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[personal profile] deelaundry visited over the weekend! We drove to Connecticut to see Robert Sean Leonard in a stripped-down production of Camelot.

We had been braced for terrible and instead were entertained. RSL's English accent was perhaps the weakest part of the evening. Britney Coleman, who apparently once played Bellatrix Lestrange in "A Very Potter Musical," gave a strong Musical Theater performance as Guenevere. Having never seen nor heard Camelot beyond a song or two, Dee and I were both amused by the Gaston-like characterization of Lancelot and this production's choice to include a bare-chested bathing scene. Michael De Souza did a great job with line delivery and body language, perhaps further endeared to my heart by the fact that at times he looked like Anton Yelchin. As for how to describe Mordred (Patrick Andrews) when he appeared in Act Two in full campy glory... He wore sparkly black leggings and was basically Seth Green playing Ramsay Bolton.

Perhaps my favorite part was learning a little bit of the history of the Westport Country Playhouse, which has been putting on shows starring big names since the '40s. They had rows of -- what are they called, not ads, not playbills -- and pieces of the old theater on the first floor. The place just felt wondrously thick with decades of actors and patrons taking a summer breather outside (but not too far outside) New York City for some low-pressure theater. I stared a little too long at a photo of Keir Dullea and Blythe Danner in the play Butterflies are Free.


Later, Dee suggested we try this show Black Mirror that has been recommended around. We watched the first two episodes of the first season (the prime minister and the pig, and the TV/bikes/game show dystopia). Creative, well-realized, solidly written and acted, and super disturbing, wow. Took days to shake off some of the concepts and images. Rupert Everett's faux-"X Factor" judge in particular induced a surprising visceral fear/attraction response in me. If the camera had lingered on his face for another 15 seconds, I'm positive I would have had nightmares. But in an enjoyable way? I'm looking forward to watching more -- just not before bed.


Then I whisked down to DC for 48 hours for a work trip. Got to see a handful of dear friends and a former coworker, attended the conference that prompted the trip, and at said conference, eee, had half a drink with Jad Abumrad, co-host of Radiolab! I only flailed at him a little before we engaged in some career-, storytelling- and podcast-related chat. If I'd known he was going to be there I probably could have asked better questions, but it was still a real treat.

Tomorrow, back to work and regular life.

Full heart

Apr. 20th, 2014 09:33 pm
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1. The melody, harmony, vocal quality and especially the chord progression in Hero by Family of the Year bring me right back to growing up listening to the radio in the '80s. Probably reminds me of Phil Collins' and David Crosby's* own Hero. Maybe even the simple, earnest song that ended the second Care Bears movie, Forever Young by Carol Parks (not the same as Rod Stewart's).

2. Finished S6 of True Blood. Because of... stuff... I went back and rewatched The Scene with Godric (YouTube; spoilers) from S2's "I Will Rise Up." It's still excellent. I still love it in a way that's hard to articulate. The blood tears, the raw emotion, the ancient relationship, the slipping between languages. The unremarked-upon homosexual overtones. The crack in a favorite character's persona. Eric has never been so beautiful, kneeling there with his voice breaking. And enriching it all is the echo of Marius/Armand.

3. Mostly, though, lately I am too full of things. Emotions all over the place. It took longer than it should have to realize that the inability to write so much as an email or concentrate at work or sit still long enough to add clips to a vid, and the general irritability toward anyone asking me for something, arose from my trying to stuff too much into the week. Concentrating on nutrition and exercising, planning travel (more on that soon, it is going to be super), doing chores, consuming media, trying to make fannish things, balancing work and social events, worrying about budgets, worrying about health things, fighting poor sleep... Wish that habit of keeping too busy to brood were easier to fix. :/

4. Happy Easter, Easter-celebrating friends. Happy two-days-left-of-matza, Passover-celebrating friends. Happy Patriot's Day/Marathon Day tomorrow, running friends. My officemate is running. The heart of the city has been on its sleeve the past week, marking the anniversary of what happened last year.

*Trying to identify a young, long-haired singer in the background of a sessions shot with David Crosby on YouTube led to the startling discovery that Neil Young was good-looking back in the day! In the latter shot especially, he's got a lovely Hugo Weaving brow going on. Thumbs up. Most of the time, though, it seems he looked like the lovechild of Hugh Laurie and Joel McHale. Y/Y?
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Like you do when you're not sure how to fill a Kink Bingo square in a way that's true to a character or explores something about yourself, I was talking over ideas for leather/latex/rubber with [ profile] deelaundry, who suggested a quick-n-dirty (so to speak) picspam. Still wasn't convinced, but in poking around Google Images it became clear in that gestalt sort of way that I totally have a thing for lithe young ladies in catsuits. Kate Beckinsale in Underworld, Olivia Wilde in Tron, Uma Thurman as Emma Peel, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Rihanna in everything—hoo, yes.

