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And the weekend has gone very well so far. A few cards, messages and calls from friends and family, a few gifts tangible and intangible. Houseguest Friday-Saturday and fangirl movie party last night (Kingsmen: The Secret Service). Today I scored free breakfast at IHOP for a treat and then went with childhood friend C. to Revere Beach, where they were holding a sand sculpting competition. The forecast has been calling for scattered thunderstorms, but we gave it a shot and were pleased to find it didn't rain on us. Indeed, we passed a lovely couple of hours checking out the entries, walking along the ocean, chatting and grabbing lunch from two of the many food trucks.

Here are pictures of some of my favorite sculptures. One was called "Beauty and the Bot"; another was "Love is Eternal."

Insert Ozymandias reference if you desire )

Dinner with C. and her husband in a little while at a fancy place in Harvard Square neither of us has tried. Hopefully the food will live up to the restaurant's reputation. Even if not, it should be an enjoyable time. In general this weekend, keeping busy (but not too busy) has been good.

While we're doing a picture post, here are some nice ones from July 4. Taken from a boat with my mom and her bf: sunset followed by a beautiful fireworks display.

'How meta', said my sister of the first )
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Been reading through the AO3 tags for JARVIS/Tony, JARVIS/Pepper, JARVIS/Tony/Pepper, etc., and quite enjoying myself. Here are some favorites. In them JARVIS is variously a voice, in control of an Iron Man suit, in Tony's head, in an android body or in a human body. And then, sex.

Is Kink Bingo still a thing? This would be yet another fill for the mechanical/technological square.

Most of these are happy PWPs, but, as always, mind the authors' warnings.

11 JARVIS/other )

2 Vision/other )
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I... may have a tiny crush on spoiler character? ) from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

An hour's browse on the AO3 revealed that most people are writing spoiler pairing? ), which, it seems, is comics canon. That is cool. I dig it. Ready for more.

Someone will write the story where they are having some form of first time together (which is probably spoiler character's ) first time ever) and when other character ) orgasms, all the Avengers in the building stumble/drop stuff/blink and have a sympathetic mental-or-maybe-also-physical climax too, right?


There also seems to be a not insignificant amount of spoiler pairing? ). It's interesting to me how at least two stories (one / two, and those are not exactly recs) have gone the route of comparison to another Whedon pairing of yore ). Maybe if there'd been more time for character development, as that article that's been going around argued, that part of the movie would have had a comparable emotional impact.

Uh and lastly there appears to be spoiler pairing? ), which I'm pretty sure I'm very much into, although all I've encountered so far is this fic, which isn't quite what I'd look for in that match-up. It's fun in a spoiler fandom? ) sort of way but I'd like to see a less literal interpretation of sex between them.

Someone will also write or has already written spoiler crossover? ), yes? Details )

We'll see how long this lasts. If the fic doesn't get any better, it won't take long. For now it is a bit of an entertaining diversion.
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GUYS I just spent 7 years and 5 movies thinking JARVIS was played by Jude Law when it was actually Paul Bettany?! I am usually good at these things!

Paul Bettany: best thing about the Avengers movie. ♥ ♥

Okay also surprise James Spader voice. I guess it pays to not pay attention to casting news?
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(Okay, whatever, I made it and here it is. Forgive me if I promote it again later; not sure many people will see it this weekend.)

I saw this 15-minute film and found it really moving. With luck, the vidlet conveys some of those feelings.

Title: Awakenings
Fandom: "Machine Love," from Robot Stories by Greg Pak
Pairing: Archie/Lydia
Music: "Dr. Sayer" by Randy Newman, performed by Philip Aaberg (edited)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1:55
Summary: Two androids fall in love.
Content notes: Workplace sexual harassment/assault.
Vidder's notes: Unbeta'd. Let's also call this a Kink Bingo square for mechanical/technological.

Embed behind the cut )
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So I have this "mechanical/technological" square on my Kink Bingo card, and it's actually kind of exciting because it means I can talk to you about one of the first kinks I ever knew I had, way back when I was about four years old, before I even knew what to do with the idea of a kink—before I even fully understood sexual arousal.

I can trace the genesis, or the epiphany—because I'm not sure you can say whether the media created a taste in me or awakened a nascent preference; I suspect the latter—to three cartoon scenes: two from the Care Bears and one from My Little Pony. Googling revealed that they all aired in 1986. I would have been three to four years old, then, or maybe five if I saw them in reruns. A fourth scene that I remembered once I started thinking about this post, from Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers, aired in 1989.

What the scenes have in common are conveyor belts and mechanical hands. Various of them also include bondage, washing/cleaning, sort-of-ageplay, medical play and noncon. For the sake of this square, we will focus on the conveyor belts and the hands. (I definitely did when I was a kid.) Warnings for anything listed above that might be triggery.

These are a few of my childhood kinks... (with video clips) )

In conclusion

So yes, I had a huge thing for conveyor belts and mechanical hands by the time I was school-aged. When I had my first fictional crush, on Dr. McCoy, the coolest thing I could imagine was being put through a Sickbay machine on a conveyor belt. I definitely had at least one conveyor belt-like dream with a series of log flumes, where flowing water replaced the belt itself. Weird? Maybe. But here we are in fandom, during Kink Bingo season, and it's okay to talk about this stuff. <3
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Things that light up my life:

1. Bend It was updated yesterday with part 14 of 15. PAYOFF TIME, BABY. This is the Inception kink meme WIP I've recommended a couple of times because of its beautifully built-up and sustained sexual tension. I'd been so afraid that if and when the sex came, it wouldn't live up to the promise. Well, it did. So, so wonderfully. No slipping into a stream of porn clichés. Just more deliciously written nervous arousal from a young man having his first sexual experience. Mmm, it's a rare story that makes my heart skip like that as line after line unfolds. See also recrudescence's Sickness and Shame and harriet_spy and spike21's John/Todd/Teyla undercover-in-a-BDSM-club fic.

2. This vidlet that I made last night. At the time, it felt like the funniest 47 seconds I'd ever constructed.

Title: I'm just going to call it "Humping Robot vid" because it was too hard to edit the graphic.
Fandom: Robot Chicken
Pairings: The Humping Robot/lots of mechanical objects
Rating: PG-13 for constant humping and other wrongness
Music: "Jerk It Out" by Caesars (edited)
Length: 47 sec.
Summary: Wind him up and watch him go!
Physical/content warnings: There is noncon from :19-:25 (Humping Robot/Herbie the Love Bug). The vid opens and closes with brief clips of static, and there are flickering lights at :25.
A/N: For my new Kink Bingo square "f---ing machines." "mechanical/technological," fine, fine.

Streaming and download links, embed and lyrics this way )

Comments and concrit are always welcome as I work to improve my vidding.

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