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Gosh, where to start.


I have been feeling generally emotionally flat, but good things have been happening, which is… good.
  • I am navigating a job shift that should entail greater employment security and significantly higher salary for the cost of a trade-off I think I am at this point willing to accept.

  • My out-of-state friend A. came to visit for Yom Kippur and we did harvest-y things and ate the best Belgian waffles and chive scrambled eggs I have ever experienced.

  • My other friend A. and her husband invited me to the Maryland Renaissance Festival this weekend. I have only been to one Ren fair, in Sherwood Forest, which was delightful and had a jousting match. This go 'round may see that jousting match and raise it meat on a stick.

  • Thought I ruined my chances with this guy I like, but it turns out maybe not. Coworker and I went to a concert last night in which both he and aforementioned friend A. played. He is so pretty, friends, and French, among other things. I want so much for him to be interested. Je veux pratiquer mon français (cela fait 10 ans que j'ai pris un cours) pour mieux parler avec lui. …I had to look up "mieux" for that. Anyway, stay tuned.


Alive and kicking, despite a lack of fic or vid posts since the end of Bingo.
  • Salon article/advice column of note: "I love gay male porn." The good: it got through the obvious stuff and the clichés fairly quickly and went on from there. The not so good: reference from the Ogas & Gaddam dream team. But that was followed by a description of slash, so.

  • Am only one week behind on House now; Project Runway continues to entertain; and I started watching and have been really enjoying the Eleven-and-Amy series of Doctor Who. I am apparently still a sucker for plots involving a young girl who meets a sci fi hero and then later in life has the chance to go on adventures with him. Even if he can be an arrogant, misogynist dick.

  • Other coworker and I went to see 50/50, the based-on-the-writer's-experience cancer movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anjelica Huston. It was entertaining. Sort of a romanticized/smoothed-over tale of what it might be like to be a middle-class West Coast 27-year-old and get a horrifying diagnosis like that. Had some real breakthrough emotional moments towards the end, right before and right after JGL's character's surgery. Also had a hilarious scene where Seth Rogen told off JGL's girlfriend. Overall solid. Not quite blunt enough to be novel, too amusing to really hit home—although the humor also served that timeless purpose of setting you up to be hit harder by the sadder content.

  • [ profile] festivids 2011 is about to start! I signed up for 9 sources that I have ideas for, and I have a 10th idea in case of treat opportunity. Am particularly jazzed about two of them. We'll see what gets matched.

  • Have gotten back into writing Mary Sue id fic this past week or so. It makes me happy.
Et vous, flist?
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On the phone with my mother a while back, I mentioned how nice German sounds. She said she finds it too guttural. Since I used to think the same thing, I said maybe she associates it with all those brusque, crazed WWII speeches, and she just hasn't heard the right person speaking German. I was thinking specifically of Thomas Kretschmann, who has one of the smokiest, sexiest voices I've ever encountered.

So when [ profile] pun, [ profile] no_detective and I ended up talking about accents and languages when I saw them a few weeks ago and one of them repeated my mother's sentiments, I went straight for YouTube and we found this interview. Ja? They were convinced.

Last night I went back for more and found a second one for you. (Look, [ profile] no_detective, another behind-the-scenes video of a photo shoot.) If you don't have patience for the whole thing, he comes in at about 1:00, 1:40 and 2:50—and his voice joins him about five seconds later. I also enjoyed one of his English interviews, which are more common on YouTube, when he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show in December and recapped his life story. (Highlights include Kimmel establishing that East Germany is no longer a country and not knowing how to convert kilometers to miles, and Kretschmann saying his hands are girlish but defending the manliness of "other parts.") And so on, blah blah.

Point is—second point is—that after surfing around for more clips and remembering exactly how attractive I find this man, something clicked in my head. Thomas Kretschmann/John Sheppard. Or rather, Thomas Kretschmann character/John Sheppard. Except I can't think of a character he's played who could cross over with SGA; they're all Nazis except for the CGI future sci fi guy and Dr. Frankenstein and the serial killer, etc. Which, God help me, made me seriously consider writing RPS Thomas/Joe Flanigan. Because there's too much hot there not to be exploited.