And so: Let us collect examples all in one place, shall we?

50+ pictures behind the cut )
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It's difficult to figure out whether this picspam/writeup belongs more in the "dressup" or "historical roleplay" category for my Kink Bingo card, because there's such an overlap in this case. Probably going with "dressup" after all to make a particular line.

All right, so we've covered how the characters on The Vampire Diaries love dressing up in evening wear and outfits from past decades and Halloween costumes and uniforms for school events, etc.; how they ogle one another in their unusual clothes, how we similarly enjoy looking at them, how they admire themselves in their mirrors, and how we get to glimpse them in the act of choosing and putting on clothes/accessories.

Now we turn to a related but distinct kind of dressup on the show: flashbacks to the supernatural characters in earlier eras. The Originals in their Viking-esque village or in the Middle Ages. Stefan and Damon in antebellum Virginia or the well-tailored 1910s. Katerina/Katherine weaving through it all. There is a fetish here for the historical settings and costumes, although this time it's more clearly on the part of the show creators for the benefit of (themselves and) the actors and the viewers, rather than a demonstration of what the characters themselves enjoy. In a way it's not quite historical roleplay, because the characters are the same, just younger; but in another way it is, because the actors are playing their characters in different settings. Different mannerisms, different locations, slightly different ways of talking. And of course, most marvelously of all, different clothes.

Because it's a lot of fun to switch between pairs like these: )

The multiple styles of dress are beautiful in themselves and call attention to (or heighten the enjoyment of) one another through the contrast. My favorite might be the long, flowing fashions of the Katarina/Elijah/Klaus love triangle. Reminds me of Edmund Blair Leighton paintings. I mean, even though the dudes' hair is usually ridiculous.

And now, the picspam.

Historical dress-up, from 40 to 1,000 years ago )

The end. Hope you enjoyed! I know I do whenever we are treated to scenes like this on the show.
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In addition to having a kink for throat grabs, The Vampire Diaries loves to play dress-up. The main characters hang out and go to school (ha—less so with each passing year; don't ask me how the group who survived to season four not only graduated but managed to include the valedictorian) wearing your typical contemporary teen-TV fashionable street clothes, like so: )

But they also spend a remarkable amount of time going to fancy parties and themed school dances. Which means we get to enjoy seeing them in ball gowns and tuxes, fun retro outfits, Halloween costumes, and more. And often we get to glimpse them in the process of getting dressed, whether it's going through their closets or doing their hair and makeup. The frequency of characters looking at themselves in the mirror is a subject for another day...

The second manifestation of dress-up on this show is the frequent flashing back to tens, hundreds, or thousands of years earlier in the vampire characters' lives. For Kink Bingo, I feel those are more appropriately classified as historical roleplay. Stay tuned for that picspam soon!

For now, let's take a trip through some of the episodes where characters in current day dress up, and admire everyone's access to a variety of stylish clothes and their delight in same.

p.s. I don't think any of the images are spoilery except perhaps in showing that some characters are still alive. :)

1920s-1980s dances, a masquerade and a ball, Halloween, graduation and prom, Miss Mystic Falls pageant, etc. etc. )

Getting dressed )

And that is that! Hope you enjoyed.

Put together for the "dressup" square on my Kink Bingo card.

ETA: Related picspam: Historical dress-up on TVD
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1. I wasn't planning to go to Vividcon this year because of stuff, but seeing the programming post today is making me second-guess the decision. Most appealing to me are the panels on song choice, music theory for facilitating audio editing, and making fancy credits with Aftereffects and Photoshop. Also one on how vidder motivation and intention influence outcome and can differ from audience reception. And there is this vid show:
Out of This World - Vids in spaaaaaace! A vidshow for fannish sources located in outer space, or concerned with space travel/exploration. Aliens, spaceships, and supernovas, oh my.
Spaaace. I know the vid show playlists are posted online, so it's not that so much as missing the panel discussions. People like [ profile] anoel take thorough notes, though, so there's some hope of being filled in...

2. Forecast snowstorm today was a bust ("Snowquester" --> "Noquester," quipped the Capital Weather Gang). Again. I mean, it snowed for about eight hours, but it's been above 40 for days and is heading for 50 as we speak, so nothing stuck. As opposed to everywhere west, NW and SW of here. Sigh. Thus continueth the D.C. record for consecutive days with fewer than 2 inches of accumulation.

