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Okay, I am calling amnesty on this one. It's a House/Harry Potter crossover. I started it on Halloween in 200...7? Two jobs, one degree and two changes of canon fellows ago, anyway. It's apparently still too much effort to bring this up to date (e.g. changing the part with Cameron to Thirteen) and finish it, but perhaps you will enjoy what's here. It's meant to be a spooky and ultimately nifty character development piece. Some of you may recall seeing a draft of the beginning. I've filled in the missing pieces with bracketed explication, so it does have an ending and everything. Happy Halloween?

Title: All We Have To Fear
Fandom: House, gen, and a crossover I wasn't going to tell people about until the end because it's spoilery.
Rating/Warning: PG-13 for potentially disturbing themes (temporary character death, birth defects, spiders).
Word Count: About 1,800 words of actual story and another 1,800 of description.
A/N: Originally set during Season Three sometime after "Merry Little Christmas." Thanks, four years ago, to [ profile] cryptictac for the crash course in native Australian spiders and to [ profile] queenzulu for CPR correction. I'm just going to handwave other stuff on account of amnesty, like how maternal age doesn't cause the specific defect mentioned.

Wednesday afternoon, and House was nowhere to be found—hadn't, in fact, been heard from since shortly after lunch. )

Additional notes, with story spoilers. )
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At a quarter to midnight and 45 minutes past my bedtime last night, I finished my Bingo. It may sound like a small thing, but I'm really proud to have done this. Part of it is managing to write despite everything else going on in my life right now. Part of it is the satisfaction of setting out to do something, and doing it. (Last round, I only wrote one square in 12 months.) Part of it is trying new things -- new kinks, new characters, new pairings -- and finding that maybe they can work. Part of it is finding people who think the same things are hot or fun or adorable, in this amazing community where you can talk about that sort of thing. And so on.

Anyway, here it is:

Vid: Duet for Two Handguns
The Professional, Leon/Mathilda, gunplay

Fic: Drilled
SGA, McKay/Sheppard (anthropomorphic), dirty talk
"So…" said John, drawling in the way only a decades-old joist with rakishly fraying splinters could manage.

Vid: Tentacles vidlet
SGA, Radek, Ronon, Jennifer, John, tentacles

Fic: A Week in the Life
SGA, Rodney/Katie, consent play
"Yes. See, the thing is, Katie and I… well, it's complicated, but I find myself in need of, ah… And I would have asked Sheppard, but you know how he gets twitchy whenever I bring Katie up, and besides, the ones the military use tend to be more of, um, metal manacles, not so conducive to, ah, you know, romantic, um, stuff, so… But I thought, ha! Ronon always has the"—he gestured—"with the leather, and somehow you've integrated yourself into what serves as Atlantis' black market, so you would probably know where I could, ah. Find some?"

Fic: Extra Credit
House, Wilson/Amber, roleplay/AU: authority figures - student/teacher
"Should I make a joke about administering an oral exam?"

Row on the card, plus two extras: )

kink_bingo post
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It's the end of the year—a good time to clean old things out and make room for the new. In that spirit, I've decided to unlock some works in progress that have stalled so thoroughly, and/or for so long, that I don't know if I'll pick them up again. This is kind of hard for me, sharing unfinished rather than polished work and also admitting that I'm unable to finish something. In fact, I still can't admit that I'm unable to finish these. But instead of continuing to go back and try to push on and getting nowhere to the detriment of newer stuff, I'm hoping that showing these to you will help me either revive or let go of these stories, share their ideas/emotions/good lines/potential/etc., and focus on (a) a few WsIP that I do plan to finish and (b) entirely new stories, whenever (and if ever) they may occur to me.

I'm friends-locking this for now in an attempt to minimize the chances of something like this happening by accident. May change my mind later about being exclusionary.

Well, here we go. Comments of any kind on any of these are welcome. Feel free to say what you like, what you don't like, whether you wish any won't be abandoned, where you think the problem(s) lie(s); clearly I need help getting past problems so stories don't die. And laugh all you like at the headers; I like to prepare them while I draft, to psych myself up for posting, but they look kind of ridiculous when the story's not even done.

Self-indulgent Rodney torture story, 'Progeny' tag )

House/Wilson MRI sex toy story )

Sheppard sestina )

Lupin sestina )

Wilson hurt/comfort hypothermia story for Nightdog )

Wilson/Ali 'Come As You Aren't' fic )

BtVS/Angel: Spike/William )

Hm, I think that's enough for one post. Maybe one more before the new year about story/vid bunnies that never made it beyond the planning stages.

Thanks for reading!
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Wrote this last night/this morning; wanted to get it out before tonight's episode contaminates the mood. It's patchy and unpolished, with blank spots and italic notes-to-self, mostly in the argument and Big Transition in the middle. I am too slow for this spec-fic business! Going to try the increasingly popular "ask your friends list for input on the first draft" method as I continue to work on it. No worries if you pass until it's all done.

Working Title: Untouchable
Pairing: House/Wilson UST
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: S3 up to "Son of Coma Guy"
Word Count: 2,000ish
A/N: I had a dream months ago that begged to be turned into the end of a H/W fic. "Son of Coma Guy" provided a good setup.

After Atlantic City... )

* * *

P.S. New filter for House works-in-progress. Don't know how often I'll use it. Say the word if you want out.


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