And similarities! They could connect over sports (TK was an Olympic-caliber swimmer, and obviously still stays fit; JF/JS likes climbing and surfing and so forth) and wearing t-shirts inappropriate for their age and chain necklaces (see also: second interview link) and big watches and being hot and come on, the hair. Rodney could not keep himself from mentioning the hair if he were to see the two of them together.

ETA: Something more serious that was hiding beneath that post.

Being Jewish, I did grow up with a keen awareness of the Holocaust and that the German government at the time was to blame for it. I remember disliking the sound of the German language because of all the recorded speeches we watched in history and religious education classes.

I also remember sitting at the seder table one Passover and deciding that I hated Egyptians because their ancestors had enslaved my ancestors. Or thinking about deciding to hate them, anyway. (Which was hard, because I loved learning about ancient Egypt. But that's beside the point.) But then in the haggadah there was a lesson about not carrying a grudge, about bestowing forgiveness for past wrongs, and about not holding an entire people responsible for the actions of a few -- or possibly I'm mixing that last part up with Holocaust education, but the moral is the same.

So I immediately dropped my half-fake grudge against Egypt, and at about that time, I also opened up to German language and culture. Which is when I found that I liked it quite a bit. Or I quickly learned to like it quite a bit. By college I was watching a lot of German movies and loving how I could pick up words and phrases because of the language's similarity to English. Before, I'd had no interest. And I fell in love with voices and bodies like Thomas Kretschmann's.

Then there comes another problem, towards the opposite end of the spectrum: should I feel guilty that I'm deriving shallow, sensual pleasure from characters who represent the very soldiers and politicians who perpetrated the Holocaust? Do I run the risk of too easily embracing something that caused irreparable harm in the past? Is it a kind of betrayal? That gets into very sticky territory -- perhaps the same kind that you enter when you find yourself "enjoying" reading/watching/hearing Holocaust narratives. I think it's all right, though. I have the history in mind, always. I don't love the voice of a Nazi character without that qualifier. I'm glad to have the dual perspective, mourning the harm that was done but being able to love the culture for what is good.
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Too much to do, so few hours to do it in... A break for some sharing.

1. Yesterday I had Return of the Jedi on in the background for the first time in a couple of years, because reading several sexy-violent works-in-progress lately got me in the mood for the scene where the Emperor zaps Luke to within an inch of his life. I made a mental note at the time to look up the actor who played the Emperor, because I was curious whether I've seen him in anything else, but of course I then completely forgot. Then last night I settled down to unwind over an episode of MI-5, and a one-episode character (an elderly chemist with a Northern English accent) who had white hair and kind of a scratchy voice reminded me enough of him that I remembered to check. So I looked Ian McDiarmid up on IMDB, and guess what? Though I hadn't in fact seen him in anything else, he actually was that guy on MI-5, which I was not expecting at all. Honestly, if I hadn't watched Star Wars right before, I never ever would have thought the chemist looked or sounded at all familiar.

2. Music share. Today's theme is Music In Languages Other Than English. The selection is unfortunately limited to my mp3 collection, because I can't at the moment rip songs from CDs or *cough* strip permissions from iTunes downloads, so we're a little heavy on the dance and low on the folk. Expect additions at some point.

Ten songs for your listening pleasure. )

3. Photo share. Because I found this ) over the weekend, and tell me it isn't one of the hottest photos you've ever seen. Warning for adult content involving male/male eroticism.

And while we're at it, check these out too (same warning applies): A cuddle and a tasteful gasp. )

And that is all. Enjoy!

ETA: That is not all. Ha -- how cool is this? Someone's been inspired to write a fic based on an icon I made. Which reminds me, I made a new icon yesterday (thanks again to [ profile] tathren and [ profile] trekkiegrrrl for help finding Minifesto) with a quote from a fun bit of House/Wilson fluff called "Things To Do Before You Die" by [ profile] thedeadparrot, which you should go read if you haven't yet. Let's see if this works:

Take if you like. Yes. And that is all.


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