ETA: This. This is what it's like to live in this city when the word "snow" is mentioned.

3. As a consolation while working from home, I hung those pictures mentioned yesterday. They are, against my nature, not even in straight lines! Credit again to Apartment Therapy for its resources on laying out and hanging a gallery wall. I went with the "arrange your frames on the floor, outline them on a big piece of paper and stage that on the wall, then nail through the paper" method.

wall with big piece of paper with outlines of picture frames photo 20130306_155146_zpsd36a49fb.jpg   wall with picture frames hung photo 20130306_163105_zpsa3fe8dbf.jpg

4. Now boredom looms, and on boredom's heels comes depression, so best not to go too far down that path. What will fill time now that the housing rush is subsiding?

*eyes vidding computer*

*or possibly the TV*

*or, actual good life choice, returning to better eating/cooking patterns*
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In February I felt great and did a lot of RL things. In the form of a meme, it might look like this:

Did: Probably many if not most of you will sympathize when I say that I do best when I have something to focus on (a.k.a. obsess over), and in the past six weeks or so it has taken the form of homemaking. After years of hedging on properly setting up my apartment for comfortable long-term living, and after deciding to stick to the studio rather than stretch my budget with a one-bedroom, something gave and there was a bit of a whirlwind of organizing/furnishing/decorating. Details and sample pix: ) Diving into the archives of Apartment Therapy was excellent for idea generation and for accepting that fixing little day-to-day annoyances can lead to a big improvement in your enjoyment of your living space.

Oh, and on a roll for making changes, I picked out new glasses frames at the store where my dad's fiancée, E., works, and got a haircut. And there went the rest of my last freelance paycheck.

 photo 20130224_153808_zpseb47bdbc.jpg

Traveled: Weekend trips to Pennsylvania and New York. Made a batch of soft and tasty hamantaschen with my dad and E. for Purim. Got to see my mom for half a day. There was still snow on the ground on Long Island from the 30-inch storm three weeks earlier.

Watched: The usual TV shows, including The Vampire Diaries—which made me feel something several episodes back, gasp—plus more White Collar on Netflix and I think a movie.

Read: Cloud Atlas. Short stories on CD: sci fi radio plays from the 50s and 60s. Fic: an Inception Pretty Woman AU (WIP), an Inception lit mag publishing AU (WIP), something else I'm forgetting. Started a book called Alien Sex (!) found in a used store in [ profile] synn's town. It honest to goodness includes a series of epistolary poems called "Sextraterrestrials" by Joe Haldeman and a friend.

Wrote/Vidded: Nothing, but have ideas. On the cool side, two recent vids will be showing at Muskrat Jamboree!

The reason I felt so good in February turns out to be health-related, as I was given a slightly different birth control formulation for 30 days while waiting for a refill of my regular one. The month (and more) before the substitution was crappy, as has been the week and a half since it ended (as Buffy would say, progesterone and I are unmixy things), so I am in the process of switching to the one that actually made me feel happy and energetic and let me sleep well and didn't make my head and back hurt. Nothing quite like realizing just how glum/lethargic/anxious/poorly rested/unable to concentrate you have been by virtue of it all being alleviated within like two days. Anyway, fingers crossed that it wasn't a fluke and can be recaptured.

How are you? I've been reading the flist & circle every day, just not participating…
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*finishes season three* At long last! The throat-grab picspam.

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TV)
Pairings: Multi – details behind the cut
Rating/contents: PG/PG-13 for a mix of action-oriented/violent, erotic and/or nonconsensual images of hands on throats, headlocks, and hands pressed to mouths. A bloody pair of fangs or two.
Spoilers: I think only for seeing which characters interact with which, and sometimes an unexpected one is stronger? Screenshots taken from seasons two and three.
A/N: I don't remember where the tipping point was for me exactly, but once you notice that characters on this show get grabbed by the throat pretty often, you can't unsee it. I swear, we hit upwards of three throat-grabs per episode at the height of season two. So here you have it, a picspam conveying some of the ridiculousness/glory. For the "breathplay" square on my Bingo card.

List of pairings )

83 screencaps )

44 icons based on the above )

Anyone's free to use or transform these if they're interested. Credit would be great if you do.

x-posted to vpd-icons, tvdicons and tvd_icons (why are there three TVD icon communities? why?)
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I am like five episodes behind on House and now you are all posting about how neat last night's was and by the time I get around to it the buzz will be gone, alas! *clutches hair* But I do have a long-percolating vid idea for all the seasons of the show and I want to talk to you about it at some point. I will be needing your help.

