kink quilt that [personal profile] flyingthesky designed and made?? Their write-up is as funny as the quilt is impressive.

Ramp-up to the next round is going on right now. This watersports essay looks interesting.

...God, I really need to answer the rest of the comments to my noncon essay from last ramp-up.


Submissions for Vividcon's premieres show are due a week from Friday. At this point, my only shot is to finish that People of Pegasus Are Really Pissed Off vid from two years ago. It's like 90% filled in, but a) I'm not sure it's Premieres material and b) that completion percentage will drop quite a bit if I start knocking the clips out of their cut-to-the-beat pattern like I want to. I don't suppose any of you with expertise in SGA and/or Vividcon would want to offer advice on a complete draft?

The joy and confidence boost of con.txt this weekend convinced me that I do want to go to Vividcon this summer. I'd registered, but I was hesitant about following through, in part because I know the experience won't be like the last/first time I went, in 2010 (and because I wasn't sure about other summer travel). There were a dozen people I was thrilled beyond words to meet and/or hang out with who won't be going this year—thingswithwings, eruthros, anatsuno, isagel, roga, chagrined...—and it's harder when you don't have a con buddy. But. One, the schedule looks fantastic. Two, I'll have at least two vids showing, and it would be great to be there to see how they're received.

To bolster enthusiasm between cons, hopefully without burning ourselves out, chatting with cinco led to the idea of maybe organizing a vid-watching party for my birthday next month. If so, I'll be asking you for your recommendations!


Riverdance was a treat on Sunday. Beautiful weather out on the lawn at Wolf Trap at twilight, and after inhaling a sandwich—amazing how three days at a con will mess with your eating patterns and body awareness—I even managed to watch the whole thing without having to lie down. The step-versus-tap number was stunning, and the falling darkness added an extra sense of eeriness to the starscape photo behind one of the instrumental pieces. I did miss the Russian dervish, though. Overall the show lacked some power by virtue of it being my second time seeing it and at a distance as well, plus perhaps the small stage, but we'd inadvertently caught the last performance in North America after a 16-year run, so there was palpable emotion during the producer's introduction and the company's final curtain calls.

Happy summer, Northern Hemisphereans. We're hitting 100 degrees here today and tomorrow.


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