This photo. Mmmmf.

(And 6 more where that came from.)

Makes me all the sadder no one picked up on the Bowie/Jagger RPF prompts at the Porn Battle.

I still have nothing to offer but Mary Sue fic and descriptions of vids that haven't been touched in months,* partly because I've been trying to develop my social life and be all active and stuff but partly because our old friend perfectionism is again blocking creation. Sorry for no new fictiony things. :( There will be more at some point. Possibly I will produce a vicious review of Red Riding Hood this weekend? I am pretty sure not even Gary Oldman (and Lukas Haas) can save this one.

*ETA: Or how Bob Seger's "Turn the Page" came on the radio this morning and it was lovely as always, only this time it occurred to me that it would make a cool metaphorical vid for Sheppard. I wondered if Metallica's version** wouldn't work, too, being heavier rock, which vids seem to gravitate to. And then on my way home, it came on the rock station. What are the chances.

Seger's version would be better, btw. I'm putting it on my list of things to make one day.

**My first performed karaoke song. Today's trivia.
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Tagged by [ profile] thewlisian_afer and happy to oblige.

1. List 5 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
2. Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them (5 - 1, 1 is the hottest).
3. Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
4. Supply photos for said people.
5. Tag five people!

Five Men I Would Not, As The Saying Goes, Kick Out Of Bed )

Bonus List! Five Girls I Would Go Gay For )

Tag, you're it! (if you want to play): [ profile] synn, [ profile] elynittria, [ profile] moonlash_cc, [ profile] theninth, [ profile] daasgrrl
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Too much to do, so few hours to do it in... A break for some sharing.

1. Yesterday I had Return of the Jedi on in the background for the first time in a couple of years, because reading several sexy-violent works-in-progress lately got me in the mood for the scene where the Emperor zaps Luke to within an inch of his life. I made a mental note at the time to look up the actor who played the Emperor, because I was curious whether I've seen him in anything else, but of course I then completely forgot. Then last night I settled down to unwind over an episode of MI-5, and a one-episode character (an elderly chemist with a Northern English accent) who had white hair and kind of a scratchy voice reminded me enough of him that I remembered to check. So I looked Ian McDiarmid up on IMDB, and guess what? Though I hadn't in fact seen him in anything else, he actually was that guy on MI-5, which I was not expecting at all. Honestly, if I hadn't watched Star Wars right before, I never ever would have thought the chemist looked or sounded at all familiar.

2. Music share. Today's theme is Music In Languages Other Than English. The selection is unfortunately limited to my mp3 collection, because I can't at the moment rip songs from CDs or *cough* strip permissions from iTunes downloads, so we're a little heavy on the dance and low on the folk. Expect additions at some point.

Ten songs for your listening pleasure. )

3. Photo share. Because I found this ) over the weekend, and tell me it isn't one of the hottest photos you've ever seen. Warning for adult content involving male/male eroticism.

And while we're at it, check these out too (same warning applies): A cuddle and a tasteful gasp. )

And that is all. Enjoy!

ETA: That is not all. Ha -- how cool is this? Someone's been inspired to write a fic based on an icon I made. Which reminds me, I made a new icon yesterday (thanks again to [ profile] tathren and [ profile] trekkiegrrrl for help finding Minifesto) with a quote from a fun bit of House/Wilson fluff called "Things To Do Before You Die" by [ profile] thedeadparrot, which you should go read if you haven't yet. Let's see if this works:

Take if you like. Yes. And that is all.
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Guys. I am so tired I feel drunk. I’ve never actually been drunk, but I imagine it’s like this. Babbly and languid.

So, random stuff:

It snowed overnight. Not as pretty as the Valentine’s Day ice storm, which coated all the trees around here so they glittered in the sun, but it was just the right sort of heavy wet snow that makes you long for snow days when you could stay home to build snowmen and slide down the hill on a makeshift sled and come inside for hot chocolate. I, uh, went to work instead.

We have a new IT manager who looks like a cross between Kyle MacLachlan and my college thesis advisor, a young-looking thirty- or forty-something with brown hair prematurely graying at the sides and a goatee consisting of a small moustache and little triangle of what my co-worker has charmingly termed “chin pubes” and these green eyes that he always complements with vests and sweaters of the same color. Also he is quite competent at his job, which is attractive in itself. And it turns out he’s a newbie Firefly fan, by way of Serenity; I’ve lent him my DVDs to round out his downloaded collection of episodes. He likes “Out of Gas” best so far. Good taste. We’ve chatted about sci fi and vampires too. I was all set to propose to him, when, alas, I was informed by my boss that he’s married (no ring, though, and yes, I glanced at his hand on his first day in the office, not because I’m desperate but because I liked him and wanted in my masochism to confirm the theory that all the good ones are married) with children -- one of whom is 18, so I guess that gray wasn’t premature after all.

Got a haircut over the weekend that I like very much. At just above the shoulder, it’s as short as it’s been since I first lopped ~12" of it off three years ago. Just a simple trim with a single layer near the bottom for easier maintenance, but what a difference: I can wear my hair down again, the curls are behaving themselves for a change, and it looks sufficiently snazzy for professional-type things I need to be doing soon. And my head feels lighter.

While I was waiting for my walk-in appointment, I flipped through the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar to ogle the pretties and found some mouth-dryingly gorgeous shots of Katie Holmes in menswear. Behold. ) I don't know about you, but I think there's something extra hot about androgyny. Katie Holmes can apparently be added to the list of gorgeous women who can pull off dressing as men.

What else. Oh! Going to meet [ profile] moonlash_cc and [ profile] pun next month! Along with many other people I do not know. They graciously allowed me to invite myself along to a trip to an all-male performance of Twelfth Night at the BAM, which can’t possibly be anything but fun.

Hm. I always thought the first LJ-person I’d meet would be [ profile] thewlisian_afer. Shall we make you next on the list?

Have been watching MI-5/Spooks over the past few weeks. Made it through all of Season Two, and will soon be starting on Season One. Yes, you read that right. Darn library only had the second season on the shelf when I showed up to borrow the first. In a fair world, frequent patrons would have greater borrowing privileges. Well anyway, I’m really enjoying it, particularly the guest appearance of my beloved Alexander Siddig and the armrest-gripping tension that comes when the operatives get into particularly sticky situations and Harry’s ridiculous sour lemon faces and some pretty good acting from Matthew Macfayden, who will always be Prince Hal to me. [ profile] catilinarian recommended watching the first season in order starting with the pilot to maximize the wonder that is Hugh Laurie’s Jools Siviter, so I shall soon be following her expert advice.

What got me curious about MI-5 was the gorgeous, slashy, explicit, torture-ridden hurt/comfort spy!fic series “Tiger Trap” by [ profile] tigertrapped, whom some of you may know from her pair of very dark Tritter-era House stories involving a taser gun; “Tiger Trap” is (very loosely) based on MI-5, with lots of OCs taking center stage, including the hero, Max. I’ve been meaning to mention it here since I got completely hooked a few weeks ago. This stuff is seriously good, people. If you like darker slash or epic adventures or young English men or spies or unconventional love stories, and especially if, like me, you enjoy your hurt/comfort with an extra dose of hurt and a generous helping of kinky and angsty sex, and heroes who bounce back again and again from unimaginable physical and mental pain, go take a look over there. And be sure to ask her to friend you so you can read the really juicy bits. I, er, definitely went straight to those first and have been skipping around the rest of the chapters ever since.

Oh, I guess I should warn that it's technically a work in progress? since new chapters are still being added. But it doesn't read like one; each section concludes cleanly enough that you could stop reading at any point and feel fulfilled.

Right. Somewhat delirious. Bedtime. Here's hoping for an improved rest of the week.
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Let's not kid ourselves here. I went to Blockbuster yesterday to comb the foreign films section for gay-themed movies—because in our local store, at least, those shelves are stocked by someone who clearly loves his/her queer cinema—aiming, after a week's worth of House slash, for nothing more than some kissage, fondling, bare skin, etc. It would have been a great night for Priest. (Really need to buy that one of these days.) Ended up choosing Yossi & Jagger, a film about two young soldiers carrying on a love affair in the Israeli army.

Mostly plot summary. Warning: Contains pictures of boys necking. )

ETA: A timely link on [ profile] kabale's LJ to a paper on Israel's exploitation of its LGBT community to foster prejudice against Palestinians. The part of the article that addresses the issue of gays in the military seems appropriate to excerpt here:
One [study] states, for example, that "there is no evidence that the long-standing inclusion of homosexuals in the IDF has harmed operational effectiveness, combat readiness, unit cohesion or morale in the Israeli military [16]" while another found "no common adjustment problems relating to these [gay] men’s sexual orientation [17]". But, as one paper notes, while the law has been changed to allow gays and lesbians to serve in the Army, the vast majority still choose to hide their sexual orientation from their fellow combatants, and instead adapt to the masculine and heterosexual norms of the Army [18]. (Blair Kuntz, Znet, 8/13/06)
So Yossi and Jagger might have more significance in the face of current events than I gave it credit for.


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